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I'm Natalie and today I'm going to be teaching you how to use a Clever Cube

storage unit as a room divider.

So we're using a Clever Cube storage unit because it's an easy, versatile,

removable product, and it makes an amazing room divider.

At Bunnings, there are so many different configurations, but today I'm using a 4

by 4 because I've got a really big room to separate.

I'm going to get to work and call in a couple of friends.

Come on, guys.

♪ [music] ♪

With a little help from my friends, our storage cube is now together.

Now it's time to style.

These dividers are amazing to store little knick-knacks in or you could slip in a

couple of bottles of wine.

We've also got these beautiful baskets down here.

These are rattan baskets, and you can purchase them from your local

Bunnings warehouse as well.

They're perfect if you've got items that you don't want to display.

And there you have it, an amazing room divider to store all

your favorite things.

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