Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Morgan Freeman Reading a New Book by Butters - SOUTH PARK

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- Well, the day has finally arrived.

The eagerly awaited second novel

from the author of scrotie mcboogerballs

hit the shelves this morning,

and apparently bookstores are jammed.

- Al, how is it out there?

- I don't know if you can see this, guys,

but the--the line stretches all the way around the block--

people waiting for their turn to get inside the bookstore

and read the novel.

And they've brought trash bags and buckets to throw up in--

just a festive atmosphere here, matt and Meredith.

- Well, we've got our vomit buckets ready too,

because coming up, a very special in-studio treat.

- That's right. We are going to have a reading

of the first five chapters of the book

here live in our studio.

Now, we must warn you

that this is from the same author

who wrote the most graphic, obscene novel of all time,

so brace yourselves for some very harsh language.

Take it away, Morgan Freeman.

- "The poop that took a pee.

"Chapter one.

"Douglas had to poop.

"His butt was all stinky

"because he had to poop so badly.

"There was a gross woman named Rebecca

"who was sunbathing all naked,

"and she was fat.

"Douglas walked up to her and said, 'I need to poop.'

"'okay,' Rebecca replied.

"'I like poop.'

"Douglas squatted down...

"Over the fat, sunbathing lady

"and went poop.

"The poop sat there on Rebecca's boobs,

"looking like a wiener.

Chapter two"...

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