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Number 10 - Pellucid Oenophile

A stylish kitchen design with a combination

of black and solid veneer finish.

An island counter furnished with a basic hob

and a large single bowl basin making this island fully functional.

The storage beneath

includes a pull-out crockery drawer which

comes with a water tray beneath.

This allow all the plates, cups and bowls

to be stowed neatly away.

Impressive details highlighted

of the solid veneer wood grain carcass

makes the kitchen an outstanding piece of work

especially with the cabinet lights switched on.

Number 9 - The Edge

Pushing boundaries of the kitchen design

a white sintered stone top by Cosentino

slices across the dry kitchen

making it an impactful statement yet

subtly presenting the matte black kitchen cabinet

at the foreground.

Tucked behind the dry kitchen cabinet is this

functional black and white L shaped

wet kitchen which is detailly well thought of.

From dishwasher to sauce drawers to pull down mechanisms.

This wet kitchen is stylishly designed

and yet kept to maximize its functionality.

Number 8 Celestial Beauty

A sleek and modern kitchen

which comes in a premium silver-flash lacquer finish.

Equipped with multiple storage cabinets with built in organizers

built-in wine chiller

and a large 2 tier kitchen island

paired with a stunning full height

glass display cabinet on the side.

The timber finish internal carcass compliments

the full height glass display making the display items uniformed

due to the consistent backdrop.

A distinctive material well known

for its excellent high glossiness

making the design outcome classy and polished.

Number 7 The Vantage

A mystique and opulent kitchen design that is furnished

in black with highlighted glimpse of brass finishing.

The size of the island itself spanning across the entire kitchen

gives endless possibilities for the owners to utilize the worktop.

The clever side of this design is where the wet kitchen

shares a dual side access for easy serving and preparation.

Number 6 Altitude

An interesting solution in space planning where the

dining table is made adjacent to the kitchen island.

This gives the entire kitchen a larger visual impact.

Matching to its artistic and Avant-Garde design approach

a chunky solid wood top spreads across as the dining table.

Thats not all

across the stretch of tall unit cabinet lies a hidden door

which accesses to the yard area.

Number 5 Mangata

A pleasantly designed modern kitchen fully integrated

with grey aluminum carcass and doors.

The functional part of this kitchen design is having

the sliding door that divides both the dry & wet kitchen.

Cleverly tackling dead corners of the L shape cabinets

these pull out peanut tray could really resolve

having those dead inaccessible corners.

The beauty of having a skylight in the kitchen

illuminates the kitchen gracefully

which is something not every kitchen could enjoy.

Number 4 Earl of East

A bar table amalgamates stylishly into

a black quartz kitchen island.

The kitchen space is highlighted with a timber feature ceiling

which stages the kitchen as a powerful statement.

I love how personalized this kitchen turned out to be

with open shelving display cabinets

and custom wine bottle racks

to a full height drawing board

which allows the family to use it for remarks on a daily basis.

Number 3 Break of Dawn

Unlike the rest of the kitchen design

this project brings retro clashing with modernization.

The owner had a strong intention of designing

a hidden caf within his own kitchen.

Solid American walnut wood top for the dry kitchen

and white quartz top for the wet.

White subway bricks on the wall and pattern tiling for the floor

makes this entire kitchen design feeling quirky and refreshing.

Number 2 - Villa 14

A subtle contrast of black and white cabinets laid on top

of a majestic selection of granite floorings

turns this kitchen design into a remarkable masterpiece.

Subtle it may seem on the outside

but fully equipped on the inside.

Built in refrigerator

and chiller drawers

all in line to achieve a simplicity outcome.

The wet kitchen is designed to have ample

of natural lighting penetrating into the space

with aluminum louvers to shade the kitchen from direct sun glares.

Number 1 The Ascent

A prominent kitchen design that depicts a class above all.

A kitchen island that is substantially large

complete with matching grains

of a grey Saint Laurent marble top.

This enormous island could be exploited in many ways

be it for baking, roasting, chopping or mingling

perfectly sized for entertainment.

Speaking of entertaining

a transparent glass bar cabinet tops it all

with a built in preparation table

neatly tucked within the carpentry.

There you have it

10 of our 2021s best kitchen design!

Do share your top picks with us on the comment column below.

Now that you have seen some of our best works

wouldnt you want to learn about some kitchen tips

that could help you realize your dream kitchen design?

There are plenty of details that could be

incorporated in your kitchen.

And in the market

there is also a large variety of materials that could be used

to build a durable and functional kitchen

custom to your lifestyle.

Based on all the kitchen designs

that we have just shared with you

every kitchen is not just about its aesthetic values

but more importantly it meets the owners requirements

making the usability of the space, functional and optimized.

We are contemplating if the viewers

would like to get into the details

of the top kitchen tips and accessories that could potentially

optimize the functionality of your dream kitchen.

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