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This are slides! This is Tiki Bad! The biggest slidepark in Holland and around that!

We are going in now!

Tiki Bad was opened in 1984

It was a very expensive project a whole turnover from one year!

But they made this inverse consumption because the owner thought that it will be succes

Well, Tiki Bad is a succes!

Till the day of today Tiki Bad is still the biggest slidepark in the neighborhood

The name Tiki Bad was conceived by the owner: Van Zuylen SR. Who get his insparation by a show in Disney

The show was called: Enchanted tiki room

It was a tropical show and he wanted a slidepark like this

Moreover, there was a ship of reeds. Built by Tor Heijendal. Therefore also has to make an honor sir themselves

Tiki Bad was with the start not so big as that it now is. They started with the "Groene Baracuda" and "Blauwe Haai" that now called: "Family Slide" and "Super Slide"

And the Pelicandive was er too as first

Without this slides there where no slides in the park

In 1986 the slides: "Flits" and "Blits" add on the park. The Blitz that goes down with a big turn and the flits who goes steep

Then steep because nowadays who go not as steep as when

This is because "Moonlight" and "Starfright" add on the tower and so are the "Family Slide" and "Super Slide" shorter then the old "Groene Baracuda" and "Blauwe Haai"

The Blitz is not changed and the "Flits" became less steep. Between this slides they build: "Moonlight and Starfright"

It was a big add on in that time

In 1994 Duinrell build the second tower with the slides: "Tornado" and "Cycloon" this where the 2 spacebowls of the park 0:02:06.000,0:02:11.000 One is removed the Tornado and this year came the "Fly Over" too the slidepark

This was a slide underwater. You must dive into the water, go in the slide and they slide suck you and spit you out on the other side. It was not really a slide because you are not actually sliding

Er was a lot of talking about the slide on the internet. People said that people drowned in the slide but that is not treu. The slide is closed because no one want to ride it. Looks very extreme and it was so slow. The queue was too long

Also they build in this year the "Lazy River" and "Wetdancefloor"

The "Wet Dance Floor" is removed too. Here are ending now the "Moonlight and Starfright" But the idear was that you can dance on the floor what is wet. With lights all of that. It was no succes

The Pelicandive is 7 meter high and 4 meter long. We gonna dive!

Here we go, the Pelicand........

More freefall then this is impossible!

The "Cannonball" Is about 2 meter high and 6 meter long

Special effect from this slide is that you get off higher above the water then a normal slide. Normale slides end up around the 30 centimeter above the water and this kind of slides around 1 meter

The "Cannonball" start on the first floor. Goes into the ground and come out on the ground-floor. Okay bye!

Here we go the "Cannonball" I hope I get shot far away!

The "Family Slide" This are very nice slides with good curves where you go from left to right

This are 1400 tubes and that is big for a normale slide. Normal slides are mostly 1200 tubes

This are not "Medium" slides. Very fast for a normale familyslide

Here we go. We start with a jump after that directly another jump and we make more speed. And direct another jump, hoppa! We go to the left, the last curve!

We gonna fast and finshed!

This is the "Super Slide" the old "Groene Baracuda" also this slide is 14 meter high and 110 meter long. This is just simulair too the "Family Slide" but it is a little bit faster

Als this one goes in curves like the blue one. And also this slides has some jumps. There most show now one jump.. here it is! And then we goes faster, a lot faster!

Very good slide! Both! If you are here dont skip them!

The "Lazy River" is 250 meter long and goes around the whole swimmingpool. Also you go outside but that is with a glass roof and goes back in a tunnel with lights

Weclome all on board the Lazy River. This is a rapid with floating rings unique in Holland. We have some but this is a very long one! It goes trhow the whole pool so is time to relax!

This is the biggest Indoor Lazy River on the world. But the most are outside!

Here you see the glass roof

In fact we are outside now. But if they add on again the river can fall into the swimmingpool again

That are old Batflayers from the Rollercoaster: Batflyer

This is a mad Melanie. (Wait Wait, it will be deeper)

It will be nice add ons if the put more fontains around the river

I'll get sick!

We still wait on Melanie's revange. But where are now on the other side of the pool. Just waiting

Ow it's deeper. Now we get it.

No don't sit on my head!

This was the Lazy River!

Wow really extreme!

No we go do the "X-Stream!" come with me

The "X-Stream" is about 7 meter high and 16 meter long. You go into the cabine and under your feets the bottom dissapear. So you get a freefall

With the max speed of 40 kmph you slide out in the skim-out. Nice slide!

Factual the same as the Pelicandive. The diffrent is that here dissapear the bottom but the Pelicandive is a real freefall because you are slide out in the Skim-out

Is better then before this new queue

Moonlight and Starfright the slides with floating rings and lighteffects

The Moonlight and Starfright have both a length of 150 meter long. During the ride you see all kind of lights and some parts black

The slide is around the 16 meter high. And you end in the old "Wet Dance Floor" that is removed for this 2 slides

notwithstanding the speed is not high, around the 20 kmph, you goes very fast on this slide! There are several diffrent sharp curves and because it is dark you can't see what you are approaches

Sorry, I must hold the camera!

Here we go in the Moonlight! Direct a sharp curve, hoppa.We gonna make more speed!

Here we have a light, yeah!

It is only dark here

Here we go last curve

Welcome in the Starfright here are more lights at least the first part!

We making more speed, hoppa! We sliding in complete dark, a sharp curve too the left

To the right, and the we see this: beautiful!

We are sliding in the last curve with ground lights effect. Jump and here we are!

Just sit down, Melanie. Just sit down... And this was the Starfright

My wife has a hole in there hand but this monkey has a hole in this stomach

The Blitz is 80 meter long and 14 meter high. You go down in a spiral with a speed of 60 kmph. At the end is a Skim-Out

It is still a very nice slide! 60kmph!

It is a very nice slidepark but the stairs....

The "Flits" is 80 meter long and 14 meter high. You go down with a maximum speed of 60 kmph in a long curve so too the Skim-out

You see me: "Flitsing?" Bleh, all the water into my face

And we are down again! Walk again up!

The "Tyfoon" is 78 meter long and 15 meter high. It is build on the old supports of the tornado-Spacebowl

This was the second Spacebowl wat is removed. It is simulair to the old slide but the special element of this slide is that you slide vertical trhow the curve into the skim-out

Okay Youtubefriends, here we go the Tyfoon!

Factual is the same as the bowl but you go really fast into the curve and we are now sliding vertical!

Au! A Waterdrop in my eye

The same as the bowl, but it is fun!

The Cyclone start from 15 meter high. You slide into a big bowl and circel around some rounds

He is now off the slide, and look how long we still have too wait

okay here we go: The most extreme Bowl slide of the world. This is the Cyclone!

I have not done a better bowl then this one. The most are smaller also that from "Van Egdom" This is very fast, but we go round and round

Wave too the people, bye people

We go into the water, here we go!

Nice slide!

And that is really nice!

Tiki Bad is the best Slidepark in the Netherlands. They have a lot good slides: The Flits, Blitz, Cyclone. So next year we are here again!

O yeah, share the video and like it! Thank you :)

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