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Hi, my name is Sol Daz

and I draw and make illustrations.

I've been drawing and creating stories my whole life,

which has led me to publish more than 15 books,

including Bicharracas,

Cmo ser una mujer elegante, and Nacer bajo tierra.

My creative method is based on analog processes

that interact with the digital world.

I like drawing to enter my inner world,

and to enjoy a personal and intimate moment.

Its like a journey to a place I love.

I invent hundreds of characters on these journeys.

I love feeling like they're alive

and accompanying me as if they were imaginary friends.

These drawings and characters can

serve as a type of anchor when youre experiencing stormy times

or as wise advisors

that help you pinpoint personal issues

with which you can build great stories.

In this Domestika course,

you'll learn to create your own webcomic series.

As a project, youll travel to your inner world

to unravel stories that will become characters

for a webcomic you can develop and share for a long time to come.

You'll learn about webcomics, their formats and narrative styles,

and then do exercises with conceptual maps

that will help you define the central idea.

Well research the topic and connect the concepts.

Well start sketching images and characters

and then try out colors and materials

that will allow you to graphically visualize your story.

I'll show you the materials and well get started preparing the scripts,

which well develop from a base idea

of four acts or panels.

Once thats ready, well start drawing and inking,

where youll learn about composition within a panel.

To finish, Ill teach you how to digitalize your comics

to have them ready to share

in a virtual space designed specifically for them.

If you follow these steps,

youll transform your experiences and ideas into a live webcomic.

To take this course, its important

to be in the habit of writing or drawing

and you'll need to know a little about Photoshop.

This course is for anyone who enjoys digging into personal issues

and wants to explore their authorial voice

through webcomic creation.

Discover and dive into your inner world

to create personal and universal stories.

Sign up at

Create. Share. Learn.

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