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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 100 Day Dream Home

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You know, it's hard to get your clients excited

when you tell them their brand-new home

is gonna be ready in a year...

[ Wind blows, bird calls ]

...that's why we do it in 100 days or less.

-Boom! -Boom!

First, we find inspiration.

I'll tell them, "Pick a kitchen from this home."

And I love these windows.

They might like the yard in one --

-This is what I'm talking about. -This is beautiful.

...the neighborhood in another,

and so if we can take all those components,

put them together and build you a home, let's do it.

It's kind of a bungalow.

Then we build a custom home from the ground up...

Shaping up quick, isn't it? 100 days or less.

We have 18 hours left,

but we have about 36 hours of work left.

Oh, man.

We were so close to finishing.

It has to be done on time,

but it also has to be absolutely perfect.

Can you believe that 100 days ago,

this was a dirt lot? -Wow.


-Do you want to know how we met? -I do.

-We actually met -- -You can tell them.

...out of all places, in girl's chorus class in high school,

and guess who walks in?

Wow, most pretty girl in school.

Oh, gosh.

I could talk to any girl except this one.

She signed my high school yearbook, and it said,

"To the funniest guy I know.

"If you ever become famous,

I would like to be your backup dancer."

-Tell me that's not true. -It is.

And now we're married with a family.

That's perfect.


Oh, it looks like you're working hard --

-Oh, boss is here. -...a little dusty.

So what you guys got going on today here?

We got crown molding going in, paint's going up,

about 60 days in now.

So Kristin and Jordan are coming up,

and I need some ideas for them.

They're gonna walk through this one?

Probably not.

Kristin and Jordan are building a house --

How you doing? Good morning.

Good to see you.

How you doing?

I don't want to give you a dirty handshake, so...

-No problem, appreciate that. -Oh, don't you dare.

...on top of planning a wedding,

and now we are trying to get everything together

to get the perfect home for them so that they can move in

before they go out for their honeymoon.

No pressure, right?

MIKA: Clients find us we can get them a custom-build home

in just a few months, and this is how we do it.

First, we determine the overall budget.

Then we take them to look at inspiration houses

in their price range to pick and choose things

that they love, from size to layout to finishes.

Next, we look at lots to determine

what would work best with the house they want.

Then, we set the deadline where we promise

we will get the custom home they dream of in their budget.

-We have a very important task. -What do we got?

We're trying to figure out what you guys want.

What are some of the things, you think,

that are gonna, like, help you decide?

I know we were debating between a three and a four-bedroom.

I'm voting a house for later. He's voting a house for now.

We're gonna be wanting to have kids soon,

so a lot of it comes down to,

how soon do we want to have kids?

-Okay. -How many kids do we want?

Twins run in our family, so...

Oh, okay. Yeah. Then that would be, like, the four bedroom fix.


It would be, but don't necessarily want to to be tied

to a house that we've got to maintain,

so that's why I'm thinking something smaller,

something a little bit more now.

KRISTIN: We'd really like to be somewhere centrally located,

you know, that's closer to downtown if possible.

You know, we both love to cook, so we're wanting a big kitchen.

So I'm looking for something with a big yard.

-When is the wedding? -I bet.

-Yeah, November 2nd. -November 2nd.

We have not got our save the dates yet, have we?

First we got to make sure that we get

all this stuff squared away for them.

So if the house turns out nice, we come to the wedding.

-Exactly. -If not, then -- Okay.

Well, you know what, you guys?

Since this one still obviously needs some work,

why don't we go check out the one that's almost finished?

-Okay. Perfect. -Perfect.

Do you remember how to get there?



[ Engine starts ]

Kristin and Jordan, their budget all-in is $450,000.

Now, that's not just the home.

That's actually finding a lot and building the home.

A lot in the city is gonna be smaller and more expensive.

So this is basically probably gonna be

pretty close to what you're looking at

if you're wanting to be in the city.



We've got to get some inspiration for your new home.

So, what do you guys think, first impression walking in?

-I like it. -I like it.

MIKA: The first floor plan I'm showing them

is a 3-bedroom, 2-bath, about 1,800 square feet

and runs about $325,000 just for the home,

and this is something we can build them

right in the heart of the city.

You did kind of want more of an island, though.


I know that you've talked about that.

A lot of times we cook at the same time --

Oh... it would be nice to be able to,

you know, float around an island.

There would be an opportunity for us to run into each other

if, you know, I'm pulling one of these moves.

Yeah, I totally can see that.

I like the floor plan a lot,

but I think the bedrooms are a little small.

A little cramped for bedroom number two.

The closet is too small in this house.

We will have to figure out where your stuff's gonna go.

Probably a shed in the backyard.

[ Laughs ]

-I love the backsplash. -Oh, that's beautiful.

And I do like the French doors that go out into the courtyard.

I think it's a great-size home for us.

I think it's a good starter home.

It's something that we can certainly grow into.

[ Scoffs ] Jordan.

[ Laughs ] I don't know.

You know, I'm not really sold.

I really do want to see what a four-bedroom house

would look like because these rooms were really small --

Right., you know, if we are filling them with guests or kids

or anything of that sort, I'm just --

I'm not really sure about the space.

If Kristin and Jordan are willing to go

a little further out, we can actually find a bigger lot

and a bigger home within their budget.


JORDAN: Big, big house.

MIKA: This floor plan is much bigger.

It's a 4-bedroom, 3-bath, two-story home,

about 2,800 square feet,

and this house would cost about $400,000 to build.

The catch, the only lots they can afford

to fit a house like this are about 30 minutes from downtown.

-Wow. -Mm-hmm.

Lot more room.

You might be 30 minutes from downtown,

but you get so much more house.

So this definitely has that

island that you were talking about

-Oh, yeah, gorgeous. -Yes, we love the island.

-You can do laps around it. -Exactly.

All right, guys, so let's test something out.

All right, who's at the stove right now,

and who's at the sink?

-Yeah, here. -I'll be cooking.

Uh-huh, uh-huh.

-Washing dishes. -Ooh, plenty of room.

-Bringing my casserole around. -Yeah, plenty of room.

We've got a lot of house to see, so follow me.

[ Laughs ]

So this space right here is basically

like your secondary could-be a living room.

Yeah, wow.

I love this house, much bigger bedrooms.

Oh, it's a lot more space than the last one that we saw.

I know one thing that Kristin is really gonna like,

and it's this closet.

This is about the size of the last house's second bedroom.

-Wow. -Wow.

It looks perfect. [ Laughs ]

You got to have that double sink, right?

Yes, double sinks are crucial.

As far as the color scheme here,

you got the dark granite, the dark cabinets.

What are you thinking?

I love it. I think it looks great.

It's warm. It's welcoming.

I'm looking at her. She's saying, "Maybe not."

-Fair. -You know, I'm not really sure.

I really like the lighter cabinets.

I think it opens up this space.

-This is a big kitchen -- -Right.

...but I still feel like the lighter cabinets

make it look even bigger.


The outdoor space is amazing.

I mean, think of the parties we could throw.

It is definitely a bigger house --


...and I almost see all of my future

weekends tied down taking care of it, cleaning it,

vacuuming it, you know,

taking care of the outside, landscaping.

I think it might be a little bit too much.

One of the biggest deciding factors

in whether they're gonna do a 3-bedroom or 4-bedroom

honestly is gonna be the location.

All right, guys,

Ryan has a couple lots for us to look at --


...on where you can put a home like this --


...or if you want to be in the city closer

to everything what that's gonna look like for you,

so you ready to head out? -Yeah.

Let's see what a lot in the city looks like.


All right. Guys, we are here.


It's almost like a bowling alley.

It's long. Kind of like a shotgun.

You can have a full football game here.

-Yeah. -Long and skinny.

So the bad news is you can't put the huge house

that you may want for kids down the road.

Right, right.

MIKA: On this lot, you're only gonna be able to afford

a 3-bedroom home with a maximum of 2,000 square feet.

The great thing is you're so close to downtown.

This is a real trendy, funky neighborhood.

MIKA: Seminole Heights is one of the most historic areas

of Tampa, about five minutes from downtown.

It's all 1920s Craftsman-style homes.

Which I just love.

-Yeah, same. -Yeah.

But, you know, it is definitely a smaller lot.

Yeah, I didn't realize how close, you know,

the neighbors' houses are over here.


In the suburbs, you have to actually walk to your neighbor

to ask for some butter. -Right.

Here, you just knock on the window.

-You just reach across -- -Right.

...and actually, they pass it to you from their house.


You want to show them the other lot?

-Absolutely. Let's go. -Let's check that one out.

-Let's rock and roll. -Cool.


-Right, so this is it, huh? -Oh, man, are you up?

I thought you fell asleep back there.


I did for a little bit, finally here.

[ Laughs ]

Obviously, we're a little further out

than you'd probably like to be as far as the city,

but there is a nice little surprise here,

and I will show you guys

what I'm talking about here in a minute.

-All right. -So let's go ahead and explore.

-Let's take a look. -All right.

-What's up, guys? -Hey.

Welcome to the suburbs.

This is my hometown.

MIKA: On this lot, you're gonna be able to afford

a 3,000-square-foot home with 4 to 5 bedrooms.

This lot is about 40 minutes from downtown,

so you are a little bit outside the city,

but it's a lot quieter, and you're gonna get

a ton more land out here,

and as long as you don't mind having my parents as neighbors.

Aw, they're the sweetest people ever.

Hey, can I show you this view?


-You guys will be blown away. -Let's take a look at that.

-Check this out. -Yeah.


You are directly on the Little Manatee River.


I mean, just imagine this being your backyard.

-Yeah. -Beautiful.

Every single morning, you wake up to this.

I grew up on a river in Michigan --

Yeah? this brings back some -- -This will bring you back home.

It does, it does. This is amazing.


Even though it's farther away from everything, it's still --

There's a lot more availability

here to do a lot more with the space.


It is close to my family.

My grandma lives real close to here,

and I like the wildlife.

I think that's something that the city

won't bring to the table.

The city's gonna have wildlife,

but it's gonna be your next-door neighbor.

-Yeah. -I was just gonna say.

I'm kind of leaning towards the 3-bedroom.

What are you gonna do about an office?

Where are you gonna work?

Where are my parents gonna stay?

I just don't think a 4-bedroom house

is something that we should consider for today.

It would be really nice to have that bigger lot

where there is the conservation on the one side and...

It's stressful.

It's very stressful.

Well, do you think you know what we want to do?

I think -- I think we do.


We are so excited that you guys went with the 3-bedroom,

2-bath, little bit smaller, but in a great location.


Yeah, you know, we went back and forth on it,

and it really came down to location,

and we just didn't want to pass up being close to town,

and a smaller house was the better decision

for us right now.

All right. So you guys ready?

We really want to give you all of the elements

that you saw in the house tours, and you fell in love with.

Hold your breath.

-Wow. -Wow.

-That is beautiful. -I love it.

It's got that Craftsman-style bungalow feel to it,

and it really has a lot of character,

so even though we are building new,

that doesn't mean it can't have a historic aspect to it,

and I really think this fits the neighborhood.

-Yeah. -I love it.

-All right. -All right.

You want to see what's inside the walls?

-Yes. -There we go.

-Wow. -Whoo-hoo!

Here we go. And as you can see,

the lot on the house is going to be pretty narrow.

We still try to keep it nice and open.

When you walk in here, you'll be able to see

clear back to the kitchen.

We were able to get you an 1,800-square-foot house

with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms,

and we'll get it all under your budget of $450,000.

So we're gonna do wood floors throughout

which is gonna give this space a continuous feeling

and actually make it feel bigger than it is.

Also, it's also gonna give that historic Craftsman feel.

-Which I absolutely love. -Yeah.

You guys really want to focus on the kitchen.

When we're looking at homes, we kind of stole the design

of the kitchen with the island,

but we're gonna lighten up the cabinets.

We're taking the granite countertops you liked

and gonna give them a special finish.

You guys really liked the French doors

that led out to the courtyard.


We're able to do that with the master bedroom,

giving you guys access to your backyard.

-Oh, yeah. -So another obstacle is storage.


And so what we did in room number two,

we made it a little bit smaller to allow a huge closet for you.

KRISTIN: Perfect.

So we have about $30,000 left in your budget,

so what do you think about a detached garage,

but you are going to have the opportunity

down the road if you want to.

You can actually build up the garage floor

and turn this into a fourth bedroom.

This is just absolutely fantastic. I love it.

The next step is signing contracts,

setting a deadline, and starting excavation.


BRIAN: Ground breaking day.


[ Blows air ]

Let's get this house started.

All right. Hey, here we go.

[ Truck beeping ]

Concrete's coming, exciting.

The sun is rising, concrete is about to start flowing.

The super important part today, we're laying the foundation

for not only Jordan and Kristin's house

but for their future.

All right, let's do it.

Mika would say that's probably the most cheesy thing

I've ever said in my life, but it's true.

Good thing is she's not here yet. [ Laughs ]


Concrete's about to start flowing.

It's almost like our baking ingredients have been mixing,

and it's time to bake a cake.


I see you guys working hard, but I don't see Brian.

Oh, there's my husband. Not doing any work, I see.

-My supervisor is here! -[ Laughs ]

These guys are killing it over here.

Look how much they've done already.

-How is it going? -So we got concrete truck

five backing on the alley right now --


...about to pour the detached slab here for the garage,

but the main foundation is pretty much done.

I mean, they're smoothing it out.

So they got all this done this morning?

Girl, we started before the sun came up.

Oh, my goodness.

When you were still sleeping and having your coffee,

we were pouring concrete.

Ah, I knew you were gonna say that!

Hey, hey!

[ Bell dings ]


All right. You ready?

I picked the light side. You see how I did that?

So today, we're putting up exterior walls,

and what's cool about these, we actually build them off-site,

so when they arrive on-site, we can do rapid fire.

Like a glove, huh?

Believe it or not, these are actually stronger

than cinder block.

They're already pre-insulated. They're treated for termites.

So typically, a cinder block house

will take about a week to block.

We can do it in two days with half the man power.

That's the way we're able to build these houses so quick,

so efficiently, but also high quality.


Rain's finally here.

We're good?

So another thing that we build off-site are these trusses,

so as soon as they come, all we have to do

is fly them in with the crane, put them in place,

and something that would take about a week,

we can knock out in about two hours.

Air traffic controller.

-Tape them down. -[ Speaks indistinctly ]

These are 30s. So these are basically spacers

in between the trusses to make sure they're all tied together

and the same distance apart.

-Okay. -[ Whistles ]


-Starting to look like a house. -Getting there.

Hey, Aaron, let him know there's overhead wires out there.

So anytime we're working in this tight city streets,

it's always a little bit close to the power lines

which makes me a little bit nervous.

Ooh, Joe, he better stay away from those power lines.

-Whoa! -[ Whistles ] Hey, hold up!

Hey, hey! [ Whistles ] Hold up.

Oh, shoot. Oh, shoot.

Ooh, Joe, he better stay away from those power lines.

-Whoa! -Wow. That's too close.

Whoo, that's way too close.

So we're putting the trusses on the roof today,

and our crane operator got a little too close

and actually hit a power line

which was a huge scare for all of us.

This could've been a catastrophe.

Not a good way to welcome Jordan and Kristin to the neighborhood.

That was close. You see the wires shaking?

Yeah, trust me.



Brian, you got three left?

Two, two more, don't fail me now.

[ Whistling ]

All right. I told you an hour.

We're about 45 minutes in and almost done,

so I think we're gonna make it.


MIKA: Most people don't like furniture shopping

until the home is about 90% done.

We have to start about 2 1/2 weeks in,

so there's time to have it built and delivered by day 100.

Andrew, my man. What's up?

-What's happening? -How are you?

Doing well, good to see you.

MIKA: They're paying for a furnished house,

and the first thing I want to make

is a custom dining room table.

Today, I'm actually gonna be meeting with my buddy, Andrew.

He is my favorite custom furniture builder,

really want to make sure that we tie in

some rustic feel to the house.

I got a project for you.

I want to do a dining room table for this couple.

They're getting married in a few months,

but they're also building a house on top

of that which is crazy.

-Double down. -Yeah.

My idea, he's from up north.

-Right. -He's from Michigan.

Kristin's from Florida, so if there's a way

that we can kind of marry those together, get it?

-No pun intended. -[ Laughs ]

Michigan, a lot of walnut grows naturally,

so that dark, cool rich grain

could work really nice for the table.

From Florida, maybe something reclaimed like a pine

or maybe a cypress we could look at.

-Would that be a lighter tone? -So a lighter and darker, yep.

So you would see the variation

if you put them next to each other, right?


So this material is actually black walnut,

and this comes from Michigan.

Ah. I love the color. It's very unique.

This kind of pulls a little bit of maroon, a little black.

Eric, do we have a piece of heart pine, like,

a little nugget in the back that we could put next to it?

This is kind of cool, too, because we can see

the rough edge that we could maybe have on it.


So this would be our Florida material --


...and then the black walnut would be our Michigan material.

I think we're on to something.

This might be the perfect match.

-Sweet. -And I mean, I'm here to help,

free labor if there's anything that --

We're gonna get you in a sander.

Put me to work. Put me to work.



We'll see you in, like, 20 hours.

Wait, how many hours?

When you put the roof up, it feels like a house,

but when you start putting up interior walls,

it starts feeling like a home.


Mika would love that line.

I used a couple lines to pick up Mika back in the day.


If only Mika were here to see all these studs.

There you go, Joe!


As soon as we get this one up,

you'll be able to see how it's taking shape.

This main wall that we're standing up

is actually gonna divide the two bedrooms,

and then master bedroom will be in the corner,

so this main dividing wall

is going to give definition to this side of the house,

but when you come in, it's gonna be wide open.

You'll be able to see the dining room, living room,

all the way back through the kitchen.

Fire in the hole!


Shaping up quick, isn't it?

In less than a week's time, we've gone from concrete floor.

Tomorrow at this time, we'll be fully enclosed.

And then the main kitchen here,

I just love how it's wide open where you can actually see it

when you first walk in the front door,

beautiful island here,

little breakfast nook in the corner.

This is a true bungalow feel, you know?

-Yeah. -If you looked around this home,

it's starting to resemble the homes

that were built back in the '20s and '30s, and so that's when --

-Without any of the problems. -Without any of the problems.

And they said it couldn't be done in 100 days.



Oh, man, inspector's here.

Oh, my gosh.

This is really moving along fast.

Air conditioning system is in.

Could have fooled me, little bit warm.

Plumbing is in.

-All right. So... -Coming together, huh?

You know, when we're talking about design,

every small detail really matters,

and I've been having second thoughts about the kitchen,

and I'm worried it's going to feel too cramped.

Oh, wow. All right.

This is definitely an island coming along.


You told me to make it as big as possible,

and I can tell you're thinking about something.

Well, the thing is, like, I...

Mik, the plumbing is already in the concrete.

It's gonna be tough to move.

[ Sighs heavily ]

The plumbing is already in the concrete.

It's gonna be tough to move.

Well, all right. So here's the deal.

All right.

We definitely want a larger island, right?

This is about as big as you can go here.

Have a party, have people come over, however,

I'm just wondering if they're both working in the kitchen

how the layout's gonna be.

-So... -So sink will be right here.

It's gonna come out to right about here.

See, I think there's plenty of room for them

to navigate this kitchen.

I mean, compared to what they're in now, this thing is huge.

I know, but I just know what their responses were

when were looking at different kitchen designs --


...and, you know, in the second home,

it was more room, just more freedom.

I want to make sure that they get that in this.

What I'm thinking we could maybe do

is keep plumbing where it's at

and just come off the back end a little bit either with,

you know, smaller cabinets just by a little bit,

and maybe, like, a smaller granite piece.

I thought of that.

It might -- This is my idea.

It just works out this was my idea.

I think it might work.


We are 45 days into this house, halfway through.

Drywall is in there, sheet rocking and rolling.

So drywall typically goes pretty quick, but we're able to do it

even quicker 'cause we pull all of our best guys

and focus all our effort and energy on one house,

knock it out in one day and make sure it's perfect.


-Where is this, boy? -Did you bring me some snacks?

Always slacking off on the job.

Did you notice that you can't see through the wall anymore?

You know what? Whoa, whoa, whoa!


Man, two days ago, this was, like, really a different room.


Kristin and Jordan are gonna be here --


...and we definitely have some decisions to make on the design.

Master bedroom, guest bathroom --


...that's the decisions we're making today.

We've budgeted about $1,200 for bathroom tiles.

I'm gonna pull in different samples,

some blues, some whites, keep it fresh and clean,

and I also pulled this really beautiful gray slate tile.

I like that it adds some character, some drama,

and it'll give them some contrast.

My personal pick and my personal favorite

and what I know they're gonna pick

is probably this right here.

What you know they're going to pick?

It's nice and rich.

It's deep for the master bathroom.

Can you please move this into the master bathroom?

I already -- I clocked out for the day.

-Oh, come on. -All right.

-I don't want to break anything. -All this in the master?


-Wow. -Wow. This is beautiful.

It's awesome.

-This is coming together. -Yeah.

So, like, how are you guys doing on, like, the timeline?

Is there a possibility

to push the wedding back by about a month?

-Oh, don't even joke. -It's a hard no.

Not even funny, not even funny.

Not happening.

Well, then, yes.

I'm locking this guy down ASAP, so...

MIKA: Aw, that's very sweet.

We're definitely confident that we can get it done

in a few weeks because we know that that is our timeline.

We're gonna make sure we hit it.

You don't really realize how many decisions there are

until you're in it, and you've been told,

"You've got to make these decisions now."

-This is your world, baby. -I know.

She's like, "I'm designing all of this."

Tiling is starting next week, guys,

so I'm really glad that we got a chance to come in here

and knock out these decisions

because we still have so much more work to do.

Obviously we need to pick the bathroom floor, right?


So we've got the hues of different grays,

a little bit darker, and then if you like clean,

because I know that you like your whites,

and we saw that in a couple of the homes,

so we've actually got a couple choices here

for the backsplash of the shower,

and then we also have to pick the flooring,

so the shower tiles.

You've got a couple different choices as well.

Yeah. See, I actually love that.


Shower walls and things like that and...

I had a feeling that you were going to like the more clean,

light, airy, sleek look. -Yes.

But with the shower floor, I like the smaller tiles,

and I think they have a little more depth with them.

Ah, so this one here. Great.

I mean, that makes the decision, like,

one thing off our checklist, 50,000 more to go.

Check. Whoo!


So the cabinets just got delivered.

We are less than two weeks away

from turning the keys over to Jordan and Kristin.

The tile gets started today. The flooring goes down tomorrow.

The backyard gets started tomorrow.

We are really, really on pace to finish this thing.


Just realized this one is broken here,

and I'm concerned a little bit with how these were delivered,

so we might have to get our delivery guys,

so unless they want a mosaic in their bathroom,

we need to figure out what happened here.

We have -- I mean, this tile is in pieces, just shattered.

I don't think it'll be a huge concern.

Typically, tile shops have this type of tile on stock, in stock?

So I need to get on the phone and make sure we can get

another box delivered because the tile guys

are literally on the way right now.

This whole box is shattered.

[ Line ringing ] -What's up?

Real quick, I opened up some of these tile boxes

and some of these are, like, shattered into,

like, mosaic pieces, so...

MIKA: All right. Well, I'm on the way.

I'll be there as soon as I can.

Sounds good. All right.

So hopefully she brings either some superglue

or another box of tiles because this one is...

This one's done.

Oh, my goodness. Where are you?

I'm back in the master bath.

-Oh, wow. -We got a little situation here.

So check it out,

we were gonna to start in the guest bathroom --


...but I got here this morning, and, I mean,

all the guest bathroom tile, I mean, when I opened the box,

it was all shattered like a mosaic.

So we're gonna start on the master bath,

but, I mean, we're gonna get done with that pretty quick,

so we're gonna need it, like, today or tomorrow at the latest.

[ Line ringing ]

MAN: It would be another probably five to seven days

before we could get more in stock.

Days is what we're looking at.

Okay, five to seven days for tile is definitely a kink

in the plans.

I don't know how we're gonna get around it.

-Five to seven days? -Hell no.

Can't believe this, like,

this is not the best way to start the week.



So today, the hardwood floors get installed,

and the tile shipment actually came in one day early,

so what we're gonna do, we're gonna steal workers

from another project we have,

so we're gonna be able to do the bathrooms

and the hardwood floor all at once to save a ton of time.


We're gonna be laying these hardwood floors

throughout the house, so it'll be a nice,

consistent flow from room to room.

It's made out of recycled wood, bamboo dust, limestone, and PVC.

As soon as we get these down,

we can move the cabinets out of the garage

and into the kitchen where they belong.


It's gonna be hot in here. We're ready.

So we're building a brand-new house, however,

we want to add some character

because we're building a brand-new house

in the most historic part of Tampa.

When building a new construction home,

I like to use pieces that are gonna make

the home feel lived-in and also custom to my clients.

This place is like a gold mine,

so they actually have some historic pieces from buildings

all over the Tampa Bay area.

So the goal today is to find a few highlighted pieces

to really give the house that 1920s Craftsman style

that we're looking for.

So I'm thinking, like, to find some really unique pieces

for the outdoor space. -Yeah.

They have a front porch. They have a nice back porch.

Gosh, even, like, these trunks

and these boxes here look really neat.


I think these would look really great in front of that

swing that they're going to have out there.

Oh, yes.

I think that would be really cool,

and right as you walk in,

it'll just be that little bit of character.

So it would kind of be like a coffee table.

Okay, so that will take care of the front porch,

and then of course we can highlight it

with some pillows and throw some colors to pop.

Yep, pops of color that bring out their exterior color,

their front door color. It's gonna be awesome.

I need about 50 of these right now.

-It's so hot outside. -You'll be like this.

And I actually really think that this is a cute little unique --

Maybe for the bookshelf?

These pieces are so cool, too.

Yeah. I mean, this is just, like,

a cool sculptural piece right there.

I'm not quite old enough to remember this.

I'm not either.

I thought it was a fire extinguisher. [ Laughs ]


Oh, that's pretty much Florida.

-I love it. -How cool is that?

These are cool colors, too.

Man, if we threw a frame around these,

I think that would be, like...

I know, especially because...

That's, like, a cool piece of artwork, right?

-Yes, with their -- -Oh, sorry.

I know they love the blue, you know,

and this is really coastal.

That actually looks like

the accent tiles for the bathroom.

So many treasures.

Oh, I love stuff like this.


That was a lightning bolt.

Today is supposed to be paint day,

but as you see, the clouds are starting to form overhead,

wind's starting to blow,

so hopefully this blows through pretty quick,

but it's not looking good.

Oh, boy.

So today is not going as planned.

If you want to see a grown man cry, you have it start raining

right when you were gonna start painting.

This is not good.

There's no way the paint is gonna stick in this,

and we're halfway through the day already,

so we've lost today.

We're gonna have to start early morning tomorrow

to catch up because this is not good,

and this is not the way you finish a house in 100 days.



You got to love Florida in the summertime.

It was perfectly sunny 10 minutes ago,

and now it is lightning and storming.

We were so close to finishing.



The rain has finally stopped. The sun is out.

This is super rare in Florida.

Typically in Florida it rains, like, 20 minutes and it's done.

It rained for five days straight because

a tropical storm came through, so we are way behind.


Typically, a house like this will take three days to paint.

We have to do it in one.


Yeah, just, oh, I'm so freaking strong.

Oh, man. Give her the heavy stuff.

I'm waiting for the light box to come.

So we basically have, like, I don't know, 18 hours or so --


...before we hand over the keys.

Are we looking at -- How high are we looking for the firepit?

It'll be just like ours at home.

It'll be, like three levels with a ring on top,

and then we'll put Adirondack chairs all the way around it.


BRIAN: So we have 18 hours left,

but we have about 36 hours of work left.

Oh, man.

I did pack our sleeping bags in the truck,

so if we have to stay, we have to stay.


Here comes the reinforcement.

Jade-y-poo. What's up, buddy?

-We've got our daughter, Jade. -Yes.

And we're also bringing my dad in.

-Hope you're ready to work. -I can't get my hands dirty.

[ Laughs ] Oh. I'm glad you guys came.

I need some help.

All right, Jade, my dad and I,

we're gonna hang the porch swing.

I need you to go over there and grab the two red plants

that are gonna go into here.

-Okay. -Deal?

-Yes. -Got it. Go.

Oh, boy.

My dad, no matter where we are, in any project we ever do,

he's always there at the finish line to help out.

No matter how busy he is, he drops everything he does,

and he's always there to help. I don't even call him Dad.

I call him Kevin because I think it's weird

to call your best friend Dad, so...


I always call him Kevin, and looking forward

to doing another project with him.

He's a hard worker. Aw.

[ Sniffling ]

-Oh. Okay. -We got a problem.

-All right. Jade. -What?

You think they're gonna want it reclined like this?

Jade, I got to blame you for this?


Do you think I should have read the instructions?

Oh, no.

-Don't blame me for this one. -All right.

Let's switch these, see if this looks any better.

-Boom! What do you think? -Okay.

Jade, do you want to test drive it?

-Jade. -No, I don't.

-I don't trust you. -What?

-How about I sit on it with you? -I dare you to by yourself.

Come on. Sit here, and sit with me.


Give us a little push back there.

Hey, hey, do you think Jordan and Kristin

are gonna like this?

-Yes, I do. -Awesome.

MIKA: I think we have just enough room.

One of the things I'm most excited to see is this table.

Andrew's been working very hard.

It's all about the strategy.

-Watch this. -Yeah.

I'll watch the feet.

The table is really gonna be that final piece

that's gonna tie in the rustic and the modern.

It's really great how these two grains,

they actually kind of look like they should go together,

but there's, like, a nice contrast.

-Perfect marriage. -Yes, you nailed it.

-The heart pine from Florida -- -Mm-hmm.

...and then we have the walnut from Michigan,

and we ended up getting a nice live edge on this side

and incorporating the bow ties like you wanted.

And that's basically been the basis of our entire design.

We want to make sure that we're true

to keeping it kind of rustic and raw.

I think that the live edge is so unique.

I'm wondering if we should spin it,

so that's the first thing they see.

I think that's a perfect idea.

-All right. -Let's go with that.

But at the same time, we want a lot of clean looks,

contemporary, bright colors

really just to make it happy and open,

so that's hopefully what they're gonna like

because that's what we're doing.

Oh, yeah. That's it.


BRIAN: Now is when it turns into a true oasis.

Weather is holding off perfectly for us.

I'll take these.

And we're gonna plant the white ones

all the way around the perimeter.

Okay, stick one in there,

perfect, good.

Okay, turn.

Add some color in this backyard. They are gonna love this.

This is my favorite part of the project, landscape.

I just hope Mika is making the inside look

as good as this backyard is gonna look.


So I think on here we'll do the blue and white books --


...and so just take the covers off for the most part.

It has, like, this more antique look to it without the covers.

-Okay. So... -Yeah.

Okay, maybe even...

Love it, love it.

You know me. I always have to use GPS,

so what's better than a giant map?

-Check this out. -I love it.

Is this the map you were talking about antiquing?


Look, what about adding a little --

I've got a little plan in my back pocket.

-What is that? -Antiquing.

We're gonna tea stain this bad boy

and make it look really nice and antique.

This is gonna go right in the living room

in the center console,

and it's gonna basically just tie everything together.

All right. I got the exterior looking good.

All right, if this doesn't turn out, this is all on you.

Brian, too much is gonna make it bubble

because that's what it's doing.

All right. What did it say?

-Tea-torial, I love that stuff. -Ooh, wait a minute.

Oh, you gotta squeeze the tea bags.

When you finish this, gently wring out the tea bag.

[ Gasps ] You used the tea bag.

Oh, my god. We're so dumb.

Like, real life struggles are right now.

You use the actual tea bag to stain it, how cool.

Let's go. Hey, so you wring out the excess.

Just read it to me while I'm trying to do it.

Okay. You wring -- You dip it.

Get it to the color that you want, and then you dab it.

-Oh, now that's good. -Now keep -- Let's go.

-Let's finish this quick. -Oh, come on.

I might be working under the lights tonight.

-I don't know. -All right.

Y'all let me know. I've got sleeping bags.

I got coolers.


Very stressful last couple days,

coming down to the wire here, but, man, somehow,

I don't know how we did it, but we did it.

I knew we would.

I mean, I wasn't worried, maybe a little bit.

This has been a long time coming, what a wait.

My hands are a little shaky so excited.


Yeah, this is awesome.

Do you think the backyard is gonna be sweet?

I hope so. I don't know. [ Laughs ]

[ Laughs ]

-Your closet? -The closet.

I can't wait to see how this all turns out.

I don't think I could be more excited.

I really can't.


-I'm so nervous. -Oh, my gosh.

-Here we go. -Wow.

-Wow, beautiful. -Oh, my gosh.

-Oh, my gosh. -Look at the swing!

-Oh, I love it. -Wow.

-Oh, my gosh. -This is amazing.

I just took my eyes off the road completely.

-I was so excited. -[ Laughs ]

Wow. Oh, I love it. Oh, my gosh.

Wow. This is amazing.

-Beautiful. -This is amazing.

Look, I'm so excited I forgot to turn the car off.

-Oh, I love the door accent. -This looks beautiful.

It does.

Can you believe that 100 days ago, this was a dirt lot?


-All right. You guys ready? -Absolutely.

Come on. Let's show you. Oh, my gosh.

I think I'm more excited than you are.

-You guys go first. -After you.

-Oh, my gosh. -Oh, my gosh. Wow.

-Wow. -Yeah.


-[ Laughs ] Oh, my gosh. -Huh?

It feels like a house, like a real home.

This is perfect.

-Oh, my gosh. -This is perfect.

-What we were wanting. -This is special just for you.

-Aw. -We know you're from Michigan.

-Yeah. -You're a Florida girl.


This is a Michigan walnut and a Florida pine.

-Aw! -How cool! Oh my gosh.

So we basically took the two different types,

and it's just bound together just like your marriage will be.

-Great. -That couldn't be more perfect.

-Yeah. -It's awesome.

It just feels super homey.

-Yeah. -Mm-hmm.

You know, looking at a floor plan is one thing,

but once you actually seen it all pulled together,

you really realize how open this is.

I mean, being able to walk from one room

to the next is unbelievable.

-Mm-hmm. -It's amazing.

-It's so beautiful. -It has really come together.

-Kitchen time? -Yes.

-This is gorgeous. -Great.

And look at the amount of cabinet space

that we have in this place.

-Yeah. -It is unreal.

KRISTIN: Yeah. It really is.

-This is unbelievable. -Yeah. It looks great.

Yeah, I love the color, that you see a little bit

of the hint of this color, and it really ties in the floor.

I mean, it's just unbelievably beautiful.

KRISTIN: Yeah, it's got kind of that farmhouse modern twist.

Hey, look. You can stand over there,

and I'll stand over here.

-You got enough room? -And we can both prep.

-Hey, over there. -Wow.

It is huge. We can have so much,

so much to do in this kitchen outside of just cook.

BRIAN: Master suite next.


-Awesome. -Oh, my gosh.

I love this color. I love it.

Yeah. It looks good.

For the record, this is absolutely beautiful.

MIKA: Okay. Yay.

This looks absolutely beautiful.

-Yeah, it looks great. -It ties in perfectly.

I'm really, really impressed by the way that this looks, too.

Oh, my gosh.

So we went with, like, an exotic quartzite for your master bath

which I think it turned out incredible.

I love the veins running through it.


It just, it really ties in the grays, the blues, the tile.

So let's go check out your office.

All right. cool. Let's do it.

This is an executive suite.

-Yeah. -This is cool.

MIKA: I think this is perfect for an office space.

It is, yeah.

It's far enough away from everything.

You've got your quiet, and this road is so quiet,

so you'll be able to get some work done here.

-Oh, it totally is. -Yeah. Yeah.

-This is perfect. -Definitely.

Right, so we got to go check out the guest room, right?

-No, this is perfect! -Wow.

-This is perfect. -This is exactly what you need.

-This is gorgeous. -Yeah.

Will this be comfy enough for them?

-Oh, are you kidding? -Oh, my gosh.

-Absolutely. -This is perfect.

This is exactly what we needed in this room.

Okay, so what's next?

I think that we should let Kristin

take a peek at the closet.

-Yes. -All right.


This is what you've been waiting for.

MIKA: Dun-dun da-da-da-dun-dun.

-Oh, my god. -Wow.

It looks perfect!

-Oh, my god. I love it. -She's giddy. She's giddy.

Look at all the clothes.


This is exactly what I wanted.

-Absolutely. -Yes!

Oh, it's gonna be so nice to come home from our honeymoon

and have all our stuff here. -I think the hardest part

is gonna be leaving for our honeymoon.

It's just everything about it is, like,

it finally feels like home.

Everything has really come together.

It's been exceptional.

So one of the things you guys really loved

about the very first house

when we were trying to get design inspiration

was the French doors because you wanted to be able to go

right into the outdoor space from the master bedroom --

Yep. we definitely wanted to incorporate that.


Are you guys ready to enter the outdoor oasis?

-Yes. -Absolutely.

Oh, my god.


-Wow. -Looks really awesome.

Wow. This is just absolutely amazing.


-He's giddy. -My breath is taken away.

I cannot wait to sit out here and just enjoy the day.

And so you guys have the option for more dining.

You know, you can have friends and family

coming outside to entertain, and then if you're just

coming out for your morning coffee, two steps.

-You're right here. -Oh, my gosh.

-I don't even know what to say. -Right off the master.

-Oh, yeah. -This is unreal.

-Yep. -This is unreal.

[ Laughs ]

Our last surprise, check out your backyard.




-This is unreal. -It is.

I don't even know what to say.

-Thank you. -Speechless.

Yeah, it's beautiful.

You know, from the minute we saw the dirt lot,

you can of course try to envision

everything that you see, but until it's all here,

you just don't capture just everything.


I mean, it far exceeds any of our expectations.





Oh, my gosh. We're so excited.

-I couldn't be more excited. -Yeah.

I've been saying I'm at a loss for words,

but this is just beyond words really.

Yeah. It's amazing. I can't wait to move in.


You guys, this whole experience has just been so amazing.

I don't think we could be any more appreciative.


The Description of 100 Day Dream Home