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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 02 Spanish Lesson - Demonstrative adjectives (part 2)

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In the last lesson, we covered demonstrative adjectives in the singular form.

To review again, well use gato.

En el cuarto tengo tres gatos.

este gato ese gato

y aquel gato

este gato ese gato

y aquel gato

So again, Este means 'this' ese means 'that'

And aquel also means 'that' also, but its farther away.

So these words are helping us to understand better which object we are talking about.

Now if the word is feminine, like gata (the female cat).

I would have

En el cuarto tengo tres gatas.

esta gata esa gata

aquella gata

But what would happen if I had more than one group of cats like this.

If theyre masculine

Este gato would become estos gatos.

Ese gato would become esos gatos.

And aquel gato would become aquellos gatos.

Entonces, en el cuarto tengo muchos gatos.

Estos gatos Esos gatos

Y aquellos gatos

For gataesta gata; estas gatas

esa gata; esas gatas aquella gata; aquellas gatas

Entonces, en el cuarto tengo muchas gatas.

Muchas gatas.

Muchísísísísímas gatas.

Estas gatas Esas gatas

Aquellas gatas

Now, if you are having a hard time keeping all of this information crammed into your

brain or if youre having a hard time remembering the difference between these words because

theyre so similarthis, that, these, and the other.

Back when I was a Spanish student, I learned a little bit of rhyme.

Now, its not mine so I can't claim any credit for creating it or anything like that.

So please do not think that I am awesome, because I am not.

But whoever created this, and I have no idea who it was, are awesome in my book and get

all sorts of cool points.

The rhyme is as follows.

This and these have got Ts that and those no T goes

and an A for far away

Lets say it again.

If youll repeat it with me.

This and these have got Ts that and those no T goes

and an A for far away

Una vez más.

This and these have got Ts that and those no T goes

and an A for far away

In the first line we have This and these have got Ts

este and esta both mean this and they have Ts

estos and estas both mean these and also have Ts

The second line: That and those, no T goes... horrible grammar

but nice rhyme.

It means that there is no t in the words that and those in Spanish.

ese and esa are that and notice no t just like the rhyme says

esos and esas also are those and still no t

And an A for far away aquel and aquella mean that (far)

aquellos and aquellas mean those for far away Pretty nice rhyme, huh?

So how about you go ahead and try some now.

Depending on the picture and where it is located

in the room in conjunction with me, translate it into Spanish.

Pause the video if you need more time

and check the word bank if you aren't sure about word.

Well do an example first.

We have three libros.

Hay tres libros.

So you notice

the one closest to me would be this, the middle one would be that, and the farthest one would

be that (far away).

Or we would have these, those and those (far away).

So this (book) would be este libro. Now you try the rest of them.

este coche

aquellos zapatos

ese reloj

esas fotos

estas gorras

ese pupitre

esos pantalones

aquella bandera

esos dulces

estas computadoras

Hopefully that was pretty easy for you.

Check out the next lesson where Ill show you how to make these adjectives into nouns.

So the demonstrative adjectives will become demonstrative pronouns.

I hope this was helpful!

Let me know if you have any questions comments or suggestions about this video or others.

¡Gracias y adiós!

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