Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Mobile Community Services Office

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On a mission to improve service delivery and increase access to Washington's

Basic Food Program

The mobile community services office is rolling down the road

to underserved communities

to rural and elderly populations

The customized truck is equipped with all of the amenities found in any of the

sixty-two community services offices located in buildings throughout the


Welcome to the mobile CSO

How are you?”

What can I do for you guys today?”

Like our standard offices with experienced staff there are interview rooms

to take applications, determine eligibility, and provide households with

public assistance benefit programs.

Such as Washington's food assistance program, basic food, and medical coverage

for children.

All with real time connectivity to gather resources

using current information technologies

right where there is a need. Self-contained, connected and ready to assist

The mobile CSO will also respond

during emergencies

to accept applications and issue benefits to victims of a disaster

quick access not just by being at the site by providing immediate assistance

and reducing delays.

There are two mobile csos. One in eastern Washington and one in western Washington.

Both can be mobilized by either DSHS

or the more than six hundred partners involved in assisting those in need.

Check the mobile CSO calendar at our website to view upcoming


Delivering services where there is a need

The Description of Mobile Community Services Office