Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Anti Hair Loss Juice|Block DHT and Regrow hair

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Hello every one.

Today Im going to show you an anti hair loss juice.

First we need fenugreek powder 15 gm

Fenugreek powder is a natural DHT blocker.

DHT is a cause of hair loss.

There are many drugs to block DHT.

But, Fenugreek is the safest.

Because, it is natural.

Then,Triphala powder 15 gm.

Triphala is an amazing preparation in Ayurveda, and consists of three fruitsAmalaki,

Bibhitaki and Haritaki.

Each of these fruits is a very effective health enhancer and the combination is regarded as

a very powerful herbal preparation.

It has multiple benefits for the body, working on the entire body and improving its various


This is useful in treating hair loss problems.

Triphala powder has great antiviral and antibacterial components.

It can boost your overall immunity, and work like a laxative.

It helps detoxify your body and protect you from various types of disorders.

It has been proven that people who do not have their bowels clean suffer the most from

hair loss problems.

Triphala works as a potent laxative and can clean the bowels, thus minimizing hair loss.

Water 250 gram After 15-20 minutes of boiling

Our juice is ready, but we have to wait until it becomes cold.

Leave it until becoming cold

After watching my natural DHT blocker video many of you guys are telling me about the

smell of fenugreek powder.

How to get rid of the smell of fenugreek seed or powder?

Please remember one thing.You can not completely get rid of the smell of fenugreek seed.

But you can reduce the smell by boiling the fenugreek powder.

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There is hope.

Thank you.

The Description of Anti Hair Loss Juice|Block DHT and Regrow hair