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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Cara Membuat Meja TV Yg Simpel Dan Cara Pasangnya

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Hello guys, back again with me Adie!!!

This time we want to share how to make a TV table and backdrop finishing with glossy white HPL

How to make it, watch this video until it's finished so you can practice right away

Lets Go!

Cut HPL for all sides of the TV table that we will make, the side, top down

and also for the TV backdrop and also shelves.

Here we cut the HPL using a manual method, which is using a cutter

The trick is, by repeating repeatedly until it splits perfectly

The disadvantage of this method is that we need energy

but it can be done by anyone who does not have machine tools

After we cut the HPL, it's time to stick the HPL to the TV table that we will work on

The way to glue this HPL must be on both sides

between the surface of the HPL and the TV table

We glued all the sides, up and down and also the part of the backdrop

TIPS: After applying glue, do not immediately stick it

wait half dry, then paste it, guys

To stick to the HPL which is quite large

it's good that we ask for help from friends

Continue to the edging section

use PVC edging, made of plastic, so when cut it doesn't leave black

The method is the same as sticking to HP

glue it on both sides

For waste edging side, then we cut it

For the desk assembly section

starting from the side, partitioning, we screw enough

If you want to give glue, it's better guys!

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This is the part of the support that will become the foundation

when we hang on the wall, just give the screw enough

After we finished assembling the tv table

proceed to attaching the HPL guys

Better, start from the side first

By the way, all of the previous hpl pieces we have added are 1 cm each

the point is, it's easier when sticking to the TV table

can trim the remaining part of the HPL using a hand file

After we attach the HPL side, continue to the top and bottom of the TV table

Give glue on the HPL and TV table

wait half dry so it doesn't come off easily, then we paste it

For meetings between HPL

we only use iron elbows

because the risk of using a file can scratch the other parts of the HP

sticking to edging, then we paste edging

This is the part attached to the shelves on the TV backdrop

my advice is to ask a friend for help when we want to screw

For drawers assembly, we will share in another video

Now we attach the drawer to the TV table that we have made

then try to open it

if there are no obstacles then it is ready to be sent to the buyer

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