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Hello friends and welcome to another video.

Today I'm going to be buying the first five things that Youtube recommends to me so I've done this with Facebook and Instagram ads before.

Testing to see how well their algorithm knew me or knew what I might like and this time, I'm taking on YouTube.

So what I mean by that is that I'm going to be buying the stuff from the ads that play before the videos from what

I can tell ads can differ from channel to channel so today

I'm going to be focusing on the ads that I can trigger on my channel just to keep it focused to what Youtube thinks about

me, Facebook and Instagram have their own little spiels of how they pick ads for you to go in your newsfeed

Google also has something about Youtube pre-roll ads. It's mostly just the type of videos that you've watched

what websites you visit and what apps you use and then it kind of goes into like demographics like geography

and age and that type of stuff another thing that makes YouTube ads different is that

Sometimes they'll blast them and for some periods of time you see the same ad a lot around YouTube." Hey I'm out here my garage

with my Hyundai, Elantra

it has good gas mileage." and for that reason I can kind of guess a couple of the ads what I might see today

I feel like I'm going to end up with an easy to setup web site at the end of this, okay, cool

Let's get into it

okay, so I'm going to start with my I wore the ugliest swimsuit in the world for a day video

I wonder if there are ads on this video

than I under I, I understand the crotch was a bit alarming let's pick something like

How about I got a head-to-toe pastel Makeover? Oh?

Here we go Red Bull. There's a lot of different ones sugar free, there's a purple Açaí.

How do I?

Wait, do I have to click on it while it's happening? "Maybe". All right. Let's see Red Bull Açaí

drink okay, so we're taking a note we're going to get an Açaí purple edition Red Bull

That is the first item that happened the Açaí one piqued my interest

It looks kind of like a Four Lokos like a virgin Four Loko, okay, cool

How about the Japanese dollar store makeup challenge?

That sounds like one that might have an ad in front of it. Oh

No add, so okay. Let's look at other possible videos. How about 18 hour lipstick? Oh?

We've got a Rimmel London stay matte Liquid lip color

This was like pretty tailored to the video okay cool, so it has a shop now link

Let's click that which one should I get oh wow there's a black one. Oh, there's a navy blue one

I think the one that she had on was maybe "Plum this show" is that a pun the other ones are just like

Mocha, Blush, Rose and Shine and it's like "Plum this show" I feel like at this point

We might have to get "Plum this show". I'm adding it to my bag. Alright, let's try my boyfriend does my makeup

Red Bull okay, I can click on the link now.

Yeah, it took me to the page that I found independently.

Red Bull

You're already, we're already buying your Açaí drink in this video

What do you guys think is on my I bought the first five things instagram recommended to me


I feel like Fiverr is definitely one of those mean ads like I know that Fiverr

Advertised on YouTube, okay cool so we get to ask Fiverr to do something by the way

Fiverr is a website where you can get people to do services for you starting at five bucks

We're going to be careful with this one

Okay, cool. So I'm on Fiverr and one of the options is music and audio

Maybe we can get someone to make me a new intro song now

I like my intro song and I don't necessarily think I'm going to change it. I've just heard it like 20 times today

Let's take a look at what the jingles and drop section says, someone says I will play your radio commercial

4464 times, "That's 5 bucks?" That is five bucks yeah, starting at 5 bucks, ah here we go

I can pay this guy "I will produce podcast intro or jingle full band"

25 bucks to get a one day delivery of a new intro song that's what I want. I think let's see what he sounds like

Cool alright, so I'm going to order a one-day delivery from this guy for 25 bucks. He says enter your lyrics

"This is Safiya's new intro song", That's what I want. "I think it's clear and to the point", so let's go back to the main videos page

And see what we've got

Mmm. How about mixing my own lip colors?

Schick Intuition, oh I wonder did I talk about being hairy in this video?

I mean, maybe they think I haven't shaved my legs in a while. Maybe they know oh, no

I let it play through again. Damn it. Okay. It was the Schick Intuition.

Yeah, here, it is Schimp (Schick)


Simplify your shave with shave cream right on the razor

I can get an island Berry razor a Pure Nourishment razor or a Sensitive Care razor?

I'm going to be honest I kind of think of myself as the queen of ingrowns, don't ad me

So I'm going to go for Sensitive Care its got three point seven stars, a 103 reviews

Let's see what people have to say, people are liking it: "liking it, great shape, excellent". See there's some there's one stars

Let's see you. Oh "Can't get a close shave."

"My poor wallet", "Doesn't last long."

So let's get it and see if we're on the five-star side or the one-star side

So I think I've just got one more left to go, let's click on

Creating a custom lipstick at the Bite Lip Lab. It's Red Bull again!

I feel like, they are just like: " You guys are up late, watching videos. You must be tired! Have a red bull."

How about we go for the Krusty video, literally look at what Crusty's doing right now "You are going to pull your tooth out, he's trying to floss."

F is for Fendi? Crusty gets some like designer-assed shit man.

Who hello see I would get like a keychain, but that's 240 bucks

Usually anything for Crusty, but this time Crusty is just breaking the bank, alright

We've been striking out in the last few. We need a good one.

How about wearing clear plastic jeans for a week and see what if the clear pants have anything for me, it's kind of like a crystal ball


It's Wix this to me is like one of the ads that I always see so Wix came through in the clutch at one 0'4

in the morning. They were like we don't care. What time it is,

we want you to build a custom website, so I'm going to sign up for Wix and when I get my other stuff

I'm going to build my website at the same time so at this point

I think that we have our haul we've got the Red Bull Açaí drink the

Rimmel London liquid lipstick, the fiverr new intro song, the Schick Razor and the Wix website next time you see me

I'll have my youtube haul and then also have to set up a website. Ok, so it's a couple of days later

and I have my haul. I think I'm going to start with the lipstick,

so let's move this stuff over to the side really quick and let me quickly transform the space into a beauty video

Tadaa so these are the Rimmel stay matte liquid lipsticks. I've got three of them

This one is called "Be My Baby"

This one is "Blue Iris", and this one is "Plum this Show", and I'm going to start with be my baby, all right

So I'm going to mix this guy up, kind of feels kind of a moosy,

chocolate mousse not like the animals the moose. So this advertisement was before my I tried 18 hour lipstick video

and it feels like kind of like a sweet spot for this ad though this color is a little bit on the pink side for

me one of the things I do like about it

Is that it is the same color as the inside of my mouth

You can't see the butthole or at least you can't really see it

Okay, lipstick number two "Plum this Show".

There's something like very waxy smelly about these, as a kid I used to gnaw on candles, "Explains a lot."

I didn't eat paint chips. "You did eat paint chips?". I didn't. Just candles, "Plain candles." and crayons. I would say for this one

Maybe a little bit more layering is needed

It does seem to layer nicely like it doesn't dry down too fast

But with the nude-y one it was a little more like one and done

This is a little more like "Hello darkness my old friend." Okay?

so this is the last one it is the "Blue Iris" color. Alright, let's try and put this guy on.

This one we're definitely got to layer. It's a little streaky to start, but if I can build it up,

I'll be a happy Gal.

I think overall this is a pretty good lipstick for the price point, but it is a little bit on the streaky side,

especially with the darker colors.

I personally really like this blue color,

but if I were going to recommend these lipsticks I would recommend the nude-y ones or the lighter ones

This one didn't really have any issue with like being

Opaque at all or not being opaque so that is the first thing from our haul, next up is the Schick razor. Okay,

so let's go try this out. Opening up my treasure, so basically the premise is that it's a normal razor

Surrounded by built-in shaving cream, and it actually is kind of mobile like look it kinda like "mobels" around. Alright,

So I'm going to rinse the leg and then I'm going to come in with this guy, I feel like it makes sense that Google

knows that I'm a 24 year old woman who lives in California,

and it's the summer so I might need to shave my legs. I mean it seams to be

moisturizing and then shaving and then moisturizing. It looks right now like the razors on the perfect

Level with the rest of shaving cream, what happens when you wear down the shaving cream? You are just left with a razor and then the shaving cream

is down here. Alright,

I'm going to do the other leg now,

and then we'll take a look at how it looks down there. My legs look a little bit strawberry-ish, the ingrown hairs aren't

more or less irritated.

I feel like I couldn't see exactly what was happening because there was just like

more surface area around it that wasn't the razor and for that reason

I feel like I've missed a couple more spots like this one down here.

But like I do think that there is something fun about this for like after the fact shaving,

as long as it's like immediately after the fact so everything is still a little moist.

It does feel like a fun like on-the-go thing like if you have like an overnight bag or going on vacation

really quick. You know like TSA. Ain't gonna stop you probably, well I mean

You have the blades but.

Ok. So that was the Schick razor, side note though these things are still on my hand after the shower. okay, cool,

so before we move on to what Fiverr has in store for me. We have these Red Buls.

I'm not a huge Red Bull fan. I'm more of a coffee person, but I'm open to it, I guess. Oh all right

I'm just going to go for it, okay

Oh. I need to take another taste. I don't know that, that was very strange. I'm going to try again

Okay, the second sip tastes a bit better. It tastes kinda like one of those Starbucks Refreshers like super super sweet

I don't think I like it, but I kind of want to keep drinking it. Alright,

I'm going to open this the lime one. Maybe the lime one will be a little more tart.

Oh, this one smells better. This one tastes kind of like a sweet Sprite and a Jolly Rancher together.

I'm going to be honest between the two I vastly prefer the lime one. Sit on my lap

Yeah, between the two of us Tyler's got the sweet tooth. So maybe you'll like that one.

Just gargle with it. Yeah, interesting after taste. Yeah, it tastes like aspartame. Okay. I lets try this one. This is the lime edition

It's almost like Mountain Dew or like Surge. Oh, it kind of tastes like Mountain Dew.

I thought it was a Jolly Rancher inside of a Sprite.

Yeah, I can already feel it in my head. When I ordered these I said they're kind of like virgin Four Lokos and I think

I was right so now we only have our intangibles.

I have actually my Fiverr new intro song delivered so let's start with that. Now,

I like my intro song and I don't actually think I'm going to be changing it,

but I was just listening to it a lot that day.

So thought might as well just see what else is out there. I haven't listened to it yet

So whatever happens is going to be a surprise for you and me. All right ready?

Wauw, that made me feel like I just drank another Red Bull. Thank you Androz guitar. That was awesome. That made me happy.

I'm going to accept and review order. I'm giving him all five stars.

I'll say; "Sounds great Androz! That is going to be heavily featured on my Wix website. So that was awesome

I actually got that in one day from when I ordered it. So that was cool, too

The next thing is the Wix website so Wix like Fiverr is one of those ads that I've seen everywhere.

So I was very excited when I saw Wix, I was like finally I'm going to get to the bottom of this. So the first question


"What kind of website do you want to create?" I kind of want to make a website where we can showcase our beautiful new intro

song, I have two options I can either create my website with Wix ADI or with Wix Editor.

Maybe ADI will be like more helpful. There's actually it's been no transaction of money yet so far on Wix,

so I don't know how expensive it is. "Hello. I am ADI now that I've learned who you are,

I'll use that information to design a website that's uniquely yours." Reminds me of the paperclip, remember the paperclip the little Microsoft Word guy now

I'm going to create your home page alright, do it man,

do it, this is interesting. I kind of just like watching him just work.

So you have to put an image in I'm gonna bring this imogen

That's my winning image of the day okay, so they're suggesting I add a meet the team

I want to I want song so I want like MP3

possibilities feel like this is ballooning very quickly,

I'm just like,

dragging things from the sidebar in. Let's just try and connect a domain let's buy a domain name and get this thing on the web

And then hopefully after I do that they'll let me upload my own stuff, right? I want Safiya's new


It's available. Well first try, oh manage my music. Yeah, okay. Maybe we can do that. Create playlist

yes, add tracks.

Here we go. I'm doing it, will this work?

That was awesome. I think that's all that I want to be on my web site.

It seems kind of like Wix isn't like that easy to use?

it's not just like a no-brainer, but you know if you like actually, we're trying to make a website,

it seems like it could be a helpful tool.

You just have to be a little more patient than I want to be right now, okay?

So that was my youtube haul out of all the things I think that Fiverr was my favorite

I don't think that the Fiverr ad was personalized to me or my interest

But it was super fun to try out something I see on Youtube all the time, and I really like my song,

but overall I feel like Google and Youtube just try a lot of different strategies when putting ads in front of Youtube videos they have

Some that are more awareness marketing, some that are more like buy this now or click this now,

some that are more targeted to you and what you're watching and some that are just more general all around

YouTube because of that the ads that you get from even just one channel on YouTube can be all over the place

I mean

I feel like you can tell that just by looking at this haul like I got lipstick, a razor

Red Bull a song and a website. A little bit me, a little bit all over the place a little bit of ....

Thank you guys so much for watching if you liked that video make sure to smash that like button

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I do on Daily vlogging and Q and A's on there, a big shout out to Leia or leah for watching. Thanks for watching Liah,


And I will see you guys next time.

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