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Alright so i have arrived to the Dissapla Mine, it's right over here.

And that over there is the stronghold Falensarano.

Alright so without further a due let's just enter the mine and continue with our quest.

Alright guys, so we are inside the Dissapla Mine.

And we need to find umm...

"Novor Drethan", alright so let's find him.

Not you.

Not you.

There you are.

"Greetings. Are you here to help? We've been having some problems here in the Dissapla Mine."


"A pack of nix-hounds was attacking my miners. We thought one of the miners was lost at first, but she turned up safe.."

"..Our healer, Teres Arothan went down to look for her and hasn't come back.."

"..Would you go down into the mines and bring back Teres Arothan if he still lives?.."

"I would go myself, but i should stay here to protect the miners if the nix-hounds come back this way."


Sounds like a very easy task to do, so let's just do it.

I hope it won't take me too long to..

Get to the nix-hounds over here.

I actually don't know where to go so, they could be anywhere.

There's one, alright.


That was easy.

So let's continue through this path over here.

Maybe we'll find some more nix-hounds.


Alright, easy peasy.

So far no..


No umm...strong..nix-hounds.


Let's continue through here.

Alright, there's 2 over here.

Very easy, alright let's see what they got.

"Hound Meat"

Could be useful in the future.

This is some glass, yeah i don't need that.

Not now at the moment.

Alright let's go upstairs.

Oh ! there you are.

"Did Novor Drethan send you? Let's travel together back to the mine entrance."

"Are you ready to guide me back to Novor Drethan?"

Yep, follow me.


So let's get back to Novor Drethan.

Alright so were back to Novor Drethan with Teres Arothan over here.


"We must get Teres back, and then restore order to the Dissapla Mine."

"Thank you for rescuing Teres Arothan. I don't have anything to offer you except this raw glass, of course."

Alright, that's it ?

This was one of the easiest quest's i've completed so far.

Let's check our journal real quick.

"Novor Drethan thanked me for rescuing Teres Arothan."

Alright, i think that's it so..

Let's get back to Hrundi and..

See what he has for us next.

Alright so i'm back in the Fighters Guild in Sadrith Mora.

Let's report back to Hrundi, on a job well done in the Dissapla Mine."


"Give me your report on the situation at Dissapla Mine, Warder."


"Sounds like everything went well, D.Wolfie. Here's your share of the contract."

Nice uhh let me just check if i can advance in my ranks.

Nope, alright.

"Your talents are noteworthy, but some question your depth of devotion. Preform more duties for the Fighters Guild and you will earn your place."

Very well, so let's just get more orders from Hrundi.

"There's a creature loose in Berwen the Trader's shop in Tel Mora. There's 200 septims for whoever takes care of this Corprus Stalker.."

"..There's also a contract for an outlaw nearby. Another 200 septims for whoever brings Rels Tenim to justice."

Alright so let's ask about the Corprus Stalker.

"Go to Tel Mora, The Corprus Stalker was trapped in Berwen the Trader's shop last i heared."

Very well, and what about Rels Tenim ?

"Rels Tenim is a murderer who has escaped from justice.."

"..He was last seen near Vos. While you're taking care of the Corprus Stalker, you might want to see if you can track down Rels Tenim."

Very well, alright.

So let's get started, let's go to umm..

Tel-Mora and deal with the Corprus Stalker first.

Alright so we've arrived to "Berwen the Trader's shop", and yeah let's just enter the place and see if we can help.

Alright before we look for the corprus stalker, let's just talk with Berwen over here.

And see what she says about the corprus stalker.

"Are you here to get rid of the Corprus Stalker?"

"We were able to trap it upstairs, but no one wants to risk disease by getting close to it.."

"..Normally Master Aryon would take care of it, but he's been so busy recently.."

"..Please hurry. It's wrecking my shop!"

Very well so let's go upstairs over here, and deal with the corprus stalker.

There he is.

Alright that was very very easy.

*suspiciously easy.

Let's just see what he has on him.

I highly doubt it that he has something of value but..


Let's loot him.

Very well, so let's report back to Berwen and tell her that the corprus stalker is gone.

"Ah, my friend D.Wolfie. How may I be of service to you?"

There you are.

"Thanks for dispatching that Corprus Stalker, D.Wolfie. You obviously have great skill."

Very nice, alright so..

Now i think we should go to Vos and deal with the murderer.

That's a very hard word to pronounce.


He's name is, Rels Tenim.

And he's located in..


Alright !

So let's head out to Vos.

So when i've arrived to Vos i tried to ask around about Rels Tenim.

And i've encountered this man over here Dreynos Elvul.

And he told me this..

"Rels Tenim? He's a bandit. He stole some guar, and some crops, and i don't know what else.."

"..I don't know where he is now, but the Ahemmusa might know. Check at the Ahemmusa Camp north of here."

And that is what i'm going to do, so i'll so you guys there.

Alright so i've arrived to the Ahemmusa Camp and..

I think i should ask one of the locals over here, regarding Rels Tenim.

Let's ask 'Zallit'.

Alright, Rels Tenim.

"If i liked you better, then i might tell you."

Oh i think your going to like me.

There you go.

Rels Tenim?

"When we are better friends, ask again."

Another 100 gold for you sir.

"Concerning this.." oh my god dude..

There you go, alright !

"A man went to the cavern of Shallit, on a small island southwest of Ald Daedroth.."

"..He left at night when neither Masser nor Secunda could be seen, perhaps this is the man you seek.."

"To get there, cross the water to the first island north of camp.."

"..From that island, travel northwest, two more islands. On the second island's north side, the entrance to Shallit will be found at the water's edge in a small cove."


Oh my god, alright.

Let me just..

Read that..


Alright "..On a small island southwest of Ald Daedroth.."

"..He left at night when neither Masser nor Secunda could be seen.."

Alright "..To get there, cross the water.."

"..To the first island north of camp.."

"..From that island.."


"..Northwest, two more islands.."

"..On the second island's north side.."

"..Entrance to Shallit will be found at the water's edge in a small cove."

Let me just check my journal to see that all of it is written.

Yes alright, so the first thing i need to do is to go..


Where is it ?

*mumbles journal stuff*

Let me just check again.

This is very confusing.

Alright "..To get there cross the water to the first island north of camp.."

"..From that island travel northwest.."

"..Two more islands. On the second.."



Okay so first thing i need to do is to cross the water to the first island north of camp.

From that island travel northwest alright.

Let's get going.

Alright so i've found the place called Shallit.

And actually i was just about to cross the water over here to that island over there.

Where the dwemer ruins are and...

For some reason i turned to the left.

While a slaughterfish was attacking me, and i saw the place.

And immediately i thought well this is the place.

So yeah anyway, let's enter the place and deal with a..

What's his name again?.. Rels Tenim alright.

Very well so it's very dark and spooky over here.


Hopefuly we'll find this Rels Tenim rather quickly.

Alright so nothing over here.

"Imperial Broad Sword" Hmm..

Let's take it.

Note alright.


"Here's a blade for the new man. Send him ahead and we'll set up his arrangements.."

"..Dinner is waiting, but not for you.."

Wow that's a very..

Hard name to pronounce but..

Alright "Muverulea"

" sick again so you've drawn sentry duty.."

"Don't worry, you'll be getting a portion of his share.."

"..Stay alert, bounty hunters are seeking us, but i feel fairly secure up here. Rels."

Alright, so he's over here that's for sure.

Let's take this.

And continue.

But before we continue let's just quicksave just in case.

Very well.

So far so good, no baddies.

Let's speed up the pace.

Seems kinda empty.

Actually it's very empty there's no one over here.

"Drethan Ancestral Tomb"

I don't know if that's the right way to go. *trap triggered* oh no !

**** it's trapped.


Some gold, that's cool.

Let's cure, what is it ? poison ?

Yes i have cure poison alright.

Before we continue let's just rest a little bit.

And quicksave again.

Alright let me just check just in case.

That i did not miss anything over here.

Because it seems kinda odd that there's nobody over here to greet me.

So i came through here..


There's nothing over there, and that's the entrance alright so.

The ancestral tomb is the only way to go.

So let's get going.

And enter the..

Enter the ancestral tomb.

Now that i think about it..

The description said 'Drethan' right ? and..

Oh no, it's Rels Tenim.

I thought..

It was his..

Ancestors that..

Rest over here, alright never mind..

Oh my.

Alright just as i enter the place, i am greeted with a fierce attacker.

Just a second.

The noise around here drives me crazy so..


A lot better.

A lot better..

Alright let's quicksave.

I think this is a very dangerous place to be *in

Alright "Steel Sabre" sure why not.

And let's take the 'Bonemeal' over here.

Very well.

Let's see what we got in this urn.

Some more 'Bonemeal'.

What about here? alright same..

Same of the same.

I see you over here.

oh-oh !


Wow, who are you ?


Oh my god, what tha hell.


Well that was something else, i don't know if i should quicksave or should i go back..

No let's just quicksave.

Worst case scenario i'll just..

Attack her and if i'll lose, alot of HP i'll just go outside and..


Where is she ? alright.

Maybe i should use some aaa....

Elemental weapon.

Yep let's try this one.

I think it's more effective.

Let's use some health potion.

Ohh there's 2 over there.


oh-OH !


Alright ~

So finally..

Just a second before we continue and before i speak even.

Let me just take care of this, stupid noise.

Alright, for some reason i don't know why..

She stoped using her magic.


That is the reason why i have succeeded..

in killing her.

'Marara' alright i'll remember that name not really but alright *laugh* what?

Whatever let's see what she's got.

"Mrara's Ring" ohh ~

"Reflect 20% on Self"

"Fortify Acrobatics 10 pts on Self"

"Resist Normal Weapons 40% on Self"

That.Is.Awesome. Let's use it.

Very nice ~

Very very nice alright but i don't see that guy that we need to kill.

Oh i leveled up, alright.

I keep forgetting his name, "Rels Tenim" yeah that's the name.


Let's see what he's got, no i don't need the steel staff.

Let's see over here.

Oh what is that glowy thing.

"Coda Flower" sure why not ?

"Small Chest"

Nah, don't need that.

Very well so let's check out the door over here.

Maybe we'll find something over here.

Alright it leads us to an upper level.

"Sheogorad Region"

Let me quicksave real quick.

So no Rels Tenim.

Rels Tenim ? yeah..

So what tha hell, do i need to do.

Alright so after exploring the cave for about 30 or 40 minutes i'm not sure.

I've come to the conclusion that Rels Tenim supposed to be over there.

And the reason is because i've found some levitation potions over here.

And it all clicked all of a sudden.

So the potion is over here, it's rising force.

And let's just use it and hopefuly we'll get to..

To Rels Tenim.


Yeah i knew it, alright so this is the place.

For sure, let's quick save real quick.

In case he will be over the top powerful.

Yeah so there it is, there is an entrance right here.



No ~~~~~~~~~~~

Alright so that was embarrassing.

Let's try that again.

Maybe we'll use some different weapon.

Maybe it will be more effective.

Very well.

So let's enter again.

And let's just quicksave over here.

Just in case i'll die again and..

It would just save some few more seconds of time.


Let's try that again.

Alright the Claymore is...

Very effective.

Let's take the axe over here.

I'll want to sell it later.

Hmm i can't rest alright let's just..

Go back over here.

Just so i can rest.

Hopefully ? yeah alright.

That's good.

Alright so let's get back in there and deal with another opponent.

Because that was not Rels Tenim.

I don't think so.

You were..

Muvru....alright not going to pronounce that name.

Alright, let's take the gold.


And levitate.... [what?] alright.

Some more levitating..


That's good.

Let's just quicksave.


So let's deal with..

The next opponent.


That was easy.

Yep let's take the warhammer.

And the gold..

And rest.

Let's go back and rest a little bit.


Some more alright.

Some more okay.

Alright so now that we've replenished some of our health, let's get back inside the bandit hideout over here.

And deal with the rest of those bandits.

And hopefuly we'll find Rels Tenim.

Alright so let me just quicksave real quick.

Before we enter and continue.


Very well so let's pick them out one at a time.

Very nice.


She has some gold on her, that's good.

"Steel Claymore" i think mine is better.

I th..yeah it is alright.

But maybe i'll sell it.

Alright, let's continue.


Alright so there's the next opponent.

Very nice.


Some gold alright.

A traped chest, and another traped chest.

Before we try to open them, i think i ha.. yeah i think i'll use the Ondusi's unhinging scroll to open them.

But before that let me just..

Use my probe..


To un-trap *these trapped chests.

Alright first one.

*First one what?!*

*face palm*



Very well.

So now let's just unlock those.

Alright some gold, that's good.

Let's use the other scroll.

Ohh ~ hello "Dwarven Warhammer"


And "Merisan Cuirass".


I think i'll sell it maybe (?)

And some emerald and ruby i think (?) yeah.

Alright i think i got some pretty nice loot over here.

What's in the sack ? nothing.. alright.

Very well so before we continue let's again, try to rest a little bit.

Quick save at the entrance just in case i'll die.

And it will save me a lttile bit of time.


So that was Rels Tenim, and he's dead.

And i'm happy.

"Imperial Silver Helmet" !!

That's good.

That's very good.

Oh a "Silver Cuirass" !

Oh my gat, i got my self some sweet loot over here.

And the iron boots and greaves are not that good.

"Steel Viper Slayer"

"Poison 3 ~ 7 pts"

Alright i think i'll take it, oh no i don't have enough space for it..

But i'll give him the..

Pauldrons and cuirass that i recently had.


Maybe i don't need the, Imperial Broad Sword.

Yeah alright.

Alright so i'm back at the Fighters Guild in Sadrith Mora, let's report back to Hrundi over here on a job well done.

"Have you taken care of that Corprus Stalker in Berwen's shop yet? What about that bounty i told you about? The one on Rels Tenim.

Alright let's report on the Corprus Stalker first.

"You already killed that Corprus Stalker? Good work, Warder. Here's your 500 septims."


Let's report on Rels Tenim.

"I heard that Rels Tenim is dead. Good work, D.Wolfie. Here's the 200 septims for the contract."

Alright, so let's get some more orders.

"I need someone to get a load of sujamma to the Dunirai Caverns."

"Workers in the Adas Mine have been complaining that they're out of sujamma, and the Fighters Guild is responsible for supplying the Imperial mines in Vvardenfell."

"..Take this load of sujamma to Nelacar in the Dunirai Caverns southeast of Ghostgate between the Foyada Esannudan and the Foyada Ashur-Dan."

Alright very well.

Agh okay.

Yo..oh.. i cannot move alright.

So i need to sell some things before i can continue.

So let's just sell things that i don't use.






I think that's it.

Yesss alright.

Let's offer.

And continue *fades to black*

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