Practice English Speaking&Listening with: ILUNION HOTELS CORRE LA SPARTAN BARCELONA 2016

Difficulty: 0

We are in Las Comas in Barcelona, at the Spartan Race...

And today there are 66 of us here representing Ilunion Hotels... To pay tribute

to all the disabled people who work at our organisation and who face

many obstacles every day... Today is about fighting and thats what were going to do.

Exhausting, both physically and mentally. Dealing with a disability

every day of your life, 365 days a year, must get really

really tiring.

Really tough but really special too.

Why was it special?

Because I felt that I had to help her a lot. We found it really difficult at times, and I was a bit overwhelmed.

and I was a bit overwhelmed.

Phew! Im not going to lie, it was pretty hard.

Hmm... For me it was almost more difficult to be a guide than blind because I was so worried

about Jos ngel. He kept tripping up and stumbling and I couldnt do anything

because there were so many stones and slopes and he really put in an amazing effort.

Its a message, a lesson that we cant ignore whats going on around us.

We cant forget that there are many people who need that warmth, that guidance

that help, those words, that message, that encouragement that we often don't realise

is needed.