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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Brian vs. Jason for the Fate of the Channel

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>> BRIAN: Let me go dive in.

>> This looks way better than

the Honey Bun I had for breakfast.


>> This episode of The Modern Rogue

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>> It's delicious.

>> Just allow the cue ball,

to just come to its natural rest

in that general area.

>> Okay, very gently, center?

>> Yes.

>> BRIAN: Could this just be,

what, the show is from now on?


This is so much fun.

All right, we're back at Skinny Bob's,

home of the Texas Open,

the longest running pool tournament in the country.

We've got Wes and Jude with us.

Gentleman, welcome back.

>> Dude, thank you so very much.

Last time you taught us to not look like chumps

when we're playing pool.

This time, I guess we're going to try to get good.

>> Better. >> We're going to get you

to look less like chumps.

>> This is the part where you guys

very much dial it back.

>> Roll back the expectations.

>> We don't know what we're dealing with here.

>> A little less like chumps, yes.

>> But the idea is we wanted to play a real game

of, you said, Scotch Doubles?

>> Exactly.

>> So, it's basically, what,

8 ball but we take turns?

>> We're going to alternate shots between teammates,

until we miss.

>> Okay, and so I'm going to assume as we play,

you're going to figure out everything we're doing wrong,

and this'll be a lesson,

but also it's going to be a real game

with real freaking stakes,

because we've known for years

that we needed to update our official channel logo,

our avatar, and now it's time.

But for 24 hours,

whoever wins this game between the two of us,

gets to pick whatever they want

for the avatar for the channel.

>> Already got it picked. >> Good god, dammit.

[laughs] >> Already got it picked.

>> What are the teams?

>> Well, what I love about Scotch Doubles is that

it very much evens out skill levels

among the people who are playing.

>> So, Wes, you want to be my teammate?

>> Oh no, I see where this is heading, yeah.

The two of us against you guys.

Yeah, that makes sense, right.

>> So which one of the two of you

is a better player?

>> Oh, that's Brian, definitely.

>> I am not better,

I certainly have played more games.

>> For sure, Jude is a much better player

than I am. >> I'm screwed.

>> So, Jude and Wes are going to be on my team.

>> Okay, let's do three on one.


>> Why don't I be on your team, Brian.

>> Yep, yep, yep, yep. >> And you and I

can take on these two chumps.

>> Okay, we're the dragons

and you are The Urinal Cakes.

That's the name of your team.

>> How about the bigger dragons?

>> The bigger dragons, that's right.

>> Oh yeah, we're going to be the bigger urinal cakes.

We get to steal your name too.

>> JASON: What's happening

>> BRIAN: Do you not know about lagging

>> I don't even know what I'm doing right now

what am I trying to do?

>> JUDE: You're going to hit this rail

and whoever is closest to this rail wins the lag

>> BRIAN: And then they Get To Break?

>> JUDE: Yes

>> So if I get down like this,


oh you mean get the ball back to the...

okay, misunderstood, I'm good.

(balls moving

>> We're supposed to go at the same time

>> Oh

[balls moving]

>> Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop

dammit, dammit, dammit, dammit, dammit.

[Jason laughs]

Enjoy your break jerk.

It's going to be like a Texas Chainsaw Massacre thing.

[Jason laughs]

It's going to be a plug for your werewolf book.

>> JASON: [laughs] It's going to be so good!

>> BRIAN: Actually, Black Goat Motorcycle club

logo would look good on the channel.

Are there apps that actually measure on your phone

how fast you're hitting the ball in the break?

>> There are.

Do you want to see? >> Are they good?

>> They can be.


Do you guy's want to see how fast you break?

>> Yes. >> Yeah.

>> Ooh a side bet, Ben likes side bets.

>> What are we betting?

>> Who could break faster. >> That I break harder.

>> Yeah, side action will just be $20

>> JASON: 20 bucks,that's easy.

>> And this app it's doing it entirely by sound?

>> JUDE: Exactly.

>> Really >> Okay

>> BRIAN: Do you use an open bridge on a break?

>> JUDE: Not normally

>> I thought he was on my side,

is Wes on my side?

>> I'm getting in your head. >> But he can, he can

It's more about preference, I usually use a close bridge,

but he mind find an open bridge more comfortable.

>> BRIAN: The avatar is going to be my family.

Like for three years it's been just my dumb face

now it's going to be all the restaurants.

>> No it's not.

Oh come on!


Oh my god see, see!

>> 6 miles an hour [laughs]

>> Hang on

>> JUDE: We're ready

>> BRIAN: You're not going to like it when this hits you

>> JASON: That was alarming

>> BRIAN: 12 miles an hour, that like double!

>> JASON: Yeah that was good, okay.

>> WES: Did a ball go in?

>> No, so I guess I just broke and nothing happened.

Now it's the bigger dragons.

[chalk squeaks on cue tip]

>> WES: You're making it squeak there.

>> Shut up Wes


>> I like the head game you're playing this is good

>> The first thing you should do is

try and figure out which group is better.

>> Okay

>> So you start looking at all the solids,

versus, all the stripes.

>> BRIAN: This is so interesting because I'm always like

what is the one easiest shot I can make immediately.

>> That's also important but looking at the entire layout

will help you out in the long run.

And in this particular instance I see that there's

six ball, the seven ball and the two ball

are all sitting right near pockets.

>> I had also noticed that so, suck it!

>> You know what, our name's changed

we're the biggest urinal cakes now.

>> Knew it, okay so, any one of the solids

is what you're thinking?

>> That's what I'm thinking, yes.

>> Okay.

[frustrated grunting]

Here's a thing, where do I hold here?

Where do I choke on the stick.

>> You're going to want to try and create a right angle

with the upper part of your arm.

>> Oh okay.

>> So it should be pointing straight down

right near contact.

>> So that's nothing I've never done at all.


>> BRIAN: This is that moment, are we doing the thing

with the kitchen or the ball in hand?

Which is the real one?

>> We didn't really talk about

what rule set we're playing with.

>> We're playing BCA rules, >> BCA rules.

we're playing the world pool association rules.

>> All right

>> So we have to wrestle to decide which version of rules.

>> Finally >> Exactly

No it's ball in hand, means we have to call any shots.

>> We do have to call shots.

>> Oh shhh, so because we're playing ball in hand

that means you can make the shots as easy you want.

Where's your head at

>> It's because he scratched, the table is still open.

You and I can choose whichever we want

we can choose solids or stripes.

>> We can steal the solids

the solids are clearly in the best spots.

>> WES: Steal the solids?

>> BRIAN: Yeah so at this point do you think through

a whole journey, like I'm going to knock in the seven

and then the three and I'll get back to the one.

>> Sometimes, I will figure out a pattern

for the entire table, but generally

the best way to approach this is to think three

or four shots ahead.

>> Okay

>> WES: My first choice here is which of these balls

is going to be the hardest one to make.

>> Oh, that is so counter intuitive,

I would have done the exact opposite.

>> It may be an easy shot with the ball in hand,

but it's probably the hardest one to fit

into a pattern for the overall.

>> You tell me how wrong I am but,

it feels to me like, of everything I am seeing here

the 4 is the hardest. So I would start here,

knock in the four knowing that we can get the seven,

And then make a tour around.

Does that feel right to you?

>> It's a pretty good strategy there.

>> That's not a bad way to start

>> Second question, should my youngest daughter

be the most prominently featured in the avatar?

I just, I don't want to get ahead of myself.

>> We have to win, do you hear me?

>> I think the way I want to approach this

is like you said, start with the four ball

but then leave you a shot to make the three ball.

>> BRIAN: We have to switch even every single shot!

>> Exactly, exactly

>> I'm in the lane, you know what, staying right here.

>> You know what, I'm going to also rudely

>> WES: To your own teammate no less.

>> Here, I'll go ahead, it's golf now.


>> BRIAN: Now I have to go.

>> WES: Brian it's your shot.

>> BRIAN: Am I even allowed to hit the nine ball

to knock in the seven?

>> That's a great question, and no.

>> Really? >> You have to hit...

>> That's very rude, I'll have you know.

>> You have to hit a solid first.

If it means anything you can hit a solid

into a stripe into another solid.

>> Brian we're not going to do that right now.

>> BRIAN: I'm going to put the three in the side

and I'm going to tee you up for the seven.

>> WES: Now you don not have to hit hard, to make that shot.

>> So maybe a little bit of back English.

>> In this case I don't mind if you roll

a little bit forward. Just don't roll

all the way into the pocket.

>> I'm going to use a closed bridge,

with a slight bit of back English

for the three in the side pocket.

[bleep]ed it up, god damn it,

double [bleep]ed it up!

>> Yes!

>> New question, was that a scratch because I didn't,

>> No >> Because I hit your...

>> No it was a legal shot.

>> Should I be celebrating because I'm doing a lot of this.


>> It was a legal shot, you hit your ball first

you just missed and you happened

to make one of ours too.

>> Congratulations. >> Thank you.

>> Because he's got this two ball that's blocking the path

of both the fifteen and the twelve,

I'm going to try and make that eleven ball over here

run into these two balls, driving them up-table

and hopefully leaving you a shot on that ten ball.

>> BRIAN: Not only are you going to sink this ball

you're going to mess up our future shot,

while also setting up an easier shot for Jason.

>> Well there's not a lot I can do about that two ball

but it's messing us up because it's blocking

these two balls over here.

>> BRIAN: Got it

>> So what I'm going to try and do is I'm going to try and

make this ball over here and relocate these two balls.

As well, I'm hoping that the cue ball stays

in this general area so that my teammate will

have a shot on the ten ball.

>> BRIAN: Got it

>> No that's good, that's good you're right

let's go with that.

>> He's pretty good


>> WES: I told you

>> All the balls are better arranged now

but luckily, it's on you now.

>> I rea... Wait, is it mine

>> Your shot >> What do I do?

>> JUDE: I like the fifteen ball.

Because of the way the seven ball is situated

here you can actually run into that seven ball

a little bit, it'll help it out and

the fifteen ball will have no place else to go

but this pocket.

>> What about hitting the eight ball because

that's definitely a worry.

>> BRIAN: [laughing] Okay stop stop.

>> JUDE: That's a little premature.

>> No accidentally hitting the eight ball.

Accidentally come on [laughing]

>> I was like, I know sometimes we play the idiot

>> What if I just skip to the end

no, no, it looks like I might hit the

eight ball if I'm not careful.

>> JUDE: I don't think you will

>> You think I'm clear? Okay.

>> But if you do, that would be a foul

and they would have ball in hand.

But I would shoot this in very gently

>> Okay.

>> And just allow the cue ball to come

to it's natural rest in that general area.

>> Okay.

>> Just let your instincts take over, you'll be fine.

>> Yeah, that's a plan.

[Brian laughs]

>> He even hit the eight ball, which mean its ball in hand.

[Jude laughs]

>> JASON: I'm sorry. >> JUDE: It's okay, its okay.

[Jude laughs]

>> Tell me if I'm wrong on this but I believe

in general corner pockets are easier to sink

than side pockets, so these guys are the two

biggest trouble items that I see on our menu.

>> WES: The seven ball is actually getting to be difficult

now that the nine and the fifteen are so close to it.

There's only a very limited

range of positions

for the cue ball on the table where I can make

the seven ball and set up another shot.

And I'll leave you right over here,

so you can shoot the five ball.

>> BRIAN: Okay, that's very generous of you

>> WES: Going to try that. >> BRIAN: Yes

[balls colliding]

Ooh that was tasty

>> WES: I hit that way too hard

>> No, I'm pretty sure I can sink that.

>> One other common foul that occurs

when the cue ball and the object ball

are that close together if you contact

the cue ball and then your cue follows through,

and hits the cue ball again, that's also a foul

and they get ball in hand.

One way to avoid that, I know we talked...

>> You don't have to avoid that

>> It's optional.

>> Hey!

we talked in the last episode about

trying to keep your cue level, this is one place

where elevating your cue actually helps.

So if I elevate,

my cue does not come out

past the cue ball and if I'm level

my cue does go past the cue ball.

>> No, I'm with you and you know what?

I'm going to double down from the hubris bonus menu

where would you like the cue to end up.

>> Let's see if you can't put the cue ball back to there.

>> Done [laughs]

[balls collide]

[Brian Laughs]

>> WES: That was a legal hit

[Brian laughs]

>> Eat that with your breakfast.

>> [laughs] Okay.

>> Ball in hand

>> Ooh what just happened, what was that.

>> Ball in hand, BCA rules.

>> BCA rules are that's a foul. >> WES: That's a foul

>> BRIAN: So the chalk fell over.

>> WES: I totally didn't reach for it and accidentally

knock it off the table.

>> BRIAN: So in that case it affected the cue ball

so at this point it's a scratch.

>> Should we let it slide

>> BRIAN: No no no no!

>> No.

>> No. Urinal cake code, no pity

>> No pity, no mercy, no quarter

>> I guess it's my shot then

>> BRIAN: Very well,

he's going to run the table in dude.

>> WES: But see that's the beauty of scotch doubles

even if Jude is a fantastic player.

>> BRIAN: Sooner or later Jason has to go.

>> WES: Sooner or later Jason takes a shot and it

evens out the skill levels. [balls collide]

>> BRIAN: For example in this case, Jude's

set up a shot so simple, that nobody

>> Shut up, shut your mouth. I hate you.

>> should be able to miss it.

>> WES: You remember what happened on that last shot

>> Just make sure that you chalk first

and you don't drop the chalk on the cue ball.

>> Also make sure to get all the way from your

thumb to your index finger.



>> WES: Excellent

[Brian oohs sarcastically] >> I got one!

>> JUDE: So this time I'm going to make the fourteen ball

in this pocket over here.

>> Okay

>> And I'm going to roll the cue ball up

and hopefully I'm going to have it land right around here.

You won't have to deal with the one ball.

>> You won't have to walk so far.

>> Thank you, yeah.

>> JASON: I didn't know predicting the

future was part of pool. I usually just do it

and hope for the best.

[balls moving]

>> This ones going to be a little bit tricky.

>> Yeah.

>> You want to hit the cue ball a little bit on the high side.

So then that way after you make this twelve ball,

and you will make this twelve ball,

the cue ball is going to come out to this rail over here

and bounce out and leave me right about

there for that nine ball.

>> Meanwhile on our side of things, I want to point out

that Jude picked up the chalk and set it over there,

nowhere near the cue ball.

I'm just saying that was a good move.

[Jude laughs]

>> It's a pro move, so right about there?

>> Yeah, but you're going to want to try and put your bridge

hand around there, you don't want it to be too far away.

>> Oh okay.

[balls collide] [exasperated grunt]

>> JUDE: Nice try

>> JASON: Almost

>> WES: Brian it's your shot.

>> So I assume just nick the two

and hope that you're

able to figure out what to do next.

>> We are going to attempt a bank shot here.

If you make contact with the two ball here

you might be able to make the two back here in this pocket.

>> Got it, so you're saying the hard thing

would be to nail that slither on the side and

get this in here. It's much safer to aim to knock

it sort of here-ish, so that it rolls back in.

>> This is possibly one of the hardest positions

that we could have been given on this table right now.

>> So you're saying if I make this, unquestionable proof

that the Brushwood family photo belongs.

>> All right, so I want you to aim the cue ball

for about right there and I want you to strike the cue ball

a little bit on the left side of the center.

>> Okay

Pull your bridge back about nine inches

away from the cue ball.

>> Okay.

(balls collide


>> JASON: What! What!

[Brian laughs]

>> Unbelievable.

>> Oh that was tasty, oh that was good

so now what? [laughs]

>> WES: We'll play the one ball in the corner pocket.

>> BRIAN: Okay.

[balls collide]

[balls move]

I'm going to go for this side pocket and I'm going to

try to go light because I assume I want to

end up somewhere around here-ish?

>> We don't necessarily need to go too light.

I want you to shoot hard enough that you're confident

in making the three ball.

>> BRIAN: It's more important to sink the three.

>> When you're hitting very softly a

lot of things can go wrong.

>> Should I be worried that I'm playing of the rail here.

>> Yes, when the cue ball is that close to the rail

you have very little control,

lets go back to the open bridge.

>> That's uh, the ninety degree angle like that?

>> Right, now pull your hand back off the edge of the table.

>> Ooh that's scary.

>> Right cause this is about the distance that you want.

>> Oh I think I see what you're getting at.

>> Now again, try and keep your cue mostly level.

[cue strikes cue ball]

[ball moves]

>> No! Ball in hand,

I'm so screwed

>> JASON: Aaaaahhhh

[Jason laughs]

>> There was a brief moment that I was so confident.

>> We got you now, by we I mean him.

[Brian laughs]

>> Hey, I'd like to remind you, there's at least

one more time you're going to have to make a shot.

>> Not if he's really good.


>> Trying to figure out what would be best here.

>> He's trying to figure out how to get all

three balls in one shot.

Ball in hand at the end of the game

is a death sentence!

>> So this is what I'm going to do, I'm going to make

this twelve ball.

>> Okay

>> And I'm going to leave the cue ball basically right

in front of the side pocket, and try and leave

you a straight shot on that 9 ball.

>> Okay, as straight as possible is good.

[Brian laughs]

[balls move]

>> Okay

>> BRIAN: That's a pretty straight shot.

>> Can I get a watch I want to make sure he doesn't

strike all the way through the cue ball there.

>> We'll keep an eye, I think we'll be all right.

Hit the cue ball a little low, you don't even have

to hit it that hard, just a nice medium stroke

and straight on and that nine ball

should go right in the corner pocket,

and ill have a shot on the eight ball for the win.

>> Can I vomit into this one if I need to.

[Brian laughs]

>> So just a little bit low, and keep your bridge

hand as close to the cue ball as possible.


>> I'm a little low.

[Jude] Yup

[balls collide]

Oh that's a double hit.

>> That is yeah, I screwed that up.

>> BRIAN: He did a bad?

>> I did a bad.

>> He did a bad!

>> He did a bad!

>> I didn't even see it, I assume we caught it on camera.

>> JUDE: Yeah, yeah I'm sure of it.

>> BRIAN: So the cue ball went forward, bounced back?

>> JASON: The cue ball was hitting the nine ball

while the stick was hitting the cue ball.

So there was yeah...

>> You can feel it

>> Oh you feel the ba-bah.

>> The shooter can feel it.

>> WES: You missed the last shot.

>> BRIAN: So it's your turn.

>> It's my shot, which means of course, Brian.

>> You've got to set me up.

>> I've got to set you up so you can win

this whole thing and claim your prize.

>> Yeah lets try and set up for the corner pocket.

>> Okay, there are a couple of ways I can play this

I could start here and try and draw the ball back.

>> BRIAN: Yeah

>> WES: But that's a very touchy shot

with a lot of finesse to get very specific position.

>> Yeah

>> Or I can start over here

and roll forward

to line you up for the eight which is

>> I like that, I like that one

>> It's easier for me to control, we'll see if I can execute.

[balls collide]

>> Well done.

>> All comes down to one shot.

[Brian laughs]

>> All right, this is the part where I stop

caring about the show and just try, to make this happen.

>> Chalk you're cue first.

>> Oh yeah, I should do that.

[Brian laughs]

>> JUDE: Which pocket?

>> WES: And make sure you call your pocket.

>> BRIAN: Yes, eight ball corner pocket.

The one thing I remember is that slower is better.

[balls collide]


Oh no that's bad

>> I've had easier shots.

[Brian laughs]

>> We got a pretty good roll one that.

>> I'm going to try and make the eight ball

in this corner pocket over here.

This is a really tough cut.

[balls collide]

[all exclaim ohs] [Brian laughs]

>> JASON: Almost there!

>> Okay I will try it in that same corner pocket

[balls collide]

>> BRIAN: Yes!

>> Well done.

>> All right!

>> High five partner. >> Dude that was great, man.

What a great way to balance everything out.

You guys are incredible of course.

>> JASON: Don't know why I'm shaking your hand

Of course if anybody wants to get better we talked before

about joining the local league, and you do lessons here

right in Austin Texas.

>> Exactly you can find me at JudeRosenstockpool on Facebook.

>> And thanks to Skinny Bobs in Round Rock Texas

for the sight of my humiliation once again.

>> All right and thank you for the new avatar photo,

just two or three buttons down,

just give me a little action here.

>> Turn around everybody, except for the cameras.

>> This was a bit more salacious than I expected.

Yeah that's the only way to make it work right.

>> Oh god,

oh that's terrible

>> [laughing] Everybody will spend the whole show

thinking that Jason won and that he selected that.

[Brian laughs]

[Brian laughs]


Let me just forward this over to everybody.

We got Hello Fresh, which one do you want.

>> Crispy Parmesan Chicken, can we do that.

>> Done.

>> Mmm they smell good.

>> I'm just going to do like the pictures show.

>> I'm going to wash these green beans,

they make green one now apparently.

>> BRIAN: Zest and quarter the lemon.

I don't know what that means.

>> JASON: Do we need horses.

>> BRIAN: So what did we like about Hello Fresh.

>> JASON: Oh how fast it is, this is a really

quick way to prepare a full and healthy meal.

>> BRIAN: I like that it's easy, I like that decisions

are out of my hands and instead, professional

chef's put this stuff together.

>> JASON: Yeah, there's no leeway in there for me

to put something stupid like, I don't know,

let's put mandarin slices in the couscous.

>> BRIAN: I was surprised that the meals

start at just $5.66, that's super affordable.

>> It's also really flexible so if you want to say,

add a desert, or an extra mean, or start adding lunches

to your order you can do that on the fly.

>> And as part of their new years sale if you go to use promo code MODERNROGUE10 at checkout

you get ten free meals plus free shipping.

Obviously you have to buy something,

but you get ten bonus free things. It's a lot!

>> JASON: I like food, I like free food!

>> BRIAN: Congratulations, you're going to like it.

All right is this guy done do you think?


Ooh yeah.

Everything's fine, its fine, its fine!

Yeah, perfect perfect.

There's a little bit on the floor, it's fine

>> Nailed it.

Hello Fresh, if these idiots can do it

so can you!

Oh lemon yes.

>> Bit of lemon drizzle.

>> On the green beans.

>> All right, what's the verdict, how did we do?

>> It's delicious! We are legitimate chefs.

this is amazing.

>> We are now man!

MODERNROGUE10 at checkout.

Galaxy sized urinal cakes.

That's our new team name.

[something falls over]

That's how impressive that name is


>> Reset the injury counter, and it's not us.

For the first time ever!

>> Oh that'd be great, first time production

has to reset the injury counter!

Is there blood?

[tv static]

If there's blood I swear to god get it on camera.

>> JASON: This is a moment!

[Brian sings tunelessly]


>> JASON: I'd like to point out that we're cheering because

one of our crew was injured.

The Description of Brian vs. Jason for the Fate of the Channel