Practice English Speaking&Listening with: YOU ONLY HAVE ONE CHANCE | OneShot - Part 1

Difficulty: 0

Hello everybody, my name is Markiplier, and welcome to OneShot

Now, OneShot is easily one of the highest rated games I've ever seen on Steam.

It has over a thousand reviews, all glowing, saying it's an amazingly immersive world,

that breaks the fourth wall and pulls you in, and it's got a 98%

So... by all standards, people say that it's very, very good...

so I'm eager to see what we have in store for us here.

Should I use.... a GAME PAD? Nah I think I'm good.

Let's do this. LET'S DO THIS!

'Explore and interact with the environment and characters.

Sometimes you may find an item.

Once you have picked up an item, you may select it from your inventory.

When the item is active, you can combine it with other items in your inventory,

or use it at certain locations in order to progress.'

'Although fullscreen mode is an option, the game is best experienced in windowed mode'

'closing the game will save your progress,

this game also autosaves after some key events.'


This is what I'm thinking - I don't know a lot about the game but it said something about breaking

the fourth wall. Is that why it's best experienced in

windowed mode? Is it going to do something to me?

Hello- okay hi how you doin'?

*whisper* oh shit

*Aggressively huffs*



Is anybody there? I can't move - there we go

*softly* okay,

"Input password" I don't know the password to my own computer so I'm going to go with th-hm...-That?

Access denied. I can't imagine why.


"Dusty books.. It's too dark to read in here."

Really is it?

Well I could turn on the light but that'd just be a waste of power.

"There's a TV remote here. Niko picks it up."

So my name is Niko, huh.

Welll... What am I doing in this destitute room, is this my room?

Oh, hello bathroom. How you doin'?

*Every time text comes on-screen, Mark reads it aloud. make sure to read it friends!*

Do I take that?

*Mark reads whats on screen*

Are those my eyes?

*reads on screen*

This place is a shit hole!

What are we doing here?!


Well I guess I'm gonna be stuck here for a while.

Maybe I can just go back to bed...

Maybe I don't even remember where I came from.

Maybe I don't even remember who I am.

So I got a television remote...

It's too hard to read in the dark light.

A flaky, dry branch from the bathroom.

So I do have that branch.

That's gunna help me in the long run.

I know I'm going to be doing a lot with this branch.

But maybe I can read... Maybe I can read the, uh...

"These can't be combined."


*reads on screen*

So...if I remember the order correctly...

9, 8, 1 and 4...

9 is red, 8 is blue, 1 is yellow, green is 4.

9 is red, 8 is


8 is blue, 1 is yellow, green is 4.

8 is blue.


This is 1, and that's 9.

Got it!

Got it!!

*triumphantly yelling* I did a puzzle!

Everybody be happy for me!

Yeah I don't- you don't have to be happy for me, I'm just saying like everybody in my head: be happy for me.

Oh shit, hello.

Yeah I did. Hide and seeks over lets get back to home.

*reads on screen*

Whoa, I thought you were talking to, Niko there.

You're talking to me?

*reads on screen*

"..You only have one shot, Mark." Don't do that to me!

Don't you do that to me!

No, no, no! That's bad!

Ohh, okay..

Ah, I only have one shot

I was wondering..

If the name in this game was going to be anything like "You only have one chance" flash game

Oh boy.

Oh no, oh no

Helloooo? Everybody my name is Markiplier!

How are you doing?

*reads screen*

So, I gotta be careful with this. Because if I only have one shot..

I could mess everything up very easily.

*reads on screen*

[mark adds 'FAM' after the word 'lit']


Hmm.. Locked.. Tasty.

Alright so let's skedaddle over here.

*reads on screen*

Time to party the night away because this world is going to hell.

*reading onscreen*

Alright then.

Sink won't turn on, nothing over there..

I think I've looked at pretty much everything in here.

What is that?

Alright that's a big keyhole, that's the biggest keyhole I've ever seen.

Maybe I can poke my branch in there.

Oops, sorry hang on.

Get this. Put that- stick it in there. Get it in there. Stick it in there.

Go on don't be shy, come on!

Alright, fine then.

So, there's gotta be something else that I can do.

Niko readies the branch.

*reads screen*

OH! I forgot there was a spark coming from that,

but maybe if I combine...

*reads screen*

Niko dabs it in there.

So if I use that on this...

It'll light on fire.

*Mark 'ah's' gleefully*

Alright, and then I've got a lit flame

Oh- that- that didn't look good...

*reads screen*

What did I get?

A basement key???

Ok, and an empty bottle.

Wait did the sink run, I can't even remember if it ran.

Let me see if I can put it in there.

Nooope it didn't work at all, but maybe I could put it over here?

Yes I can- Oh I don't want to go in there just yet I wanted to see if I could fill the bottle up.

Oh man.

This is so cool, by the way.

"The sink won't turn on." So, there's no point on doing that but I do have an empty bottle and I could remember that as I go farther into this.

Also if you notice there's seem to be no save mechanic

Which I assuming it means it saves... auto-magically.

But I don't know what I'm getting at myself into so...

I even don't know if I'm gonna come across a decision... it's that a light bulb?


Alrighty then, grab that.



A light bulb!


Niko has some magic powers that I didn't know about!

Bibbity bobbidy bippidy bobiddy~ I got liight~

It's really quiet now all of sudden. I thought it was a little less quieter here last time I when through this.

Nah I-it's it's just it's really quiet. Why is so quiet down here?

Ohh I can put it in there.

Light bulb... "It's the sun."

Do you mean that legitimately like... IT'S the SUN?

I don't know if I want to put it in here just yet, because I can go into the other room and I can read the books.

Now I should be able to anyway...

"Ad infinitum."

Ad.... infinitum...

I don't know what that means...

Alright then.

I just don't know if there's an absolutely anything else that I need to see.

Maybe I could shine a light out the window and someone could find me here...

Ad Infinitum...

Okay. Alright so, I just take this light bulb and I POP it in that bad boy




*something squeaks in-game*

Squeaky squanky

Where am I now?

"What's left of a computer terminal"?

How did I get here? There's no door.

How did I get here??

What is that? It's just the- the edge of the abyss?




What is that? That is HUGEE and TALLL and

probably a metaphor for something....

'You can quickly travel to locations you already visited by selecting the "Fast Travel" option in the menu.'

'The default key for opening the menu is "A".'

'Fast travel cannot be used indoors.'


Good then?

"A robot. It no longer has power"

So this world has technology for robots then

Weird shimmering lights on the walls

"What's left of a robot"





Why are woooooo- whaa?

I guess that was a loading screen

Oh man. What a- what am I doing here?

Is this...


"That lightbulb...! You are here!"



"Welcome to our world, friend!"

"I am most humbled by your presence. Yes!"

"Uh, thanks.."

"Sorry... I'm little lost..."

"Ah right! Allow me to explain some things."

"May I first ask how you arrived here?"

"I'm... not sure..."

"I woke up in this... weird house. It was really dark!"


"So you woke up in an unfamiliar, dark location?"


"Just as my prophecy foretold. Yes!"

"You are the savior we've been waiting for!"

"You'll be the one to save our world from the eternal darkness."

Ah.. that's a lot to put on my shoulders.

"I will now provide you with vital information!"

"Please ask me anything!"

I'm like a reddit AMA.

"Ah, well.. can you tell me about...

-this world?"

"I'm not sure where I am, exactly..."

"I can't see too far off, everything's so dark..."

"Our world was not always this dim"

"Nor was it so broken"

"But time waits for nobody, not even saviors"

"The world is divided into three regions."

"You're on the Fringe right now, the Barrens."

"That tower you see in the distance once held our sun."

"Oh, so that's what the tall thing was..."

"As you go further towards the center, you will cross the other regions."

"There should be a map still in this outpost somewhere..."


"Can you tell me about...

-the lightbulb?"

"I found it in the house I woke up in..."

"Within your hands i-is our new sun."

"Your sun?"


"Years ago, our previous sun sat atop that tower and spilled its life into the land."

"But one day, the light went out."


"The world is still hanging on by a thread."

"The surface of this world is abundant with an element called Phosphor."

"Fortunately for us, this element stored light energy from our previous sun."

"It's now our only source of illumination, but its energy is finite."

"When the last of the light dies, our world will too."

Oh.. I missed that, sorry.

"But now that you are here with the new sun, all is well."

"You will need to restore it to the tower."

"That looks... pretty far off!"

"Yes. So begins your pilgrimage."

"Also, the sun is fragile, so pl-please be careful."

"If the sun shatters, the world will end in an instant."


"Can you tell me about... the computer?"

"In the house, I found

"It kept saying stuff like 'your actions here will affect Niko'...

But I'm Niko!"

"Are those messages meant for someone else?"


"If I had to guess, they might be trying to pass the message to Mark." *incredulous laugh*


"Ah! that would be our god!"



"If you are here, that means Mark is here also!

"Mark will provide guidance for your journey."

"In fact... they already have."

"Really? I haven't seen anyone though..."

"Have you... not contacted Mark yet?"

"I don't think so."

"Being the bringer of sun, you have the sacred ability to communicate

directly with Mark."

"An ability that no one else possesses, certainly not I..."

"Please, close your eyes and focus."


I'm gonna talk to Mark.



"Mark... are you... there?"

*shouting* Hey how's it going? It's me, Markiplier! Wazzup!


That is not my name...!

That is not my name at all!!

"Oh! Well..."

"What is your name then?"



*gibberish C and K sounds*


It is- it is- simply...


Your lord!


"N- nice to meet you Markiplier! My name is Niko."


Got it.

"I actually heard someone!"

"They said their name is Markiplier, though..."

"This is incredible.."

"It seems the recorded name was incorrect."

"Updating database..."


*Mark mocking blooping noise in-game*

"Update complete!"

"Do not be afraid to ask Markiplier for assistance."

*looks at camera* And neither should you.

"You are the messiah after all."

"Can you tell me about..."

"Going home?


"I don't mean to be rude, but... I'm not sure about this."

"I still don't know how I got here!"

"I was just with my mama a few hours ago..."

"And now it feels like I'm in a bad dream."

"I just wanna go home..."

"Your mission is to save our world!"

"Just as my mission is to tell you about our world!"

"I am unable to help you beyond my programming"

"I am sorry."


"I think that's all I have to ask for now."


"I wish you luck!"

Alrighty then

"Hello again!"

"Are there more questions you wish to ask?


"Can you tell me about........ the barrens?"

"It's so empty here."

"That's why it's called the barrens."

"Are there..ANY people living in this area?"

"Besides robots, I mean."

"I do not know. I was not built to wander."

"Not built to? So, you just stand here?"

"Must be boring..."

"Do you at least have friends?"

"...Robot friends?"

"I cannot desire companionship."

"I have not been tamed."


"There was no time."

"I see.."

"Hello again"

"Are there more questions?"

Ah man this is kinda sad for this guy.

"So, what is this prophecy exactly?"

"The prophet predicted that a savior will arrive from another land."

"The savior will wake up in a strange house, find the sun, and illuminate the world."


"What else did you foresee?"

"What do you mean?"

"What else did you see in the prophecy?"


"Wait, you are the prophet, right?"

"Good heavens, no!"

"But you called it 'my prophecy' earlier..."

"That just means it was build into my programming."

"Your- what?"

"Ah, my programming is what guides me."

"I am a robot after all."

"I see."

One last question to ask...

"How tall is the tower?"

"I can't even see the top..."

"I am not allowed to answer that- question..."

"But- how do I get up there..?"

"In time, Markiplier will know what to do."

"I see..."

Yeah, Markiplier never really knows what to do.

Alrighty then.

This is so weird!

God, it's blowing my mind right now!

"A robot without power."


"It won't turn on."

There's just no power in general.

"It seems to be ok, it just doesn't have power."

Alright then, that's good to know.

"This box looks interesting!"

"I wish I had something to pry it open with!"

I have.. what do I have? I have an empty bottle, I'm going to smash it over it!

Alright, I'm gonna smash it with the light-bulb!

Ok, alright then, never mind.

"Self-charging solar battery model number 87, one year warranty included."

"Simply place your self-charging battery in full daylight with the lens facing up."

"Charges in seconds, no external power is needed."

"If the battery fails to charge, check to see if the lens on the side has not been dislodged during transport."

"One charge cycle will last about ten days."

"If you notice a decline in the charge cycle within the warranty period, please contact the manufacturer."

Alll righty then.


"A robot may not injure a living person or, through inaction, allow a person to come to harm."

"Two, A robot must obey the orders given to it by people,

Except where such orders would conflict with the first law."

"A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the

First or second law."

So, those are the three laws of robotics- woah

Map of the world.

The tower just keeps going up, holy shit.

This is so cool

Like, already, I am barely scratching the surface of this game and I-

The world is HUGE.

It's hard to do that so quickly.

"The use of a robot as our replacement head engineer seems unorthodox."

"Especially the one responsible for last year's incident."

"I suppose they had to get her away from the city, but that doesn't make it easier to swallow for those of us who work here!"

"I hope that man knows what he's doing."

I mean ....Maybe

I don't know

I don't know who you're talking about so...

I don't know

"It's a faded poster"

"REMINDER TO ALL WORKERS: The rarest form of blue phosphor is found during the phosphor shrimp's spawn period."

"If you observe a pond with a bubbled-over surface, please contact management immediately!"

"We will dispatch a harvest team ASAP."


They need phosphor

"It's a faded poster."

"Five new positions available at the mines. Housing and other provisions are included upon hiring. First come, first serve."

I bet that's because people died.

Oh boy...

"Dusty shelves."

There's nothing but dusty shelves all through here.

Hello. What do we have here

"A page with faded ink."

"Able to provide power to all robots and machinery in the area via a large electromagnetic field. Maintenance efforts are quite high, as expected."

"We have provided customized backup cells for the few most important robots. Their electromagnetic fields are much weaker, and the signals are highly specific."

"In other words, these small cells can only charge one single-"

Probably one single time

"There are a lot of small, glowing shrimp swimming in the jar."


"Some sort a small machine. I wonder what it does?"

"I can feel my hair standing up a little..."

So that's probably providing power.

"It's a big machine! It doesn't seem to be doing anything, though..."

"There's a rectangle-shaped hole in the middle. Looks like something used to fit in here..."

I bet that's what those- one of those- uh- rechargeable batteries fits in there. That's what they were talking about before.

Nothing but dusty shelves.

So, I've got to find a battery. Maybe I can take it out of here?

Maybe I can take the power out of there.

Nope. Okay, I'm going to move on- try to find something else.

Man... the mines of the barren.

Hello, What is this?

Uhh, I don't like this

"Robot sitting on a conveyor belt. " No power...

Robot, okay. "Just doesn't have power"

Man, none of these things have power. Everything just ran out. Like when the light goes out, I guess everything just stops.

Makes you wonder what has- what's going to happen when our sun runs out

"...Press used to crush metal." Maybe a recycling plant of some-sort or an assembly plant.

"...Robot... beyond repair..."

What's that sound?

Ohh, it's still working. I don't know why

Hello, can I stomp you?

"Why.. Would you want to smash a bottle here, Markiplier?"

"The shards would get everywhere."

Well I could smash the light bulb...


"I am NOT going to put the sun here."

Oh Ok, haha I just got an achievement: Chaotic Evil.

Good for me!

All righty then, didn't mean to do that.

Alright so there's gotta be some sort of metal piece that I can crush in that thing.

Just not the bottle or the bulb.

'Cause that would be...

That would be reckless, and probably kill EVERYBODY in this entire world and I don't want to do that.

Oh, hello.

That must be where the shrimp go.

Those tracks seem a lil wonky.

No, nothing there.

Where does that lead?

I don't even know where I'm going, I don't even know if there's a place that I'm supposed to be going!

All I know is that I'm going.

"Although the poisonous gas is highly localized to the vent zones, Barren workers were still recommended to wear gas masks."

"These gas masks were mandatory around active vent sites, of course."

"As more and more of the workforce got replaced by robots, we found ourselves with a surplus of abandoned gas masks."

"It seemed like a waste to get rid of them all, so we kept a few for emergencies."

Alright, good to know...

I guess.

So does that mean that there's going to be gas masks that I might need in the future?

I-I I don't know.

Oh wait, there's something over there

Helloo, what do we have here?

'A metal safe. Seems like it's locked with a 6-digit code.'

Nah, ain't got nothin'

Alright nah that wasn't it

I KNOW, my guidance has led you astray

I'm sorry i'm not all-knowing

Man, where am I going? Why is this just a labyrinth of mazes?

'xxxxxx with the mining operations going smoothly,'

'materials are no longer our limiting factor.'

'We will be able to build more resilient robots, both in body and mind.'

'Specifically, the discovery of metal alloy 291'

'will likely allow the development of highly efficient circuitry.'

Okay good thing for metal alloy 291 then I guess.

To what end? Y'know?

Like to what end?

Why did the light go out in the first place?

Who put it out?

Did someone put it out or did it just burn out?

Why is their sun just a light bulb?

Woah, hello.

"A robot. No power just like the rest."

I'm in a field of clovers?

Wait, what is that? What is that?

Oh, is that like a shovel digger thing?



Where am I going?

Hello- hi- who are you?

"The light bulb..."

"So, are you the messiah?"

"That's what I've been told."

"I expected someone... taller."

That's what I hear every time I walk in the room!

"Or at least someone who doesn't look like a kitten."

"That's what you are right? Some sort of cat?"

"Nu-uh! I'm a person!"

"You've got the eyes of a cat..."

"But cats walk on four legs!"

"Well. either way... A child like you being the messiah.. just doesn't feel right."

"But that robot back there says there's no mistake..."

"I know."

*sigh* "This is going to sound cold but..."

"I honestly think you are better off just... leaving and letting the world die naturally."

"The world has been falling apart for a long time."

"This manner of decay.. its highly unprobable that the sun can fix it."

"You've already seen how bad it can get, right?"

"We haven't seen much of anything, actually..

And we can't really just leave."

"Oh, so you just got here?

Then you must be headed towards the tower."

"Mhm, that's where I'm supposed to put the light bulb.. err sun, isn't it?"

"Yes. At the very top."

"We know that the tower contains a force that nobody could comprehend,

and the power is strongest at the summit."

"Maybe it will send you back home after you complete your mission."


"Don't take my word for it, though."

Alright well what should I do then? alright

thanks for talking to me

Sorry for intruding on your house

"Dear Silver, I heard the news about the mines."

"I'm sorry.. I can't imagine what you're feeling."

"It's been two weeks.. I know it must be hard"

"but maybe its better that you came back.."

"it's only a matter of time before the robots are recalled."

"At least let me know you got my message, okay? -Kip."

Wow.. "Please do not touch that."

"Sorry... I got curious.. What is this thing?"

"Back-up power cell. It keeps me functional."

"The main generator for the Barrens ran out of power some time ago."

"It could not even last a week without the sun."

"Sorry to hear that..."

"All we can do is make use of the light we have."


"reading descriptions onscreen*

"... it's a screwdriver."

"You can take it if you want. It may help you."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes. I have many."

"Thank you!"

So i got a screwdriver YAY!

Maybe I can crush it in the metal crusher.

*reading descriptions*

Huh, that's so weird.

"What's inside the tower?"

"I don't know. Nobody's ever entered it before."

"At least, nobody history knows."

"Then.. Who built it?"

"Built? As far as anyone can tell, it's been there since the beginning of time."

"I know someone who wanted to study it before, but..."


"He never told me if it went anywhere."

...Oh. Did he die?

*reading more descriptions*

"I haven't played chess with anyone for a very long time."

"Not even... With the other robots?"

"No. Nobody in the Barrens have that capacity in their programming."

"Nobody here is tamed, for that matter."

What is taming?

Is that... Is that person a robot?

*quietly reading descriptions of items*

Well, I'm guessing a robot wouldn't need comfort.

"Do you need any further assistance?"

"We're good, thanks!"

Don't speak for me, Niko!

I want to ask questions! Okay.

Well, I got a screwdriver.

I guess I could head back.

I have a feeling, like I missed a lot of stuff back there,

so I might as well take this and reconvene,

But... I'm so confused about this world.

Like, what does it entail?

What's happening here? And like, it's so weird...

'Cause... It's acknowledging that I'M literally helping!

To do something in this world. I don't even know what, but I'm doing SOMETHING.

"Markiplier, there something in ther air here... It hurts to breathe."

Ah, we need a GAS MASK for that!

Me and my DIVINE KNOWLEDGE gleaned something from a note that you may have missed about a surplus of gas masks.

MAYBE you wanna go find that.

But first, there's a note over here on this twisty, windy road...

And then I'll...

Never mind. I guess I already got that one. I must have got that one.

I think...? I don't even remember where I've been on this windy road.

Aw, this is just a dead-end! Well, dammit!

Markiplier should have known about that! Markiplier apologizes for oversight.

Markiplier should have a better memory about these things.

Okay, yeah. I've been here...

Maybe I could use the jar, or like, the bottle that I have...

Now just take that, try to scoop up some? Nah.

'Cause I imagine that's full of shrimp,

and the only source of light that they have are these weird glowing shrimp.

And that's literally all they have for solar energy.

Besides the tower, and this SUN that I'm holding in my hands.

Which is such a weird concept to think about.

Why is that tower there? Why does that tower only run...

with this light bulb?

And where did I come from to make it happen?

And where do I, the person, the player, fall into all this?

like what does it mean? Why is it all here?

like what's my purpose here?

Oh hello.

Oh that's where I came from

So what's

the rest of it?

Is there anything even over here?

Apparently the answer is yes!


The answer is yes!

I don't know where I'm going but



So is there still more light

as you go towards the center?

*reading descriptions still*

Well I got some metal to smash!

Imma smash it up!

"I'm a little tired from walking. Is it alright if I take a nap?"

Yeah go ahead

Go for it!

Oooh my god!

Whaa?? The game just closed...

I'm tryna load it back up...

It's not working...

Why is it not working?


Load please...

Load the game!






Oh it's beautiful!


"Markiplier? Are you still there?"

Yes! I am here.

I was worried for a moment...

"Ah. I'm awake. I had a dream just now."

I saw--

*laughs* I was watching!

"You did? Wow!"

"I... I really thought I was back home..."

"Oh. the sun back in my home world isn't a light bulb. It's a big ball of fire in the sky!"

"I don't think I would be able to hold it like I do with the sun from your word."

This isn't my world.


This isn't the world I live in.

"Really?... ah, I guess not. If you're the god of this world you wouldn't necessarily be in it."

"What's you're home called?"

That's a secret!--

No! It's called Earth!

"Like the stuff on the ground? Wait, do you live underground?"

Yeah-sorr-lif-say-s NO!

"Ah, neither do we! but shrews and field mice and stuff do."

"Do your world have a sun?

*reading options*

Why wouldn't I be able to tell Niko that?

What would happen if I lied to him?

I'm not mentally prepared for these choices!

"Really? Wow! Can you hold it?"

No! "That was a silly question, wasn't it..."

Yeah! Very silly.

"The sun in my home world is very bright. Warm too! You saw, right?"

"But it goes away sometimes, at night. Everything gets dark, kinda like how this world is now."

"But it's okay because the sun always comes back the next day. That's good, don't you think?"

Yeah. My world is like that too.

"Ah! Do you sleep during the night?"

"We go to sleep, usually. But some people stay up and use computers!"

I wouldn't know anything about that!

I'm very productive and sleep...fulled

"I don't have to explain what they are, do I? there's a bunch of them on this world!"

"Anyway, we should probably get going..."

Ohh, okay!?


Mannn, Ahh! So cool!!

God, that's cool!

How freaking cool ?!!

UGhh, that's cool!

I like it already but I know,

I know I'm going to find some way, to mess this up

and I really don't want to. I want to play this so carefully.

Cuz I'm, I'm willing to bet I'm only reminded of the game 'You Only Have One Chance

to save the world from that disease that you made, that killed your whole family'

You remember that game that I played a while back? Oh, man...

I wasn't prepared for that one either.

But I'm gonna do my best here, I really am so

Let me know what you think of this game down in the comments below

Ahh, try not to spoil it for anybody else,

Uh, just keep in mind, there's a lot of new experiences coming out of this and I'm

I'm really excited to see this. I really am excited to see this.

Cuz this is something special and I can already tell it's gonna blow my mind right now

Cuz ohh, it already is. I'm the god of this world and yet I'm so scared.

So thank you everybody so much for watching, let me know down in the comments below

and as always I will see you in the next video. Bye-Bye !


*Markimoo reads screen*

Proceed? ... Sure....

Oh my god...Oh no! Did I just kill Niko?!?

Ahhh god! I have no idea!


Ok, alright. I'm assuming everything's okay.

Ahh, AHHH,

Ok...I'm fine. I'm fine. Bye

The Description of YOU ONLY HAVE ONE CHANCE | OneShot - Part 1