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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Malaysia Accuses OG of Spreading Hurtful Information | Basketball Wives

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- I wonder where OG is.

You know where OG-- have you seen her?

- No, I'm not looking for her, Jackie.

- Oh, that's right.

- I'm definitely not checking for OG right now,

especially after she spread the news that Byron

is not Thomas's biological father.

And I'm looking around, and all I see

is Byron's old friends and all of CeCe's family.

And I knew Kristen wasn't gonna be here,

but, like, where is London?

And that's what I was afraid of.

This Kristen-CeCe feud is really killing my family.

- Come sit down, baby.

- Why? What are you sad about?

- What?

- Is everybody CeCe's family?

You don't see anybody else from Byron's family.

Don't let her see you sad. She will break down.

You know the good thing

about it is Byron looks happy, Malaysia, you know?

- Oh, yeah. For sure. And I support that.

- Doesn't he? - He does. He looks very happy.

- I just want to thank everybody

for coming out tonight.

This is a very, very special night.

We love you all.

I want to thank my maids of honor,

man of honor Ross for decorating.

My mom and I [inaudible]

the beautiful flowers they made themselves.

- Seeing OG, I just want to cuss her ass out.

I keep kind of feel like OG

deserves a earful after my conversation with Byron.

- OG goes, "Thomas ain't Byron's real son."

- I raised him since he was one and a half years old.

That's my son.

- Did you tell OG that it was okay to use it against Kristen?

- No. That ain't me.

- My friends from high school, from Long Beach.


- You made it. - Hi.

- So, OG, I had a conversation with Byron.

- Okay. - And he said that he didn't

give you the information to just go

and use as you will as a retaliation thing.

- I never said he did that.

I said it was okay to talk about it.

That's what I said.

I didn't say anything about using.

- But that's the same thing.

You're saying apples and oranges; it wasn't right.

I was there. I was front row and center.

I've seen your demeanor. I've seen your delivery.

I've seen the satisfaction that was on your face.

You used it as a weapon to hurt this woman.

And you did it on purpose.

- So we'll talk about it in a later note.

I got a flight to catch. - Okay.

I am so sick of this game of broken telephone.

Everybody is trying to muddy my character by putting dubs on it

and making up false stories and false accusations.

And I'm done.

What was that, Jackie? What was that drive-by?

[dramatic music]

Everybody seems to have selective hearing.

They only hear what I say wrong,

but they never hear the positive [bleep].

It's getting old. I just want all of this to go to bed.

And fast.

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