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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Jung Haein’s Travel Log I 정해인의 걸어보고서 EP.6 Part.2 [ENG/2020.02.08]

Difficulty: 0

(What does their fate hold?)


Keep walking. Okay, we got it.

(It begins lightly with a little thunder and lightning)

- Don't touch! / - Don't touch me!

(The New York zombie welcomes them)

(We captured their startled faces in the dark)

I'm going to tear you apart!

My gosh.

(He acts like he wasn't startled)

(He shows Hyounsoo some affection)

(The zombie changes his target)

This is very scary.

(Don't ever look)

This is way scarier than what we expected.


(He was trying very hard not to look)

(But another ghost suddenly appears)



(Hyounsoo does a silent scream)

(That was a success)


You're going to die here!

(Let's stay calm)

(He doesn't even look at the zombie)


(I'll protect you, Haein)

Something's here.

(They say goodbye to the zombies)

(Good luck)

Something's here.

- Something's here. / - Nothing's here.

- It's right there. / - No, nothing's here.

(There's a doll that's sitting in a very weird position)

(Let's just pretend like there's nothing here)

Hi, there!


Do you want to take a picture?

Yes. Why not?

- Look over here. / - Okay.

(It's a zombie photo studio)


On the count of three...

- Watch your right side. / - Say "cheese."

- Ready? 1, 2, / - No, wait a minute.

- Three! / - Something might come from behind.

- Three! Cheese! / - Cheese!

(He still listens to her and smiles)



(A new zombie shows up)

(They're startled by the shutter and the new zombie)


(They jump along, trying to overcome their fear)

Let's play a game.

(But Haein doesn't budge)

Okay, okay.

Let's play a game.

(The Blood Manor tour continues)

(Now, they enter a pitch dark room)

(That has strange ropes hanging from the ceiling)

(Grabbing onto Hyounsoo)

(They can't see a single thing)

(Suspicious movement)

(The ghost is nice enough to visit them)

Don't worry.


- Stop the ghost for me. / - Yes.

Eight-point covers, camouflage

The man of sea

("Men Wearing Eight-Point Covers")

(It's the Marines' song)

(The military song echoes in the haunted house)

Here we go

(Laughing quietly)


- Gosh. / - Hang on.

(They don't see but they can feel the ghost)

- Jonggeon. / - Where do I go?

Come here.

Walk forward.

Where's forward? I don't see anything.

- Come forward. / - Forward.

I really don't see anything.

- Here. / - Just come.

I really don't see anything.

We need to hold onto each other.

- I can't see. / - Alright.

I'll lead.



- Hang on. / - Hyounsoo.

(Hyounsoo, Haein, Jonggeon)

(Why are there four people?)

(Once again!)

(It works every time the ghost scares them)

(This is the fun of being a ghost)

(Where did the man wearing eight-point covers go?)

- Wait. / - Where do we go?

(Hyounsoo's the only person they can rely on)

In my country land

This is no joke.

It's scary because I can't see anything.

You said it's not scary.

(It's still scary when you can see)



(Producer Jung refuses to look)

(It's full of fear and shock)

(It's a 1-on-1 match with Jonggeon)

They keep spitting at me.

(It's fun to watch)


(We shook them off)


(The moment he approached me)


No. He scared me.

(Producer Jung melts down)

No. He scared me.


(His main weapon is a spit attack)

(The marine also melts with Haein)

Look at this.

(Producer Jung moves to the next room)

Don't go.


(Did you think it was over?)


That was...

(He's embarrassed)

(Somehow he took the lead)

I have a feeling someone alive is in the bag.

They're alive.

- No. / - I bet someone alive is in it.

(Poking the bag)

(He's unnecessarily curious while he's scared)

I feel dizzy.

- It's hot. / - It's really hot.

(Don't let your guard down)




Nice to meet you.

(Nice to meet you)

(My foot)

(Touching the camera)

How do we pass this?

How do we pass?

Come here. It's alright.

(He would never let go of his camera)

(He has lost his mind)

(His scared look is captured)

Let's get you inside.

(The human shield protects other guys)

We were worried about you.

(In extreme fear, where do they head next?)


(We comply with the broadcasting review regulations)

(What you're about to see may be shocking)

(Watch with your eyes slightly open)

I bet that will come alive.

That's alive.


(What did they see?)

That's alive.

(A chainsaw killer appears)

(He attacks with a loud mock-up weapon)

(He screams as loud as he can)




(He's going after them as if he's going to cut them)

(They run as fast as they can)


(A zombie appears in front of them again)

(It's chaotic)

Hurry. Hurry.

(He gets on Jonggeon's back in a rush)

Hello, viewers.

(This is Actor Jung we used to know)

I'm Actor Jung Haein.

(It's the same person)

(He completely flipped New York)

(What's that sound?)

(He successfully recorded sounds without a gap)

(Being a producer is a hard job)

- What do you say? / - He is really delicious.

Not. Not.

He is really delicious.

Not. Not. I'm not.


Go. Go. Go!

(They failed)

(The fear only gets greater when it's shared)


(Don't kill me)

I'm a marine.

I caught about 47 ghosts.


(He's rather getting caught instead of catching)

(He's almost crying)

(They leave the zombie to Hyounsoo and take a break)

(He's lost his mind)

(Hyounsoo, catch them)


(Holding laughter)

(Turning away)

(They thought they escaped)

Nice to meet you.

(He wouldn't respond)

Let me go first.

Turn around?

- Turn around? / - Here?


We want you up those stairs.


- Is it over now? / - No, it's the second stage.

(It's not over?)

You get presents.

Here you are.

He gave us glasses.

(A pair of 3D glasses per person)

Put it on. Come on now.

And great things will...

- Pop right at you. / - My goodness.

(It's fun to scare him)

We're waiting. We're waiting.

(It's fun to scare him too)

(His forehead is covered with sweat)

Here we go.

Let's go. It's all 3D.

Follow me.

Follow me.


Bye now. Enjoy your death.

- Bye now. / - Are you Joker's cousin?

(What are you talking about?)

What's this? It's all 3D.


Is that a real person?

Stay behind me.

(They look like a ghost couple)

(Are they real or just dolls?)

(Are they real or are they dolls?)

(On alert)

(They were real)

(He's the perfect coward in this area)

(He sends the okay sign)

(He's even scared to see Hyounsoo)


(They automatically march in trail)

(His expression tells how it is)

This is no joke.


(The hallway is a complex maze)

(Will they be able to pass it?)

(Careful steps)

Why are you so scared? Just go.

I think I'm getting used to it.

Hyounsoo, Hyounsoo. You go first.

- Okay. / - Let's go.

I haven't caught any ghosts just yet.

Go first.

(Hyounsoo takes the lead)

(He backs away)

(Attacks again)

(His face shows how he feels)

(I'll bravely catch one this time)

- You see, I'm getting used to... / - Okay, I got it.

(He's used to getting frightened)

What was that?

What was that?

(There's a zombie over their heads)

(Why are you up there?)

(This zombie is very talented)

(This zombie replica blows air)

(Even the slightest breeze scares him now)


(They try to say goodbye to all the ghosts)

(We'll never be apart)

(Save Producer Jung)

(He was startled and backed away)

(But he collapsed on the ground)



(I'm sure all ghosts like him)

(The exit is to your right)


(They finally make it out)

(They shouldn't let their guards down until the end)

(He's sweating a lot)

It's so hot.

(Acting calm)

- Hi. Have a good night. / - Have a good night.

(We hope you dream of ghosts tonight!)

(The surprises are never-ending)

Gosh, it's so noisy.

(I'm just startled by the noise)

We made it out alive.

(He no longer looks cool)

- We made it. / - Goodness.

Hold on.

(Is Hyounsoo injured?)


- What? / - What is it?


- What? / - What is it?

What is it?

- Wait. / - What is it?

- What is it? / - Wait.


- Wait. / - What is it?

(He brought a gummy eyeball)

Gosh, you startled me.

(He's been duped)

(He wants to cry)

You little...

(He loves teasing him)

The rain doesn't fall over here.

Oh, geez. Why isn't this ending?

(The zombie spotted them)

(This was the final surprise)

Oh, geez. Why isn't this ending?

That's enough.

(He's holding the camera like a weapon)

- Let's take a rest over there. / - Okay.

So that's how it is. I get it now.

- What? / - I get it.

(He's sweating profusely)

It was worse because it's raining.

It made it that much scarier.


(Want this eyeball instead of water?)

(Squatting down)

(They're exhausted)

Good work, guys.

I'm fine.

(They look pitiful)

(Looking back to how he acted back there)


(How was the experience?)

- My legs gave out. / - Well...

I felt dizzy in there.

For those who have never experienced this before,

it may be very frightening.

(Like me)

It is for sure scary.

They appear when you least expect it.

It's driving me crazy.

We got our rest now.

(He goes back to being a producer)

My gosh.

(He feels embarrassed)

Since this is a seasonal event,

it'd be nice if people came here

around October.

(Looking dazed, he nods)


Hyounsoo, did you catch a ghost?

You said you weren't scared.

Well... It was slightly scary.

But I couldn't catch one.

Since he's a Korean marine,

he only catches Korean ghosts.

He can't catch American ghosts.

(The ghosts' nationalities matter)

(These two need to rest up)

Aren't you curious about the people who work there?

Yes, I am. I thought

about those who worked there.

I was scared yet curious.

There's a ghost over there.

(They hear a roar)

- Ask him. / - Ask him.

Be confident and ask.

Ask him. Let's take a step back.

Excuse me.


Be confident.

(Interviewing an American zombie)

What... What's...

What is your role?

- What's your... / - Look at his teeth.

(Is the zombie unhappy with Hyounsoo's English?)

What's your role?

What's your role?

- What did he say? / - I don't know.

- What? / - What?

I didn't hear it either.


Ask him if he's satisfied with his job.

(The zombie is unresponsive, but they keep asking)

Ask him about his work.

- Go on. / - You...

- Ask him. / - You're working...

(Hyounsoo looks daunted)

How shall I put this?

Isn't it too hard to work?

Are you happy working here?

(He looks extremely content with his job)

(However, he still does not reply)

He can't talk right now. His throat is slit.

- He can't talk. / - His throat is slit.

- We can't interview him. / - Use sign language.

It's impossible to interview him.

His throat is slit.

Is your neck sliced?

(That's correct)

I'll pray for you.

- Good luck! / - Good luck.

- Sorry, sorry, sorry. / - Let's ask that guy.

Hyounsoo, let's ask him.

(Call us once your throat recovers)

Hyounsoo, let's ask him. Let's ask him this time.

A part of his head is missing.

Excuse me, sir.

(He looks more experienced at interviewing)

What's your role?

- Zombie. / - Zombie?

I see.

(Half of his head is missing)

- Isn't it too hard to work here? / - No.

Are you happy working here?

My goodness.

(They get scared 120% of the time)

I'm not scared.

I'm fine now.

Your brain is....

Say hello to Korea.


Welcome to New York!


(And once again, he ends it with)


(Bye, cowards)

(Like so, their frightening weekend comes to an end)

(Monday morning, their 7th day in New York)

(Miraculously, it's a sunny day)

(Good morning, Producer Jung)

(Did you dream of zombies last night?)

(Preparing the coffee he'll share with the others)

(This is his last day in New York)

(Where are his assistant directors?)

(Last day in New York)

("The Reason Why I Need Some Alone Time")

It was raining yesterday,

so I was worried about today's weather.

But I see no clouds.

(Smiling happily)

It's just a plain blue sky.

It's perfect.

Now that I've been here for some time,

I slightly feel like I've blended in

with the city.

I've familiarized myself with these surroundings.

(During his 1st day, he was all smiles)

(He wore comfortable clothes)

People might think I've gone insane

since I'm walking while giggling.

(But now, he's been here for a week)

(He's still wearing comfortable clothes)

(Looking composed and unconcerned)

(He was even mesmerized by the manholes)

(A yellow cab refused to take him)

I feel sad.

(Now, he's relaxed, with his hands in his pockets)

(I am)

(NYPD, Producer Jung in New York)

(But where is he going all by himself?)


All three of us

will be spending some time alone.

I'm going to...

Actually, there was a place I couldn't visit

because it rained that day.

It's the place I can enjoy the autumn in New York

to the fullest.

I'm heading to Central Park now.

I love the downtown, but I kind of

wanted to relax in nature.

I'm so happy right now.

I'm so excited.

Gosh. Now...

(Passing through the forest of buildings)

As soon as I cross this traffic light...

(The greeneries are spotted)

I'll be in Central Park.


(The fun of traveling alone)

(Calls for whistling)

There are many nice spots.

(Enjoy the glittering bubble show)

(Producer Jung became a kid again)

(He walks forward as if he's under a spell)

They are tapping with their hands and feet

to the rhythm.

I'm going to enjoy some leisurely time.

Eating a burger or a sandwich at Central Park.

I needed some time to do nothing.

All by myself.

Oh, wait.

What's Hyounsoo doing? Where is Jonggeon?

Where are you?

I'm at the Rockefeller Center.

I'm happy even though I'm not doing anything.

(He's just happy)

(For the things Producer Jung couldn't do)

(Hyounsoo will do them in place of Haein)

(Hyounsoo eats the burger Haein couldn't)

He went to a great place.

While jogging, I'll show you some great views.

I feel like I'm a real New Yorker.

This is a competition.

(I can't just sit still)

I'll try some activities.

(Powerfully rowing)

Goodness, it startled me.

Maybe I shouldn't have done this.

I feel so lonely.

The Description of Jung Haein’s Travel Log I 정해인의 걸어보고서 EP.6 Part.2 [ENG/2020.02.08]