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hey Vol Jang, do you think that TrollsNews would be better if it was more like equals


I've never thought about it

Can you imagine that?

What's happening guys? You know I really oh no hold on stop dancing little troll kid,

I will get to you in a second. Any way so there's this ginger troll yeah I know you

all know coppercab and no one cares, but bear with me here, he will tell a us secret .... and

... now you might ask

How will he bring a peace?

By running into a fence of course! That's how Obama won his Nobel peace price

Did anyone say my name?

Get out


fuck off you changed enough

and I won Nobel peace prize for running into trees!

Well too bad coppercab doesn't do that ... my bad

So this next video is trollish in very standard way, this guy made youtube video dedicated

to Bin Laden

video on it's own is funny mostly becuase of music, music that I can't play, because

this video would be taken down faster than ... Osama Bin Laden

I killed him

yeah yeah, but comments under the video are also pretty funny, because the comment section

is full of people who actually believe that there opinion matters.

Last video of today was sent to me by kuranevim and it is about this dancing troll. I'm not

sure if he is really a troll, but just look at it.

I want to have those moves! I think he's trying to seduce you

What I really love about this video is the beginning when he ask his mom not to come

into the room, every troll should do that.

But you know who always should come to room?


No fuck off Obama, comment question of the day which is

Why so fag

The question is why so fag? Leave your interesting or creative responses in the comment section

below or on facebook or twitter

But thanks for watching todays episode of TrollsNews I'm Vol Jang and I aprove this


So tell me guys, you mad bro?

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