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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Football betting tips | Profiting from football matches before they even start!

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how do you like to win hundreds or even thousands of pounds by betting on a

football match even before the match has started and regardless of who goes on to

win click on this ebook now actually don't do that just watch the rest of

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and don't forget to subscribe to our You Tube channel and click on the Bell icon

if you want a notification of new videos as they're released so I have covered

the strategy that I'm about to use it's a bet fair trading strategy it's not a

traditional type of betting to allow you to profit before a ball has been kicked

and a football match regardless of who goes on to win that actual match it's

very simple because what we're basically doing is trading team news and I've got

some lovely examples for you here from matches that had taken place relatively

recently and I just wanted to talk you through those examples so that you can

understand exactly what your objective is how you would go about it and each of

these examples is slightly different so it gives you a sort of a mixture of

stuff that goes on so that you can sort of see what your objective is now how I

would have approached the market the time of year it has an impact on this

particular strategy because in the domestic football season in the UK we

have this crazy period towards the end it's sort of I suppose really in reality

it starts around mid-december because teams that are playing in the European

Champions League or play matches early December and then as we head in towards

the Christmas period we get a very congested period of football matches

where teams may be playing quite a large number of matches quite frequently

now the problem you've got with that as teams get paid an awful lot to compete

in the Premier League so even if you've just qualified to play in the Premier

League and have been promoted from a lower division

you're probably going to get about 130 million pounds worth the revenue the top

teams obviously get more because they get more TV coverage and prize money and

stuff like that but it's worth a huge amount of money so

generally what tends to happen around this time of year is when there's a

large number of fixtures close together managers don't want all of them the same

players out all of the time they try and rotate the squad so if the fixture list

offers that opportunity or sometimes even if it doesn't they will rotate the

squad to avoid injuries but even then some squad of some managers don't have

the squads to be able to rotate much so they put players out and close can get

injured and therefore it has an immediate impact on a fixture that's

about to happen if odds go up a long way in advance and then those odds are going

to shift and change according to what team is likely to be put out and what

injuries within the squad at that particular moment in time so our journey

starts really right at the beginning of December when Liverpool were announced

as being they were going to be playing Everton in the FA Cup final I never get

fun that's a bit early in the FA Cup third round there we go

and when that was announced the market was put up on the bet fair betting

exchange I had a quick look at the market and it was priced at 145 so

immediately I just thought well this has to be worth a lay at 145 so when you're

laying your betting against something happening so laying Liverpool at 145 I

thought was an opportunity had I gone mad of course Liverpool are going to win

against Everton at home given how good their form is at this moment and how

poor Everton's form is but what I was saying here was it was a trading

position for me so basically by laying Liverpool at 145 I'm saying that as we

get nearer to that particular date and 145 to be Everton is probably sort of

you know is the price that you'd expect probably even be a little bit shorter in

terms of the odds that were available but I was basically saying that I

thought a lot was going to change by the time we actually got to the match which

was going to be played at the beginning of January

roughly about a month's time so a bit of a longer-term trade here but there were

opportunities to profit from this all the way through so what would do is

we'll park that for the moment and we will talk about other things that

happened in between so when we go into that busy Christmas period you're

talking about stuff that's just pretty chaotic really there's so many matches

going on so many fixtures the squad is going to be stretched it's going to be

tough to really get things right at this particular moment in time and you have

to think about do you filled a full strength team against you know somebody

that's at the bottom of the league or do you save a few players back so they can

play in a couple of days time in another important match and the first example

I'll give you is West Ham playing Leicester so when this market opened

West Ham oh sorry Leicester were odds of two to beat West Ham West Ham weren't in

a runner form Leicester were playing very well and there are opposite ends of

the Premier League table now the interesting thing that happened here was

the manager of Leicester Brendan Rodgers basically said did I say Brenda then or

Brendan I think I said Brendan I'll leave it in the video anyway but the

manager of Leicester basically decided that he was going to rest some players

but he didn't initially say that but his view was that he would be able to beat

this West Ham team even if they took out some of the key players within the

Leicester team so when it actually came to the match itself he did rest some

players and in fact he rested nine so that was a bit of a surprise to the

market even I didn't figure out that he was going to rest nine of his players

you know swapping out nine of 11 players is a very significant change from what

you would expect to see so as a consequence the price absolutely rocked

it out at odds of two if you do 1/2 basically the market was saying that

list had a 50% chance of winning but because they'd removed or changed over

nine of their players basically the odds absolutely shot out to reflect what the

new probability of winning would be so in this particular occasion

the odds went out to roughly three just short of three to 94 if my memory serves

me correctly I will bring up a graphic for you but basically the odds had

shifted 50% months 33 17 % basically so the market was marking down Lester's

chance by about 70 percent given the wide number of team changes so that was

a very big significant move that happened over a very short period of

time everybody was expecting a few changes just not 9 players and the

market had to respond as and in consequence of that so if you do blade

Lester at 2 with any so let's say we lay Lester a tube with 100 and then backed

them at 3 with a hundred pounds we're doing things roughly here profit you

would have you know Maybach your entire stake on that particular trade so you

know lots of potential there but if we look again over this particular period

of time and Liverpool comes back into the mix here Liverpool or playing wolves

and the problem that wolves had is that they had just played Manchester City and

they had one actually so they did they'd gifted Liverpool further lead in the

title championship and then lo and behold they were actually playing live

all themselves away a few days later but if you follow the press and your into

your football and and you listen and read all of the stuff that comes up you

don't have to sit there every day going for every single article generally

you'll pick up on stuff as it happens the Watford I sorry the walk word the

wolves manager was basically saying how ridiculous the whole schedule was and

that it was almost inevitable he was gonna have to rest some players for the

Liverpool match so with laser eye focus I basically sat there with bet angel

fired up and my finger over the lay button to see exactly what team wolves

would actually put out and then basically as soon as I got information

on the team which I would generally get from Twitter but not always but

generally Twitter was the first place that you see it then I just hit the lay

button again so wolves put out a much weaker side than was expected and the

price just popped out so we've gone from this initial trade

of Leicester playing West Ham and that that huge move that we saw within the

market there to a much much shorter term trade here I was basically waiting

specifically for exactly what team would be put out and when I knew that I just

went into the market is a reasonable sum of money and basically went in and

performed that trade in fact if memory serves me correctly I backed Liverpool I

didn't lay wolves I backed Liverpool because I was expecting the price and

wolves to go out and therefore the price in the report I mean so it's just a

quick opportunity to basically go into the market and grab a few ticks so this

trade was only I think perhaps about seven ticks you can see that the move on

the West Ham and Leicester match was absolutely massive but we're looking at

fundamentally the same thing but from a slightly different angle you know the

bigger the change in team sheet the bigger the move that you're gonna get

and you know even small ones though can present opportunities but you can have

to use a bit more money you'll see on this particular occasion I used a fair

amount of money but this is somewhat deceptive because when you're actively

trading you may not use all of that money in one go you may put one trade in

and take it out and put another one in and take it out or you may just put a

law in one go so you have to when you see large amounts in matched bets it

doesn't necessarily mean that it's just one trade so always bear that in mind

you can trade in a whole number of different ways but fundamentally what

we're doing here back in Liverpool at a higher price laying them at a lower

price and that would be those and Liverpool did go on to win that match

although rather controversially a var stepped in and basically disallowed a

Wolves equal hunter which would have made quite a bit of difference well a

bit of difference to the champion and ship race so anyhow two examples there

very long term trade a very short term trade and we return now to this

Liverpool the Everton match because as I mentioned at the start we were looking

at odds of about 145 when the team when the fixture was announced and we were

looking all the way back in early December wasn't a huge amount of money

within the market then but as the markets that have developed and matured

then other people began to cuss it on to the fact that maybe we could be in a

situation where you know the team was going to be a fair bit weaker than we

would imagine so we saw a little bit of a drift from 1:45 out to 170 and then

when we actually get to the day of the match the price had drifted a little bit

further to 225 and the interesting thing about this is this was in impacted by

two team sheets this this is why I've Illustrated this because it's over a

much much longer time period but also the actual trade itself had some sort of

variation within it on the actual day itself so typically you would wait until

the team sheet is announced which is about an hour beforehand and then it's a

case of who's the fastest on the button to be able to get their trade in and

sometimes you know if the team sheet is radically different the market will take

a little bit of time to discount the information but if the team sheet is a

little bit different then you have to be quick and jump in there and take

advantage of it at that particular moment in time so yeah on the day of the

actual match itself we got to 225 and the interesting thing that happened in

this particular market is that the under-23 team was playing on that

particular day and there were rumors swirling around that in fact Liverpool

weren't going to put out their full team at all they were just going to stick out

a bunch of youngsters so the interesting thing about this particular trade is

that on this day when the under-23 team was known the market reacted to that

because through a process of elimination if they're not playing in the under-23

team then they're probably going to be in the first team so this was one of

those rare situations where you actually get like double bubble we were able to

get in a low price very early on the price started to adjust to the realistic

expectation of a team that was likely to put out all of the news coming from the

Liverpool camp was that they were going to rest a lot of players and then we

have the under-23 team playing on the same day and therefore you sort of get a

look in to what the team sheet could be because they're not in the under-23 that

they may have made in to the first team it's very likely

that they would have done so so upon that news be announced the price shot

out and then eventually the full team she comes out people could confirm what

they know and the price that peaked even more out towards four so the remarkable

thing about this trade if we go all the way back to where we started

their market opened at 1:45 it was generally trading around that price for

a period of time before gradually drifting out but if you laid Liverpool

at 150 what goes slightly above where the market opened and then you trade it

out at four he would have made about 1,000 fully hedged across the entire

market so one thousand pound would have turned into over one thousand six

hundred pounds over the course of that entire trade but the interesting thing

is whatever you look at this and I'm you know I'm giving you the best-case

scenario here if you spotted it early get in early near had a thousand pound

to use that would be your best return however all the way through this you can

see there were various points where there were opportunities to make money

and even when the team she was announced the market just surged away and you

could have probably even backed it for and waited for the market settle back

down because that looked a little bit over the top if you were trading it live

you would have seen the market run away very quickly and there seemed to be a

whiff of panic within the market and then it gradually settled down so

whichever way you traded it there were just opportunities all over this market

whether you get in at the beginning on the under-23 news on the drift that was

occurring as people began to realize what the situation was

or on the actual release of the team sheet you could have done a lot of

damage there but these opportunities do come around quite frequently they tend

to come around when there are a lot of injuries or when there's a fixture

congestion of some sort but also during Cup competitions when teams are less

likely to field their strongest side there are opportunities plastered all

over the market there and the way that we exploit them is prior ahead of any

particular team news will put a position in the market most of the examples I've

given you here are laying it at a certain price and backing it back at a

higher price you can get betting jold to monitor the markets for you as well and

that will tell you if they what of activities going on there so for

example when you look at some of these markets and the price starts to move

that will necessarily drag a lot of money through the market and Bettinger

can spot that even if you're not looking at that particular market and Aloha

there's something interesting is going on but fairly simple trades fairly

simple to understand how they were created very simple to understand what

you're looking for but ultimately very profitable and there's no better feeling

to have made a profit and hopefully a substantial one before the match has

even kicked off that's one of the absolute beauties of trading on Betfair

is something that you can't do with a traditional bookmaker and you're just

stuck with whatever price you get but by using this particular method and keeping

an eye on how the markets work you're presented with some absolutely fantastic



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