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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Бой с тенью 3: Последний раунд (2011) | Фильм в HD

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SHADOWBOXING-3: The Last Round

Two years after

- Well, how was that? - Smile, darling.

Our brilliant Artyom Kolchinand and Lera Svetlova

have extravagantly performed

Thank you!

I don't know what boxer you are, Artyom,

but you are an awesome good dancer.

...they've managed to convey a genuine passion.

So, what will be the opinion of our esteemed jury?

Mum, Daddy has won!

He can't do otherwise.

That's a conclusive victory of two novices!

Who could have imagined it? The boxer and the dancer?

It's almost like 'The Young Lady and the Hooligan'.


Congratulations, guys!


Mum, I'd like to see some more of Daddy!

So would I.

Go to bed!

Baltic cocktail.


Drink to our victory!


Artyom, I know you are here!

You are degrading, palIt's high time to stop.

Artyom, it's urgent.

We've got problems.

Oleg has been accepted.

Wake up, Kossikov. Someone has come for you.

Not a single bastard has stopped to help me!

- No one gives a hoot! - Is it him?

Hi, beauty.

But for him, I don't know what would have happened to me.

Don't fuss, Miss, we are not cannibals here.

By the way, my name is Oleg.

And I am Yulia.

Man, what a thing to do, you've got a bout to fight.

So what, should I have left the girl in trouble?

Captain, may I say a few words, please?

Where are you supposed to be, Oleg a week before the bout at 10 p. m.?

In bed.

So, what the fuck..?

Where are you loafing about at that hour?

I'm sorry, Artyom.

Get in the car.

So do you. We'll give you a lift.

What do we owe you, officer?

Not a thing.

Guys would like to take a picture with Artyom.


Thank you, Lieutenant. So long.

Many thanksYou've saved us

Let me help you.

Are you going home? Vika, has called, she's worried.

Okay, home

He was a top boxer. I wish he hadn't left the ring.

- Two more spoonhfuls! - I don't want it!

- Wow, who's hiding here? - A little elephant.

Yes, and who is that?

A little mouse.

- A spoonful for the little elephant… - No, I don't want it.

-Will you take a spoonful for your Daddy? - Yes.

Good girl, let's take it for your so called Daddy


Where have you been?

Where have you been, Daddy? I missed you.

I missed you too. I love you, Princess.

So do I.

Haven't you got anything to say to me?

Good morning.

Would you explain to me, what's going on?

What do you want to know?

Where have you been?

At work.

Oh yeah, new steps of samba rumba.

You have to practise them all day long to make sure

they come well at night.

Am I right?

Why, it's art, nothing to sneeze at.

This art gives us food.

Or do you want me to lie on the coach an watch TV?

And who's going to earn money?

I'm sweating like Papa Carlo,

and and onle get more scenes from you.

Be careful not to grind off your chock, toiler.

I don't have to hang about in a gym day after day.

They aren't kids, are they?

Have Oleg train the hook I've shown him.

Only let him do it in sparring with Guram.

That's it, Mikey, don't load me down, will you?

Don't I look like a clown?

No, what an idea. You look great.

My Grandmother used to yell at me if I made this mess.

Okay, what's this?

- Well, I've almost done it. - Yeah, almost!


Thanks, I'll do it myself.

Artyom, I apologize.

- It was a practical joke, you know? - I see.

Don't be mad.

Okay, you're free to leave.


But if I see that on TV, you fucking watch your step with me.

Got it?

Okay, peace, bro.

Here you are.

Don't get mad, we've both been set up.

Okay, good luck.

Misha, how long are we going to wait for you?

My dear pals four years aren't a milestone of course,

but it's still a date, in a good sense of the word.

So, guys, let's drink to our club,

to our future, and of course

to Oleg's coming victory.

Hip, hip

Hi to everyone!


Sorry for how I look. I've had a blow-off.

Why didn't you call me?

I did.

But you've probably been busy rehearsing a ducklings' dance.

Come on, there've been no calls.

- What? - Nothing.

Hi, Vika.

What are you doing here?

I've come by to congratulate the guys.

What's the matter with you, ole girl?


if I`ll see you again beside Artyom

I pluck you like a fowl.

Oh, how ferocious we are! Relax, dear.

It's just PR, there's nothing else between us.

I'm warning you.

Look at her!

Do you know how many Artyoms have I got?

Bluff has never done any good to anybody.

- What bluff? - No one fucking needs this stuff.

A girl's sick out there.

Oh shit, what a life!

- Haven't we got a toilet sink? - Shut up.

- Don't be rude. - Am I?

And you aren't being rude coming every day

from that slut and lying calmly on my bed, are you?

Cut it out, I'm not coming from any one.

I don't care that you sleep with her.

You are betraying yourself.

You are just a wretched imitation of Artyom

I once fell in love with.

You are a clown, a nobody, a dummy!

I don't think I love you any more.

Well, what do you say?

A tough client.

He could have knocked out Oleg now, but he wouldn't.

It's all betting.

Have you seen the bets?

4 to 1 for Oleg.


- Was it you who called her? - Why should I?

Beast of a woman.

Oleg, close up! Hands higher!

Okay, the gum shield.

You are doing good. Relax, you gonna win.

I know.

Oleg, why are you running after him?

Pull him apart, don't run.

Lera, come on, I've got no time for this now.

Okay, I just wanted to say hi.

Pull him out and work it, do you hear me?

I'll get that son of a bitch!

Okay, move it, go on!




- You ok? - Yeah.


Akhatych, a towel!


Oleg, do you hear me?

Get away! Let him breathe!

Did you expect this result of the fight?

Of couse not.

And Ill do everything to annul it.

What do you mean?

Im certain the bout was unfairI

I demand to revise a drug test of Antonio Cuerte.

And I guarantee that Ill do everything to expose his guilt.

Entschuldigen sie, meine Herren, hier durfen sie nicht weiter.

Machen sie sich keine Sorgen, die Situation ist unter Kontrolle.

Wir tun alles, was in unseren Kraften liegt.

What did she say?

We can't go in there.

What a blockhead am I!

Artyom, it's sport, none of your fault.

We should warn his mother.

Who's going to call her?

May I come in?


you know...

don't go after me any more.

And don't call me. Nothing will come of it.

We are too different.

Fuck you!

Who needs an animal like you!



Polina, daughter!


Open up!

Do you hear me?

I didn't invite her, she was there on her own!

Open up!

I've left you, Artyom. Don't look for us. '

One, two, three, four, five

Artyom, fuck you!

Do you know what time it is?

What's the matter?

I'm going back to the ring.

I wish I'd kick the bucket at last!

I'm not going to fix your bout with Cuerte.

Yes, you are. There's no getting around for you.

Look, Artyom I've got scores of proposals!

We'll get millions without straining ourselves.

Why should you lie under the train?

If Artyom says so.

Mikey, I want Cuerte.

You are my partner. Commence negotiations.

Strike harder!

- Stop! - Is it okay?

Yulia, wait!

What's up, Yulia?

I've talked to the doctor.

He hasn't got a single chance.

Yulia, hang on.

Leave me alone!

I want a normal life I want to have kids.

Can anyone be in love with a vegetable?

Can't you understand that?

Do you remember how you met him?

Thank you, Artyom for everything you do for us.

He was all bumps and bruises after every bout.

It hurt terribly, but he would go again and again.

Especially when he fought as a junior.

He was growing without a father so he attained to your level.

Okay, Artyom!

Take it easy!


Don't blame yourself, it's nobody's fault.

Artyom, it's for you.

- Sign it please. - Okay.

- Can I have an autograph? - Yes.

- Artyom, I'm off. - Go ahead.

It's really cool that you've come back to the ring.

Can I have a parcel after all?

- Hello! - Do you recognize me?

Is it possible not to?

I hear you're going to fight Cuerte?

News travels fast.

There are tickets in the envelope.

When you arrive in Hong Kong, look for a fish market Aberdin.

I spell it for you: Anna, Boris, Elena, Roman, Dmitry, Ivan, Natalia.

Ask for Sou, she'll take you to the right place.

What Hong Kong, Vagit? What are you talking about?

Antonio Cuerte is not a human being.

Please get in here.

Code 112.

Mr Kolchin, please, come with us.

Whats going on?

Dont worry. Its just a formality.

Dont move!

Hey, guys!

This is stupid! Someones planted it on me!

I wanna call the Russian Consul.

Turn right.



Mister Kolchin, I am Inspector Chen.

I will be dealing with your case.

What case?

What are you talking about?

Do you know this man?


I last saw him some five years ago in the US.

He is currently located in Hong Kong.

And you are his connection

you are helping him to organise drugs supply.

This is absurd!

Im a boxer, the world champion.

Drugs have been planted on me!

By whom? And where?

On board the plane

I saw that men

he was fiddling about with the bags overhead,

where my bag was.


What did he look like?


a Chinese.

You've found yourself in a very unpleasant situation, Mister Kolchin.

As you know Hong Kong is a part of China.

Let me show you

what is done in China with drug traffickers.

I want to contact the Consul.

Neither the Consul, nor a lawyer will help you.

The best you can count on

is the death sentence commuted to life imprisonment.

But dont be upset.

The police of Hong Kong is known as Asias finest.

We have a proposal for you, Artyom.

Your accomplice Valiev

He is not my accomplice!

Your accomplice Valiev holds a very important

document at one of Hong Kongs banks.

Only two persons have access to it: him and you!

Are you aware of it?

This is the first time I hear about that!

Of course.

So, you will collect the document from the bank

and hand it over to us.

Then we'll get you back to Moscow

and forget the whole drug story.

I accept.

Wake up, Mr. Kolchin.

Here's your passport.

Is everything clear, Kolchin?

I enter the bank, collect the document and hand it over to you.


You are very capable.

Come on, Kolchin.

Relax and go ahead.

Stand by.

Okay? Got it!

Let's go.

Where are we flying to?

Weve already been in the air for half an hour.


My mistake.

I've promised to let you go, haven't I?

I keep my word.


Comrade Colonel!

- Is it you, Shlykov? - Yes, sir.

Good day sir!

How do you feel on pension?

It's too small.

Guys asked me to say hi to you.

- Still remember the chief? - Of course!

Alexander, dinner's ready!

- Will you join me? - No, I've come by just for a minute.

We've been driving up the wall for Chinese heroin market workout.

Are they hiding it in bamboo?

That's it.

We've confiscated this notebook

and found these pictures on Winchester.

The owner swears that has no idea how they got there.

Have you tried tortures?

What are you talking about, Comrade Colonel?

Human rights are the first thing.

Oh yeah. Go on.

Three days ago Kolchin was arrested in Hong Kong Airport for heroin traffic.

The heroin is identical to that of the parcel

we've confiscated in Moscow.

That same day Kolchin managed to escape

after killing two cops.

I believe he's your old client.

Wouldn't you like to fly to Hong Kong at the Office expense?

Wake up!

Leave him alone, you naughty boy!

Come on, take some soup.

Take your time.

We've picked you up on the beach.

Yo've been lucky to survive.

Don't be afraid, play with it.


You don't move, the snake can't see.


Go ahead, don't be scared!

It's your turn now.

You can do it.

You shouldn't have been afraid!

This is our boss.

The man who have an answer to any question.

- Quite far from Hong Kong. - Where were your people taking Kolchin?

We had put him in a witness-protection program.

Major Chen was taking him to a safe place.

Mister Ni Chai, I presume?

Nice to meet you.

Your Cantonese is almost flawless.

I am Yu Siang - the smartest and the most important person here.

I'd be happy to help in the investigation.

Yes, of course.

That Kolchin is very dangerous! He killed the pilot.

And strangled inspector Chen.

Sorry about that.

Just one question

why a world champion would deal with trafficking 10 grams of heroin?

We are not interested in his motives.

In China they don't waste words with guys like him.

You know what boxers are like. They are inadequate at times.

Where is the foreigner?

Talk to me!

Now, take this!

He must be out there. Let's go.

Where is he?

Talk to me, you, witch!

I've found his clothes.

How dare you lie to me?

If you don't talk, I'll plant a bullet in your stupid head!

Leave my Granny alone! Go away!

Don't kill her.

He has robbed us and left.

It was at dawn.

He is out there!

I'll go and search the shack.

You've got no place to hide here.

What's there?

I'm telling the truth. He's gone in that direction.

Come out, they've left.

Good idea to hide in the basket.

Give me five!

Thank you, mother.

I'm sorry for being such a burden.

Thank you little brother.


Hi, will you give me a lift to Hong Kong?

How about money?

As far as Moscow zone, bro.


No, Russian.

I'm Russian.

Moscow. You know Moscow?

Oh, Moscow!

Moscow, okay!

How I love these nights,

Moscow suburb nights

Fried fish.

Very good fried fish!

Will you taste it, pal, it's fresh!

No money.

Rice Bull is invincible!

But you can always challenge hims to a fight.

Free beer to anyone who dares!

Huge prize to anone who wins the terrifying Rice Bull!

Today is the last day!

Fight ferocious Rice Bull and win much money!

Are you kidding me?

You are so huge!

How could you loose?

It's a shame!

What's the matter with you?

I've bet all my money for you!

I've done my best!

It's him!

I've fought the world champion!

Now his force is in me! What a great honor!

Rice Bull!

Attention a Russian suspect is wanted,

185 cm high

about 30 years old,

short haircut, grey eyes, very dangerous.

Report immediately if you identify him!

I think he's the guy!

Hey, hang on!

Freeze! Police!

Are you nuts?

Make way!

Hey, you've crushed my car!

Hey, stop! Freeze!

Make way! Get off!


It's him!


The great champion from Russia!

The world champion has defeated me! I've lost, but I'm happy!

I've been defeated by the world champion!

It means I'm vice champion!

I'm so happy!

Let me go!

Hey you, fatso!

Hand the foreigner over to us!

Do you hear me?

Hey, you silly billy! Are you deaf?

I hate to be called silly billy!

Artyom, jump in!


Vagit sent me. Jump in!

Attention, license plate RK 3749 stop the car immediately!

It's Hong Kong police. Stop the car immediately!


Where are you going?

Where? It's a blind alley!

- What are you doing! - Shut up!

Sir, sign this please!

Just a minute, sir.

Sir, all the experts are at work.

Okay, go on.

Send it to the lab right away.

An unlucky day, Ni Chai.

Sir, we've found an Uzi and a redio here.

Go on working.

Check up ever old tub in this area.


Have you any idea how many boats get here every day?

Besides, it's darkening.

Contact the Army.

They've got satellites, if you don't know that.

Do whatever you can to track the suspects.

Do it!

I love my job!

I saw it.

You look fucking great, Vagit.

Have you escaped from Shaolin or what?

Wherever I was, you won't find me any more.

Have you got the copybook, Artyom?

It sank together with the helicopter.

That's too bad.

Is that all you wish to tell me?

You called me over to the end of the world.

Somebody planted junk on me, they threatened to shoot me,

they chased me all over the country like a fucking gopher.

Was it all for that copybook?

Had you been doing sums there?

May I ask you why my life becomes nothing

but morbid footdragging as soon as you appear, Vagit?

You have no idea what the morbid footdargging is, son.

Hey, bloody Mongol,

do you know I've been very nearly killed twice today?

Stop it.


Why are you so nervous? Have some tea, will you?

What do you mean 'Cuerte is a genetic mutant'?

It means he's been implanted a very weird chromosome.

Bastia a professor, totally crazy

holds a modern laboratory in the jungle.

It is guarded by a company of cut-throats

headed by Lee Ho, Master of the Mountain.

The Triad, if you know what I mean.

Do you believe in this science fiction?

Hang on, Artyom.

When did they clone that ship? About twenty years ago, right?

And now it's a subject number one in the world.

A key to world supremacy.

Billions are flowing there.

See for yourself:is Cuerte invincible?

Imagine an army of such Cuertes.

No kidding.

I worked with Lee Ho.

What about now?

No longer.

Now I'm unemployed.

Where is the copybook, Vagit?

Lee Ho

uncover your face

No one sees the Master of the Mountain, Vagit.

Well, no one will see the copybook then.

You will be dying slowly.

It's a lie, cross-eyed pal,

I survived where mammoths had frozen to death.

OK, cross-eyed, you win!

The copybook is in Hong Kong.

So, what did it contain?

Every damn thing.

Financial charts, description of experimants.

People, secret addresses, passwords.

It was some kind of my insurance policy.

So, what else? How did you manage to escape?

Some locals helped me out.

Khmers or hell knows what.

They attacked my guards when I was escorted to Hong Kong.

That's how I met her.

Quite a girl.

No kidding, a Queen!

What comes next, Vagit?

I thought I could help both of us.

But it was a mistake I guess. Wasted money.

Just like that? We leave it as it is, don't we?

All the blood and deaths?

Come with me.

Where to?

To look for that lab in the jungle.

A cat has nine lives.

I've already wasted eight of them.

I've done the sum.

The coast is there, isn't it?


Do you know, Vagit, what blow is the most scary?

The one you cannot see.

You've already missed it.

Farewell to you.

Where is he going?

To swim.

Is he crazy?

Yes, he is.

Grab my hand.

You are not in Sochi.

Swim, goldfish, swim.

This is Guan Yu.

God of war, fraternity and honour.

Tough customer.

Its curious, that if he holds a battle-axe in his right hand,

he protects the police,

and if it's in his left, the Triads.

Don't worry.

We are on the right side of force Ni Chai.

I can't believe it, dude. That's what I'm talking about.

Good news people.

Oh, shut up, cut it out!

Got to go. Thanks, dude.


the girl we're looking for is identified.

Please, come with me to my desk.

Look at this, sir.

Here she is.

Her name is Sou.

Valiev's girlfriend.


He is a real monster.

Ive arrested him twice.

Her real name is Non Ji Suong.

A pirate and a smuggler.

She was keeping the entire coast in terror.

Shes been sentenced in absentia to death in Singpore,

Indonesia, the Philippines and China.

She was thought dead after the tsunami in Thailand.

A notable girl!


Don't move a bit!

A mine.

An American one.

I told you that you were not in Sokolniki.

What shall we do, Vagit?

How should I know? Keep still for now.

Sou, our friend has stepped on a mine.


Hes alive for now.

How big is its blast area?

Two hundred metres?

How terrible!

No, Im not an enemy of my own.

Take it easy!

Okay, I see.

Vagit, where are you going?

Vagit, you fucking bitch!

Hey, when you leave, would you give me a warning

that you're coming back?

In life you should make as less racket as possible.

On the count of three

you shift you weight to the other foot.




The rock.

The fucking rock!

Careful, as if it were a woman!

How are you feeling, honey?

Youll have to be patient.

A man in white overall is the jerk who's made Cuerte.

- We must be off. - Just a minute.

- It will be dark soon. - Just a minute.

That's what I call morbid footdragging.

Thanks for the information. Bye.

A satellite has detected

the speedboat in which Kolchin and pirate Suong had escaped.

Lets assume that Kolchin is connected with heroin trafficking.

The girlfriend of a drug baron rescues him from the police

and takes him here.

Why here in particular?

I want to know, if the analysis of the sample I brought is ready?

Judging by the chemistry, I am quite certain

that this particular type of bamboo grows in this zone.

Well, I hope you are well aware that In China

there are thousands of bamboo harvesting camps.

We have found a company supplying bamboo to Moscow.

Their camp is in this area.

Prepare the helicopters.



Everyone here! Listen to me!

Start loading at once! We must leave the camp in no time.

Burn down everything.

Cops have tracked us, do you read me?

I don't like these fireworks at all.

They are making off as I see it.

We've arrived just in time, haven't we, Artyom?

Hey, what are you doing, you, monkey?

Hey, jerk people are here!

Hey, you, yellow-bellied bitch,

I'll show you some sanguine!

Sou, what the hell are you doing here?

Let me decide where to be!

We can go now.

- We haven't finished yet! - Are you fucking crazy?

Sou, if we are not back in 10 minutes, get away.

Im serious.

10 minutes.

This is a catastrophe

a catastrophe to drop everything years of work


- Youll come with us. - No problem, guys.

Уou are from the Nobel Prize Committee, aren't you?

No, from the Society for Animals Protection.

And people too.

Get down, come on!


The game's up.

Say your prayers.

This is the end, all of us are soon meeting the Creator.

What a fucking kidder!

In the car!


Come on, girl, get us out of here!

Get the wheel!


You, bitch!

Hold on!

Another bad day, Ni Chai.

Are you thinking what I am thinking?

If youre thinking that theres a mole in my office, then, yes.

Exactly. Someone has warned them.

And you know what?. I'll find him.


I havent seen snow.

It's still ahead, my girl, I promise.


Go, we can't get away together.

We've come together and so we'll leave.

Don't you put on airs now.

They won't leave you alone.

We dont have much time left. Tell me about Cuerte.

Do you hear me?

Cuerte. Who is he?

My pride.

He was brought to me when he was a teenager.

His parents sold him for two hundred dollars.

I implanted a snake gene nto his DNA.

Can this be detected or proved?

Only if you know how it is done.

I need facts. Technologies.

They are all here.

A green point on the map is the boat location.

- Vagit… - Get going.

Now Lee Ho is my client

and Cuerte is yours.

See you with God's help.

Hong Kong police! Freeze!

Let's take a ride!


Wheres Valiev?

Died in the jungle.

Youre fucking lying!

Where is he?

Where is the pirate, Suong?

What do you know about the Master of the Mountain?

Talk or Ill blow your brains out!

What's going on?

Mister, I wouldnt recommend you to aim

your weapon at the Russian Federation subject.


Sorry, Ni Chai, its in my jurisdiction.

How do you say?

A blessing in disguise?

You helped to expose bad guys on our team.

Im happy. Can I go then?

Its not as simple, as that.

You are the only outsider who knows about the experiments.

What are you getting at?

To tell you the truth

I would prefer to keep you under arrest.

But your compatriot Ni Chai is rather persistent.

What does it mean?

What do you want?

Not a thing.

I am just a messenger.

But Master of the Mountain Lee Ho wants you to fight Cuerte.

You volunteered for it yourself, didnt you?

And you will keep silent about everything you've seen here.

Otherwise the consequences will be very sad.

Triads are not to be trifled with.

You are most likely to die an honourable death on the ring.

And I give you my word

that in this case your family will be safe.

Have I made mysel clear, Mister Kolchin?

Have a nice return my friend!


Okey! Thanks, good luck!

So long, champion!

Try not to get in such a mess any more.

- Thank you for your help. - Don't mention it.

Can I ask a ticket or two for the bout?

No problem. Good luck!

Still something is not right here, is it, Artyom?

Mum, let's go!

Mummy, I'm tired.

Let's go please, I'm tired.

Oh what do you know! Long time no see!

Where on earth have you been?

Some fish, as always?

This one?

Okay, I'll get it for you!

Here you are.

Bon appetit. Oh, thanks! Come along!

Hello! Brother Choi, he's here! He's come back!

Ladies and gentlemen, 12-round bout for the title

of world champion WBO Cruiserweight Championship.

On my right in the red corner of the ring...

44 victories, 40 of them won by knockout.

Go ahead,Artyom!

Only one defeat.

Ex absolute world champion

from Electrostal, Russia.

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome



43 victories,

41 of them won by knockout.

Unconquered champion

from Manila, the Philippines.

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome


'the Predator' Cuerte!

Red corner, are there any procedural questions?

Blue corner, questions?

No questions. Touch gloves.

Hello, Lee Ho,

Master of the Mountain.

Hail to you, Warrior.

Blast it!

Artyom, polish him off for Vika's, for your daughter's sake!

Mum, look

Daddy is on TV!

Turn it off!

But he has gloves on!









Step forward.



The gum shield!

You are lucky.

Those who have seen my face have just one way to gointo the grave.

- But I want to offer you peace. - Why do I deserve it?

We both lost much during the long years of feud.

Wed better be friends.

Everything's okay! You are good!

Antonio, listen: he is really the best,

you'd better be careful.

Are you kidding?

These beads belong to the Master of the Mountain.

Whoever owns them is higher than people

and higher than mountains.

Well divide them, and the world will belong to us.

You take the Western Hemisphere for yourself,

Ill take the Eastern.

Too much for Athos,

too little for Count de la Fer.

What did you say?

Go to hell.

Too bad.

Artyom, use your brains, don't squander blows!

Ok, do your job.

Three, four

Lee Ho is my client now.

Cuerte is yours.

How much strength do you have!

Good bye, Vagit.

six, seven, eight


- That's enough. - Mum!

- No! - Yes!

Irina, I have to leave, please take care of Polina!

- All right, Vika, is it for long? - No, I'll be back soon.

Polina, do your music lesson, OK?

Listen, he's tricky,

he can catch you off your guard,

You have to move.

Artyom, what are you up to?

Akhatych, I don't know, what to do with him.

He's too fast a bitch.

Don't panic, get yourself together!

Who's the champ? You are! Fight!



six, seven

.. eight.

Step forward.



The gum shield!

Artyom, I have to stop the bout!

What can I do?

The last round, folks.

Do you intend to continue the bout?

Akhatych, give me a chance.


Okay, good luck!

Go on, breathe.


Come on, Daddy!

I'll kill him.




You dont move

snake can't see.


Step forward.



Don`t stay!

I know about you

Do you hear me?

You wont go back to the ring again.

You have only one round left.

You must tell the people

what that fuckig lunatic has done to you.

Are you with me?

Take care, the boat is mine-strewn.

You shouldn't have accused me of corruption, Lee Ho.

- I'm mad as hell as it is. - Shut up!

I order you to release me immediately!

I am Senior Inspector Yu Siang,

I've come here on my agent's signal, to arrest

We've been tracking you.

We've tapped your phone.

We know why you are here, so shut up,

Muster of the Mountain.

Fine beads.

You won't be able to prove anything.

Ladies and gentlemen!

We have a winner!

In the 12th round...

on the second minute...

and 57th second...

the knockout victory goes to

the new world champion...

Artyom Kolchin!

Kolchin, you are a dead man!

All forces to sector 9. He's here.

Drop your weapon.

Drop it!

Spread eagle!

Cuff this fellow and take him to the Office.

You are crazy.


I'm the same Artyom Kochin as before.

Forgive me.

Don't fuss, I'll get it.

Is everything okay?

- Hello. - Hi!

Do you recognize me?

Is it possible not to?

Somebody says hi to you.

Same to somebody.

- How are you? - Okay.

- You? - Never better.

He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High

will find rest in the shadow of the Almighty.

I will say of the Lord,

'He is my refuge and my fortress, my God in whom I trust. '

Surely He will save you from the fowler's snare

and from the deadly pestilence.

A thousand may fall at your side, ten thousand at your right hand,

but it will not come near you.

For He will command His angels

concerning you to guard you in all your ways.

They will lift you up in their hands.

He will cover you with His feathers,

and under His wings you will find refuge.

His faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.

You will only observe with your eyes and see the punishment of the wicked.

Upon the viper and upon the cockatrice you shalll tread

and you shall trample the lion and the dragon.


























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