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We haven't even built the cat tower yet

and Haku's already sleeping on it.

Can I build it?

I'll think you'll like it!

I gotta take this box.

We need it.

We got a new cat tower for our cats.


Our old cat tower,

because it's like, hidden away in this room

which is the only spot we have for it

they don't really use it anymore.


Nagi hides in the little cubby



they don't really care

about being on top of

the cat tower in this room.



we decided to try a different type

of cat tower.

Which I think our cats are

really, REALLY going to like.

Uhh, I found this-

Okay, first of all,

cat towers in Japan, tends to be like,


[Haku falls really badly]

Oh my god


Are you okay?

[slow-mo replay of Haku eating the floor]

R: I think he thought this was solid!

J: Oh.. that.. okay.

J: You tricked him, Rachel!

Hang on, I have to check on him.

R: Haku...

J: Bring him over here.

R: He, he's okay.

R: It's okay.

R: So, like, 99% of cat towers in Japan are made for basically, like, kittens

The... the platforms are all, like, really tiny

And we have rather large cats.

Especially Haku, who's gigantic.

So first, I wanted to find a cat tower that had big enough

platforms for all of our cats to lay on.

And then I came across this

Actually it was

a special maker. They made a lot of

like, appropiately-sized cat towers

But they had one in particular that was

just a..

a pole with that wrapped around twine on it

that went all the way to the ceiling

Like an actual pole!

and Nagi LOVES climbing those poles. So I was like YES

It's like.. It's like we're gonna have a tree for our cats to climb

Nagi, where are you going?

Do you see what...? [laughing] He's opening the drawer

J: He learned that from his brother Poki.

R: [laughing]

J: Should I stop him?


What are you doing?!


R: He looks so cute and innocent [laughing]


J: I filmed you!

R: You guys are being little buttheads today.

R: What is this??

Oooh, what is it?

[Rachel giggling]

[Rachel sighs]

J: Do you wanna switch with me?

I can bring those for you

[Rachel] Nah, got it

[Rachel sighs]

R: Can you smell these?

They smell really... [laughs]

Smells really bad

J: Smells like, uh, material [inaudible]

R: Oh, really? That's what that smells like?

J: It smells like wood

The material... yeah.

R: It doesn't smell like wood. But I didn't know this, like, twine stuff had a smell.

Can you show this to the camera? J: Sure.

R: The... it's kind of like, um-- J: You mean the picture?

R: Yeah. So, the website--

J: I'm eating dOnUt with my oNE HAND

R: The website we bought it from, you can kind of customize

the towers, so this is the base that we bought, which is just two tall...

R: um... [something falls in the background]

R: Like uh... t-- tree? Poles?

And then we bought an extra pole and then we bought a few other platforms and stuff


Um, actually, I think I need that cuz that has some [laughs] basic instructions

J: Here you go. R: Thank you.

J: [muffled] Sorry, I need energy to work.

R: I know, I don't have any energy today at all.

cuz it's so cloudy.

I feel like my level of energy is directly proportional to how much sunlight I get

during the day

J: I have a question, Rachel. R: mmm

J: So, my wife loves building stuff, and then she built many of our furniture we bought.

She... enjoys doing that

and I'm wondering if I'm allowed to help her today. R: No.

J: [laughing] Alright. I'll help you with meal then. I'll make your lunch!

R: That's perfect! Thank you!

J: You're welcome.

J: So, I made donuts, what do you want for lunch? Pasta, or risotto, or--?

R: Risotto! J: Alright.

R: Yes please! With-- with some shrimp-- J: Would you like healthy?

R: Yes, healthy, can you put some shrimp in please? J: Sure.

J: Poki! [clicking tongue] Hey.

Oh, I can see only half of your face, so let me move the camera.

R: What? J: Huh? Nono, Poki's face.

R: Oh, okay. I was gonna be like, "I thought it was at-- straight at me!"

Nagi~! You're so precious.

J: How about I do the trash for you for now, then.

R: Sure.

Ooh. Oh my god I almost knocked all of this over.

He's gonna like this so much.

Although, they usually don't go crazy until evening.


The most active hour for our cats is the...

hour immediately following us turning off the lights and going to bed,

regardless of what time it is during the day.

J: Nocturnal?

R: I thought... what's-- what's the word for

I thought cats were like um...

it's not diurnal, is it?

I thought cats were most active during the evening, or, uh, early morning.

Like, not actually at night. I thought that was an urban myth.

J: [inaudible, but seemingly confused]

I don't think it's at night. All of our cats sleep with us at night.

J: So those are bases. R: Yeah. General location of where they will go.

R: This doesn't really have instructions. What do I do with these??


J: I think it's pretty see-through.

R: I'm gonna open the others and see. I need more info.

But-- looks like these are all packaged exactly the same way.

Oh, this one's already in! Okay.


Look at this-- this is messed up on this corner. >:(

J: I'm sorry.

R: I'll put this one on the top-- very top one, cuz then we won't be able to see it.

That's not-- that's not okay.

These-- each of these things was $25.

Should not be messed up on the corner. FOR TWENTY-FIVE DOLLARS! For a platform.

Hang on. I did it.

~I did it~!

Ahh! :D

J: Good job.

J: This is our cat shelf we built from IKEA.

I mean, it's not a cat shelf but we made it into a cat shelf.

There's our cat litter!

Poki~ [clicking tongue]

So they have access to the station. Right from the window!

R: Rather precarious.

But I think it'll be fine once we connect everything together.

R: Can you turn on the fan? [laughing]

This is... this is REALLY intimidating.

J: So, explain what you're doing? R: Um, I'm putting together the top.

J: Okay.

R: It's starting to get sweaty here. We might actually have to start turning on the air conditioning in here soon.

J: Yeah. It's getting warmer.

R: I'm gonna go change into shorts, because my fluffy pajama pants are starting to get hot.

R: Place this... where we want it to go.

J: Can you open the drawer again?

And-- is it easy to take out the cat litter? Cuz I need to-- R: Yeah

J: --add litter every day? (R: Yeah.) Good?

R: Perfect. It opens all the way. J: Alright, cool.

J: Do you need my help? R: NOPE.

[Jun laughing]

R: Now I just have to tighten everything.

R: This is the last one, and then we can double-check to see if it needs to be tightened further.

J: I'm sure it can support the weight of three cats easily. But yeah, let's double check.

R: I mean, just so it's not shaking a bunch when they're jumping off

R: Alright. (J: Good?) Let's do a shake test.

J: Alright. Good!

R: Not that bad. J: Not bad at all!

R: That one loo-- seems the shakiest.

See if I can tighten them a little bit more. J: Ok.

J: Adjusting, adjusting. R: Ow.

R: How's that look? J: Not bad.

J: I hope it was whiter, but not bad.

R: I mean, it's still high up...

...completely out of my normal... range of vision.

R: All the cats are-- they're all asleep! They don't even care!

J: Ta-daa! R: Ta-da!

R: I'm gonna vacuum up-- J: Ok

R: some of this stuff. J: Alright.

J: [laughing]

This entire part of this wall...

is just for cats. R: [laughing]

J: Cat tower... cat litter...

cat litter drawers...

cat beds... cat scratch boards... and just cat shelf in general....

And we can open the curtains so that they can see outside.

Mm. Can't wait to put the cats on this plate.

R: Look at this!

[Jun snickering]

R: Ope. Here comes Nagi.

J: Nagi! [clicking tongue]

J: Come on. [clicking tongue]

[Rachel laughing quietly]

R: They're so cute. Ooo, look at you~!

R: [laughing] J: Ooh.

J: Ooh. R: [laughing]

R: There he goes! I knew he would love it. [giggling]

[Rachel laughing]

J: Should I lift that part higher so they can climb higher? R: He's so cute--

R: Yeah, maybe we should cut that smaller so he can climb more.

He's a little tree climber! He loves it!

J: Just gonna lift it up to about here. R: Yeah.

J: Hey, chubby butt! We want you to use this the most, buddy.

J: Woot.

R: Aww, Nagi~

J: Rachel, are you ready?

R: Are you gonna put him on the tree? (J: Yes.) Okay. (J: You ready?) Yup.

R: [laughing] J: GO POKI!! GO! Lose some weight...

J: Good boy!

[both laughing]

R: Oh my god, they love it! I'm so happy! :D

J: Ooh, are you okay? [Rachel laughing]

J: Is Nagi in your way? Okay. [Nagi literally bites Poki's paw]

J: Oh! Ooh! [laughing] Nagi likes it a lot.

R: [laughing] I know. He's so cute~

J: I wonder if Poki would like to sleep in here.

J: Good luck!

[Rachel laughing at Poki's confusion]

J: Look at Nagi's tail. Swinging from the left-- right.

J: Okay! Let's see their paws!

J: From underneath, Rachel.

R: I will in a minute. I'm still watching them explore.

R: I think Poki is unsure of what to do now.

J: Scratch board everywhere!

J: Oh?

[both stifling giggles]

R: They finally have an easy way to get on top of the shelf now!

J: Ooh! [Rachel laughing]

R: It's like a little kitty jungle gym! (J: Finally.) They have so many places they can go now!

J: [laughing] Are you excited?

[Rachel laughing]

J: Rachel.

R: [laughing] His little squished paws.

J: Hi buddy! R: Hi! Hi~!

J: You should get them when they're sleeping on this plate area.

J: Comfy.

R: Do you like it?

R: He's just fluff. Just a lot of fluff. [Jun snickering]

[both giggling quietly]

J: Ok!

R: Awwwww.

J: Look at this! Look at this boy!

R: He's so cute.

R: How do you guys like it~?

R: They're gonna love it even more when we open the window.

That's the toy drawer that Jun just opened.

[laughing] Which is why all the cats got up.

J: So, when we want them to come up, I guess

when we want them to exercise?

I can start from here

R: They're just gonna climb it anyway.

J: Yeah, but I want them to do now, like this

[Rachel giggling quietly]

J: Kitties! Climb! Climb up!

[both laughing] J: Sorry, was I-- was I in the way?

J: Poki, you too. You should join.

C'mon! Yarghh!

R: [laughing] He's so cute.

Did you just dump Poki out? [laughing]

J: Alright. Oops.


[Jun laughing]

[Rachel laughing]

J: Kitty! Hey.

[Rachel laughing]

J: Wah! You got it!

R: Nagi's a good hunter.

[both laughing]

J: You're so good at this, boy!


Ooh. Oh!

[Rachel laughing]

[both laughing]

R: They're so cute!

J: He's trying to eat it.

[Rachel laughing]

R: Look at Nagi.

He wants to play so much.

[both laughing]

J: Ooh? Poki, where're you going next?

[both laughing]

[Jun giggling]

[both laughing]

J: Are you excited?

J: When you're in the mountains, I guess there's a lot of trees you can climb up.

J: I guess Poki's happy.

R: He's so cute! He can get up into the little box now!

J: [laughing] Nagi, you're so good at this, boy!

R: Nagi is a natural-born killer. He's a death machine!

[both laughing]

[Jun laughing]

[Jun laughing]

[Rachel snickering]

[Jun laughing]

J: Ohh! Woot! Woot!

[both laughing] R: Oh my god.

J: I guess with these, maybe you won't have to clip their nails so often now?

J: Well, once we open the curtains and stuff

they will love staying here and go-- I mean, looking outside.

R: I'm gonna open the curtains now.

R: We made them excited.

R: Do you see how many paw prints are on that acrylic thing now?

Look at that.

Look at how dirty their paws are. [Jun wheeze-laughing]

J: All over.

R: You guys are gonna be able to watch outside so much!

R: [laughing] His tail!

J: He's happy.

J: Poki! You don't wanna come out?

Is that your favorite spot now?

I have to rotate this so your name comes outside of this.

J: You want me to start making your lunch finally, honey? R: Yes please! I'm hungry!

J: Look how comfy Nagi is, Rachel. R: [laughing] I know.

R: [laughing] He's just chillin'.

R: Watching outside.

R: Jun! Haku's in the thing! J: Yeah.

J: Finally.

R: Nope. [laughing] He doesn't want to be in the thing.

J: I guess he wants to have a plate there.

R: You guys like it?

R: Alright. Well, I think this is a very successful tower.

They seem to really enjoy it.

I am sure...

In the evening, they'll be doing tons of crazy... climbing. And running around.

Alright. See you guys later!

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