Practice English Speaking&Listening with: iPod touch 6th Generation Drop Test

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omari m today I'm gonna drop this iPod Touch

6th generation it's fully working see like

new brand new it has some... you look all-all there

It's just fully working and we could use

the camera i'm gonna drop test it and

see if it survives. all right let's get

started a we're gonna do the side first and yeah so side

first and all right drop test in 3 2 1

GOTCHYA you actually thought I was going to drop test

this iPod!! (breaths)

oh my god you should've seen all your faces

well I can't right now but you should've seen your FACES

okay so your probably wondering what

would happen if i did drop it

PILLOW LOSERS!!! oh, it's called and called

your brain

use your brain for once use your brai-

good thing it was only on a pillow so use your br-

MY IPOD!!!!!! NoOoOo, why, my parents are gonna kill

me, what do I doo.....What do I do.AUGGGHHH

(slow motion)

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