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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: RT Life - Reddit Car Jump

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What's the plan?

Get under the fence.

Hey guys what are we doing?

Uhm, someone posted to the Austin sub-reddit

that they needed their car jumped by 4pm

It's 3:16 and they're just a little up the road

Barbara couldn't go because we had someone coming sown to get a tour of the office...

and so we thought lets bring the tour along.

Would you guys be doing this if it was like 2am?


If it was 2am I would have down voted it.

She doesn't have a Facebook and asks someone she really knows? She has to ask strangers

on the internet

Well people on the internet are coming!

Brandon you know where this place is right?

Uh, yeah. I mean I haven't been looking for it but...

It should be on our left.

I think this is it up ahead.

I wouldn't get those yet we're not gonna need them.

Hey uh... where you at?

We're by the management office are you in a different part of the complex?

That would be really funny

I hope we're looking at the Austin sub reddit not the Boston sub reddit.

Should I go walk over there and see if...

We're splitting up

Is there a different Arts apartment complex?

Gus, that is totally on you.

Barbara said a hundred times ' we're in the wrong place'.

Turning radius!

Fuck that curb...


Thats ok we got it

Is that her?

Yeah that's her!

So she doesn't drive a Dodge she drives a Chevy.

Hi! Thanks guys.

So what happened?

Well, we bought this car for a thousand dollars about a week ago...

and it's nothing but trouble.

Are they still at... I took em out didn't... you guys didn't... nobody put them back in?

Yeah I didn't move the truck you guys left...

I didn't leave! I would've...

I just wanna say...

That you...

I told you! I told you to put them back in the truck!

We all saw them on the ground!

Within one sentence you explained why it was your fault and then immediately shifted blame to everybody else

How did you do that?

I said don't take them out of the truck! I said "don't take them out now!"

I said put them back!

What was the worst that could happen?


Turns out there's someone about four feet away that has jumper cables.

If only this had happened about...

Notice that we drove all this way, and she's like "oh we need jumper cables? We can just ask these guys."


So that only cost about ten full man hours of RoosterTeeth time,

an $80 set of jumper cables,

and about $30 of gas.

Go get 'em.

Let's leave

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