Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Agricultural Engineering Field Day, Iowa State University, 1952

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this is the 1952 rag engineering field a professor Collins was giving his

demonstration on the rich planning work

this is Don runnin his hydraulic dynamometer car demonstrated at the 1952

AG engineering field a the whirlwind terror sir demonstration on the mounted

tractor unit just as ever candle in the reversible oil wind terrace there

this is Bickle driving was hung up on the hydraulic dynamometer cars at the

1952 agricultural engineering field a

beckylyn his comp crusher at the 1952 like engineering field a

here's where they go in and everywhere they come out this is machinery wrong

after the crowd is left

mr. electric exhibit feed grinding what can make fader to switch this is a

fuckin to I plow demonstrating on the agricultural engineering research farm

system like the relocation of the territory near the Lord Center the

officers are the part of our own house with the heat lamp installations in

their convenient quick connecting wiring system

thank you for engineering production

agricultural engineering vision 1951 the front lawn exhibit included the Massey

Harris self-propelled Conficker and corn drying

equipment from the Campbell dryer company case picture shower a key hi

Claire spraying Rutland tractor and cultivator displays and the various

manufactures the ignition equipment had to be removed from the various tractor

engines in order to keep the small fry from starting same and taking off the

crust along

in the court they had the allis-chalmers pay drying

fans flying the barn this shows on the normal gothic roof

gives you a good airfoil lifting surface the youngsters love they will call barn


the ant cultural engineering crew setting up the little egg vacation

exhibit Debbie on TV setting the stage for the our coastal engineering

well like the cake and exhibit

it's a beautiful day in the Iowa State challenge we shall reign by 1948

members of the Iowa tractor companies put on a show for the benefit is

The Description of Agricultural Engineering Field Day, Iowa State University, 1952