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Hi, my name's Rachel and I'm the owner of, street fashion site,

and I'm a freelance fashion reporter, and I'm here today to talk to you about how to

take care of your freshly pierced belly button. So, I've got my own little belly button piercing,

I've gone through my own healing period. One of my first techniques we're going to talk

about that worked wonders for me was salt soaks on the belly button and what that does

is promotes healing, it dries up a lot of ooziness or infection. So not only are you

going to be promoting healing, it makes your belly button look really good, makes your

freshly pierced belly button not look so red, not look so inflamed, so it actually looks

a lot more natural, not so fresh. So the way you do these salt baths, you're going to want

to use just sea salt, preferably not iodized salt, just very pure sea salt. Put it in a

cup, boil some water, pour the boiling water over the sea salt, and stir them up a little

bit, make sure they really mix. And this is a little bit too big for it, but what I did

when I had mine was actually use a shot glass and flip it up on the belly button, let it

get a little suction on there and then I could actually lay back and let the saltwater do

it's trick. So, a warm sea salt bath once or twice a day, number one way to start your

healing. Now beyond that you're not going to want to over-wash your belly button because

over- washing's actually one of the leading causes of irritation and slow healing. So

wash it, keep it clean, use an antimicrobial soap, not just anti-germ or disinfecting,

make sure it's got the microbes included as well and just give it once a day wash. Let

the soap sit on there for just a bit so it really kills all the ickiness in there. Also

you can treat it with a little bit of alcohol, just dab a little bit on there, kill some

of the germs that are in there. Beyond that it's a lot of people's urge to very quickly,

after it's been pierced, pull out the actual ring that was originally put in there and

that's a bad move because the ring that will be put in there by your piercer is going to

be a very pure metal, not something with a lot of nickel in it, it's usually surgical

steel so it's the best for your skin, it's not going to give it a strong reaction. A

lot of the cute little jewel little belly button rings that you're going to find at

malls, they look great but they're made of really impure, cheap metals, and for a fresh

piercing they can really irritate it. So, leave that in there, salt soaks, a little

medical treatment, and that's how to take care of your newly pierced belly button ring.

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