Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Lockdown-Update #1 - Wunderland wird erneuert

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Moin moin from the Miniatur Wunderland!

The Wunderland is closed, we're in a mini lockdown.

For many people, it's a real lockdown again because we're limited in our freedom.

But there's no other option to make it well through the winter.

And to be honest, we were prepared for this.

We made a list of 21 things we can only do when there are no visitors, but we can't do in just one night.

We've never had such a moment before.

We could have done it during the first lockdown, but we weren't courageous enough.

But now we are.

When the last visitor left the building, we started removing the floor.

In a moment, you will see how much work this actually is.

We will also renew the airport's runway.

These are all things that will make the Wunderland look even more beautiful after the lockdown.

We'll use the time and make the best out of it.

You can follow us on this journey because we'll be posting a weekly lockdown update.

Here are the first impressions!

Because of not having any guests here at the moment, we've got time for bigger projects.

We've been wanting to renew the airport's runway for such a long time.

We've got four weeks to do that and the airport can't operate during that time.

The visitors love the airport, so we never wanted to do that.

We're now preparing everything to later renew all the plates at once.

We're renewing about 32 plates in total.

Together with my colleagues, I am currently preparing the electronics.

Things like LEDs or installing the lead wire.

Or all things relevant for the car system like stop points or contacts for the planes are prepared here.

In the end, we want to install and renew all the plates at once.

All in all, we have to prepare about 1.000 LEDs.

There will be about 1.500 resistors.

And about 1.000m of cable.

And we need to prepare about 50 electrical loaders for the car system.

We are changing all 32 plates at the airport because they don't look too great after being used for ten years.

The plates are warped and torn in some places.

Because we don't like how they look anymore, we're renewing them.

This is a prepared LED.

Normally LEDs have a spherical head, but we have ground it down.

We ground it down so that we can insert it flush into the runway.

The aircraft should not get stuck on it.

We have pre-wired it with two cables.

I still have to solder a resistor to one of them.

Then they are ready for installation and are wired on the plate later.

It's just been a few days and so much has already happened.

But there's so much we still want to do.

We'd be so happy if you tune in again next week for another lockdown update.

But here are some more impressions of the removal of the floor which was so exhausting!

The team was amazing, we are so thankful for them!

And I think they also had fun.

So stay happy and healthy and positive!

Don't complain too much.

Just as the restaurants, we don't feel like we're the reason for rising numbers.

But it would have been wrong to tell the people: Stay at home, do social distancing, but go to restaurants, cinemas, exhibitions etc.

That would have been a wrong message, that's why we understand that it affects all of us.

Try to be positive in this time, stay healthy and happy!

And enjoy impressions of us removing the floor.

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