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keep your composure you look stunning my hands are sweaty

they're so sweaty, ew

Hi nuggets welcome back to the channel

I hope you all had a good night's rest because you're going to want to be

attached to me today! not like that. In today's video we are going to discuss

a few tips to prepare yourself before an interview so you don't look like a total

awkward yes awkward is the perfect word

tip number one choosing the appropriate attire

i'd be lying if i said that society wasn't shallow because unfortunately it

is and as they say first impressions are

forever lasting and when it comes to dressing the part

you want to make yourself stand out in the best

way possible you want to understand the industry you're applying to

if you're applying for a job as a lifeguard are you really going to show

up in that gorgeous versace suit i don't know i mean you could but i

don't think it would i don't i think somebody would be very

jealous of you. It just doesn't fit! Just like if you're applying for a

financial profession you wouldn't show up in a casual t-shirt and pants

if you want to be extra in your attire though by all means we all love looking

extravagant but it's knowing how to mix in the elements so they

flow together don't over scent yourself with the latest gucci or dior

those fragrances can come off very strong and we don't take notice because

it smells amazing on us but the interviewer will probably get a

headache because your fragrance might bring back

unpleasant memories of a particular nugget!

so you never know. So don't have your fancy

backfire on you. If your clothing is just a little too tight where you're sucking

in your gut and it makes you feel uncomfortable and kind of wonky

let it go and find the right attire that fits your body comfortably

please! Don't be a sloppy joe if you're going to show up to an interview with

wrinkles and creases on your clothing might as well tell the employer not to

hire you at all because you kind of suck by doing that.

sloppiness is a turn off so dress your best to look fresh! tip number

two knowing body language our bodies are

incredibly sexy and the way we deliver ourselves can make it

or break it for us! Posture is everything the worst thing you can do is slouch and

lean backwards. Yeah this feels comfortable you know let

me, hand me a pillow and a blanket because

because this feels kind of good. That shows you're being careless and

lacking energy! It looks so bad what you want to do is have a

nice relaxed upward position, not stiff like a soldier

because that's a little bit weird and we love soldiers but

no! By showing good posture you are showing great confidence

and comfort! Eye contact! I see you looking at me

but i'm actually looking at your ear, the booger in your nose,

and that fancy table over there in the corner.

Wow is that granite, is that glitter don't get distracted

stay focused because they will notice. Maintaining

eye contact with the interviewer shows you're actively listening and staying

involved. Don't look at them like this! It's creepy!

Every couple of seconds you can look away briefly and also giving a slight

nod with your head shows reaffirmation. Like

yeah I understand what you're saying Mr.

Interviewer! Spirit fingers the less the better if

you're like me then you love to use hand gestures when

you're talking, but during an interview it's best to refrain as much as you can

too much hand movements all over might show uncertainty

I mean I guess that's why I use them in my videos i mean uncertainty inserted

uncertain insert uncertainty insert!

So it's best to remain calm and keep our hands to ourselves!

Also any touchy touchy of the face, the hair, the clothes, might be perceived

as if we're nervous or lying so let's not ruin our glamour and keep

our swagger! Tip number three, research the company so

Mochi do you know anything about us? yeah you guys are looking to hire more

staff and and the company seems nice. Don't

ever ever ever give a response like that it's just lazy and gross! For any job

that you apply you better do your research on the company! Be your own

private investigator because knowledge is glamour!

Being proactive gives you the advantage to stay ahead of the competition

always three or ten steps ahead! Knowing about the company

you're applying for gives you great context for your interview

during the conversation, when asking questions at the end of your interview,

knowing if your values align with the company culture.

When you research the insider information of the company

you also want to research the range of pay, that way

you negotiate like a pro gamble away on that pay!

tip number four, is this job for me? Why would you waste your cute time going

to an interview to a job you don't have any interest in and your only motivation

is for the pay. You gotta find value in your job search.

Applying to different places just because will make you

miserable in the end. You want to enjoy what you do as much as you can but you

also want to understand why you want that specific job and why you're

qualified to do it. Once you reach the point of telling

yourself "you know what I want this job because it's going to provide me with

the necessary experience I need to develop my skills,

which will help me find the opportunity for career growth"

then you can apply for that job because you found its value point.

During the interview you will be able to explain why you're the best candidate

for the role and it will be easier to explain your

interest in the position. smart tip role play find a nugget and

practice a mock interview! Pretend they're the employer

and give it your best! If you mess up they won't judge,

hopefully.. This is always the best way to get

any nervousness out of the way last resort talk to yourself in the mirror

and practice with your questions and answers.

You'll probably mess up and it will be great because it's just you

and you fixing the errors! Practice is precious boring but it works!

Alright nuggets I hope this video was outstanding and delightful.

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down below! Stay glamorous be scandalous and i'll see you on the next one bye!

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