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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: A RAINY BIRTHDAY IN NEW YORK ??? Joel & Lia Vlog

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- Hi guys.

- Hi.

We are just doing a little mini intro here

because we've got so much New York footage,

but it's all a bit all over the place.

- Yeah, so we didn't want to leave it un-introduced,

so this is the introduction.

Welcome to the video.

We are Joel and Lia.

Subscribe if you haven't already.

- [Both] And enjoy the vlog.

- I said enjoy our New York as the video name.

(laughs) Enjoy our New York.

- Enjoy our New York. (laughs)

- [Joel] Guys, so we're in McDonald's, and this is a medium.

I didn't even go large.

Like I'm pretty sure it's the size of my head.

- [Lia] Yeah.

Yeah you're like, pretty much. - That's medium.

- Shocking.

- [Joel] Shocking.

Help yourself.

- [Lia] Alright.

- [Joel] I went for a buttermilk chicken sandwich

which we don't have in the UK.

- [Lia] Good morning, it's your birthday!

- It's my birthday.

- [Lia] How does it feel, the same?

- Same.

- [Lia] Yeah.

- I'm gonna wear one of the farmer hats.

- [Lia] Yeah for the video.

- For the video, and it goes white pretty good.

- [Lia] Ooh, did you just?

- It didn't hurt.

I'm 27 now.

- [Lia] Nothing hurts.

- This is Lia's card.

- [Lia] Ready.

- It's opening.

- [Lia] Um.

- [Together] Um.

- [Together] So it says.

- [Lia] What does it say?

- You're getting too old for this shit.


So true, so true.

- [Lia] No, do you know what?

I didn't know it wasn't a birthday card.

- No.

- [Lia] I know.

I thought it was a birthday card but yeah.

- It's not.

- [Lia] It's not, no?

- Oh, it's just a--

- [Lia] Well it turned out it was a retirement card.


And I had to cross it out inside.

- But it's so true, I am.

- [Lia] Too old for this shit.

- Oh yeah, happy retirement.


- [Together] Ooh.

- [Together] Aw.


Can I read some of it out?

- [Lia] Yeah.

- Joel, the most amazing business partner

in the whole world and my best mate,

I'm so happy and proud of us.

Here's to another year of success.

I love your character.

I'm the thickest bitch you've ever met, Lia.


And then some private jokes.

- [Lia] Just some mean jokes from this week.

- Shh.


- [Lia] That one is private.

Oh my god, that's-- - That is so good.

- Thank you so much.

- That's alright, darling.

Hope you can't wait for today.

- Can't wait for today,

and I don't know how I've got two others.

I think this is from one of me aunties

and maybe my parents bring me that one.

- [Lia] Amazing.

- I know my auntie watches these videos.

So lets just see.

Aww, thanks so much.

- [Lia] Aww.

- Auntie Pottie, Uncle John and Sammy

and Josh and Greg and Isla.

And I got 10 pounds and I haven't seen 10 pounds.

- [Lia] How long?

- In like, well just two weeks but still.

- [Lia] I have not seen English money.

- Oh I miss English money.

Thank you guys, that is so kind.

- [Lia] Can I touch it?

- Yeah, touch it.

- [Lia] Oh my god, it feels so nice.

- Doesn't it feel cleaner as well than American money?

- Yeah, yeah, a lot cleaner.

Wow it's double

- [Together] Card within a card.

- [Lia] Saves on postage.


- Oh, I won't read the long message inside.

- [Lia] No, no.

This is our flat.

It's a bit smaller than our last place.

Let's see how tragic I look today.


Oh my god.

I don't know if I'm happy with that being on the internet.

Last one.

- Last one.

A second card from my mom.

- [Lia] Another one.

- A poem for a brilliant son.

- [Lia] Aww.

- A dramatic greeting.

- [Lia] Let's have a poem.

- You're a son to be proud of.

You always make us smile.

You've entertained us down the years

in your own unique style.

- [Lia] Yeah!

- So heres hoping that this birthday is your idea of fun,

'cause only the very best will do

for a totally brilliant son.

- [Lia] Aww.

- They do this sometimes where they get me an emotional card

and then a funny card.

So there we go.

- [Lia] Hit both sides.

- My mom wrote this one, and then my dad wrote this one.

- [Lia] Aww.

- Aww, very nice.

- [Lia] Very nice.

- Thank you mom and dad.

- [Lia] No worries.

- It's as if you're here on my birthday.

You wouldn't get this with your other sons would you?


Just thank God that you had a son that's

- [Together] a YouTuber.

- I really am craving Insomnia Cookies,

but they don't deliver to Brooklyn.

- Brooklyn.

- Brooklyn.

So I've Googled best cookies in Brooklyn.

- [Lia] Yeah.

- And I'm just a bit underwhelmed with,

I just want Insomnia cookies.

- Yeah, yeah.

- But they don't deliver to Brooklyn.

- No, and we can't go out and get them 'cause it's pissing.

- The weather is disgusting today out of all days.

- Of all the days it, - I wanted to go to

Central Park today, but.

- Is throwing it down.

- Yeah, literally.

- It's ridiculous.

- Oh well.

What can you do?

- [Lia] What have you just done, Joel?

- Just put an order in at Martha's Country Bakery

for gooey, chewy, cookies.


- [Lia] We've gone completely off the rails.

- Yeah.

- [Lia] She just rang the bell and was like Happy Birthday.

We buzzed her in.

She was so sweet.

- [Joel] They've put in a cupcake.

- [Lia] Oh, have they?

- Yeah.

- As a bonus.

- Happy Birthday.

- [Lia] Aww, she's so sweet.

- We need to thank them.

- [Lia] We need to tag them.

Oh my gosh. - Martha's Country Bakery.

- [Lia] And we're playing S Club 7 right now.

Still a little picky.

- Oh my gosh.

- [Lia] Oh my gosh.

- So chocolate and those are peanut butter.

Oh my gosh.

- [Lia] Oh my gosh.

- Turn them over.

- [Lia] Are they warm?

- They're not hugely warm.

- [Together] We got a microwave?

- [Lia] Oh my god, please say we got a microwave.

Oh no.

("Work from Home" by Fifth Harmony)

(hums with beat)

- [Together] Mic drop.

- [Together] Catch.


- [Joel] Water.

We just left the house to go to gym,

and Lia's left her lid. - Just left my bottle lid.

That's the kind of person I am,

I just walk out with what I need.

- [Joel] We can't even get in.

- [Lia] I know, and now we're locked out.

- [Joel] How do keys work in this country?

- [Lia] Oh no.

- [Joel] There we go.

- [Lia] Okay.

Three, two, one, there it is.

- [Joel] As you can see we still haven't unpacked.

- Yeah, we're not planning on it.


Why did I think it would be cold, of course it's hot rain.

- It is hot rain.

- [Together] Of course it is.

- In New York hot rain. - Why did I duck for that

(laughs) when I didn't need to.

I could have just walk normally.

- [Together] Ooh.

- Well here we are.

We're walking to our gym.

We're gonna hope that we can get in

'cause last night we couldn't.

- We spoke to the Airbnb man, - It didn't work.

and he said rotate the fob at a different angle.

- Yeah he was like hold it at a different angle.

I'm like, what sort of fob doesn't work at all angles?

- I know.

It's really peculiar. - Anyway this is the building.

- What a birthday.

- What a birthday, 27.

I've had cookies for breakfast.

I'm off to the gym.

We've had a dance.

- Not a dance.

- I Skyped my mum.

- Fantastic.

- After all of that, I just realized

I forgot my water bottle.

- Ridiculous.

- I filled it up especially.

- We're gonna have to use it.

- Okay, do it at the right angle.

If this doesn't work.


- This is what he said to do. (lock clicks)

- [Together] It worked.

- [Joel] It is the angle.

- Skinny legends.

- [Joel] Oh, 'cause there's water fountains, as well.

Oh my god, sick.

- Mirror selfie.

- Mirror selfie.

This is amazing.

- [Together] Skinny legends.

- We can work out.

- [Together] Yes.

- We need music on, pumping.

- [Joel] Pumping music.

- There's no music in here.

- Hidey ho.

(upbeat music)

That should do, 20 minutes.

- 20 minutes, better than nothing.

- Got a live stream to do now.

We just thought we'd show you, this is our apartment.

Here we are, it's quite a nice entrance, isn't it?

It's this one here.

- Step into my crib.

- [Joel] Step into my crib.

- Follow me.

- [Joel] Okay.

- But don't expect to see inside the fridge

- [Joel] No.

'cause there's nothing in there.

- [Joel] And the fridge stinks.

- Exactly.

- [Joel] It really smells.

- Welcome to my crib.

- [Joel] The other way.

American locks go the opposite way.

It's really weird.

You have to like twist it as if you're locking it.

Towards the lock.

- That's towards we have to swap.

(lock clicks)

Well done.

- [Joel] You were right.

- [Lia] We're in.

- [Joel] American lock goes the other way.

(soft music)

- [Lia] You, you, G, you, you, you goo.

- Sushi!

- [Lia] We've come to a sushi place.

We don't really understand the menu.

- No, it works a bit differently,

and I don't really understand it.

- [Lia] Yeah.

- Pencils.

- [Lia] Ticking.

- Yeah.

(exciting music)

- [Lia] What are these guys looking at?

- We are looking at halva.

I have never heard of it.

- [Lia] Oh halva, halva.

- Halva.

- [Lia] Halva.

- Let's see.

That's nice.

Very weird.

Never ever heard of it.


- [Lia] Dad loves it in the fridge.

- Does he?

- [Lia] Yeah, he loves it.

Imagine that for Halloween.

Wow, they're amazing.

What's your business called?

- Right here, and we're on Etsy and we ship all over.

- [Lia] Yeah, I love Etsy.

Is this like your full time thing?

- Full time.

- [Lia] That's incredible.

- 31 years I've been doing it.

I use to have really long red hair,

- [Lia] Yeah.

- so my hair was always my thing.

- [Lia] Yeah.

- And so I've been doing it for 31 years.

- [Lia] It's amazing.

- 32 years, it's hard to believe.

- [Lia] What was the first thing you ever made?

- I started with the masks.

I did masks.

I sold them during,

we have a gay parade here.

- [Lia] What parade?

- A gay parade.

- [Lia] Oh the gay parade, yeah, yeah.

- So you can pick your mask color,

your cone color, your feather color.

So I did that and then I did so well in college.

I said I gotta sell something else.

- [Lia] Yeah.

- So I had the hair and.

- [Lia] And it just sort of progressed.

- Yes, so I've been doing it since the 80s.

- [Lia] Wow.

- Yeah.

I use to have a store but I can't afford a store anymore.

- [Lia] Aww okay.

- So now, I do this one year,

this is one week every month.

- [Lia] Okay.

- And then Etsy, I do very well on Etsy.

- [Lia] I'll check it out.

- Yeah.

- [Lia] Thank you so much.

- Do you live in the neighborhood?

- [Lia] No just visiting, living in Brooklyn.

- Okay, oh good.

- I can smell like garlic and it's making me so,

it's making me drool, if I'm honest.

Oh it's like, so buttery.

It's like those garlic knots that are really doughy.

Oh my god look at it.

Oh, dreamy.

Oh, look!

- [Joel] That's Joel and Lia.

- That's me and that's you.

Aww, I love this avocado.

This is so sweet.

So someone has tweeted us a hilarious picture.

Which I just cannot stop laughing at.

We joked about our calendar with us photoshopped

onto a different bodies.

It's so funny.

Oh my gosh.

- [Joel] Have a defined end of the workday.

It might fluctuate or you might have to work overtime,

but this mental separation can make a huge difference.

- [Lia] Another one, another one, another one.

- [Together] More, more, more.

- Look it's just my idea of heaven.

So I'm seeing a lot of like British-y things.

Just came across some shortbread

and some Earl Grey and some Lady Grey tea.

And I was wondering,

why don't they just stick to the American stuff?

Just a thought.

- It's lots of stuff that I want

but I know I don't need.

- [Lia] Yeah, that's literally--

- So just restraining myself from buying things.

- [Lia] Yeah.

- What's this, Lip Shit?

- [Lia] Lip Shit.

- [Together] What is Lip Shit?

- [Joel] Instant British accent.

- [Lia] Oh you're joking?

- Lip balm, you spray it in your mouth, you sound richer,

sound smarter, even look more attractive.

- [Lia] Let's have a look.

That's amazing.

- How do people sell this?

- Joel forgot to put his Fitbit on today.

You know his watch that counts his steps

so he just had a massive, go ahead.

We were like great, great one Joel.

- Great. - You forgot to put

your Fitbit on.

- Great, great Joel. - Well, guess what.

- I've told mom.

- This market just goes on and on and on.

It's just never ending.

Joel what is it, Artist and Fleas?

- Artists and Fleas is a market,

and they've got one in Williamsburg,

and that's where we met Josh who was selling hats.

- [Lia] Cheers.

- Cheers, skinny legend.

I didn't eat anything. (glasses clink)

- With my tea, my Jasmine tea, cheers.

- [Lia] Cheers you skinny legends.

- And I've got another drink.

- [Lia] Cheers, darling.

- Cheers.

- [Lia] I'll just zoom in on your face as you eat it.

- It's from my housemates message and a photo.

- [Lia] Okay.

- It's someone, oh.

- [Lia] Oh what, darling?

- Some mum has a wished me happy birthday

and my housemates sent me a message of it

saying you lucky thing with a winky face.


- We've arrived at Joe's Pizza.

- And I just saw someone I know, of course I did.

- No, of course she did.

- No, she didn't. - It wasn't them.

It wasn't them. - Look where we are.

- [Together] Joe's Pizza!

- Apparently this is where Superman, not Superman,

- Yeah, Spider-Man. - Spider-Man delivers pizza

from in Spider-Man.

- Yeah because he is a delivery boy.

- Yeah, so.

- Joe's Pizza, just like this guy here.

- Yeah.

(repetitive beeping)

- [Joel] Thank you.

If you beep at people they get out of your way.

- They get out of the way.

- [Joel] Wow.

- [Lia] Oh what are we looking at then?

- [Joel] Where did Mina go?

- [Lia] Mina's in the queue.

- [Joel] Oh she's in the queue.

- [Mina] I love the mozzarella, as well.

- [Lia] What's this?

- [Mina] Mushroom.

- [Joel] So we've got our pizza, but there's nowhere to sit.

- [Lia] Nowhere.

- So, it's full as you can see.

But look at the wall over there.

And it's got photos of all the famous people.

So good.

Girls are just leading me to where we're going.

I have no idea where they're taking me.

This is a surprise they planned.

I'm starting to think maybe it's a Broadway show

'cause we're in Time Square near Broadway.

But yeah, they're just leading us.

It is raining.

I haven't put my umbrella up

even though I've got it right here.

But yeah, we will see.

I don't know what it's going to be.

- [Lia] Junior's Cheesecake!

Let's go!

Where is it, around here?

- So many people have said

that that's what we should do.

- [Lia] Yeah.

- To get Juniors Cheesecake so we're gonna do it.

- [Lia] We've got time.

- We've got time before whatever the surprise is.

- [Lia] Exactly.

Oh my gosh!

It's huge! - Who knew this was so big.

- I just thought it was a little bakery.

This is mental.

Oh my gosh, Mina's all the way over there.

Checking with the host if we can get a table.

I think that table's got our name on it over there.

Okay, so false alarm we actually

haven't got enough time to sit in,

so we're gonna just get a take away

and go and stand somewhere in the rain.

I'm happy for any.

- I just want to try any.

What do you want, Mina?

- [Mina] Red velvet.

- That's the red velvet.

Oh no, that's raspberry strawberry cheesecake.


- Wow, look how much topping's on that?

- [Together] Oh no!

- [Lina] You need another one.

- [Joel] You need to get another one.

- [Lia] Oh there's some napkins here.

Yeah, I would just get a new one though, Mina.

- [Joel] Oh, Mina!

- [Lia] Mina's dropped her fork.

- Yeah.

They've got a theater shop, look at that.

- [Lia] Let's see.

- [Joel] Broadway Theater Shop.

- [Lia] Oh my god, we definitely go in there

and have a look.

- [Joel] Yeah, definitely.

[Lia] Do it for the gram.

- [Joel] Get the gram.

- [Lia] Get the gram.

Can't wait to try this.

- [Joel] Go for it.

- [Lia] Ready?

- [Joel] Yeah.

- [Lia] Let's go!

- [Together] Ooh!

- [Lia] Right, out of seven?

- I think a six.

- [Lia] Six out of seven?

- Yeah, it's nearly gone.

Have the last bit.

- [Lia] It's so yummy.

- [Joel] It's so good.

- Those little pranksters! - So they've just brought me

to The Play That Goes Wrong,

which I have wanted to see for so long.

I've not seen it in London.

It's been there for like five years or something.

- [Lia] Yeah.

- Oh, you guys! - Oh my gosh.

- Thanks so much.

How did you keep that a secret for so long?

- We just did. - I told you we we're

going to the museum of--

- We just kept telling him - The sex museum.

we were going to a sex museum.

- Well let's get in there guys.

- Let's get in and let's get the tickets.

- Oh I'm sorry, did I hit you in the face?

(laughs) - Yeah, it was quite funny.

It was quite funny.

- [Lia] I just whacked Lia.

- Well I hope you enjoyed that.

Here we are again, the magic of media.

- The magic of editing.

We hope you've enjoyed that.

- Yeah. - As we said please,

like and subscribe if you like us.

- Yeah, we post videos,

- [Together] Thrice weekly.

- And we will see you next time.

- See you soon.

- [Together] Bye.

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