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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Essay Writing Tips, Examples using the Star Technique

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hello everyone I'm Jody from English

Academy so today I will share with you

star technique of optimal makalah Nova

you start technique at the star

technique a technique hedge or amuse

curse at they hang essay-writing Kelly a

paragraph writing Kelly a presentation

skills can be a self-introduction KVA is

the different different uses for

something Jessica BB class me Jakob II

exam me hamari Sam like we s on topic

after I just go home make abhi yard

Lincoln a Kakashi

yeah Kabhi Gham the Magna Kiowa tamari

half pound funda thing so of the easy

problem could overcome chemically a star

technique to hit both helpfully yeha may

help Kathy Emily ideas go synchronized

manner they organized manner may present

technically it's socially Kelly leave

McKinley so dictate a star technique ah

hey hey


star his star get many letters they all

speak one thing or the other

stocker first s s says state the purpose

this purpose is very important you know

Virginia this of urgently kahani had

Genco job Dronacharya Chiaki our Creed


cable teriyaki Antikythera T all


so a purpose holds the key this purpose

is very very important

again have a purpose Fatah Hamas atomic

code a ship at our head I'm a path ahead

honey kiss jiske body Malik now I am the

SI cape and say make a manager topic a

mukhiya hey Jesse other si Joe hey

hamara homeschool cavalry milk nazar a

home healthcare body Malik Nigeria from

teachers Guevara Melek nazar a cowlick

not sorry okay bury me bury me hum atcha

bowling game Buddha bowling it more make

other clear head hamari remark my

Gucci's doha moscow of the first line

say of me introductory passage mangoes

cheese KO hum a state cannot say Hamada

judiciary doha me opening oh they shake

Abajo tear can I get um name Joby topic

hey Hamada Hamas give a let me a

chaplain Jerry

Miraval Acharya you can see Jesus cable

McCune Acharya Jovi will not arrive of

money introductory passage head who's

making a bill cool clear-cut hona

chahiye second letter has tonka t he

says tell me the task what is the

challenge what is the problem

so you just a bull's-eye Kenda

his name Joe arrow Hello kiss couponing

drill good sentiment so he see the

residual hamara our genome news could

develop carnage on the next steadily

night focus Cooper hamachi a mucho

Humber College Area who skill

challenging task ahead issue caring

program Khalid who scored esketh mmm

they vodka here after school hey school

gave Adam a Hamlet read introductory

passage made on the couch lines did he

get school Kabaddi make embark on a

jarring and licking up school lobotomy

hum Cal vodka hrs quickie a chai can I

hire a housekeeper attorneys are a

speakeasy problem who discussed cameras

are a gawah

Hamid is a related KC issue Kaiba remain

embark on acharya mohammad do lapis

Cooper from the balcony next letter a

Aces action what action you took to

address that challenge of school came

the cope optimal who is school acharya

buddha hey agora a cha school Rudra they

those co-op Nick acid una hora Garbo

bharata Tom Mackenzie was for this idea


Marat hey - yay action is cavalry me

ethnic Kalia that is also very very

important next last letterhead are are

says just tell me the result of your


Achtung Joe actions League they let you

wear what was the result

how did you resolve it was it a defeat

or it was a success so let's see let's

see now how we can write a paragraph or

essay on school following this

particular technique state the purpose

that is a school task is good school it

can be we want to find a good school or

we want to prove that if the school we

are talking about is a good school third

is action what is the action action is

search whether it is a good school or a

bad school or I want to prove it a good

school how what kind of such I made to

prove it auto find it for test result

result is either I found a good school

or I prove that it is a good school see

now let's start school is the first

social space of learning and foundation

for a beginning of the challenges of

life it can be full of experiences some

good some bad schooling has become a

deciding factor for a person's success

or failure nowadays so from the very

introductory passage it is clear that we

are going to speak about school second

passage thus finding a good school is a

real challenge in today's life so

challenge here is find a good school

when I was a child I was shy and was

unable to express myself before anyone

so the challenge is that the child was

shy and unable to express and he needed

a good school my mom had to decide a

school for me and she was really

bothered about the meta she did a lot of

research means she took the action was

she researched to find a good school for


first she shortlisted see first action

is she shortlisted then some top schools

of the city then she read every detail

about the schools she spoke to the

parents whose children was studying

there she met the principals and then

finally she put me in to the free

primary school I am the result is I am

really happy with my mom's decision as I

feel that it has added a lot to my

learning learning experiences and today

I am a confident and a self-reliant

person so all four steps have been added

to this paragraph and how a beautiful

paragraph is ready for us second example

I talked about some where they

presentation skill on in presentation

skills also we can use this technique so

supposedly a businessman is standing

before the people where he was either he

wants to motivate them all he wants to

attract some more audience more clients

so he is sharing his story the story of

a successful business owner he starts

the status

I enjoy today this enviable

complete man status is not a one-day

miracle so from the very first line it

is clear that he is going to speak about

his own personal star story that is the

day I began I had a lot of challenges

like what were the challenges lack of

resources budget issues 65 years of age

and so on how will I approach customers

at this age and these resources it was a

Herculean task so Jack

so purpose is clear challenge is clear

now but somehow instead of giving up I

chose to work harder whatever with

whatever I had I chopped out a plan for

work as well as resources and put it

into action I began with small scale

things walked door to door to sell my

products prepared items on orders only

means he took small orders gradually the

demand for my butter for my products

started scaling higher my resources my

finances boomed and I very salacious ly

started collecting money and enhanced my

resources and reach the status you are

ending and aspiring to reach so the

purpose was get very clear that was

success story set

his challenge what was the challenges

challenges were old-age challenges was

lack of resources challenges were lack

of budget these three main tasks and the

fourth major task was that challenge was

then how to approach customers with this

type of scenario and what he did instead

of giving him generally giving up

generally what happens in this kind of

scenario people give up but instead of

giving up what he chose he chose to work

on it he chose to chalk out a plan for

it and he did the same he followed in

time and what action he took he took he

started preparing orders small-scale

orders and he walked door-to-door and

gradually what happened what was the

results the result was demand started

increasing and final reason is that he's

reached the status anyone would ever

aspire to reach I hope with this this

star technique is clear to everyone and

you will be able to use it the best to

your benefit and thank you for watching

this and for more videos subscribe to

English Academy thank you

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