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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: UNBOXING ALBUMS ATEEZ (에이티즈) FANSIGN PARIS 2020 / WHOSFAN AUTHENTICATION (Eng/Fr sub)

Difficulty: 0

Dad : Okay, that's it ! We received

Dad : the albums directly from Korea.

Dad : So let's do a little unboxing

Dad : of ATEEZ albums ordered on purpose

Dad : for the fansign.

Dad : So, for you, miss !

Dad : Go ahead, treat yourself.

Zoé : I can't cut it.

Dad : Pull everything out !

Zoé : Yes, that's it.

Dad : I'm just stabbing you.


Dad : Not on you !

Dad : Wait, it's not a good idea...

Dad : We don't care about the scotch tape...

Zoé : Method...

Dad : Barbarian method !

Zoé : Look ... how beautiful they are !

Zoé : Bubble wrap, I'll save it for later !

Zoé : To burst bubbles...

Dad : They are not small !

Zoé : These are mini albums, but they are big.

Dad : The transport was a little long, even in fast shipment,

Dad : but they finally arrived !

Zoé : Look !

Dad : What have you already received at Christmas ?

Zoé : At mom's house, I had the previous albums of ATEEZ.

Zoé : It's too beautiful in blue version !

Dad : There are authentication cards ?

Zoé : I don't know at all.

Zoé : First, we take care of the album !

Dad : Directly from Korea !

Zoé : First, I open the blue one.

Zoé : I love this blue.

Dad : They are pretty.

Zoé : Attention, attention, attention !

Zoé : What photocard ?

There are not any photocard...

Zoé : Yes, I got a photocard !

Zoé : Oh, he's so cute !

Zoé : It's Jung Wooyoung.

Dad : Okay...

Dad : I didn't dare to pronounce it myself...

Zoé : Yes that's it...

Zoé : That is...

Dad : Ah, it's a secret message.

Zoé : Yes, maybe it's for the new album...

Zoé : In the "Wonderland" album,

Zoé : there was a extract from the song...

Zoé : In this album...

Dad : Okay... (Huh ? 🤔😅)

Zoé : Look.

Zoé : Don't spoil too much for those watching !

Dad : They will see what we do in the title of the video.

Dad : Ah yes, it's great !

Dad : There aren't just a few !

Dad : Do you think it's exactly the same for the other or not ?

Zoé : No. For Wonderland, it was not at all the same, not the same concepts.

Zoé : First, compared to the photocard.

Zoé : But since I didn't have the white album, I'm not quite sure...

Zoé : There are songs on the back.

Zoé : The stickers...

Dad : Yes, that's good, are there the lyrics ?

Dad : Cool, because I will soon learn Korean...

Zoé : Good luck, huh !

Dad : You can stack them, after...

Zoé : Wait...

Dad : So you think it's the same except the photocards ?

Zoé : Look ! This red color...

Dad : Yes, they are very pretty.

Dad : You end up having a lot of albums !

Zoé : Are you ready ?

Zoé : Oh no ! There is no photocard !

Zoé : Oh yes ! I was afraid...

Zoé : You see, the photocards are different...

Zoé : It's Park Seong-hwa...

Dad : Okay...

Zoé : Ah no, it's not the same, look !

Dad : Yes, these are 2 completely different albums.

Dad : That is to say, for everything that is included in it.

Dad : The photos are different...

Zoé : That, this is more Answer...

Dad : Answer... Love this song, by the way !

Zoé : This is the teaser photos we got for Answer.

Zoé: Well, that too, actually... 😂

Zoé : It's the "Dark" concept, and that's the "real" ATEEZ, you see...

Dad : Yes... 🤯

Zoé : The stickers...

Dad : You won't have enough shelves to put everything !

Zoé : That's true !

Zoé : It's my favorite song.

Zoé : And it's my bias !

Dad : Which one ? Okay ! Precious.

Zoé : It's my bias, it's Choi San.

Dad : Here it is, it's over for this little unboxing

Dad : while waiting for the concert to come,

Dad : in just over 2 months...

Dad : No !

Zoé : In a month, a month !

Dad : Sorry ! Time flies !

Dad : A little over a month...

Zoé : I can't wait...