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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: iOS 13 - What We Know So Far - Dark Mode and More

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hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech & iOS 13 should show up sometime around

June for us to take a look at and then we'll move on from there

and see the final release in September now every June at the Worldwide

Developer Conference we see whatever's coming out and we have some hints as to

what we might see this time around now many rumors were saying that we would

see a full redesign just like we saw from iOS 6 that we have here to iOS 7, 8,

9, 10, 11, and 12 like we have now this was quite different before this was the

multitasking if you hadn't seen that the menus were quite different and it was

just a different setting overall as far as the way everything worked once we

were familiar with all of that iOS 7 introduced the flat design language and

basically what we see today with the control center and different things like

that although they have changed quite a bit as well over time now instead of a

full redesign we may see a slight redesign and the first thing that we

have pretty much confirmed at this point is that there will be a dark mode and I

have smart invert on right now so this kind of gives you an idea of what it

might look like so on the iPhone that's smart invert if you go into the

music library you get the idea the colors may not be the same whether or

not they're customizable I don't know but that gives you an idea as to well

that didn't really do anything but that gives you an idea as to what it might

look like with smart invert on and it has quite a few errors but you'll see

maybe a dark mode in the app store gives you that sort of idea as well so that

gives you kind of a preview if you want to check that out go to settings go to

general then go to your accessibility settings go to display accommodations

and then go to invert colors and smart invert and you can turn that on or off

now the next thing we may see fully redesigned is carplay if you've used

apple carplay in your vehicle it's basically a larger version of a few apps

on here such as music and music is just easier to use and then you have Siri

integration although if you've ever used it and you've used it with seer

and text voice detects can be very annoying when it's actually reading back

to you I would love to see some changes or some differences with that when it

comes to apple carplay however that's just a rumor at this point now the next

thing that we may see changed at this point is multitasking there's some

rumors of a complete redesign for some things on the iPad to make more use of

this beautiful display we have a hundred and twenty Hertz display that we can't

do a ton with because it's just the same grid layout we're used to so instead of

having this we may have more powerful integration as far as multitasking maybe

some widgets maybe some ways to move between apps a little bit more

efficiently on an iPad and get some more pro use out of it I would love to see

that and there's quite a few rumors as far as homescreen and file management

specifically on the iPad being changed now another thing I know a lot of you

may appreciate is some rumors about dynamic wallpaper and of course I'll

link this wallpaper as I always do but a dynamic wallpaper I wanted to show you

what that might look like because Mac OS already has it and basically Apple was

going to integrate all of these features last year but instead focused on

stability and push them off to this year so you'll see this is a dynamic

wallpaper and what that means is during the day it will change from day to night

so if I slide up you'll see it goes tonight so you get that idea that's just

Apple's website for Mac OS Mohave but you'll see again well if I go back up

here it's dark and it fades in so you can see that for yourself if you'd like

on your iPhone to give you an idea of how that would work so it's really nice

and the final rumor we have about iOS 13 as far as new features go so far has to

do with the news app now I rarely use the news app and in fact I haven't

opened this in quite some time but we may have some magazine

subscriptions in here as well in the future Apple bought a magazine

subscription company and I would love to see that integrated in either books or

news or something like that so that maybe we could have a standardized

format when it comes to magazines on the iPad if you've ever used magazines on

the iPad sometimes the experience can be okay and other times

can be really not too pleasant and it's better just to use a magazine now one of

the things that we may see hardware-wise come along is new ipad and ipod hardware

and that would be really welcome for the cheaper entry-level iPad since this got

a new redesign with the iPad pros this year we'll probably see something more

similar to that but on a lower-cost scale and and I would expect that maybe

even as soon as March along with the new iPod as well since Apple hasn't done

much with that in quite some time now I would expect the iPhones this year also

they have USBC integration now a lot of people said this wouldn't happen I think

you will see it happen and either you'll see a USBC or none at all since Apple is

famous for kind of going portlets as much as it can so will either see USBC

coming to the iPhone or nothing at all and USBC can be licensed just like

lightning so it's not a matter of money there it's something that's more of a

convenience I think that would be great to have one charger for everything now

we do have some bad news and that has to do with older phones it looks like and

this is not a hundred percent confirmed source but it looks like the iPhone 5s 6

and 6-plus may not be joining us with iOS 13 and they may not have the

hardware necessary to run whatever graphical changes there might be they

may or may not but Apple is looking like they're going to phase it out now

originally they said they weren't going to support the 6s 6s plus or the SE but

then that report later recalled it and said well they made a mistake they may

still support a 6s 6s plus in an SE and I certainly hope they do these these are

plenty fast to run most things and the processor still competes when exporting

4k video with the latest processors so I think for the most part we should see

these phones carry over but we may not see the older ones 5s 6 6 plus so that's

pretty unfortunate if that if that happens but it has been some time since

they were released now aside from dropping support for these Apple may

drop support for early iPad minis iPad Mini 2 through 4 the iPad air 1 & 2 and

all all current iPod Touches so it looks

like we may be losing a lot of hardware with iOS 13 but to be quite fair

they have supported it for a very long time on iOS so it seems to be okay that

way but let me know your thoughts about all of these updates in the comments

below would that make you happy to see those changes and what else would you

like to see as well with the dynamic wallpapers and maybe some other things

I'd love to hear what you have to say about it in the comments below if you

haven't subscribed already please subscribe and like if you enjoyed the

video as always thanks for watching this is Aaron I'll see you next time

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