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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: MECH ME WET - Demo Disk Gameplay

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It's been Two Months and We still Can't Unlock the song Mother's be?

Aware, We punched we've Kicked we've sang Indian songs We still Can't get the Song?

We didn't get it this Week Either so just deal With it I promise Is coming Soon I probably Promise Really Different

We're Living in her Monica, we're Living in A modern age

Where man Can Dance Without Judgment free of Judgment all right so hold, on We got to Figure out a way?

to Maximize in A funny Way

A lot lawrence wants to dance again he turned Around I know he Always wants to Dance

Joe what if We Held the mat Up and use that thing as like a little Boarding


Papa's my mind

You want to start and then I'll jump in How Are We that Chorus Is so hard that's?

Just as, We miss tears Gundam its Dynasty Warriors Gundam Three Words you love Dynasty Warriors and

Love Me what's all Japanese

Anyone Who Tangles With Me will Regret it Master Asia, oh that's Actually what People Call me

Master Agent Sounds

Master Asia yeah, We Didn't Name them they, did


You Didn't even Look at your attack


I memorize them are you are you Watching this yeah this isn't even A fight he's Just out There

Massacre he Just, was her Farmer Gundams

They're Useful to Society hey it's Funny Because the Gundam Shouldn't Shouldn't it be Flying no Those aren't wings what are They

you Know

Are you Having Such A hard Time With This I'm supposed to be like Destroying twenty Thousand, of Them at a time why, it'd be

Thank you very uh when I went to the government There and What happened it was Underwhelming that's about what this is A?

Shot get That Spray Paint

You Guys Have her Have a Dragon shirt that, was me out of that Mylar material it

Was awesome?

But no that was my that

Was like Going out Shirt man I was 15 Years Old I was Been Going out Sure That's what I went on on Dates With?

Hmm yeah that Dragon on it real Shiny Nice that's how Girls do I was cool yeah Stay away from you?

oh that little Tank man - Good Wait you're Just Keep Missing Them no they're on your Team

Godspeed Good Tank Good Work special Ed Robot I never Understood why, they, Would invert the Camera

Or like Left Is right right his Left that's the Way Gundams are Actually Flown Yeah and You get in They Invert your eyes yeah

They Have to turn them, over

Those Robots Are People in Those Robots Yeah you know, what's Gonna

There's People in Them Yeah Definitely They're Just like lame dudes again like Farmers and Stuff

What the fuck? Why weren't you doing this before I go the other Way Thank you either Way There?

We go


What Would you do if you saw if You were a farmer in A gun and super saw This Thing Flying at you i mean

I had Already Accepted Death

Oh that's True that's The one I saw the literal Angel of death Coming Through not I would not uh beg for forgiveness

During Jet Flying Flying Air Turn Jet Press B along Easy, okay

So I don't think you do Turn it it can't be special in the air

Did You get it Encourages jet Is just yeah

okay Now then you hit special when you turn Down There Is gourmet Where from Motorhead I can't See he Looks like all the rest, oh?

No he's got One More hit Make it good

I know okay alright I think it's cool I guess Hard right, oh?

No not that hard Wait Where was it Where it's right There Poop. What's our Guru well?

I'm Holloman huh no Matter like Emerald Weapon no you can beat you can beat who guru who's emerald Whooping

That's A final Fantasy Thing

Chris your Jock is Showing

And han is dead, oh got him

Chop Them in Half Nice Job who's beating the shit You're Right now all because I Already had to fight him

Oh Jared's Here to Help you

He missed you, Shouldn't be Fighting Poo right now Because I think Cooter's not getting Hurt There he Is okay

Now he's Bars Donald Sometimes if I eat a really big Wet Burrito

Like About Talk About Hearts Later off oh

Great Strike Look at that all the Energy Everywhere

Get cool

Dude You're Gonna die for Never Attack what He's Accessing he's not note Strength you missed your hitting Jared Finishing

Strong Nice

Ok it has the feet, of Guru Jerry got

Him That's Bullshit it Says on the Combat Log yeah jerry has Defeated Kuru Chairs Bees Shit Great good great

Good There You go how, do you do that attack I'll just mash A

Bunch of Button that's why I told you look at the menu Cause it's like x then y then Another if You do Different Combinations

Variety You'll find coal Shit we're Missing out on all right so from A - XXx

from A neutral Stance you can do x x y for a charge Attack or x y A - A - then x Access

Shark, was me Via the

Flowchart, Oh Shit 471 Has Jarrod Defeated 500 Enemies in Ai they Say he went home, oh?

Here Finish

Did You See that no you, did this yeah I know he did here Sometimes

Does that Mean Know how to do it I'm doing this alright don't do that why, it's working, well if You just Press B

That was on Accident

You're Learning See you Beat Jarrod fuck yeah fuck off Jarrod you're a pedophile he has a tail

It's a whip he's a whip and He's beating the fuck out of you, you're Gonna, die by the way if You're not Careful

Cuz He's Really Strong

You're Going to die if You're not Careful, oh?

This Is When Hero Becomes Level 5?

Missed Missed he Jumped over it Slowly You better hurry Because he's Almost dead you can't hit him he's on the Ground, oh?

Holy Shit Moose you Shot him You're Not Ready for this he Is look at

He's Oozing in the Air Combo he Knows I think adam Goes how. Is Fooling us, oh Better

he is Almost dead how did you do that

Why is he so big?

No you Just just what the fuck Is dead got him and then Exploded

Leaving This Planet Let's fuck Yeah

no, we

Fucking Cool and by the way i can't Look up, or, I'm so excited I can't Wait Wrong with you Rule 34 got

That I was trying to get out I'm sorry?

I'm Stroking out I wanna See that gun to fuck Another Gundam for this yeah, Sure my Boy what I'm Cutting my face Goes Slack

Stuntman Ignition so now you know it has to know Exactly what the

Replay to the Into Replay There, We go this is what happened Everybody's Dead stop man Goes Crazy

Actually Just hit Him a little bit oh yeah yeah Another

No it's Call that Paralyzed you're Good, don't go in The fire the fires that Stopped you There you go

Wait Alright One Strike that's only one Strike yeah They cut

You I think crash Through him and then go the extra Points for it Look

See the sign

Then Down There Yeah There

Through The Gap yes Valium Is fine

If The Action Button

Go Through There I'm not sure what the Button was

Got it

hit the extra But it's like a U-turn yeah hard you toe you're supposed to drift There

Through The car, Wash Good, on the Left Side of that guy Nice

You're doing Adam Puts Action Button I don't actually Button that's Just A drift you Didn't drift that's what you Wanted?

This is the cool right This Is cool Movie sat in the Window and they Film this all

Underneath The Semi Nailed it

There We go close Enough yeah why not kind of Director close it up Keep it going

Drift Didn't hurry up Didn't drift you got, one More Strike



Go Shit Back-To-Back Mutton

I'Ll Reshoot, well you know pretty Satisfying This one it Hurts the play of the


He's Paralyzed but The Directors fine Nice

Miss Lee got an

you missed the Camera the Directors like you missed the Cameraman you're Supposed to kill him

You See that I went up on two Wheels they Didn't even Ask me to do that that's True it's like dante's Peak

Part Two, oh, no

Wonder the Inferno dante's Peak Two Peaks Revenge on out the Action by Shoot Shit you wanna try yeah fuck it, oh?

He got, away

Nice That's alright That's alright a part of the stunt who's to do you think Skewing the fireballs God that's a Cameraman

Nice hit why yes it

Was it Killed me, oh?

The Last Part You did it I did it nice Job two stars There's other Levels

Escape and on ice Tray on ice real Quick alright why, Missing

Two Wheels no, you're Supposed to do that that's A cool wall yeah he's Coming Back

Out of the Shot alrights Gonna blow up the car in front of you, no you got to do the Action

Drift Good What's that yeah get closes go Through it, okay

Whoa, nice Job I don't Watch him Button boom Rockets away that guy's Dead he Just Tied it on set

Yeah it happened

The Last Transformers Didn't someone die Right sure I'm Sure They

Did Michael Bay covered it up with a special effect yeah nice is mr.. Ramp I'll Just go this Way

Reshoot Says you

Roll Three for Gundam so I'm Waiting all Morning for Wait a minute A-hole so yeah, we need some Robots

Robots Get Something Else nine Pages

Okay She Pooping usa Usa

What does it have to do is Gundam that looks like Cuddle Poop, okay?

I wish i'm that know it'd get suggs with her hot Slippery Breath Lips, oh, no

Boys Being Boys


Get down here, oh this has Nothing to do With Gundam a Blurred the come to thank you

Oh on the Butthole, okay?

I want to see Robot yeah I would like to see Robots as, well are We sure we're Looking at

The Right Rule 34 I mean I just See A lot of dudes Fucking each other no Robots

Well you have to figure out what the Names of the Robots are I Can try?

Gonna Milk Is There awesome Robot There's a peru good Job Peru

What this is a pope who, was tit Fucking a dude They get Rid of the tags nice Job Peru yeah

That's Rule 34 Right There That's right yeah

We can fill it except that all of the except for the dick Part We should Show everything else so?

We can Show the Boobs because Those are Just Gundam Boobs?

No nipples Can't Show that Bad in Space it's

52 Pages of This

Pages 60 Pages

68 has Gotta, Be A, oh, my gosh we Found it the Motherland 76 and hit the end

Always Little Girls House it's Mostly Shows about the Pilots I want to see Robots Fucking here like A fem Version of Hero, oh?

that's cute Show That Giddyup

We can show that the hell he's been A bad Gundam Is this what They do in Gundam Wing yeah spank each other

No my Robots who needs him, that cool

Dance Remember that when They Made out in front of the fuck

What happened all over his Leg There six most Terrifying examples of Rule 34 uncracked let's do it cracked estes Thick

Me wait, was that it's Just American Dad Pornos Like These are live Actions yeah yeah do they not know

What Role her before They Should know Mister peeny Come on crash what happened to you crash Mighty have fallen

Yeah Right They used to be Edge Lords

Now They're Just Middle Lords Damn

You want to go hit Those Directors again?

I love how he Populates this With Just Stuff to Look Rad With

Appreciate that as A Filmmaker i like that

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