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TV sounds ...

(News) On the road where these workers are going

out, on the same day Friday night some workers reached the Gujarat border on foot but the

police sent them back. And on their return their car met with an accident and four workers

died. People walking on the road are aware

of this information, but besides Corona, one

more fight we are facing and that is hunger

and this fight has bought them on the road out of desperation.

Hey Suman,,so much bad is happening


From Mumbai, Ahmedabad highway

I Rajeev Singh with cameraman Manoj... for Indra Dhanush news

Tv sounds

This is a law of Jungle...

what are you talking berta

Aree! This is Vishakha, Suman and Bharati no

Hey! Ha.. This is at Kwatra sir's party

Today the cable man has played the video.

Hey! I am going to dance.

(Background Tabla & other instrument sound)

Kinners (TV sound)

Oh! Ho. Wonderful

Your blessing Guru ji

Start eating food

No. Eating food together is fun.

You come.

Ok Baba coming in 2 minutes, done


Wow its delicious hmmm Whatever you cook na, i have told

you before also.. You cook very tasty food.

Great fun.

Hey Suman put on the television.

Lets see what they are showing.

Ah. Ah

TV switch on


Its been one month since lockdown and the

tragedies faced by people who are walking

are still coming in. Inspite of all these problems, workers...

and helpless people are still walking on the road

Oh! No. These workers have still not reached home.

The government says that they are doing their best

dont know what the government is doing

but watching all this...

there is still lack of effort

10 days before they were showing the same news na..


Sardar Bhagat Singh has said

"Do you know in this world the biggest sin is being poor,

this is a curse and a punishment".

These words maybe you and I don't understand

I will tell one thing.

(News - but like them in the whole country thousands of people think

that they are helpless and constraint)

Few political parties are playing dirty politics

and over that our countries population is also so much...

(the government is not taking any steps

and due to this people are forced to stay and walk on the road. )

We have to do something Suman

I, Ankush Mishra cameraman with Suresh for Indradhanush

Hey Suman,What i am thinking,

I have saved some money

and if every member of our community

contributes little little bit we can help many of the people.

Then,go & speak to everybody

No, no, i will speak directly to Kashi Aunty,

everyone will listen to her

And now people also will know that we are

also humans and we do work for humanity.

You think a lot, about everyone

Aree no re,

what makes my mind happy,

that is what i do.

This is the best thing about you

Your heart is made of pure gold

You remember i was walking

on the street all lost and lonely,

no one held my hand

at that time you held my hand.

you gave me a roof over my head,

food to eat

and gave me an opportunity to stand on my feet again

And you know what sister,

today because of your help i also learnt the sewing machine and sew clothes.

Enough now, you want to make me cry now !

you are my sister..coming in a few minutes

Aunty, it will be good for many people...

Thousands of our labourers are walking many

kilometer on the road,

if you say, no one will say no to you.


you have not changed at all...


....from your childhood i am watching you,

you worry about everyone..



ok ok

ohh bano...


Yes aunty (a voice comes from a distance.. )

Tell everyone in the kinner society to help Mohini

from the body and moneywise...


may be few people will stop being jealous of us...

Now you are happy...hmm

Yes aunty, today only i will start the preparation

Just need your blessings

long live...long live


(Breathing Slightly) 20 big vessels are ready.

Around 500 peoples can eat food

Wah! My sister, (clap hands)

very nice

ok now i am leaving, ok.

How will you take

Areee baba..

I have spoken to Bashir brother

he will be sending 3 vans,

and why are you worried,

I have my other sisters too, for help

Now listen we have to do this everyday...hmm

Now i am going, will come back in the evening

Social distancing,

all these things of social distancing is lost in the wind

when in the crowd we see workers in hundreds of numbers

In between of all this, there are some people

also who have come forward for the help of poor,

destitute people.

Believe me, we are proud of such people

In the midst of this crisis in this country,

poor migrating workers, messiah of the helpless

people have come to the front, kinner,

we have got news and photos from all over India. Delhi, Noida

Varanasi, Muzaffarpur, Mumbai, Madhya Pradesh,

Orissa and Karnataka

and from many other cities kinners have been feeding food and

giving free ration and mask,

keeping in mind social distancing

norms....and this campaign is being taken forward

by Mohini from the kinnar society

The government has also praised and thanked their work,

saying that the kinnar devotion to the nation and Mohini's selfless contribution..

The government is honouring Mohini with the National Award

Welcome back to Indra Dhanush News.

To the audience who have connected with us right now,

we would like to share with them, in our studio today we have a great personality,

they have in the name of humanity, set an example,

yes, in our society we call them

as kinner, hijada, eunuchs, or transgender

and from one year continuously, workers, poor

hungry families, Mohini sister and her kinner community has been a big help.

Mohini sister and her community

Mohini sister, Welcome again to our show.

You have been conferred with the National Award

before we leave,what would you like to say....


Firstly i would like to thank my companions,

my sisters, from my community

and especially a big thank you to my Kashi aunty,

for believing in me, for trusting me,

and through your channel i would like to tell my country men,

that we are also human beings,

we also have 2 hands, 2 legs, 2 eyes, and

we also should be given respect as you give others.

It is very unfortunate

In our country, we have always been abused

and i only wish that the government, even

if they do not confer on me with the National Award,

only give our community equal rights,

open new schools for us, opportunities for work so that we do not have to beg.

You often see at the traffic signal, on the road, at the crossroad, our sisters keep begging and

are forced to be sex workers, you tell me, if they are not given jobs then

how will they fill their stomachs

but i am very sure we are capable to do any task,

all we need is an opportunity

This is Mohini sister from kinner society

(heyyy.. clapping sounds) who has requested

the government, that their society also be recognised in our country and be given equal

rights, make jobs available for them, because

they also have the potential to do any work,

only an opportunity they need.

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