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You came just in time!

Defeat! A New Start From Zero!

Finally i can block your shoots, Tsubasa!

Who is he?

Hes that little soccer genius, that Wakabayashi told you about. 0:00:23.000,0:00:248.000 Come, Tsubasa! I'm happy that i can play with you .0:00:28.000,0:00:30.000 Yeah, ther's no time to waste!

We dont have much time left.

All hope in you, Tsubasa!

My legs hurt. You can change me.

I can go, replace me.

Go tsubasa, i can go off to!

Wait a second.

I don't wan't Tsubasa to play,

Why is that?!

Because he has nr 10...

...he doesn't have rights to participate

What? Why are you talking like that Hyuga?

I agree with Hyuga.

What's wrong Matsuyama?!

Why can't Tsubasa play with us?

We have a list who plays in this match.

Tsubasa is not on that list thats why he cant play in this match

Take someone else...

...that you can change with.

But Tsubasa was injured he couldn't fill in !0:01:25.000,0:01:27.000 You know how good Tsubasa is!

He must play with us immediately!

Yes, Ishizaki is right!

We have no chance without him.

We will handel it without him!

We must win this match!

Japan team doesn't need Tsubasa!

If we lose, as a the Japan team captain, il take all responsibility.

I know that you want to play...

...but if everyone doesn't agree, then... can't play.

I understand.

Tachibana brothers will be changed for Sorimachi and Sano.

You will have too look out guys.

Just like Hyuga said, you won't lose.

Give your best guys!

OK. Let's go!

Match starts again.

Why... why Tsubasa isn't playing!?

If Tsubasa isn't playing, you won't have a chance in winning

How is it going?

Im too impatient.

they only count on me, because of that, they don't believe in themselves

I really believed, that i could play now.

Im really an idiot.

Hyuga is attacking!

To you Sorimachi!

Hes passing to his team mate.


Misugi, is it?!

Karl-Heinz Schneider, ace of the German team.

All his shoots are accurate, he really improved for the last meeting

Schneider passes Forward.

Let's go, Kaltz!

Use goalkeepers injury.

Very strong Shoot...

But Japanese goalkeeper catches it


Wakashimazu's right hand bleeds!

It's probably the effect of the Schneiders last shot.

You shoud get off the field.

No, match isn't over yet.

Thats reckless!

Doctor must see him right a way.

You should get off the field

You are right Katagiri.

I"ll treat my hand better.

just let me play!

I must block Schneider's shoots!

You are seriously wounded, we can handle it.

I udnerstand...

OK. Let's go!


Morisaki your on.

Yes! 0:05:20.000,0:05:23.000 Go guys!!

I won't let you go!

Another goal for Schneider!

5-0 for Hamburg team!

Japan is losing badly!

Tsubasa, now you understand the pain, that i fell...

...when i can't help my team.

Even though i'm not playing...

...i'm imagining that i play with them... win the match.

Japan atacks, but didnt succed.

Only 5 min left.

Japan has no chance to win

They are wrong, i feel, that they will score.

Lost... we lost.

Let's go, keep up the pressure!

Coach, you saw that Mastuyama is good in defence.

Hes organizing the defence, but still, they are losing 5-0

With this set up we wont lose.

But Tsubasa must be in center!

Schneider attacks again!

But japan is not giving up, Matsuyama counters!

We will fight till the end!

They won't win with japan to 0!

Yes, Matsuyama!

Sawada gets past through the defence!

Beautiful pass to Hyuga.

Go, Hyuga!!! 0:07:57.000,0:07:59.000prepare your self, Wakabayashi!

I'm waiting, Hyuga!

Only 1 minute left!

Hyuga is running alone to penalty area!

Go Hyuga, do your best!

Everyone is counting on me, i won't shoot from distance

Hes continuing the attack!

Hyuga wants to score, by being 1 on 1 with the goalkeeper!

Unfortunately he loses the ball!

No! he is lifting himself to the air!

He is alone with the goalkeeper!!!

Take this Wakabayashi!

Gool! hyuga scores...

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