Practice English Speaking&Listening with: [ENG SUB/CELEB BROS] V(BTS) & MINJAE, Ep1~Ep4 FULL VER.

Difficulty: 0

10:32 PM Gangnam, Seoul, Korea

Uh? Thats by chance...

Celebrity.. look..

Who is he waiting for?

Who is he chatting with?

Idols necessary item Half covered masked face

Casual but chic Pulled up collar

I came to the wrong way.

Uh! This voice?

JinGoo Yeo?

Ki Joong Song

Tired of waiting...

Bored to death! LOL Worn out of waiting...

Finally! Called!

Yah~ V

Yes, I know, where it is.

Oh no. Are you cold? I'll be there as soon as I can.

Look anxious

Oh! Min-Jae Kim!

It will be fun.

(TITLE) Rising Star

MC of Music Bank.. Range over many kinds of variety shows

Powerful but Cute Takes away K-Pop fanshearts

Even older women go crazy!

Min-Jae Kim, Make my heart melt so much!

Here I come. He's over there.

Found him!

-Dude!!! -V

So Glad to See

Why were you so late?

Come on quickly. (TITLE) Sorry~

Hey, open the trunk for me.

Just touch the door. It's automatic. automatic. (TITLE) What's he loading?

You must be cold, huh?

Chasing Begins

Intense hugging

Why are they delightful?

Did you just finished your scheduled work and came?

Oh dear!

BTS! V!!

You just melt my heart!

Oh! You are so handsome that you shine!

You are so stylish too.

V, You've never been out like this, right?

No, never.

No! It's my first time out since two and half years.

In two and half years!?

This is my first time to have fun with a friend like this since two and half years ago.

BTS! So Popular, Billboard ratedThe Best K-Pop Album

BTS, Sweeps Orion Chart #1, ‘Japanese fans are crazy for BTS!’

BTS, Won #1 Most re-tweeted in 2015 BTS, Over 500K click view on Navers V-Star Live broadcast Truly the Global Star!

V, with the global fandom He has the killer schedule!

I only contact with my friends through a messenger, and it's difficult to meet them in person.

We only run into each other in Music Program Show

Then he'd say 'Oh, V. Long time no see!'

With the killer schedule, Its almost impossible to meet people in person

Friends only communicate through SNS & Text

Its same to Min-Jae

People around me tell me, Play and have fun because you're only 20 years old

The reality is, no time to have fun.

Last time I called a friend and hung out was for the first time in two and half years.


Most of the time, I just go to the studio, the practice room or home.

Or, if I feel tired, I sneak out in the early morning and go out to eat. That's all. (SUBTITLE) Real Tired- Escape from the house

When the manager called me and said

"Where are you? Go home at this minute!" (TITLE) Manager says "Where are you!"!!

Then I just stopped eating and go home (TITLE) Eacape is over.. Suddenly come home!..

By the way, where are we going?

Since you are tired

feeling relaxed. Today is the day to feel relaxed. (TITLE) What's MinJae's surprise for V?


Nothing like that. You can't compare with that.

Somewhere that you're glad to think that that you came out.


Just trust me and follow me.

I look forward to it.

You can look forward to it, really.

Really? Okay

I need to start driving someday.

I already have a car.


I just bought a new car~V

You just bought the car?

It's a toy car.


You just fooled me!

The real car that I drive is RC car.

V is driving~


Do you like to collect things like that?

I used to like it a lot, but after I saw you driving, I hate it now.


Because you are driving a real car.

V, did you get a driver's license?

No, I haven't had a time yet, so I'm studying for it these days.

Like what?

After I had seen you driving, it irritated me.


-Why are you irritated? -You are younger than me

I'm doing like this for a year. I'm studying for the driver's license written test.


My fan gave the test prep. Book for me as the gift. For 2016, the newest version.

Have you studied yet?

No, I only read til two pages.

I have this kind of anxiety. (TITLE) ANXIETY?

I cannot see the words well.

When I see many words, I feel sleepy.

Oh? Really

So before I go to bed, I open the book and then. Oh, good. Let's sleep.

I think I should not cross the red light and go when it's green light.Parking

Parking. Reverse, neutral, drive, honk, turn on the blinker.

If you've done something wrong, turn on this button. Say "Tuwi Tuwi(?)" sorry.

I'm right, huh?

When you get into an accident, if it is not my fault and someone hit me in the back, then 'Ouch.'

(JOKING!) “Hold your neck (pretend to be injured a lot)”

Ha!Ha!Ha! Hold the back of your neck

You have to do a great Hollywood action. (TITLE) Nominee for the Academy Award for Best Actor

No, no.

I have one favor to ask you.


The way you say respectful words (in Korea Jondaemal) make me uncomfortable.

If you keep using the respectful words (in Korea Jondaemal)

(TITLE) Whats Vs solution?

I will open the door and walk out and go home.

(TITLE) "TOUGH GUY" -Okay. I got it.

I will talk down right away.


Lets turn one song on

(Singing) Let's shout.


Oh! I love Psy!

(Singing) Where did you get that body from? (TITLE) LET'S GET IT ON!

(Singing) Where did you get that body from?

(TITLE) Two excited BOYS!

Shall we have fun?


(TITLE) CLUB in HEAVEN! -(Singing) Where did you get that body from?

This is the Psy's best music

No, I dont think so.

Yah, wow. Really.

(Singing together) I wanna be your celebrity and make you happy forever

Psy followed me

-Oh, really? -Yeah

"Psy found V"

Cocky Dance!


V & Psys Instant Collab

BTS: I was so honored to dance with you on the stage with you today. I respect you a lot, and Ive been your fan for a long time. I think Im the successful fan of yours.

PSY: Thank you!! Be careful not to get caught up with your mind and lets cheer up (fighting)!!

It's so honorable.

I was so impressed.

My celebrity was Psy.

Whenever I listen to this music,

I think to myself, I should become a singer like him.

(TITLE) I Should be like Psy...

Was your dream to become an actor?

Originally, I liked music.

When I was in middle school, I went to an academy which taught applied music near my house.

And then, by chance, I auditioned for the current company that I work.

From then on, I had become a trainee to become a singer.

-And at that time, I saw you. -Oh..

I thought I was going to get fired while I was a trainee.


Until then, I had no talent to speak of

Talk deeply about how they feel deelply inside

I knew you while sine you were in One Million.


(Before Debut) Video clip which became sensational

While you were in One Million team, I saw few of your dances.

Oh, really?

So, I thought, ‘Wow, it's really fantastic.’

And you came out in 'Show Me the Money'

Low tone voice

(TITLE) V kept eye on Minjae before the debut

Handsome! (Ho-Gam-Hyung)

You've seen that?

Yeh, after I saw that, Oh~ he's good~

oh, for real?

(RAP) Favorable impression.(Ho-gam-hyung) With a handsome face

Do it again for me

(RAP)Yo! Low voice. Nice way of talking, suitable eye contact -Yeh!

Favorable impression.(Ho-gam-hyung) With the favorable face, Preppy boy concept

They call me an ostentatious

(RAP) I'm somewhat different than the original standard.

I'm ready, so it's just the preview of the masterpiece

Sell the ticket already. Just click it.

You are a good rapper


I'm your fan.


Now we are here.

Let's get off here.

Get off

Follow me

You'll love this 200%. You have to love this place.

Wow. (TITLE) Where is this place?

I made a reservation for Min-Jae Kim


It's perfect.

Referral from acquaintance.

He wrote: (etc.) Not intentionally here.

-Write down the body part you feel uncomfortable with, simply. -Oh, okay

Uncomfortable symptom. I think for you, it is head to toe, right?

Of course

Oh... Come to a Massage Shop?

Even nicely drew picture

-Please change the clothes and enter the room -Okay

(TITLE) Minjaes gift for V since V danced all the time and bodily ache

Actually, I searched this place online and it was even on TV

On TV?

-Maritel(My Little Television) -Uh huh

-Change your clothes and come out to the front, please -Oh, okay

K~ Massage



Oh! really

I had MD shoot before thisso my hair is all frizzy now

I didnt take a look at my beard

-I get beard all around the face if I dont shave -What?

I get beard all around the face

-Really? (TITLE) What are you talking about? -Min-Jae with the beard?

-what? -Even I get beard even here

-Oh, my! Really? -Yeah

Imposter look- Even beard looks good on Min-Jae

Youre not even old enough, but if you get this much beard. Isnt it too much?

I have much hair in my body

Lets go!

(TITLE) Lets go to get the massage~~ -Massage

Lay down here, please Im your masseur for the day Min-Jae Kim

-Are you going to do it? -Yeah

I prepared a special event for you (TITLE) Min-Jae treats today!

-Really? Are you going to do it?

Put your face in here

I will start the massage

O my!

Im the good masseur

(TITLE) Massage V with affection

Im just kidding I need to get the massage for myself, too

What if you fall asleep? (TITLE) “Sleepy

Even though, you fall asleep Theres nothing wrong with it

-Hello~ -Oh, hello~

Here comes the masseur~

Oh, I saw him in Maritel(TV program)

So can repeat this easily at home (TITLE) Simple massage technique at home

Feel so good~

Your hand technique is so good~

(TITLE) #rewarding day #miracle Jinsup Byun -thank you -Its like Hallelujah~

Which one of you wants to get the massage first?

-Is he first? -Yeah

-And then your turn -Yeah (TITLE) ImAm I first?

Which of the body part feels the worst? The worst part

-From head to toe -from head to toe?

(TITLE) Check the shoulder first

This side of the neck is quite bad (TITLE) “worry” “worry.”

Okay, I got it

Please lay down the bed

It can be little painful But just hang in there

-Very painful but feel so good afterward -Yeah (TITLE) Please take good care of him

-But after I press you, it feels good -Yeah

While I do it, Dont think that you are in hell

Its must be a devilish massage

Ouch (TITLE) Moving due to the pain

Nah, its not like that (TITLE) Just laughing

Im sorry I cant protect you (Min-Jae looks very glad)

Its manageable

Feeling the deep pain

Just hang in there a little

You have to endure the pain for this massage

Yeah, if you are in pain and if you want to relieve that You need to endure the pain

-huh huh -ha ha

When I press you, its bitpainful See look when I press here

Then remove my hands Feel your body little bit

-Open your eyes -Who are you? (TITLE) WHO ARE YOU?

Hows your eye vision?

-I feel like my eyesight is improved up to 3.0 -Yeah

Your eye vision becomes clearer Shake your head little bit then you feel much clearer

Master, I feel like I became an immortal


Fluttering V immortal

Have you ever gotten massages many times?

No, this is my second time

Oh, your second time

But for the person who got the massage for the second time You endure your pain quite well

I like thing strong (TITLE) I like things strong

-Oh, really? -Then master, do it stronger

-Then I have to do it stronger (TITLE) Increase the power up

Little stronger I feel like Im in heaven (TITLE) Feel like in heaven

You have the forward head posture So the whole posture doesnt look good

Yeah (TITLE) Min-Jae Starts to worry

-Please turn to the side -Okay

-Heres a pillow -Okay

(TITLE) Are you okay?

-How do you feel? - Its wonderful (TITLE) Very satisfied

Have you gone somewhere?

I have to take a photo of this moment (TITLE) I cannot miss this

Here (TITLE) Pre. for Paparazzi shot

-Feels great? -Yeah

Vs healing time Photo by Min-Jae Kim

-This part feels the pain daily, right? -Yeah

When you feel the back pain (TITLE) Wrinkles in middle of the forehead

Or when you just wake up You feel the back pain, right?

You look like you are lost (TITLE) V~ Out of his mind

No, not quite there

Please come down little bit but let's endure the pain

(TITLE) [Very Glad] [Soul is Out]

-Over here -You are not crying, right?

It looks very painful so can I skip this (TITLE) Can I skip the massage?

-Master -Yeah

-Personally, theres one place I really want to get the massage -Okay

My foot here (TITLE) Here

Oh, the foot

This foot is so painful

I dance and walk daily so

For the one stage performance Theyve been practiced numerous times

Times with the passion and perspiration

(TITLE) So all muscles in the body ache

Will I be in once piece after the massage?

Since you use your bodily muscles a lot So your body is exhausted (TITLE) Go away~ Tiredness~

-Final -He explains in detail

Please turn over Let me see your ankle

-Wow -Was it really painful?

-Master -Yes

Thank you (TITLE) Thank you (=I will stop)

No, no, no, its not finished (TITLE) Not finished(=Where are you going~) Thank you (=I will stop)

Wait a moment, please

Its the highlight of the day (TITLE) Long-awaited highlight!

Yeah, youre right

The pain comes from here And the pain goes down to the heel to the sole (TITLE) The pain is equivalent to giving birth

Is this the strongest pressure? (TITLE) “push” “push

-Yeah, this is painful -You're just checking around, right?

-Yeah -Wow

This, this, this (TITLE) Flinch

This, this, this

This is.. well..

This, this, this (TITLE) Easygoing Min-Jae

-Ouch! -This, this, this - Wait a minute

Its the climax

Wow (TITLE) Two eyes are widely open

-It is the… -I think thered be no ending -What?

Dont worry, there will be the end

Dont worry

The climax is way too dramatic (TITLE) The fear occurred

Just daydreaming a little (TITLE) Worried


Oh, this part is quite bad So this hurts little more

Even though I pressure it lightly

(TITLE) Eyes are moving with fear

I dont think I need a foot massage

(TITLE) Suffering, adversity, and an ordeal

Yeah, this is bit more painful

(TITLE) “TamperingI think Im healthy

(TITLE) No.. that looks way too painful

(TITLE) Finally, escape for the pain! -Its done

-Thank you very much -Lets go home now

Oh, thank you very much (TITLE) I donthink so~~

-Thank you very much -Come this way

What? (TITLE) sulky look

-Come this way -Okay

Its very late (TITLE) Hes about to cry

Oh, no problem come here fast, come here now (TITLE) Welcome to the hell~~

Im not going to kill ya (TITLE) “BRUTALNot going to kill me?

Which body part of yours do you feel uncomfortable?

Good bye~ (TITLE) GOOD BYE

(TITLE) Come~ come~

Im just fine. Everywhere is alright

Really? Let me check your body

-Im very healthy -Healthy? Is that right?

(TITLE) Dont say like that~ -Im healthy

You have to get the check up first to figure it out

That's right, if I touch it, I know

If he touches it, he knows~ You cant fool him~

Why the massage feels scared (TITLE) Scared of the massage~

-Lets take a look at it

Sir, Im very healthy (TITLE) Try to comfort himself

-Lets see -Wow, feels great

Master, Im really happy now (TITLE) Im HAPPY!

(TITLE) MAJESTIC -Is that right?

Now I know why theresComplete recoveryEngraved in the shorts

Of course

(TITLE) “Complete recoverythats how V feels now

(TITLE) Finally, Min-Jaes massage time begins

Why is he so quite?

You are not dead, right?

Are you okay? (TITLE) MinMin-Jae…?

-Are you alright? -Yes (TITLE) Im alive


-Would you like me to press harder? -No

-I donthink that the pain is deadly -Thats right

-Your neck and shoulder are fine -Yeah

-Just feeling tired -Yeah (TITLE) I wasnt exaggerating

Try to endure the pain (TITLE) 2nd stage: Move to the pelvis

And just bit later, we can hear Min-Jaes shouting (TITLE) “Expecting” “Expecting

I think your sitting posture is bit bad

(TITLE) Here we go!

(TITLE) “He he

(TITLE) Internal screaming


(TITLE) Joyful

I think he is very happy now

I havent even pressed yet

-I know why people say the joyous feeling comes after the pain -Thats right

-It is… -Give me your phone, Ill take photos of you (TITLE) Volunteer to take pictures

(TITLE) Ouch!!!

(TITLE) Decibel is gentling higher

(TITLE) (Looking good~) -I havent even pressed it yet


(TITLE) (With the bit more joyous expression!) Wow, really!!!

Wow, really!!! (TITLE) Wow~ really!

(TITLE) Your are truly a good actor

(TITLE) “Screech” “screech

(TITLE) To V~ It sounds like sweet melody -Master, I love the way the bed makes screech sound

(TITLE) Stop annoying~ I pressed it so much thats why

I truly agree why the joy comes after the pain (TITLE) Joy comes after the pain(?)

-Well -You feel much lighter -Yeah

-But the man has his self-respect -Of course

-But in front of you, its meaningless -Thats right

I lost my self-respect (TITLE) V & Min-Jae lost their self-respect

Everybody feels the same

(TITLE) “Yow” “Yow

-Well, please lie down straightly -Wow, feel so great

-Now is it time to move on to the feet? -It feels really great

Master, is it time for the feet? (TITLE) Foot? Foot!

Right, its time to move on to the leg

(TITLE) Well, when about the feet massage

(TITLE) Not long ago, V felt the pain -Wait a minute

Master, I think I have the healthy feet

No, I dont think so

-Oh dear! -Dear me!

This part, the part where the anklebone is And the right next to it is muscle

-Wait a minute

Oh, dear. Here it comes!

I havent even pressed it hard yet

Just like this pressure

Here, here It is bad for ya

Its alright, right?

No, its not

-What? -Its really painful

-Would you like me to press it harder? -No, no, no

[TITLE] I told you so How about like this?

Okay, thats good

Why dont you press him Just like the way you did it for me?

-Is that right? -I think I will die

-For me, it was… -Are you a devil?

But after the massage, Really, you feel really great

You should just endure the pain

-How about just for one second -Just for one second? -One second

-One second is liketick tock” -What?

tick tock

-Thats too short -How about really

[TITLE] Oh, no. What are you trying to say….

How about just 10 seconds?

Wait, V, no

-How about 5 seconds? -How about 2 seconds? -No, 5 seconds.

-5 seconds it is -No, just 2 seconds

-Just 5 seconds -2 seconds is good

Just go with 5 seconds

Okay, lets go!

Okay, lets go!


Joy and delightfulness ensemble

Count to 5 seconds

-One, two, three, four, five -Cannot stop now

I feel like Im gonna die

Wow, really!

[Title] We saw V devil - Wow, really!

-Master, -Feels great, right? -Its all done now, right?

After its done, you feel much better, right?

-Yeah, it feels really great -Move your leg now

-I cant move my leg -Try to move now

-Its really amazing, huh? -It feels really refreshing

I dont want to do this again.

That's right! Me too!

Alright, good job

[TITLE] V & Min-Jaes healing time is over

(Together) Thank you very much

Im still out of my mind

Lets quickly change

[TITLE] Where are they headed to now?

Well, the muscle spasm is gone now

But feels very painful

I thought I could endure the pain


He gets to smile again when he thinks about it

But it was too painful, really

When I saw you getting the massage,I thought I could endure this

I feel really great, but I still have the lingering pain

I feel the same way too

Two boys-lost their energies

Okay, now off to the 2nd place

[TITLE] “Rustling” “Rustling.” The 2nd place is

[TITLE] Unwrapping the candy -Since you cant go too far

[TITLE] Put it in Min-Jaes mouth~

Where is this place? [TITLE] How sweet of him~

Its very close to where you live

Well, since you are too busyYou need do some exercise

Like that feel

We are here

Eyes grow big

Are we in Han-river

Han River


Today we are going to (TITLE) Why are they in Han-River?

Hang out somewhat normally but greatly

Lets park the car around here (TITLE) Park skillfully

-Yo! -Why?

(TITLE) nervous

Isnt it difficult to park?

-Parking? -Isnt parking difficult?

-Parking is the most difficult one, huh? -Thats what I heard

But when I drive, parking is easier

When I buy my car, I should get the driving lesson from you

All my tiredness is gone now (TITLE) Massage is lingering awhile in his body

(TITLE) pick up things -Oh~ Its why you asked me to bring this

Wheel board runs well Just by putting your feet on

Wow, this is good


-have you ever ridden it? -no, never

-really? -you dont get fall off from the board?

-no - I mean, wow~!!

-really, you dont get to fall off, huh? -No, you dont

-Do you want to ride it? -sure, I wanna try it

-Really, you dont get to be fall off? -nope

Dont you have to get the balance in the middle? (TITLE) “Hold the hand tightly~”

Here~ (TITLE) hahahahahahaha~ Whats this?

(TITLE) Learning the wheel board quickly

Like this, huh? Feels great~!

When I first tried, it was really difficult Just try it

Wow~ it looks really cool~ (TITLE) I can ride it well now~~

I know, its really surprising

I should throw this away now!

It is not fun!

-I used to ride this here every day -what?

-Then I tore my ligament -really?

After then, I havent ridden it for a real long time

(TITLE) Heres boarders paradiseTtukseom board riding place

Its real hot sports now


Im awesome, huh?

Professional skateboarder, “check!”

Can you spin on the board with this?

-Can you spin it? -like this?

(TITLE) “looking unstable

Can you? right, thats the one!

Like this?

-I might have to try couple times -really?

-first try

(TITLE)” creak” “creak

Well, this is. My shoes are.

(TITLE) PRO doesnt blame on the tool~

Continuously failing

Just spin like this

Oh, no. (TITLE) Professional skateboarder??---beginner??

Why doesn't it work...

Yo~Youve ought to practice some more

I can do it

(TITLE) How about Vs jumping skill?

Can you jump?


V could jump this high while dancing




Tries advance(?) back jumping

How fast can this thing go?

-this? -speed per hour

-this one speed down by itself -oh, really?

Jumps down already!

Dang~ uh oh..

-what the… -Be careful, dangerous!

-what? -isnt it dangerous?

Well, piece of cake~

Lets learn how to ride a skateboard



Oh my, are you alright?

(TITLE) Hes not laughing due to the embarrassment!

Worried but funny at the same time

-you gotta be careful -this is not something to be ridden

-V! -Im gonna throw this away!

Wow~ its so cool~!

(TITLE) Ten minutes ago, you were praising it! Youve got to throw this away

This is not something to ride on

Im gonna throw this away! Im gonna throw this away!

You shouldnt ride this during the winter season

I dont think this is working

Its frozen, its totally frozen

-Dont ride in here -You shouldnt ride in here

Lets get out of here

(TITLE) Just laughing

Let's leave here.. (laughing)

You didnt bring me here for this, huh?

Well, then since were in Han-river Lets eat!

-Lets go -wait a minute

Well, were going to eat

-But lets make a bat first -like what?

-Since you can ride the electrical wheel board well -thats right!

-lets do a race -alright

-Since youre fast -me? okay

-Wow, hes fast -yeah, thats right

-I will start a little ahead of you -alright

Loser gets to treat snacks at a convenient store

Pull out theHot Pack

sake it” “sake it

-why dont you start from here then -alright

-Are you giving it to me? -thats right


I have one more

(TITLE) ((I have one more!)) ((Anyways, thanks))

Loser treats food at a convenient store! (TITLE) V vs. Minjae, who won the race?

Lets start (TITLE) The Race begins

Minjae is heading first

His feet are faster thanUsain Bolt”!!

Whos the winner?

(TITLE) Board, make me run faster~!


-Hey? -what?

The important thing is


This is the fastest speed I could go


Minjaes victory is almost there…!

I cannot lose like this!

Commit a foul

-what are you doing? -what~

(TITLE) Minjae barely cross the goal lineWIN

It turns out that this is the fastest speed

-sigh -frankly

-frankly -the fastest speed sucks

-Sucks -sucks (TITLE) so cute~!

-So, I will start from over there first -okay

-frankly -from the half way?

(TITLE) V is moving to the starting line


-Lets start -what?

Starting already?

(TITLE) Anyways, 2nd round begins

"relaxed" "Hurrying up"

-wow -do you have the motor on?

(TITLE) You are the one with the motor

I lost

-Why do you admit it so quickly? -what?

I have my own consciousness

Lets do a basketball game

-basketball? -Yeh, basketball

-lets go! -basketball

-Are you going to throw this away? -Yes, I will

I dont like that thing

-basketball, well..

Im not really bad at it

Youve played basketball, right?

-Long~ time ago -long time ago

Now, I totally lost it

I didnt properly learn it

Most people learn it in that way

-You knowTwo boundgame? -Yes, I know that game

-Lets play that to win 5 scores?? -5 points?

-You go first -I let you play first since you are younger

-I go first since Im younger, then for 5 points -Okay, younger one go first for getting 5 points

-Get ready -5 points, whoever gets 5 points first, wins

Minjaes first try


(TOGETHER) 1 point

Again, Succeed!

The goddess of victory is on Minjae, again?


How about V?


Oh no! (TITLE) keep failing

I will get the power of SUGA and win this!


Youre good

Youre good! (TITLE) He made all of the shoots

(TITLE) SUGA god is looking after V

Youre so good~~!

I cant lose this!

Since you made the shoot, its my turn to score

(TITLE) Jordan, please help me!


None of the shoots made into the hoop

Oh, no. The pose was almost like slam dunk

-Are you losing the game on purpose? -no, no


Im not good at basketball

Look at this, the ball doesnt go in

Yes, I made it (TITLE) The last shoot for the winning

You are too good!


V, do you know what rolly cam is? Oh..

(TITLE) Forget the game, its Selfie time!

One, two, three~

(TITLE) Very cheerful boys~

Ive brought a wallet for you

So I was going to buy you something to eat But you took me away to someplace

-So lets just eat some ramen. How about it? -Great

-A convenient store is a hot place for trainees -Yah, its the hot place

Thats right Its the trainees free WIFI area

It has fishcake, too. Pick whatever you like to eat

-Im gonna eat everything! -It's on me, today

-Whatre you going to eat? -For ramen

-Dont you like Jjajangmyeon(짜장면)? -I like it

-I want Shin ramen(신라면) -Really? Then, should I eat Jin ramen(진라면)?

Wow, its a hot place. It has so many delicious things!

(TITLE) Min Jae, I pulled a wallet for you

-For you, I prepared 5,000won (about $5) -Wow

-The total is 9,500 won. -What!

(TITLE) Minjae laughs so hard because of V

-Ive prepared 10,000 won (TITLE) Pull out 10,000 won like a tough guy!

Here, this!

(TITLE) What is this?

My arm hurts, hurts, hurts

Keep the change! (Remained change- 500 won)

-This is for your petty cash for the baby -Thank you very much!

(TITLE) Min-Jae, buy yourself some snack~

(TITLE) Min-Jae prepares Ramen

(TITLE) V prepares hot bars (sausage bars)

Can I put raw eggs into the ramen?

Oh, thats right (TITLE) Youve got to put egg into the Ramen

Here it is

(TITLE) Put egg into my ramen

(TITLE) Put egg into Min-Jaes ramen, too

-Wow - its ready

-Lets go - Dont hold like that. Its hot that way

Theres a way to hold it Just like this

-Good bye (TITLE) Using disposable chopstick to hold it

-Where to? -You should eat ramen on a bench

Ill be right back with them

(TITLE) Min-Jae went back to get remained drinks

(TITLE) Two ramen just remain

Where are you V?

I picked up a newspaper from over there

V, did you bring the sausages?

He put them into the microwave and

You leave me alone (Lyric)

Dont go~ dont go~ (Lyric)

Wait a minute Sausage!

Min-Jae is setting the table(??)

Han-Rivers convenient stores IT items Hot Bar(sausage)+ramen & drink

-Perfect! -Perfect!

Cheers~ (with sausages)

This is what Im talking about!

This sausage is it

Lets eat

Wow, so delicious

Eat sausage like Chongak Kimchi (pickled young radish Kimchi)

I shouldve bought instant rice (햇반)

-Should I go and get it? -No, its alright

Ill go buy it

Min-Jae, where are you going?

On his way out from the convenient store, Jung Guk(BTS) called

Im now. Itll be about 3 oclock

Oh, alright



Is there something? Mine(?) is over there

Which one? The wheel?

No, that one. (TITLE) What did he see?

I mean. In front of the bus station.

-Theres mine -You mean like the photo?

Yah, like the photograph

-It says, “Happy Birthday” -Wow, really?

For Vs birthday, His fans prepared the special event

-My birthday is December 30th -Oh, really?

December 30th? (TITLE) I knew it already~

While V was on his way to the convenient store

quicklyMin-Jae prepared the birthday cake

Actually, Min-Jae asked to meet V Because its Vs birthday

-OMG! -Happy birthday to you~(singing)

-Oh, my~ -Happy birthday to you~(singing)

-dear lovely V(Tae-young)~(singing) -thats right!

-Happy birthday to you~(singing) -You didnt have to do this

Now, make a wish Make a wish in your mind

-This years dream? -Make your wish in your mind

(TITLE) Wish all of Vs dream would come true

(TITLE) Emotional Hi-five

(TITLE) Thank you Min-Jae

-Lets eat the cake -Wow, where did you prepare the cake?

I put a lot of effort to microwave the instant rice To microwave exactly 2 minutes and 30 seconds

If its more than 2min. 30sec. The taste isnt perfect

Thank you, thank you

-We have to eat the birthday cake

Hows the cake?

Is it delicious?

-Wow -I should have a bite, too

Ill cut it for you

You can eat it

-How about it? Good, right? -Uh huh

Why this scene looks bit familiar?

-Look at that, look at that (TITLE) Milk foam?

Why? You wanna kiss me?(kiddingly)

No way

Its my first time to eat the cake in Han-river side

Its my first time, too (TITLE) many things are new in various ways today

Give the cake here

Youre the first person to give me the cake in private

-Oh, really? -Yeah

-You mean, this year? -No, through my whole lifetime

-Really? -Uh huh

-Ive never had any kinds of party, ever -Oh, really?

I became a trainee since when I was sophomore in high school

Uh-huh. Me, too

Except other trainees congratulated my birthday

Ive never personally congratulated my birthday From my friends. This is my first time.

Well, Ive given you a special gift for you then

Due to the very busy prep. schedule of End-of-Year Awards show

BTS members threw Vs birthday party at the awards waiting room

-I told you not to prepare such a thing!

-I told you not to do this! (TITLE) We know you are very glad~

Oh, thank you~ (smack)

He ate seaweed soup at once (Koreans eat seaweed soup for the birthday)

The last part of eating ramen

Put instant rice into the ramen soup and eat it

Wow, so delicious

Wipe the Min-Jaes mouth?

Recycling the tissue? Hahaha

Here you go (TITLE) Give it to me

Are you Min-Jaes mother?

-Do you know something? -what?

When you eat crushed ramen without boiling for a snack,

The taste is different when you eat it in school or at home

-right? -while in school, you secretly eat it under the desk

-right, right, thats right (TITLE) Min-Jae knows how to eat it in school!

Put it in your mouth (TITLE) dont chew it but melt it with the tongue and gum

When I was in middle school The cell phone was not touch screen

hand phone(cell phone), hand phone(cell phone)

But it was with the bottom keys so

And when you listen to the music through the earphone secretly

These are the face expressions of BTS members Who are watching thisCelebrity Bromanceprogram

Todays casters are j-hope(BTS) & Rap Monster(BTS)

Celebrity Bromance

-We bros! Lets watchCelebrity Bromancetogether -bro!

-Lets start to watch it -Okay

Our V is on it Lets watch to see how interesting it is

(TITLE)PlayCelebrity Bromance episode 4” - [V] Ive brought a wallet for you

-He cant speak well, even in the program

He still speaks with some provincial accent

[V] Its the trainees free WIFI area

-Hes sayingWiFi free zone” -Whats he talking about?

Why is he bragging about his wallet?

Oh, Vs buying snacks for Min-Jae?

Wow, since hes older so hes paying

Our V looks so poor~ (TITLE) Worrying about the poor (?) V

While its cold, eating snacks at the convenient store is very delicious

Wow, it looks so delicious -Yeah, looks delicious

While ago, Rap Monster, Jin and I went to Han-River side

-We ate the ramen and it was so delicious -It comes out like that, these days?

Yeah, these days, they boil ramen like that

So delicious (TITLE) I wanna eat it, too

Why do they touch the sausages like that way?

SoCelebrity Bromanceshoot Normal activities like that, huh? (TITLE) They understood the intention of the programX

If I shoot the program with Jackson(GOT7) It will be so interesting

-Jackson? -Yeah, Jackson (TITLE) Cast Jackson forcefully

Jackson is also very outrageous

But Jackson is too loud

Min-Jae eats so deliciously as if they havent eaten for days

Oh~ Min-Jae saw the advertisement billboard of Vs birthday

-He remembered -Min-Jae also threw a birthday party.

Min-Jae is so nice to throw a surprise birthday party like that

-Hes so nice -Yeah

-Please dont smudge the cake on the face -Maybe not, maybe not

Maybe not

-He drinks that even in such a cold weather -the soft drink

-Hes an addict -Please stop drink it

He drinks three soft drinks At least 3 bottles of coke at a restaurant

Perhaps not, no.

I knew it! I knew it! (TITLE) Watch out for feeling crawling

-Did we throw a birthday party for V? -Did we?

(TITLE) Thinking hardly (TITLE) Did we do that?

-Ah~ Yeah. We did -Yeah, we did

Right, you have to put rice in the soup

Min-Jae knows how to eat ramen

I feel hungry

Min-Jae is so nice and kind!

We dont really play with V at home

Yeah, people talk about the past a lot

If V starts to talk about the past He can talk or hours

Talk about cartoons like that

Celebrity Bromance Episode 4. THE END

Lets film the Bromance program With Jackson

With me? I agree with Jackson. Hes handsome

If Im with Jackson Ill just be still but Jackson is...

-Jackson is talkative -Yeah, Jackson is so talkative!

For the Next Bromance They are on reservation?!

Well, frankly, with two men, there are not many things to do

In my case, when I meet a male friend We talk for about 20 minutes

-Then I have nothing more to talk abou t -Thats right. Not many things to talk about

They look somehow alike

-They look well together -Right, because they look alike

BTS came up on stage, finally~

Hello, were BTS. Well do our best -Thank you very much

Thank you. Well do our best

V~ look front. Look at Jimmy Jib

You understood what I said before, right?

-Look at the Jimmy Jib -Okay

-Wheres that? -The part when I sayfire’, right?

The jimmy jib in front of it Okay, Ill look over there

-Thank you -The upper jimmy jib, right

-At that time, look at jimmy jib


One, two, three Thank you. Well do our best

-Thank you -Good bye~

See you again in Live show

[Rest a bit, before Live Show]

[Autographing CD for Minjae]

Hello, Minjae I prepared this for you so here it is!

Thanks for coming to our concert! From Lovely V~

-How have you been? -Of course

-How about you? -This is present for you

Oh~ Fire~ CD [Shouldnt get jealous]

Hello, Minjae

I came to give you this After you came to my concert

-Ah~Concert was really good -Really?


The seat in the concert was so wonderful

Ive gone to concert Several times

They were in 2nd floor or side But it was middle in 1st floor

-It was the best seat ever

-Have to buy the additional tickets -Really?

With yours, I told them that Id buy this number of tickets

-Dont even dream about it again -What?

-Can I come once more? -What? Dont even think about it

-Cant even dream about it? -No, you cant -OK

-You had wonderful experience -It was my last experience then

-Right, it was your first & last -The first & last?

-If you listen to me well then -Okay, I will listen to you

-I have to think deeply about this -Think deeply for me

-I will do my best -OK [Hes pleading his loyalty]

When you were in the stage I wondered where you were

When I was in the stage I was looking for you

I wonder where youd be Wasnt sure it was you but

Someone like you [Shaking his hands]

-Was doing like that -Was glad to see you

-Thought it was you so threw a ball -Right

-But you couldnt catch it -The ball came to me

But never thought you recognized me & threw it

-I kinda guessed -While watching concert

-The last part comments After the show -Right

While expressing gratitude Was about to cry

-Oh, really? -While JIMIN thanked members

My heart was aching

[Wanna thank the most to my members]

Was my first time to cry on stage

Theres song called When the song came out

I saw the lyric it got to me So couldnt sing properly

If I dont sing, I feel empty Whos gonna sing for me?

-Its my part, I had to sing -When I saw you guys crying

If had concert there Id cried too

-You M.C. with JungKook today -Thats right

-JungKook M.C. well, right? -He? No

-Arent you the same members? -Hes so so bad

-Hes gonna do well -We have script so

-There are 4 MC members -Right

-Among 4, JungKook would be the shiest -Really?

-Please help him a lot

-Hes being cute here -Hes usually not cute at all

[V talks behind his back] -Hes bit unfriendly

Im gonna get you. You'll see

-JungKook, are you sick? -My heart beat fast

-Im not like that too But when I get the script

-I think of myself differently -Me too

-Before you, I was special MC -Really?

I told writes that the script was too much

-But I was doing it -Yeah, you ended up doing it

-Hello, hello, special MC V

Ill say one thing Dont change the channel

Otherwise, I will scold you

JungKook says dialect

Be ready, were going to Burn your hearts

Be ready, were going to Burn your hearts

-Ah~ did you get drivers license? -Sure -Really? -Yeah

-Written test was 93 points -You must studied hard

-Road test 100 points -Wow

-Just know that I got it -Really? Lets go to have fun then

Thats right I told you, after I get the license

Lets go to have fun I will drive

On the way there, I drive On the way back, others drive

-If we film again, Lets drive -Okay

-Since we both have the licenses -I watched othersepisodes

And they go to places to have fun Like Busan

After watching that, I was disappointed at the team crew

-Of course, you could say that -They put us as a pilot program

-Then do other ones greatly -You could feel that way

Since we told them we wanted to go on trips so

they took our opinions into consideration

Its so not fair We only stayed in Seoul

Got massages, went Han River But others go to Everland

Went to Busan After I watched those

-I wanted to do this again soon -Frankly we should travel far

-Since you got the license -Lets go to somewhere close

-Like even Gapyung -Gapyung is reasonable

-There, we can ride water sky -Thats right

- There are many things to do -Thats right

Frankly, we need to go Somewhere again

Can go to valley. We could Brink cold watermelon

We need to do it again

[Revealed the behind story] -Wow, youre too bad

My dream is to ride a convertible

-Ive never rode it before -I have the license now

-Ride it and go to Gapyung! -Sounds good

-Or to Gyochang -Theres nothing like that

-Hometown tour sounds good -It usually takes about 4 hours

-If its us, itd take 7 to 8 hours -Im a safe driver -7 hours?

PutNew Driversign in the back Go first!

Convertible but rookie driver, huh? Sounds good

-Have you eat dinner after program? -We ate together once

-In front of Vs house -In front of my house

-We keep in touch so -He was free so I contacted him

-If youre free, lets eat dinner -After I came back from school

While we were talking We ate Samgyeopsal

-It was delicious -Yeah, it was really

-Ate a lot -Who picked up the tab?

-I did -He treated me

-Im gonna buy it next -Gonna eat expensive one

-Since I went to concert -I like Tuna Raw fish

-One, two, three [Finish fast]

-Tuna? [Expect to meet at Tuna restaurant]

Feeling like 10 minutes flew by so quickly? So these clip is FOR YOU~

I think Im close to everyone whos in my contact list

Secret of Vs personal connections

The person that I contact everyday is Bogum

Bogum used to be an MC in Music Bank

At that time, we exchanged our contact information

And found our common ground We get along very well in terms of hobbies

We have many things in common so..

One time, we hung out

At that time, MERS were epidemic And heard that Lotte World amusement park was not crowded

At that time, people were wearing masks to protect themselves So I thought people in the park would be the same

Once I entered the Lotte World, Most people were not wearing the masks and played

After a little while later, crowds started to gather around us

After riding 2 or 3 rides, we couldn't stay there and had to leave the place

Im also very close with Sung Jae Hes also very friendly

Hes very active and he cares other people first Hes really good friend of mine

-I heard that hes your bathroom buddy -Thats right

When I first became an idol singer, I had to bow and showed respect to everyone that I met

I met him in the bathroom so I bowed and said hello

He asked, ‘You were born in 1995, right?’ Then I saidthats right.’

Me too, let's become good friends (TITLE) Then they became best buddies since then

oh, really? Nice to meet you

Then we became friends While we were using the bathroom

When Suho was MC at the music program We get to meet often and sayhello

We did many programs together

Once you get to meet the celebrities at the broadcasting programs

somehow we get close to each other

We smile and cheer each other Then naturally we become close

-Do you have the group chat rooms? -Well, I have one room with BTS members

Another one,I have VIXX Hongbin, me, Gongchan(B1A4), Suho(EXO)

So total of 4 members is in one room But we dont use that room

The Description of [ENG SUB/CELEB BROS] V(BTS) & MINJAE, Ep1~Ep4 FULL VER.