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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The Quints Decorate the Driveway! | OutDaughtered

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OK, get up.

ADAM: Oh, that does look like Ava with a side pony.

Do some toes?

How about some shoes?

Mommy, do me right here.

And do a tree.

ADAM: Don't color each other with the chalk.


That's how you're going to be?

Like that?


There's Mimi.

ADAM: Hey, there's Mimi.

MIMI: What y'all doing?

Did you make that?

What is that, Hazel?

ADAM: Looks like a crime scene.

MIMI: Y'all like your big driveway at your new house,


Grandma, I need that.

Can I sit on this?



Don't you just claw my glasses.

So y'all have any word on your house or anything?

I mean, what's the status?

I mean, I don't know when this house

is going be ready, honestly.

I'm excited for it to all be over with.

MIMI: Yeah.

I mean, it's been a headache.

I know.

We're trying to be patient.

But, I mean, our house is not going to be ready for months.

And all we really want is just to get back into our old house

and just get back on with our normal routine.

We're going to look at the house tomorrow,

and we'll see how it goes.

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