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hello and welcome to another weekly update

it's saturday morning and I have to do a corona test

I'm here at Freaks4U which you might know from HandOfBlood

they will host a livestream with Samsung on Sunday and I'll be guest there

we'll talk about SSDs, benefits of PCIe 4.0, recent AMD CPUs and so on

And saturday morning to start your day - corona test

here we have the entire streaming setup and scenery

here we'll also stream tomorrow. We just performed a test here

still have to wait about 1h for my corona test results. The SSD tech talk will be here

Well again - sorry corsair for not translating the ad <3 :D

while there are already 2 other streamers in the talk corner they are setting up the 2 systems right now

we'll have two systems for comparison - one with SSD and one with HDD

the plan is to have a live test of loading times in the recent assassins creed

Host: It took exactly 15s to load on the HDD

Host: ....and test is over - 11.6 seconds. We'll I think I pressed a little too early

Host: ...but overall it was about 4 seconds faster. Let's go over to the talking area

Host: ... I often experience this in valorant. I'm still loading the game while others are already playing

for video editing... I'm also cutting all videos myself - well in the past I was cutting myself. Now I have someone cutting for me

you will probably know it from editing in premiere pro. Once you initially loading the video files into the project it will create the audio files

and the time it takes to create the audio files just depends on the SSD - nothing else

on a HDD this could take up to 5min while it can go down to like 15s on a SSD

we'll continue working on my studio. I'm still working on a lot of stuff here and there is still a long list to go

still have to complete the acoustic insulation but what I didn't work on at all so far is anything cable management related

underneath my PC it looks absolutely terrible

but also regarding network I didn't do anything so far

so I ordered this 8-Port 10G switch right here

because I want to upgrade from my normal 1G network which you usually have at home with your normal router

because I want to build a NAS

and right now I'm even thinking about building a NAS just with SSDs

because the video files we have are quite huge and it just takes so long to transfer them

and especially with 1G network it takes forever. With 10G it'll be much better

the only downside of 10G is the heat

and just by looking at the fan direction you can tell the direction of the airflow

and that's why you are also kind of limited in the direction how I can mount this on my wall

could mount it this way or downwards

but I don't want to have the power cord going up this will look terrible

so I decided to have the fan pointing upwards. This will also support the natural airflow with the heat going upwards

I hope this way the fan won't spinn up so much

already drilled the holes into the wall. And I know everything is still quite messy in here. You can see all the cables on the floor

luckily I have a ton of network already installed in the apartment itself

I know I still have to clean up but holes are drilled - time to mount

switch is up and running - got internet connection

from the wall into the first slot and then the bottom one goes into my pc

I also have to replace the bottom cable itself with a higher quality one but I'll do that at the same time when I'll also fix the cable management itself everywhere

most of you are aware that I started my career with extreme overclocking - pretty sure most of you know about this

at a certain point I just started overclocking my system and gained interest in cooling and how to improve the speed

you start with air cooling, go over to water cooling, dry ice and eventually liquid nitrogen

of course it was a long process and not as quick it might seem right now

if you want I can already tell you more about this in a different video

anyhow, all of this started for me with the website HWBOT

HWBOT is an online database where you can enter all your overclocking results or just performance data of your PC

that's how I started in like 2006 or 2007

I spend over 10 years doing this. Just listing all my extreme OC results on there

it's a great way to compare yourself to others and not just with the daily hardware but also with obscure stuff

it's not just about who has the fastest PC globally but you can also decide to just go with a GeForce 8 and compare benchmarks in 3DMark 2003

for me this was the perfect plattform

originally this project was started by Frederik - an enthusiast from Belgium

to keep it short: at a certain point hwbot was transitioned to another guy from Belgium who moved over to Taiwan

to improve the site and also improve the connections to the manufactureres

this worked out very well until like 2016 or 2017

at that point he quit HWBOT and started working for EKWB which is perfectly fine but there was nobody to take care of HWBOT anymore

hey Shiek

the result was that since 2017 not much happened anymore on HWBOT

the website was basically dead

because Frederik - the original owner - just didn't have as much time to take care of the website and also not the financial support

for example hosting competitions or just taking care of the website itself

we're also hosting a lot of competitions and that's also what I want to talk about

the result was that me and my business partner from Thermal Grizzly aquired HWBOT last year

because it was up for sale

the alternative would've been that someone like asus or g.skill would've bought it

it's like me selling my youtube channel to asus. There wouldnt be interesting content anymore. It'd just be pure marketing

that's why we decided to buy it

we hired a coder to work on hwbot almost full time

we made some good progress and we also started hosting new competitions

we also just regained intel as partner of hwbot.

we're still discussing the details but they'll be partnering up again

which means we'll have a lot of new competitions with new CPUs and stuff. Will be very interesting

but what I asked myself is: are you guys interested in this?

for me it would kind of be back to the roots. Hosting extreme oc or normal oc competitions

for example we could all buy a GPU. Like a cheap one such as GT1010 or GT1030

something that's like 50

this way also the CPU doesnt matter much because you're just running into the GPU limit

but we could have some nice OC competitions together which I would also show in detail here on youtube

So I would show how it works. And it's usually also really worth it. There will be nice prizes

I would also show your results or setups if you achieved something cool or interesting

So I just wanted to know if you are interested in this or not

I need your feedback if you say yes or no. Either way is fine to me. Just to see what you are interested in

you remember we just installed my new switch

and I said the fan would be quiet

I mean the fan is okay

but if I'm just sitting in front of my PC and work on stuff without any other noises in the background you can just here the weeeeeeeeeeee

well because it in the end is a 40mm fan

I think we have to replace it. Just really annoying

that's how it looks inside. Just removed the screws and opened it

a normal switching PSU on the side

with a single 6 pin output

I first thought the fan might be soldered somewhere but Netgear did a good job here

just connected with a normal 4 Pin cable

not sure what the other 4 Pin cable is for

seems to be related to the lights in front

but that should be easy to replace

I guess the network chips should sit under these heatsinks

bought this noiseblocker black silent 40mm as replacement

it's a bit smaller - only 10mm deep

but should be fine performance wise. I guess even full passive would work

especially due to the direction I mounted the switch. The air can just go through

touching the exhaust air it felt quite cold

any airflow should work. It's only a 3 pin connector

will replace it quickly

took only 2minuts

not sure how the airflow with this 2800 rpm fan will be. Will close it and see

quick check - fan is running

feels like it's even more airflow than before

also spinning faster than before

but it's silent

you can hear it a little bit

but the sound itself is just so much lower and not a high frequency like before

will keep it this way I think

maybe it'll annoy me again after 2 days

talking about HWBOT there is some interesting news and that's also something I could probably show you more often

the Greek Overclocking Team OGS

the two guys set a new record with the RTX3090

and it's also the first 3090 with 3GHz

that's quite impressive and also some kind of milestone for such a GPU

it was done with the Benchmark GPUPI which is calculating PI on the GPU

it's not the strongest load on the GPU which allows higher frequencies

unlike you might expect it was not an EVGA kingpin which usually held these kind of records before. It was a Galax HoF

this card was running with 1.5 vGPU in 3DMark Port Royal

and also beat the previous record here with about 100 MHz more on the GPU - almost 2900 MHz in the end in 3DMark

in this kind of state the GPU can easily pull over 1000W. And I got the footage from OGS to include it in here

I found it impressive and interesting so decided to add it to the video

interestingly there were no hardmods added to the card itself

nothing soldered - just flashed an XOC BIOS

which allows full voltage and power control (power limit). But I'm not sure if you can even get this BIOS as an normal overclocker

maybe someone leaks it somewhere

but still impressive result. Of course done with liquid nitrogen with about -180C under load which is as low as you can go under load with LN2

done with Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut Extreme thermal paste

OGS is a Thermal Grizzly partner and that's also why I received this info upfront

because they could get better results with Kryonaut Extreme than before

thanks for joining intos this weekly vlong and see you again next week - bye

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