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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Rock, Paper, Scissors

Difficulty: 0

[man] Brother.



Maybe the most beautiful word ever.

Aaron... Aaron, I never dreamed anyone could care.

This one...

This is the most beautiful.

And I have you to thank.

[girl sobbing]

Oh, Aaron, what have you done?

Hush, little baby Don't say a word

Mama's gonna buy you A mockingbird

And if that mockingbird Don't die

Mama sure going To make you cry

You photograph extremely well, Angela.

[sobbing] Please. No.

I'll do whatever you want to do. Don't hurt me.

We tell them not to beg, Aaron, and all they do is beg.

We tell them not to plead, and all they do is plead.

Just a few simple rules.

They always break the rules.

It's really beautiful. You're very talented.

If you let me go, I could help you make them.

Do you really think so?

Yeah. Yeah, we're gonna make so much money selling them, too,

and you can keep all of the profits.

I don't want to sell my dolls! I love them.

[crying] I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I just wanted--

Are you gonna tell me something that I haven't heard before?

Huh? Huh?

Or are you gonna tell me that you love me?



Do you wanna play a game with me?

Sure. What kind of game?

Rock, paper, scissors. It's my favorite.

I wasn't always good at first.

How? My hands...


You look like a paper girl to me.

I can't tell you. I'd lose.

All right.



One, two, three, go.


Paper covers rock.

You don't play fair.



-[blood splatters] -[gasping]


Hush, little baby

Don't you cry

[blood gushing]


I just wanna look and fiddle a little bit.

Fiddle and touch.

And now...

[breathing deeply]

And now...

And now you can't tell on me.

Freeze! On the ground!

-Take him down! -Don't move! Don't move!

Over here. White female down.

All clear!

You have the right to remain silent.

You fucking animal!

-[grunting] -Sir, calm down. Stop him.

-Fucking monster! -Doyle, relax.

Fucking animal!

Fucking psycho!

You broke my mask.

Aaron's gonna be so mad.

[officer] Get her down.

-Aaron? Aaron who? -No. No, no, no! No!

[gavel banging]

We have done a thorough search

and have found not one iota of evidence

that there is a twin brother named Aaron or any other such name.

That's a bunch of medical mumbo jumbo. He belongs in prison!

-[crowd] Yeah! -Having been adjudged criminally insane

and hopelessly incapable of telling reality from homicidal fantasy,

you are hereby remanded into the custody

of the state hospital for the criminally insane

for the duration of your natural life.

[crowd murmuring]

-Order. -I'll be waiting for you

when you get out, asshole.

-You sick bastard. -Order in the court!

Better watch out.

You get out, I'll be standing right there.

[chains rattling]

[lock buzzes]


-You're hurting me! -Shut the fuck up!

I said you're hurting me.

-Told you this is a bad idea. -[squelches]


[powering up]

[electricity buzzing]

[orderly screaming]

Did you do this, or did your imaginary twin do this?


I don't have an imaginary twin.

Good. You can hit him.

[device powers up]



[Doyle] You know, somewhere out there are the families of his victims.

Probably grinding their teeth right now just like me.

He's a fucking psycho.

He should never be released, that's for sure.

I feel your frustration, Detective Doyle,

but Peter and I have made great progress over the last decade.

I feel completely certain that he is free of his demons.

Wish I could believe you.

Peter, are you sure you feel safe?

Thanks to you, Doctor, I feel much stronger now.

I'll look forward to our video sessions.

Me, too.

I'm here for you whenever you need me, okay?

Thank you.

Be happy and believe.

Take care, Peter.

You know, if he relapses,

your career is gonna be as dead as all those girls he killed.

[door creaks]


What have I told you about coming into this room,

you little bastard?

I'm sorry, Uncle Charles.

Are you a girl?

Only girls play with dolls.

Only a little girl would disobey me constantly.

I just wanted to see my mother.

So, if you want to be a little girl so badly...


...I'm going to make you one.

-No! No! -Come here, you little shit-ass.

-Come! -Let go! Aaron!

-Help me! Aaron! -Stop it. Stop it!

[echoing] Help me! Aaron!

[door shuts]

[muffled laughter]

[man singing]


[phone rings]


Oh, hello. It's Dr. Bauer.

Just checking to see how things are getting along in the old house.

Nothing out of the ordinary.

Also, wanted to make sure you had set up your video log

and that everything was working smoothly.

Yes. Yes, I'm feeling my feelings.

I'm right where I should be.

That's good. Any problems with Aaron?

How could there be? He doesn't exist.

Exactly. That's wonderful to hear.

Well, I'm here if you need me.

You have my cell, you have all my numbers.

Call me day or night, please, for anything.

Thank you. Good-bye.


Peter's log. Day one.

It's a shame, my uncle allowed this magnificent house to...


He was a great man. Very well-respected.





Uncle Charles!



[woman] Do it.

[Peter] I don't wanna touch it!


Monica Barfield? That's me.

Great. Give me one minute and I'll show you around.


Do you have any questions?

Are the lease papers ready for me to sign?

Yes, dear.

But there's something that I'm legally obligated to share with you.

This wasn't a meth house, was it?

Oh, no, nothing to do with this particular house.


-Would it have to do with the view? -That's very perceptive of you.

-However, I really need to tell you-- -It doesn't matter.

-Even still, I'm bound to-- -It's fine. Really.

I'm tired of living out of my luggage and anxious to get settled.

Who do I make the rent check out to?

[Realtor] Love a woman who knows what she wants.

[camera clicks]

[woman] Peter. [gasps]


[woman sobbing]




[camera clicks]


Peter's log. Day two.

Strange thing happened.

I got locked in the closet my uncle used to lock me in.

At first, I thought that it was Aaron, but...

I know I invented him.

So, I removed the door so it wouldn't happen again.

[thunder rumbling] [gasps]

Help me.



You're trespassing! You have no right to be here!

Now, go!

-Hey. -What do you want?

I saw the way you treated that vet.

Yeah? Mind your own business, pal.

He deserves our respect.

He deserves to get a kick in the ass. Now, take a walk.

I can't believe that you'd do this.

Yeah, Zoe, you stop right there.

-What? -You forged my signature for a tattoo?

No, Dad signed for it.

[woman] Don't walk away from me.

Damn it. You got a hummingbird tattoo. And did you know about this?

I don't know. Maybe. So what?

"So what?" You're supposed to be a good influence for her.

She's not gonna listen to me, especially if I nag her like you.


Well, I suppose I should just let her do anything she wants just like your father.

[man] All right. I'm gonna go wait in the car.

Thanks for nothing, Christopher.

[scoffs] I give up.

Peter's log. Day three.

Spent the day running errands. Groceries.

I forgot the milk.

[woman] You forgot something else.


No. Not real.

[woman] That young girl...


...with her family.

I didn't do anything.

She's so pretty. So young.

Did he see her, too?


He's not real. Aaron is not real. Dr. Bauer said so.



Uh, my name is Monica Barfield. I'm your new neighbor.

I just moved in across the street-- Oh!

I am such a... I'm such a klutz.

I'll take this back. You don't wanna eat it after...

-Not that your floor is dirty-- -What do you want?

Nothing. Just...


Did I say my name is Monica Barfield?

Okay. That makes me an airhead and a klutz.


These really would be happier in the fridge.

The kitchen... It's this way? Yeah.

My mother always said I was like a bull in a china shop.

I know who you are.

I'm Monica Barfield, your new neighbor.

I know who you are.

-Did I leave something out? -You and I both know.

-Who? -She sent you to check up on me.

Afraid not.

You are not who you say you are.

Let's call Dr. Bauer and ask her.

No. Okay, okay, okay. You got me.

I'm a writer.

You should leave now.

No, but I wanna tell your story. I have no story to tell.

No. I wanna tell your story from your point of view.

To share your pain and torment with those who have condemned you.

Not interested.

You would have the final approval of every word in the book.

Will you at least think about it, sir?

Think about all the people it will help.


Thank you, Mr. Harris.

How about, if you change your mind and your answer is yes,

all you have to do is

place your broom on the opposite side of the front door.

That'll be our signal.

Good night.

[latch clicks]

[voices whispering]

[muffled screams]

What the hell are you playing at?

I'm calling the police. Who the hell--

I am the police, goddamn it.

Don't you know who that is? Bringing cupcakes over there.

I do. He's a serial killer.

Uh-huh? Yeah, well, then you must have a death wish.

I'm a writer, a journalist.


I'm gonna get his story.

Yeah. Yeah. And I'm Buddy Ebsen, okay?

You ain't no goddamn journalist. I know your Realtor.

She told me all about you.

Said you were...

unfazed by your infamous neighbor.

You never published an article in your whole fucking life or mine.

All right? Monica Barfield?

You ain't no journalist. You don't even exist.

Well, too bad,

Detective Dechert.

Who the fuck are you?

I look just like her, don't I?

But you were too late to save her.

Peter's last victim?

No way. This can't be.

-My sister. -Jesus.

And you're officially retired. You're not even a cop anymore.

You're just Doyle.

You know what, kiddo?

I'll take my badge to my grave, all right?

You better have something to drink around here. We got to chitchat.

I have whiskey.


Why don't you get it out. I might drink the whole bottle.

I got two questions for you, missy.

Fire away.

You think that murdering little piece of shit really got cured?


Do I look like an idiot?

What's your second question?

What are you up to?

Win his trust.


To do what with?

That's a third question.

You know something? I don't think you understand what I'm talking about.

How old were you when all that happened? Four? Five?


Your sister and the other victims...

I don't even like to think about it.

Some of those victims were a lot bigger and stronger than you, too.

I've been training for this my entire life.

Yeah, well...

I don't think it's gonna be enough.

Well, we'll have to see about that.

Good night, Detective Dechert.

[footsteps fading]

She was real.

She's remarkable.


[sighs] Crap.

[hammer tapping]

[hits echoing]

-Want this back? -I didn't move the broom.

I know. It's been three days.

Do you want your cupcake plate back?

No. I'm gonna start writing my best seller starring you.

I have work to do.

Ilex verticillata. I wouldn't plant those there.

It's Latin. I minored in botany.

-[metal clanks] -Why not?

I'm sorry?

Plant them there?

[clears throat] Oh. Um...

Well, the location isn't conducive for optimal growth

as the sun field and the eave's drip line will just...

Point taken.

Did you spend a lot of time here as a child?

I know when your mom died, you lived with your uncle.

He was a pillar of the community, they say--

I don't remember any of that.

[woman] Liar. Tell her what he did to you.

-Peter? -Did the electroshock therapy--

-No! -Show her what he did to you.

Show her where he touched you. I'm fine now.

What about your friends? Did you ever talk about--

I only had one friend during the summers that I spent here.



I never said that I would cooperate with you.


How long were you out there?

A couple of minutes.

Are you spying on me?

As a matter of fact, I'm watching your ass.

What was that gardening charade all about anyway?

I think you can sleuth that out, Detective.

[laughs] Let's not forget he's a fucking psychopath, okay?

And the only time he's not nervous is...

when he's got you tied down to a table.

Maybe so.

But I think he's privately intrigued by the whole book idea.

Yeah, well, either that or he's sizing you up for his new line of dolls.

[man singing]

[lightbulb buzzing]

Hush, little baby Don't you cry

I'm not a baby, Uncle Charles. I'm a grown-up boy.

Oh, you are, are you?

Well, then...

I guess you're ready to play some real grown-up-boy games.

You bet I am.

Let's play my favorite. It's called rock, paper, scissors.

[chuckles] That's a funny game.

Oh, it's a very funny game.

The loser in rock, paper, scissors...

has to let the winner...

do anything he wants.

That sounds like fun, Uncle Charles.

[chuckling] Oh, yeah. It is. I just wanna fiddle a bit.

Touch. Look.

Okay, Peter.

This is rock...

this is paper...

and this is scissors.

Sure thing.

[Charles] Dirty little boy.


Son of a bitch.

Mr. Harris. I'm so glad you changed-- You're late.

We can take breaks.


You're wasting time.


Did you remember the name of the childhood friend you mentioned?

I never said that I forgot.

Oh. Well, that's good.

So, what is it?

All right, why don't we talk about the 13 victims.

Um, do you recall why you chose them?


You grabbed Lacy Stuart at a bus stop.

Why her? What was it? Her clothing--

I didn't...

I don't remember.

Was it her shoes, her ponytail-- I don't...


You don't know, or you don't remember? Why does it matter?


You testified in court that Aaron made you--

There is no Aaron. There never was. He never existed.

So, what kind of man was your uncle?

[Charles] I win.

[manic laughter]

You didn't play fair, Uncle Charles.

You lost.

-No. -Take them off.

All of them.



Take them off.

Take them off. Take them off!

All of them. All of them!


Now! Now! Now!


Peter, Peter, Peter.


Are you afraid?

Are you afraid that you're going to be sick on me like you were before?

Well, I'm going to tell you a little secret.

I liked it.


I liked it!

-Come here. -No.

Come here. Come to me. Come to your old uncle.

-I don't want to. -Come here. Come here!

Hurry! Hurry!

Come here!

He was my uncle.

He always took care of me.

And he loved me very much.

You should go home.

[knife chopping]

-But we-- -Now.

We don't have to talk about your uncle.


-Afternoon. -Do I know you?

Well, you would if your brain hadn't been fried out

by Dr. Bauer's electrotherapy.

Ah, yes.

Destructive Doyle Dechert. Isn't that what the media called you?

[laughs] Fuck you.

Oh, how nice. If you'll excuse me.

No, no, no. Please.

Why don't you leave Mr. Harris alone?

Leave him alone?

Why would I leave him alone when he hasn't told me about Mary Marquez?

Who is Mary Marquez?

The girl that went missing down in Laconia.

I don't know that name. I can't remember the last time I've even been to that town.

You're a lying piece of shit. What did you do with the body, Peter?

Do you have a warrant?

Because if you don't, which I suspect,

then you have no right to harass this man.

This man? Well, that man is a killer.

He has paid his debt to society.


According to the liberals, I suppose.

If you have a problem with our country's justice system,

then you should go lobby Congress.

Why are you protecting him?

I am working with Peter-- Mr. Harris-- on his life story.

[laughs] Oh, really?

Is there a chapter in the book where you, uh...

where he describes carving up Angela Grant?

Or a chapter, perhaps, where he talks about the fact that she had a--

-I'm gonna call the police. -You should leave now.

-[line rings] -[operator on phone] 911.

-Hi. Yes. Can you please send the police over to... -All right. All right.


Never mind. Yeah. Thank you.


I'm sorry if I overstepped. [stammers] I didn't mean to.

It's okay.



[latch clicks]

Are you out there?




Do you have any fucking idea...

How mad that cop made you?





You hadn't eaten all day. I had some left over.

See you tomorrow?


[footsteps fading]

[door opens, closes]

I took the liberty to go shopping and buy some real food.

And went by the liquor store.

Got the good stuff.

That was quite a little performance you put on there.

It wasn't a performance, dickwad.

You going crazy now?

Don't put this on me.

What did you think you were doing?

I was trying to get a reaction out of him.

By outing me? You want him to kill me? Is that it?

He kills me, you can finally give him the needle?

Uh-uh. You got this all wrong.

That girl did go missing just a couple of towns from here.

So what? That doesn't mean that she's dead or that Peter was involved.


You know what?

You're no match for him.

Okay? And if you think that's gonna be part of the deal,

you might as well forget it, 'cause that ain't gonna help you.

Of course not. Do you wanna see my black belt?

That ain't gonna save you.

Don't fuck with me.

Don't fuck with me.

I don't wanna see what happened to your sister happen to you!

You're not my goddamn father.

Where were you when my parents died in that car wreck?

When I was sent to a foster home?

When I was beaten for running away?

And where the fuck were you when I was raped by my foster brother?

All right, all right. I didn't know that.

Of course. You had your life.

You had no reason to care what happened to me.

My life was over.

That bastard took it from me, and I'm gonna repay him in spades.

Wanna go to jail?

I'm not going to jail.

So, I hear you have a secret.

Maybe I do.

Did your mom find out?

Yup. By the way, I need you to cover for me.

Of course, but what exactly am I covering for?

I told her I went with you.

You shit. What if she asks to see mine?

Well, you can just tell her it's on your secret place.

Oh, my God. So, how did she find out anyway?

-I showed her. -No shit.

Wait, wait. Where did you--

Oh, no, no, no. Look.

Got it right...


Wow, can I touch it?

Ew, no. O-M-G. You let some dirtbag inker see your tits?

I mean, not completely.

Did it hurt?

Like a ton.

-Mmm-hmm. -I bet it did, you little bitch.

I wanna get one, too. Will you take me?

Yeah, me, too.

[whistle blows]

I need more motivation. I need more spirit.

If I don't get that, some of you are gonna be out on your butts. Do you hear me?

-[all] Yes! -One!

[all] One!

-[coach] Two! -[all] Two!

-Three! -Three!

[coach] That sucks! One more time. Go!

[whistle blows]

-[coach] One! -[all] One!

-[coach] Two! -[all] Two!

[camera clicks]

-Three! -Three!

-One! -One!

-Two! -Two!

-Three! -Three!

[counts continue]


Filling up, huh?


Detective, I wouldn't expect you to so flagrantly break the law.

Well, in your case, I make an exception.

Because I'd like to see you go up in flames.

Tsk, tsk. Such anger.

Yeah, stress. It's a killer.

I guess you're gonna tell me you're a model citizen now. Is that it?

Oh, Detective, I'm a reformed man.

Well, you should cut the shit, 'cause it's not gonna fly with Monica.

-She has a-- -Who?

Forget it.

Anyway, if you'll excuse me.

[pump rattles]

I promised myself I'd go bird-watching with a new friend.

[engine starts]

Oh. Did I come at a bad time?

No. No, not at all.

'Cause if you're busy, I can--

No, really. Come in.



Uh, I like your...

The shoes, they're nice.

I like them very much.

The bows.

That's so sweet of you.

Maybe you'd like to show me around your house, and... I don't know,

free associate on your memories from when you used to live here?

-What's in that room? -I never go in that room.

Uncle Charles never let me...

in there.

He said there are things in there that could hurt a person.


I can show you upstairs.

Was this your room?



Do you actually use it? Yes.




Anything you care to share with me?


For the book, I mean. No. Maybe... I just...

I'm not very spontaneous.

It... It squeaked.

[woman whispering] Touch her.

Did something happen in here?

Would you like some tea?

[water running]

The house is starting to take shape.

Sort of.

You don't agree?

We'll need some marmalade for the toast. I made some.

[door opens]

[footsteps thudding]


[muffled scream]

[faint scream]

[muffled groans]



I'm okay.

What was that noise?


How would you describe your relationship with Dr. Bauer?

Well, she's my therapist.

She cured me.

How long did it take you to eventually open up to her?


Are you afraid of me?

Should I be?

Did you confide in Dr. Bauer about your first time?

[sobs echoing]

Did you know that you can get cancer

from breathing someone else's cigarette smoke?

[sobbing] Please let me go. I wanna go home.

My uncle loved me. He said I was beautiful.

What do you want from me?


[restraints rattling]

We're ready.

No, please. Ready for what? What are you gonna do to me?


Do you wanna play rock, paper, scissors?

It's my favorite.

If I win, will you let me go?

My uncle taught me.

He always won.

Then he would take his prize.

Do you think that he cheated?

Yeah, I'm sure he did.

No. He never did.

He was a great man. He was a great man.


Ready to play?








Paper covers rock. You're not very good at this, are you?

No, no. I forgot.

I haven't played in a really long time. Can we try again, please?

That's too bad.





Where did you just go?

Where do memories go when you aren't remembering them?


Peter, you can trust me.

I've never told anyone else this...

but I have my own scars.

My pain reaches down on my soul.

And down there are secrets I carry like a cross.

I think our work is done today.

Peter's log. Day eight.

She pushes me to...

confess, to reveal, to...

to trust.

I want...

I can't. I...

If I tell her, there's no going back.

Yet, I...

I feel...

I sense something familiar in her.

What? No.

It's for my doctor.

No, I don't want to! No!

I'm not going back!

No! Stop it!





What kind of birds are you hoping to house?

Any kind, really.

That is a very long pole.


I'm sorry. I thought you said this was a birdhouse.

To keep squirrels out.

I'm so sorry.

I didn't mean to scare you last night.

No, it was my fault. I was pressing way too hard.

I was bothered.

I asked you about the first time you ever...

hurt a girl.

I can tell you that...

no matter what I did or didn't do, they would always tell on me.

And then he would pour...

My uncle would pour boiling water down there because I was a nasty boy.

A nasty, nasty boy.

Then we'd play our game.

Rock, paper...


But he always won.


[woman] Tell her my name.

Tell her Barbara's here.

Say it!


I've changed.

I know.

No, you don't.

[stammering] I believe... I trust you.

Do you?

I just wanna fiddle a little bit. Fiddle.

And touch and look.

[woman] You can't change.

The other part.


Came later.

No one could ever know.

What... Who...

Would you take off all your clothes and let me do anything I want?

Will you?

Promise not to call me a nasty boy? Not tell anyone?



[breathing deeply]



It's not so easy to wash your sins away, is it?

I can't... I can't let her see.

Oh, Peter, you can't hide the truth from her.

She will find out.

No. Shut up!



You left your door ajar. You should be more careful.

Well, you should've knocked or something.

Are you going somewhere?


I was just rearranging some of my--


You seem to like them.

They're lovely.



Would you have dinner with me?

I'd like... to make you dinner.

I'll tell you everything you want to know for your book,

for our book.

In an hour?


Okay. Mmm-hmm.


I'm sorry if I scared you.

It's okay.

[woman] Stop.

You'll lose everything.

[police radio chatter]

Morning. I'm glad you could make it so quickly.

It's not like I have a challenging schedule these days.

Right now that sounds very enticing.

This is my partner, Detective Flynn.

We know each other. Yeah, we do.

[indistinct chatter]

[woman] Obviously, this is ritualistic.

Does that tattoo mean anything to you?

Ah, it's only a couple of days old.

Anybody notify the Marquez family?

Why would we do that? This isn't the Marquez girl.

Well, who phoned it in?

Male voice. Said he was out bird-watching and--

Son of a bitch.

Just in time.

I'm sorry. I didn't dress up.

Won't you come in?


Thank you.

You really have been busy.

Would you like some of this?

That's fine. Thank you.

I will answer all your questions.

Even the really difficult ones.

[crockery clanking]

You didn't care for the champagne?

I didn't wanna start without you.

Do you hate women?

Oh, no. Quite the opposite.

I love them far too much.

Do you think it was possible to find a woman who actually

liked what you wanted to do with her?

Aside from the killing part.

I don't think--

What made you choose one woman over another?

Dr. Bauer explained that I might have been drawn to some kind of...

weakness in them.


So, Dr. Bauer said it was their fault?

Not in so many words.

Are you sure you didn't misunderstand her?

[cutlery clatters]

I have something for you.

[singing echoing]

When I was in the grip of my...

my sickness, I would wear that.


Made me feel... safe.


Don't remember.

You must.

Were you wearing this when you killed your last victim,

Angela Grant?

Oh, she was special.

Were you being nasty with her?


At first, it was just enough to... peek...

to look.

But then...

I had to touch.

Did she lose to you when you made her play your game, Peter?

Because you don't play fair, do you?

You're a cheater.

Thought that you would be different.


Did you kill her when she could've saved her life? Rock?

[singing echoing]


[laughter echoing]

-[door opens] -[grunting]

Is this how it feels?

[whimpering] Wait, wait, wait, wait.

[stammering] I don't wanna...

What? Who, me? I'm just finishing the book.

I don't understand.

Sure you do.

No, no, this is wrong.

Oh, yes, it is.


No, it isn't.

I should've known why I was drawn to you.

You're just like me.


You wish!

Let me help you wrap your pea-sized brain around this deal.

Your last kill...

was my sister.

She was my everything.


And you didn't give a shit.

Well, I...

I don't give a shit.




Please, please, please. I'm cured. I'm cured.

Hardly, Petey.

[gasps] Let's play a game. Maybe my luck will change.

-Ready? -[knocking]




[muffled whimpers]

Now, don't you go anywhere.


I'm looking for my patient, Peter Harris. And who are you, Miss...

Monica Barfield. I'm the housekeeper.

I'm sorry, Mr. Harris is out for the evening.

Funny. He didn't tell me that he hired a housekeeper.

Today's my first day, ma'am.

Today is your first day?

You know, I've had a long drive, and I don't mind waiting.

Mr. Harris gave me strict instructions, no visitors. So, I'm sorry.

Well, I am his psychotherapist, and I really need to see him now.

I'm sorry. He said no visitors. Please leave.

-I'm gonna go see him-- -You're gonna...

[muffled screaming]


I need this job. Please.

Peter. Please. Out of here.

I can't have you in the house.

The two of you just ate together, didn't you?

Yes, but he left right afterwards

with instructions not to let anyone in here.


Is that the door to the basement?

Look, Peter told me not to have anyone in here.

You know what he did to those poor women down there?

Those poor--

Last time. I'm calling the police.

All right. But it is imperative that you ask Peter to call me when he gets back.

[phone ringing]

This is Dr. Bauer.

Oh, my God.

I'm standing out in front of his house right now.


I was wrong about Peter.

You need to hurry.







I choose scissors.

Well, carving knife.

Did my sister beg for her life? [gasping]


[stammering] But I love you.


-Not good enough. -I thought you loved me, too.

Does this look like love?


You can dish it out, but you sure as fuck can't take it, can you?


I didn't do it. It wasn't me.


Aaron, Aaron.

Aaron made me do it.

He doesn't exist.


He never did.

Good-bye, Peter.

-I can't allow that. -[gasping]

Peter, you said he doesn't exist!

Oh, I'm very real, Ashley.

And for the record, he was telling the truth.

I chose all the girls.

It was all so easy. After all, I died as a baby.

-If I didn't exist... -Aaron? could I be punished?


And here's one more tidbit for you to swallow.

Your sister didn't die a virgin.

[both groan]





I dead-bolted the doors. Don't just lie there. Go get her!


Hurry up. You always take so long.

Stop whining. I already told you, I dead-bolted the doors.

I didn't realize we had any more of these.

Let's have some fun.


[breathes heavily]

Go. Go quickly. Don't suffer my fate.

I have to end this.

You're not real.

Oh, you're quite the spitfire.

Oh, you have no idea.

I kicked Peter senseless, and I can do the same to you.

[both grunting]








Oh, fuck!


I thought that you'd be different.

But you're just like all the rest.

You're just...

like all the rest.

What have you done now?

It's my birthday.

Stay away!

Come show your Uncle Charles how much you love him.


Do you still have that little dress I bought for you?


I'm not a little girl. I'm not a little girl.

I'm a boy. I'm a boy!


I'm a boy.

-[manic laughter] -I'm a boy. I'm a boy. No!

No. Stay away.



[Doyle] Oh, my God. It's over.


Didn't think I'd live to see that.

He will. He's gonna get away.

-He could get away. -Who?

He's down in the study. Aaron.

[Doyle] Who?

[Ashley] Aaron!

He's gone.

Don't you see?

I was almost free.

Now she'll never leave me alone.

Angela. My sister.

So, let me guess.

She thinks Harris' twin brother was a real person.

Now she's talking to her own dead sister,

which makes her as crazy as he was.

[Dr. Bauer] I think she has been trying to kill Peter her whole entire life,

and now she has nothing.


-Is she ever gonna snap out of it? -[phone rings]

Excuse me one second.

This is Dr. Bauer.

Excuse me?

Okay. I'll be right down. Thank you.

Dr. Bauer will be right down to sign the release.

There's a waiting area right down the hall if you--

Oh, that's okay. I'll check on the patient myself.

-What room did you say she was in again? -I didn't.

That's odd.

Sir, sir. You can't-- Sir, you have to wait!


[woman] Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Oh, my God!

Call for help!

Code Gray, third floor, west wing!



Oh, my God.


I'm gonna call 911. Okay.

Okay, I'm going to the...




You're not allowed to take...



-[panting] -[engine starts]

Fuck! Son of a bitch!

-Motherfucker! -Dr. Bauer!

[all murmuring]

[Aaron] Mommy dropped us off with Uncle Charles.

[Ashley whimpering]

He didn't want me.

She dropped me off with Social Services, never to be seen again.

Uncle Charles was abusing Peter, so I fixed him for good.

After that, it was just my brother and me.

And we made damn sure no one ever saw us together.

Pretty cool, huh?

Then we began to play our little game.

Rock, paper...


I picked the victims, but Peter killed them.

I guess it was the only way he could get any satisfaction.

Sick fuck.

Hush, little baby Don't say a word

Mama's gonna buy you


A hummingbird


I almost forgot.

You can go ahead and scream now.

[muffled screaming]

[manic laughter]

The Description of Rock, Paper, Scissors