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what's going on guys Hooman here back with another gold digger prank today

we're doing something different I'm standing here with my boy Kevin David

who's another fellow youtuber and today we're putting his girlfriend to the gold

digger test Kevin I'll let you do a little backstory about your girl yes so

a bunch of my friends been saying that you know the girl I've been seeing is a

gold digger she's just using me for my car and for my money and so I thought to

myself who better to hire to uncover the truth than the king of pranks Hooman

and so I asked him to come help me to figure out whether or not she is

actually a gold digger. What I want you to do is call your girl set up a

date and tell her that you gonna pick her up outside on the street outside her place

is that possible? yeah cool so when you're there to pick her up I'll pull up

with my car and we'll put her to the gold digger test. How about that.

Sounds good. Are you excited? I don't know if I'm excited I'm kind of nervous bro. Let's do it

and guys me and Kevin are doing a really fun giveaway at the end of this video so

be sure to watch the whole thing and we'll see you there let's do it bro

let's do it

Yo yo

I know my bad. You're taking forever. There's traffic what can I do

it's good to see you though how are you? Good. Are you hungry? You got a car wash?

yeah I got a car wash she's looking kind of sexy right now isn't she

Yeah so I'm starving what do you feel like eating? We should go to a restaurant down the street.I think I actually I saw Chipotle

like five blocks away. no way. I can't eat Chipotle. why can't you eat Chipotle? my stomach.. I like quality food. healthy food.

quality food? like five star. Five star? yeah you have to have good ratings to be good right?

okay I guess we can do that um oh by the way I saw your Netflix charged me again

did you ever end up changing that that credit card? no I got a new debit card

and then lost that one no I'm waiting for the other one in the mail I thought

you got a new one though I remember you lost it like a couple months ago too

you still waiting? okay for sure. I mean you're driving lambo it's not expensive for you is it?

umm no I mean I guess it's just a Netflix

If we're gonna go eat, can I get a new outfit?

Yeah I can just take you to the house real quick if you want and grab some clothes?

well I want something new cuz I'm going out tonight

okay what do you mean something new like you want me to just pick you up like a

new outfit? Yeah just come with me real quick and we'll get it and then go out to eat?

ahh I guess we can do that all right you ready? Let's do it

hey excuse me I'm sorry are you guys together? yeah

well kinda. Yes or no? kinda haha here let me get out.

I drove by earlier and I saw you standing there waiting for someone were you waiting for him? yeah

I was gonna ask you if you know of a good like Italian restaurant around here for pasta?

I'm looking for some pasta right now. There's really good restaurant around the corner. I'm sure there is one.

This way? yeah okay

Well I was actually gonna ask you to come with me if you're free but it's a little awkward now because you're

like about to be in this guy's car and he's looking at me all funny

Well I mean we're not like together but

you're not fully together? Do you have like a thing or?

I thought we were

It's like dating?

okay so you don't mind if me and her hanging out or anything? I mean

I guess?

Well he was gonna go to Chipotle.. are you..

Wait you about to take this girl a chipotle bro? Cmon..

I mean I like Chipotle I mean Chipotle is cool but it's like

you know you don't have a girl to a Chipotle

I mean I'll take you to a nice little Italian restaurant if you come with me. Yeah I mean

I can show you my car too I just bought it. I can meet up with you after?

You just gonna leave with this random guy? Well he doesn't...

Hey man why you gotta be mean I'm not a random guy I'm just a nice guy who was driving by she's a

beautiful girl he's talking to her now. We can all be friends. He has a nice car and..

I mean yeah it's a nice car but

Just bought it too. Brand new

look if you want to get in let's go but

I feel a little awkward here you're staying in the middle of you guys

just text me after


Let's meet up in a little bit

get your like stuff don't bring a wallet I'll buy you

I just want a friend around the area

I don't wanna eat Chipotle

I mean alright alright let's go

Seen you in a little bit?

wait hold on are you actually serious? Yeah are you actually taking into my car

I mean yeah but I just think it's a little funny that you're bout to leave

your boyfriend and go with me just because

He's not my boyfriend. We're just dating

I'm sorry mister what's your name buddy? Kevin. is this girl your girlfriend? were

you under the... I was under the impression that we were dating and she says that

too normally. okay so what's the main reason that you're about to get

in my car when you were already in your boyfriend's car about to go eat Chipotle

Well he doesn't like to eat in nice places and i don't know..

he doesn't like eating in nice places? so you do agree that you want to come with

me because you think we'll eat at a better place then and you would be with

him? umm... that makes you a what? that makes you what we call a gold-digger

so I'm not taking you anywhere I'm actually gonna come around and close my door

but you guys are more than welcome to go get your Chipotle or Italian food because my

job here is done I mean some people were telling me that

you're a gold digger so I hired the king of figuring out if people are gold

diggers Hooman to figure it out and I'm pretty disappointed to be honest about

the results. But we're not together!

Wait you're still saying that you're not together?

You told me that we were together before.

Wait are you serious right now? Are you serious?

I'm out here I mean this is ridiculous this is awkward

Wait are you serious right now? I mean I'm outta here

No you taking off?

it was great meeting you I forgot your name but

Are you taking off right now? You just gonna leave me here? Adios

alright guys I'm sitting here right now with Kevin. Kevin how do you feel about

the whole thing? not great but you know I'm glad that I

got her true colors. I did my job pretty good right? absolutely! alright so if you

guys want to see me do more gold digger pranks, comment down below "do more gold digger pranks"

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get some dinner cuz I'm starving let's do it let's do it

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