Practice English Speaking&Listening with: SUB■暮らしvlog■40代主婦の月初め家事ルーティン/せんべい汁/Housework routine at the beginning of the month

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The towel I use every day. When bleached, the fabric and feeling will be refreshed.

I also received a cute simple glass

I'm more excited about what I'm going to use

A balcony on a sunny day will motivate you for the day This is my power spot

Before "laundry trash" appears Cleaning the washing tub

When you're doing something, it's lunchtime in no time

Thank you K-san from Fukuoka, ginger ginger ~ ♪

I have come to the tip of cooking rice in a pan. Very slightly burnt and delicious! If you cook well, you will feel better.

Today is "senbei soup"

Mentsuyu divided by the proportion of the pot Burdock and carrot Add the cabbage and green onion once it has cooked.

"Tuna can" as a hidden taste. Umami is added to give a deep flavor

Once the soup is complete Divide the rice cracker-only "senbei" into 2-3 equal parts.

This is Inari sushi with red ginger

The color is bright and the ginger is a nice accent

The taste is similar to Suito. The rice cracker sucks soup and is soft & moist

Shichimi pepper goes well

Helpful menu soup

I was only worried about the sharpness If you look closely, it was totally dirty

Taking advantage of the momentum, the vegetable room I was interested in

After a long time, it will be like this. Lol (How to remove, I forgot ...)

A lot of soil was spilled

Let's wash the big ones in the bathroom

Once you start I move my hands silently and only move forward (lol)

The exhilaration after the end is a reward that you worked hard

I saved a cute paper bag


By the way, the dust box is also dry quickly

Replace the sponge.

Papers that are quickly consumed are taken out of the bag and the lid is also removed.

With this effort, there is no garbage left behind and you can use it quickly.

(Hold down to prevent dust from entering)

The towels have dried comfortably

On the day when you do your best, relax early in the bath

I missed the hot springs I was visiting during the fresh green season

Inspired by a hot spring inn in the mountains The selected essential oil is "Aomori Hiba"

Surrounded by the scent of standing trees, this is a healing inn

The Description of SUB■暮らしvlog■40代主婦の月初め家事ルーティン/せんべい汁/Housework routine at the beginning of the month