Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Fairy Tail OP1 - Snow Fairy - Fingerstyle Guitar Cover

Difficulty: 0

Fairy, where you going?

I'm going to gather the light and shine down on your tomorrow

*Just the little logo for Fairy tail

Oh yeah, can you hear that voice that is calling you?

Oh yeah, it's hoarse from shouting

Oh yeah, it will last until I can hear your heart

Oh yeah, Oh yeah.

The high of the Moon and the Sun

Is it something that is left behind?

It's strange when you're not here

I can't find what I want

Snowing, I could smile honestly

Both of us, close together

Because our "time" is connected

Fairy, where you going?

I will gather all the light

And make it shine on your tomorrow

(For the rest, I'm not sure if it's accurate.)

Oh yeah, the washed away emotions on the beach

Without realizing it, the orange season

Already turn into white

Horrible subtitles made by: Kirsten Maningo

Subscribe, you won't regret it. Also it's a very beautiful and emotional song I will admit that.

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