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Edwin: "Is this real?!

Are you telling me this is really a prolapsed booty hole?!

Tell me the truth!"

How's it going, everybody? Welcome to Homeboy's Got Receipts.

I want to talk about the Pyrocynical allegation.

All you gotta really know is he's, like, a-- a British commentary YouTuber; talks about Logan Paul, TikTokers,

like, you see he's got-- oh, "Tik Tok has overtaken," "The Fall of Fall Guys," TikTokers, Netflix show, "Final Boss Karen."

He recently was accused of grooming.

It wasn't until about two weeks later which was about-- yeah, yesterday - just yesterday - he responded to the accusation and I want to go over that today because I feel like

his response makes it easier for me to cover it, so shout out to that.

So, he responded on his Reddit because he was suspended on Twitter a few years back.

So, again, this guy was accused of grooming a 15-year-old, right? And the way he titles it is "Addressing the false allegations" and he says, "Hey, gamers."

[laughs] Right, it's a great way to start a grooming allegation, you know? "Hey, gamers! How's it going?!"

"I would like to take this opportunity to address a false allegation recently made against me on Twitter.

As some of you have seen, it has been claimed back in 2016, when I was 19-years-old, that I groomed an individual who was 15-years-old at the time.

I want to set the record straight with you all and share the truth that this accusation is 100% false and incredibly irresponsible."

So, let me give a little context to this actually because I want to, like, kind of balance it out, you know, because people might not know

what he what he's talking about exactly, so-- like, because he didn't-- he didn't link the accusation.

The accusation was this: it's by this Twitter user 'ivory erasmus1312' and it reads,

"Trigger warning: grooming. Pyrocynical groomed me and I have screenshots to prove it ."

It's an interesting way to start an accusation but, you know, it's, like, "I can prove it!"

O-okay, because, you know, you're setting the bar kind of high right there, homie, but let's go.

"Ive been sitting thinking about this sh-t non-stop, being angry, confused and sad that Ive had to accept this since I was 15

but I never said anything because I feltpowerless. What he sent me arranged from drawn 'Not Safe For W work'--"

NSFW, sorry,I was-- Im stupid, I can't read.

"What he sent me ranged from drawn NSFW to fetishy YouTube videos and he'd asked me to compile sh-t for him using tags that he liked on certain websites."

Imnot sure what that's-- what that means - "compile stuff for him using tags that he liked on certainwebsites" - does anybody know what that could be referring to?

Am I the only one lost in that?Like, what does that mean?

Oh, you guys think, like, adult sites, like, furry, h-ntai?


All right.

And then he continues on to say, "At 15, I obviously did it because he's f-ckingPyrocynical. I was just happy to be talking to him and I was trying to continue that.

I haveDiscord screenshots going back four years proving all of this and I don't know if I should post them here but I may.

Either way, Im done sitting here being quiet about it when I know mad peoplewent through the same sh-t but are extremely traumatized and scared of talking about it."

Okay,so, this is interesting because he's saying there are more people. There are more skeletonsin-- in Pyro's closet.

It's been two weeks; as far as I know, no skeletons have come outbut you never know, I guess, we'll see.

Now, he did end up posting some screenshots; hopefullythere's nothing inappropriate in there.

I watched Augie's video, like, a week ago and he wentover it so it's probably fine, right?


So, Ivory is 'lovebird' and, uhm, Pyro is the 'Deleted User' because he deleted his Discord account.

He says, "if I did it, I think I forgotit. I just saw it and retweeted it."

Oh, okay, oh-- oh, Ivory went ahead and censored it for us -thank you.

So, here's the image that I guess Pyro sent, not sure what that is or supposed to be. Iliterally thought it was, like, a Minecraft sword.

There was already rumors that Pyrowas a furry, so, I guess we finallyhave confirmation which I don't know who'd care.

"-Remember one thing and never ever, ever, ever, EVER forget it:

Pyrocynical is a f-ckingfurry that goes to furry conventions that gets f-cked in the -ss by 40-year-oldmen in giraffe costumes!

[frustrated sigh]"

Ive seen furries at Comic-Con when Ive gone and I don't understand it but is there something to judge about that?

They like to dress up likethis - is that bad? I don't know, who cares?

"-But the one thing that Im never gonna forgivehim on is that he is a f-cking furry

that goes to f-cking furry conventions that gets f-cked inthe -ss by 40-year-old men in giraffe costume!"

Well, I guess that answers my question - Keemstarcares. [laughs]

Now, even though I found a clip of Keemstar making fun of Pyro for being afurry and judging him all the way back in 2016,

none other than Pyro himself made fun offurries and judged them back in 2016 as well.

Pyro: "-How's it going, everyone?

Adolph Hitler here.

Now, Im sure at this point most of you know what a furry is and how they're disgustingdegenerates and they should all be wiped off the face of the internet,

I mean, f-furriesare just-- they're disgusting, right, guys?"


Let's keep the story going.

But that'snot where it ends, ladies and gentlemen.

Ivory says, "Oh, that was who the artist wasand those stills look really nice, by the way" and, uhm" Pyrocynical says, "thanks, Nword" hard R.

And then Pyrocynical sends-- I don't know what that is, I don't-- I don't knowwhat kind of Minecraft character this could be.

"Also got this if I didn't send it already."

So, I guess Pyrocynical's sending things that need to be censored to this 15-year-old teenager,right? And that's what's being presented here.

And then, apparently, they're also kind of, uh, having some fantasy role play stuff going on.

Someone is here seen saying, "your sona" which Ibelieve is short for "your fursona," right? So, from my understanding, as a non-furry,

people liketo get fursonas, right, so, like, they're kind of spirit animals, what kind of furry they wouldbe-- oh, okay, so it's, like, their spirit--

am I saying this right? Can somebody actuallyexplain what a fursona is?

Oh, it's a prolapsed booty hole!

This is a prolapsed booty hole?!

Someone in the chat just told me that this is a prolapsed booty hole!

Why would anybody draw this?Is this real?! Are you telling me this is really a prolapsed booty hole?!

Tell me the truth!

Who-- okay, does anybody disagree with that? Are you serious right f-cking now?

I thinkI need to get a beer, okay?

Why are you sending drawings of prolapsed booty holes tokids, dude? That's f-cking weird.

By the way, that screenshot was from three years ago, he's23 now.

This 19-year-old was sending pictures to a 15-year-old.

We see a message up here saying,"your sona could just be gassing non-stop as he--" you know, "has relations with mine,"

so,sona meaning your-- your alter ego, so, it's like they're escaping their body and like,"ah..."

It's like that one Black Mirror episode where they're playing a video game but they,like, escape their bodies so they just, you know, I guess they're imagining it, fantasyrole-playing as their sonas, right?

So, they're imagining themselves as these characters . this is the fursona that they're-- by the way.

So-- so, most people would think a furry wouldlook like this, this is, like, most people's, like, idea of a fursona, right?

Like, ifsomeone talked to me about a furry I would think something like this,

however, when thesetwo individuals are thinking about fursonas,they're thinking about something like this,okay?

This is-- this is what-- what Pyro sent, he sent that fursona.

Pyrocynical proceeded on tosay, "to be honest, I would pick you up, hug you while rubbing you against my huge sweatymoobs" - short for man boobs -

"then kiss your cheeks telling you how much I loved you andthen kiss you on the lips and let out a hard long belch into your mouth"...

Yo, what the f-ckis going on here?!

As you guys can see, Ivory blocked out what he said and he went onto Twitterto say that the reason why he did this is because he was 15 at the time and he thought that it was a little bit weird, you know, to show himself.

So, Ivory says some, uh, you know, continues on therole play and that's when Pyro says, "it eat your sausage up my butt, to be honest.

I don't know,fart so long and hard on your lap you wouldn't be able to breathe. My -ss and back would be drippingin sweat. Got the thicc of my dragon, by the way."

Dude, what-- what am I reading, dude?

Andthen Pyro says, "my gut would crush you, you'd hear all the moaning and growling from theanimals Ive eaten beforehand squirming around in my massive belly."

This is-- I believe thisis called vore, right? "Short for 'voraphilia' or 'vora--' "vorarephilia': a fetish in whichone fantasizes about being eaten alive or eatinganother creature alive.

The most common type ofvore is 'soft vore', being swallowed or swallowing whole with no bloodshed."

Okay, so that explains--see, we needed that context, everybody, we needed that because now we understand why this characteris so large -

because he's eating other creatures; you guys understand? So now I understand.

So, thatmakes sense, see, so that adds context to why Pyro would say something like, "you would hear allthe moaning and growling from all the other animals that he's eaten"

because I guess he justswallowed them, he didn't actually chew them.

Yeah, a lot of interesting fantasy roleplay. Do people get off to this?

A fetish, yeah, it's a fetish. A fetish; people get off tofetishes so, yeah, I guess they get off to it.

Now, I don't know what this is and I don't think I want to know but Pyro sent it and Ivory says,

"ooh, the little sounds are so nice, to behonest. To be honest, Ive been thinking aboutmy anthro haunter getting swallowed and/orcrushed by a thick character like your foxor something."

"I wish I could drink a beer toget me through this but Im pregnant..." [laughs]

At least you didn't swallow the baby that's insideyou.

And then Pyro responds, "oi, oi, oi, oi, oi, that sounds really nice, to be honest."

Ivorysays, "I know, right? It's so nice" and then Pyro says, "something like this with our perso--fursonas," not personas, fursonas.

So, this looks like a foxy fursona lady studying a subject thatappears to have just eaten many creatures, uh, that looks like a butt, like, a lot of farts, alot of gases.

People were highly critical of both the screenshots and the allegation.

People thoughtthe screenshots could be fake because it just says Deleted User, right? So, it could be just anyone.

Ivory went through a great deal of work trying to prove that the screenshots are real - one of hisfriends showed it, like-- like, Ivory ended up, like, you know, recording his phone,

recordingthe conversation, etc., etc., and, like, they proved it, they essentially proved it but-- but,like, it's so interesting that people just didn'twant to believe it.

I think a lot of it has to dowith the Slazo story coming out last year, like, because everybody believed that right away

andSlazo's reputation was essentially destroyed for a short amount of time but nobody questionedit, so, now it's, like, the opposite has happened

where people hyper question it and give theaccuser absolutely no benefit of the doubt,it's, like, whoah, why can't it be balanced,you know what I mean?

So, anyways, nobody wanted to believe it.

Now, one of the people that wasactually very critical of the allegation though turned out to be none other than Pyrocynical'sgirlfriend.

So, Pyrocynical's current girlfriend messages Ivory and she says, "Sorry to pop inlike this but why do you tweet sh-t ike thatabout Niall?"

Pyrocynical's name is Niall, by theway.

"Like, what do you gain from it? Can't you talk to him directly instead of trying to ruinhis career? I remember when this was happening personally

and it sounded to me like you had acrush on him and asked if he would ever be witha guy and he just said, 'I don't know.' Fiction isdifferent than IRL.

I gotta understand - why youfeel the need to do this? Not cool."

And then hesays, "I know you're probably upset about it but I know a lot of people who had the same sh-t happenas me,"

so, that seems to be one of the reasons this guy came out because, you know, he's not theonly person that he was talked to in this way.

"I put it out there like that because I knowif I can talk about it and bite the bullet it'd be better for them and, honestly, I don't careabout that group because

that sh-t was allowed to happen and it's disgusting to me in hindsight, no matter how horny I was.

I have nothing to gain from speaking to him except for a half--ssedapology but posting the sh-t publicly will validate other people's experiences and hopefullystop that sh-t from happening again.

So, honestly, I don't care."

So, okay, you see part of his goalis he does not want it to happen to anybody else, okay, because he-- he, according to him, he knowsthat it's happened to other people.

And Pyro's girlfriend proceeds on to say, "Like, I rememberyou specifically sent fat art to him and furrysh-t back and forth and saying it being mutual.

Iremember it from calls and DMs. You can't call it grooming when you were the one flirting with himand seeing if he would bite. I don't understand."

She is making this look a lot worse for Pyro, thisis getting weird, right?

Let's keep going.

So, then he says, "how wasn't it grooming when he was the one sending me sh-t first and I played along?"

and she says, "if you feel the need to talk aboutit, why not go to Niall himself and be like, 'hey, can we talk about it?' Played along? You told mepersonally that you liked it."

So, Im getting the perception that she was friends with him atthe time or at least, you know, acquainted.

Ivory says, "I don't even know what I would say and Idon't get what would even be worth talking about"

and then she says, "Then why is it worth tryingto cancel him for a crush you had on him and you were too shy to say no when you guys talkedabout fetishes?

I just feel it's very unnecessary to post stuff like this when you know the guy, like, you're not 14 anymore."

Bro, what-- what is she doing?

First of all, he was 15 but she's making it worse by lowering the age, bro, what?!

You know, there's a lot of implications here that,like, she knew his age.

Ivory says, "I get that, I think it was worth it because it was notjust me being sent the sh-t, it was a bunchof other people who I know Im speaking foron this."

Then Pyro's girlfriend says, "okay, like who? I think people are twisting it sayingit's grooming when they had a starstruck moment with him and didn't want to say no.

I don't likethat stuff. And then it kept going. Don't do this sh-t because you're being pressured by otherpeople, man."

That's interesting, she's like, "so, who else, huh? If there's other people,who are they?" because she obviously doesn't believe that other people are being a victim

ofgrooming which, you know, I mean, as far as I could see from those screenshots we saw earlier,to be honest, I didn't see any sign of grooming;

I don't believe Ivory knows what grooming isbecause that wasn't it, you know?

You could 100% argue that it was completely inappropriate for-- for Pyrocynical to be doing to a 15-year-old,you know,

talking to him like that, that's 100% inappropriate but I don't think that's grooming.

I personally am, like, cringing and, like, sideeyeing that that buzz word-- I feel like-- I feel like partially it's the fault of Twitter becauseTwitter has become very, like,

trigger friendly, like, you know, "oh, yes, let's-- let's do it on the buzzword 'grooming,' 'gaslighting!'," you know?

All this kind of stuff, they just like touse these words and it's, like, you don't have to hyper sensationalize your own story.

If somethingcaused you pain or trauma or any any sort ofinappropriateness happened in your life, you don'thave to over dramatize it, you really don't, youknow?

So, I think that's a big, big point againstIvory, like, why "grooming"?

It's a very weak point.

So, Ivory says, "Ass-ult is the same age asme and Niall hit on him when he was 15 too," so, Ass-ult is another person that he's naming.

Shesays, "I have a hard time believing Niall slid in their DMs asking if they jerk off to that sh-tand, like I said, it's a snowball situation."


Your boyfriend jerks off to weird stuff-

what more do you want to hear? Im sorry, it's a weird wake-up call.

And then Ivory says,"honestly, just, like, why is a million subscriber YouTuber discussing fetishes with children?

Howdoes he not know what he's doing when he took the time to delete every message out of our DMs on hisold account?

Though, he, for some reason, left the DMs from 2016 when I was 15."

I guess Pyrocynical,before he deleted his account, he deleted a bunch of fetish messages that he had on Discord withthis person

and, I mean, that is a good question but that is not grooming, you know? Like, just because a million subscriber YouTuber messages teenagers

about vore fetishes that isnot grooming but that is extremely inappropriate, extremely inappropriate.

And none of Pyro'sfans have answered that question [laughs] but Im waiting-- Ill be waiting.

She says,"besides, didn't Ass-ult go around asking for feet pictures?"

Okay, okay, so tell that15-year-old to go away or stop communicating with a 15-year-old in the first place!

Why areyou 19/20-years-old talking to a 15-year-old that's asking you for feet pictures?!

I don'tunderstand why she keeps doing these questions, she-- this woman needs, like, a realitycheck, how do-- how does she think this is a goodway to respond to anything that he's saying?

Sheis so, like--

yeah, Im-- okay, dumb. Im gonna say that but that's not going in the video -she's dumb.

And he says, "like, it's really f-cking obvious his intentions"

and she says,"yo, he was, like, what? 18/19 when that happened? Age difference wasn't that bad and I know you weretalking about how you F'ed

in your mom's living room and such with both him and me, like, you wereclearly mature enough to say, "nah, man, Im not into that stuff."

Wait, so, she's saying that shehad a conversation with this kid when he was 15 and she was on a phone call with him and Pyro andhe's talking about having s-xual relations withother people in his mom's living room.

Clearly youwere mature enough to know what you were talking about to say no if you're having s-x with otherpeople in your mom's living room at 15-years-old.

Is this what we're all hearing here?

Is this whatwe're all hearing here?

Here's the thing - he never argued that he's not into the vore stuff;very obviously he was into it, you know?

He's not saying he regrets it, he's just saying thathe felt manipulated - that's what he should have said but he said groomed

but, yeah, he obviouslyfelt used for, like, s-xual needs but he was-- I-- I think he was into it obviously, but he's 15,it doesn't matter whether he was into it or not.

Pyrocynical should have said no because he's a 19-year-old pursuing a 15-year-old for "fantasyrole play"

and this woman was around as well!

Whyis this happening?

So, earlier, Ivory had said, "it's really obvious his intentions"

and then shesays, "no, it really isn't obvious at all, Ivory. There's no ill intent in what happened and youknow that."

And then she says, "You talked to me about it though, how you were super excited everytime you talked lol."

Bro, so she's corroborating that he was excited to talk to this 1.5 millionsubscriber YouTube at the time, I checked Wayback Machine

and, I mean, you watch a little bit ofPyro's content - that's obviously, like, teenager, you know, even today, like, [laughs]

so, a fewyears back, yeah, his demographic is teenagers, okay? So, yeah, a teenage fan is gonna beexcited to talk to is his favorite YouTuber.

What? She's only building a case for him, I can'tbelieve this.

Okay. [laughs]

Okay, so Ivory says, "but that doesn't justify it" and she says, "what? Justify what? That you guys sent stuff back and forth?"

Sis, you're not understanding- one of them is 15, the other one is 19.

Just because you think the age-- the age difference is not big doesn't mean that's not inappropriate.

"-I was having relationships with a girl and then I found out she knew who I was and--

-Yeah, I feel like anything in fan territory gets a bit..."

And then Ivory says, "I shouldn't have been putin that situation as a child" and then she says,"you're not innocent here either, you sent mestuff as well."

I don't know why this needs to be said but in case, I mean, I do have,like, you know, a lot of people in here so,

if you're an adult, if you're over the age of18 and you're conversing with a minor - anyone that's under the age of 18, okay?

I don't careif the "age of consent" is 17, 16, 15, 13 orwhatever with the other person you're talking to, I don't care - if you're talking to them and theystart sending you

weird feet pictures or theyask you for stuff that's, like, s-xual nature,block that sh-t immediately. Why would you say"you're not innocent, you sent me that stuff"?

Why does this need to be said out loud?

All right,so let's continue here. So, then Ivory says, "he shouldn't have been role-playing with a freaking15 or 16 year old"

and she says, Im pretty sure that didn't happen. You kept feeding into itas well,"

how do you say that it didn't happen but you also say "you fed into it"?

You-- youkind of acknowledged that it happened earlier.

This is-- this girl is confusing.

And she'salso saying, "You also slept with older men at that time, I remember you told me that."

Ohmy God, this girl is just-- what is she doing?

How is she really saying this out loud, like--?

So because a 15-year-old slept with older men suddenly it's okay that a 19-year-old talkedto him s-xually? What-- what does this mean?

She says, "You can be angry all you want but don'tsay he's grooming you and acting like he ruinedyour life when you were feeding into it yourself."

Again, I agree that the grooming word usage was incorrect, I wish that Ivory would atleast retract it.

Set the record f-ck straight, "I apologize for-- for using the word 'groom',I didn't know what the f-ck I was saying."

I don't know that he was acting like his lifewas ruined either, though.

He really should not have said he was groomed but everythingshe's saying-- she should really just zip it.

This is crazy.

Then he says, "I sent you weirdNSFW stuff as a child because it was tolerated and I wanted to off myself every waking momentbecause I know that Ill always be tainted by stuff like that in my head.

Im not perfect andI was literally jail bait because of how people ab-sed the S out of me not knowing boundarieswhen I was younger,"

she says, "that sucks, yeah, but you can't take that on Niall. You'vehad bad experiences as a young teen but it's notNiall alone. Why don't you talk to a therapist?"

Not Niall alone but he's one of them and that's kind of an awkward way to say, sis.

"Why don't youtalk to a therapist or something about what you've gone (through) instead of going to Twitter?"

So,that was the end of that conversation-- oh my God, guys, I have to pee.

He says, "I am not denyingthat in the past I took part in conversations with others that many of you will understandablyconsider to be weird and distasteful (probablyan understatement).

It was careless of me notto consider who was behind the roleplay/art sharing and I take full accountability.

Butthese exchanges never amounted to anything other than fantasy roleplay. I have never sentor solicited nude or IRL content.

Ive never tried to engineer an illicit encounteror lure anybody into anything,"

yeah, he's definitely looking up the definition ofgrooming here.

"I have never built a dialogue connection or relationship with the intention ofmanipulating or exploiting anyone.

This was even confirmed by Ivory himself in an interview."

"-Here's what Im not understanding - and,

uhm, how were you groomed?

Ivory: I--


-Because you don't need to be groomed for this tobe wrong, let me tell you something right now - if this-- this-- this conversation itself,

you know,assuming it took place - and it's looking like it did - is completely inappropriate for an adult tohave with a child

but I-- I-- the grooming thing, that-- that brings it to a whole newlevel, I mean, now we're talking aboutpeople that are,

you know, not just having a dirty conversation with an underage personbut plan to do something about it.

I: See, Im not, like,

I don't know, I--

-Did somebody tell you to use the word "grooming"?

I: I was in a call with my friend when I, like, typed it out and I typed, like, Iremember I typed that and asked, like,'is that okay?' because, like,

they know aboutthis and that was a-- I got a yes for that, so--

-Yes, because it reads more like a YouTube,like, thumbnail.

Do you honestly believe and-- and-- and just-- just be honest - did you notunderstand the definition of the word completely?

I: I-- I feel like it-- it was like, forcing,uh, or, like, manipulating a child into a, like,s-xual situation.


I: Yeah, that's what-- that's what that word means to me."

This is the unfortunate part about thewhole grooming word, right? Because nowthe grooming allegation is overshadowing theactual inappropriate stuff that went on

and, look, even he admitted that "I technically didn't groomhim."

When you're making such a big claim, people are going to grill you, especially if you're goingafter a YouTuber with 4.4 million subscribers,you know?

He's got 4.4 million subscribers, so, ofcourse people are gonna grill you, you know? And even if he didn't have that many people, you canexpect to be grilled, of course.

Say you're going after someone at a workplace, his family mightwant to grill you too, of course, it makes sense, you know?

Because, at the end of the day, eventhough the story makes a lot of sense to you and even on paper it could make it a lot of sense,he still might have loved ones that

won't be happy about it so it has to be very concretely writtenand done really well because it's a huge claim, I mean, imagine someone doing it about your friend -

immediately you would want to be like, "hey, wait, that's my friend, what are you saying? Holdon, let's make sure this is written right."

You want to find holes because you care about thisperson so it's normal, you know?

And the fact that he said grooming and didn't even know how todefine it, that was kind of a flaw on Ivory's end.

He went on to say, "He never at any point statedthat he felt uncomfortable and, if he did, I never would have continued to message him and respond to him.

Every exchange between Ivory and I was fully consensual and reciprocal."

Theinteresting part is that that is actually a factor of grooming because when you're groomed, theydon't respond in the way that a typical personmight respond, right?

You're essentiallybeing trained to react a certain way, so, someone that is being groomed, they're notgonna say "no," okay? They're not gonna say "I feel uncomfortable," okay?

So, that doesn't makesense, that doesn't really work in his favor but I still don't think it was grooming.

Inmy opinion, this all looks like it's, like, a 15-year-old kid-- I was a 15-year-oldguy one time, yeah, I was horny, whatever,if I had a vore fetish,

maybe I would talk to anolder dude about it, I don't-- I don't know but, at the end of the day, like, it's-- that'snot on a 15-year-old, you know?

Pyro, you're literally saying: "when I was 19-years-old and I was talking to his 15-year-old boy,

he never said he felt uncomfortable by my s-xual advances and 'fantasy role play' so

it was fully consensual.

Me and the 15-year-oldkicking it off," bro, what the f-- what?!

Am I missing something?

Oh, wait, it gets better.

He goes on to say, "he never once disclosed the fact that he was 15 at the time these exchangescommenced."

Imagine-- imagine-- Im sorry, maybe-- maybe there is people that do thisbut imagine having a relationship with someone--

Im not saying, like, you know, like,a boyfriend-girlfriend type of thing or whatever, Im just saying, like, a relationship, youknow, friendship, whatever,

so, imagine having a friendship with someone that you happen to talkin "fantasy role play" vore fetish stuff, right?

From 2017-- or 2016, rather, up until this year

and you don't know their age.

You're gonna play ignorant like that? Really? That doesn't make anyse-- why-- and especially if you talk to them in the nature that is s-xual, why are you ignoringthat?

Let's keep going.

"He never once disclosed the fact that he was 15 at the time theseexchanges commenced.

He didn't include his age in his bio until he was 16 but I was not on Twitter between 28th December 2016 until 29th June 2017 as I was suspended."

Okay, there are-- there area lot of tweets of him tweeting that he was, like, 15 and stuff but they were after Pyro was bannedso, you know, the dude was pretty open abouthis age.

I don't know if, all of a sudden, oncePyro was gone, he stopped being open by his age, I don't know. Somebody tweeted all these examplesabout it.

I don't know why he would hide it if that was actually an intentional thing.

Therewas another screenshot, another example where he did say it.

Tommy C, who did the interview withIvory, posted a screenshot of Ivory going through his phone and-- and one of the frames shows Ivorysaying,

"Not only am I a minor" so he's, like, acknowledging at some point, right? So, he's acknowledging that he's a-- that he's a minor.

Now, of course, a minor means under 18, I guess--I guess, technically, Pyro could have seen that and been, like, "oh, yeah, you're a minor butyou're not-- you're not underage, you're just a minor, you're just under 18," I guess.

So, there'sat least one example of Ivory acknowledging to Pyro that he was a minor, so,

however you wantto take that, age of consent in England is 16, so, but-- but there is at least one exampleof Ivory saying that he's a minor.

It's just, like, it's pretty obvious to me what's going onthat, like, Pyro's very obviously using, like, the talking points that his fans have used, like,it's very obvious to me.

Pyro says, "Moreover, individuals have since come forward contendingthat Ivory would be disingenuous about his age to proactively gain entry to other fantasy roleplaygroups."

[gasps] So, he's saying that, uh, Ivory lied about his age to get into fantasy roleplaygroups.

Not only is this irrelevant because he didn't lie to Pyro at all, like, Pyro has neveraccused him of lying so he's trying to, like,confuse people and

ass-ssinate Ivory's characterso people don't trust him and trust his claims, not that it matters because, at the end of the day, Pyro did-- [laughs]

like, all Pyro's doing is trying to distract you, okay? This is-- this feelslike an interesting, like, court hearing but, at the end of the day,

Pyro corroborated thathe spoke to this 15-year-old inappropriately when he was 19, okay? That's it, that's it,

like,there's no need to ass-ssinate this-- this Ivory person's character but he's doing it, all right? So, it's kind of-- kind of interesting.

Now, the example that Pyro listed was a tweet from this guy who Im really sketched out about his credibility, I looked into him

and he seems extremely biased,he posted a weird excerpt of a conversation and the first screenshot is from this person whois unidentified

so we'll just consider him randomnumber one but he said that "Ivory was part oftheir really spicy role play, popular people on YouTube all know Pyros fetishes--" [laughs]

"--but people like this guy (stryxo) didn't and pressured Ivory to complain about them groominghim."

So, apparently, this guy might have made Ivory use the grooming word so that's kindof-- that's-- that bit Ivory in the -ss so,if this guy's at fault - oof.

"You should askthat to people who spoke and speak to him. He told me and others at some point that he wasover the age of 18 but I don't have video proof,that's for sure.

If I recorded all of myconversations like that, I would need a petabyte sized drive."

Okay, so this random person makesa claim, I guess we should believe this one random person, right?

At least this personhas an @ reply, they say, "I was around back then and he would always claim to be 18 years ofage.

You can't reverse your age years later and then claim that an unsuspecting Pyrocynical is allsudden pr-datory just because he lied back then."

Now, again, there's no examples of Ivory lying at all so everyone's just saying, "he lied about hisage"

but not even Pyro is accusing him of lyingabout his age so this is just convoluting the whole story.

This is why this was such a confusingstory to begin with before Pyro responded so, thankfully, Pyro made it more clear.

Now, I wantto show you guys the next exhibit.

Would you look at that? He went ahead and apologized to Ivory,he said, "just to clear this part, I have admit-- I have to admit fault on my part.

I spoke toa few people about it and it seems we have all had the Mandela effect.

I skimmed through theinterview and I think the ImAllexx Twitter video from back in the day was what caused this.

So Iguess I have to apologize for that one, let me know if you want the tweet deleting or to stay upas an archive."

"I understand how you could have gotten confused and I accept your apology. I oweyou one for sending that sh-t in the first place."

So, I guess this is a-- this is-- he's apologizingfor lying about the age and he's saying "I candelete the tweets."

So, Pyro is citing a randomperson that has no username and a person that has already said, "oh sh-t, never mind, it waslike a Mandela effect,

we all thought you wereover 18 - that you had said that at some point,never mind," so that's awkward, bro.

Pyro goes on to say, "I am really confused by Ivory'sinconsistency. There is evidence to suggest that he engaged in fantasy role play with anotherindividual similar age to me.

This individual was also not aware of Ivory's age at the time but,in this particular example, it was Ivory who very much initiated and directed the role play."

So, here we see Ivory saying, "hehe, oh ya! Do you remember when we'd nut in call? hehe.Goodness, those were the days,"

and the guy says, "yeah, though it took me a lot of times to say noat first haha" and then Ivory says, "mhm-hm, butyou seemed to enjoy it"

and the guy says, "well,I mean, who doesn't enjoy a nut?"

and Ivory says, "true, true. Honestly, I thought of ya whenwe'd do that uwu"

and then the guy says, "well, I thought of my bunny too. Your haunter was theretoo strapped in them tentacles.

And then somebody asked that person says-- oh, no, no, 'Chef' isPyrocynical actually.

So, Pyrocynical asked the guy, he says, "what do you mean when you said 'it took me a lot of time to say no at first,' like, was he pressuring initially?"

and the guysays "yeah," so, this guy's, like, "yeah, this 15-year-old was pressuring me"

and then I guess hewas sent this screenshot and in the screenshot you see Ivory saying, "what do you think you're gonnado down there?"

The older guy says, "nothing, just on a quest to buy a bottle of water. Townis very far away, like, two hours of walking but I am gonna hop there fast,"

"oop, cute bunny. Areyou gonna get one of those big ol' water bottles you get-- you got yesterday? uwu"

So, this is partof the fantasy role play, by the way.

And the guy says, "nah, I got them here still. Im just gonnagive my journey a purpose, my lil' journey,"

"The little bunny's adventure, hehe. Say, would you maybe want to role play a bit before you go? uwu"

Wait, that wasn't role playing? Never mind, wasthat--?

Ah, anyways, so, the guy says, "mb," I don't know what that means. Then Ivory says, "oop."

"Mb" apparently means "maybe." [laughs] Im such a boomer.

So, Ivory says "oop" and theguy says, "though Im watching this show in a bit now" and he says, "yes, after that if youwant to uwu. Sorry if Im bothering you at all."

I don't know what that's supposed to prove other than you're outing your weird friend, dude.

Why are you friends with another guy that's--why--

and here's the thing - I-- I know there are a lot of people saying, "well, hey, wait,well, Pyrocynical proved that Ivory is sketch."

Yeah, he was a sketch 15-year-old doing weirdfantasy role play with older guys yet everyone'sbeing like, "yeah, he's sketch."

Uhm, is it notsketch that the adults were role-playing with the kid and not asking for his age?

Because there'sno proof that-- that Ivory even lied to this adult either, he's not even saying that here, so he'sconfusing you with details, he's saying that,

"look, he lied to these other people and he talkedto this adult as well"

but he didn't lie to that adult, that adult just didn't bother to ask, in fact, here, he talks about that same adult, watch:

"After Ivory alleged that I groomed him, thisindividual then reached out to him to apologizefor any hurt he may have inadvertently caused him

to which ever responded with, "no, you're fine, I don't care," okay?

So, again, this is the adultthat we just saw fantasy role playing with Ivory.

Okay, so this same guy that we just saw earliersays,

"hey, we had the whole talk about what we did years ago. For me, it was nothing morethan furry role playing with a total strangerbut, for you, I didn't know it could affect youfor-- this much.

I thought you moved on after we had our talk again last year so Im sorry ifit affected you this way. Do you want to talk about it?"

and Ivory says, "no, you're fine,I don't care"

and then the guy says, "I know I am but you don't seem to be. If you're reallyhurt by what happened, Im here for you, man"

and that's where it cuts off, right?

So, then Pyrosays, "Why does he not care in this instance?

Why does he remain unaffected by similar interactionswith others yet feel the need to single me out and character ass-ssinate only me on social media?"

Let's have a look at Ivory's response on Twitter, he says,

"All Im saying to Niall's response"- again, that's Pyro - "is that the 'I don'tcare' DM was taken out of context andI said that I needed space afterwards.

I didn't want to hear from this person so Isaid whatever I could to get him out of my DMs. Also, the person who said I lied about my ageapologized,"

I already showed you guys that DM.

So, uhm, let's-- let's have a look at thatscreenshot in better resolution here - this is the same conversation once again, the guyapologizing

and then Ivory says, "no, you're fine, I don't care"

and he says, "if you really hurt by what happened, Im here for you, man"

and he says, "I just need space right now I think."

Now, whywould Pyro crop that part out? Or was it the person that cropped it out and sent it to Pyro?

Because here's the thing - people take it at facevalue someone saying "I don't care," right? "Oh,I don't care, no, I don't care, no" but have you never in your life said

"I don't care, I don'tcare, whatever, like, okay," like, when you try to get out of something or you don't want totalk about you-- you don't feel uncomfortable?

Like, it-- to me, it's quite apparent thatIvory's processing all this sh-t and he's just not dealing with it right now because this isliterally the day that Pyro came out with-- with his allegation, right?

So, he's obviouslygetting a lot of scrutiny on this specific day sohe was not trying to deal with it rightnow.

It makes sense to me, I don't think he literally meant "I don't care," so I guessthis person must have been convinced that Ivory didn't care so he sent the screenshots to Pyro?

I don't know if this guy cropped it, I don't know if Pyro cropped it but, either way, I don'tlike that the part right after just cropped out, it seems very dishonest, like, why?

It's ironic tome that Pyrocynical's saying, "why is my character being ass-ssinated by him? Only me, huh?"

sohe's doing the same thing right back to Ivory, he's doing it full force, you know?

And he'sliterally posting a screenshot out of context cropped out and he also quoted somebody that hasalready admitted to have made an oopsie

and said that, "oh, never mind, you didn't lie about yourage" so these are already two flaws in Pyro'sdefense here, you know?

Pyro could have left itsimple and just said, "yo, I-- I should have asked for people's age when I was talking to them very inappropriately."

Of course that wouldn't turn out so pretty so, of course, you gotta put all theshame and all the attention on the fact that

hemade a bad "grooming" word choice, he definitelydid not get groomed by anybody, okay?

But he still is taking away all the attention of the fact that he was speaking inappropriately to a teenager.

So, here is the interesting part - Pyro goes onto show that up until September of this year, Ivory and him have been talking, they'restill exchanging pictures.

It doesn't-- there doesn't seem to be any evidence of them doing thefetish stuff, just drawing some weird inflation,

however, what this does show us guys, to befair, this does show us that

there must have been some sort of falling out-- I am curious asto why Ivory decided all of a sudden.

I have to remain completely objective here because Ivory hassaid that there are other people, okay, so,

did he recently learn that other people were subjected to Pyro's inappropriate fetish role play?

Because, if so, it looks kind of bad that he'sbeen talking to him up until September, is thatwhen he found out?

If so, that-- that would helphim in his case and it would also help him if those people sspoke up, otherwise, Ivory's lookingreal lonesome.

However, this also works against Pyro as much as it works against Ivory because itshows that they literally spoke for the period ofaround three years.

So, you're telling me thatyou spoke to this-- this person for three years and you didn't know their age?

Well, first ofall, that's bullsh-t because your girlfriend showed that she also apparently knew Ivory forthat long and she knew his age

so that kind of, uh, sketchy, bro, it sounds like you're lying but,you know, it.

Either way, let's assume that you didn't know their age - how do you not knowtheir-- the age of someone you've been talkingto for three years?


Especially someone youpartake in a fetish role play, bro,


How is this real?

And here's the thing-- here's the thing- say he found out the age maybe a year later, why did-- why wasn't this ever addressed?

Why wasn't he ever like, "whoa, whoa, whoa, Im sorry that we're talking like that before, bythe way" or why didn't he cut that person off?

It would be more redeemable if, once you found outthat "holy sh-t, wait, wait, you mean you were 15, like, a year ago?

Oh-- oh, Im so sorry,I forgot to ask, Im sorry, I screwed up, I gotta block you, Im--" or something or remedyor talk about that,

why is it-- why is that not a conversation?

Am I missing something? How do youremain friends with someone that you literally talked to when they were a freaking minor, dude?!

And I mean-- this-- what?!

Come on! Come on! Even the Py-- the biggest Pyrocynical fan can't-- can'tf-cking fight that, right?

Come on, man! What?!

"During the interview mentioned earlier, he wasconfronted with evidence that he sent kink art to someone else.

He initially claims it washim but then backtracks claiming he has no recollection."

Okay, let's watch that.

Tommy: "So, what's the deal with this?

I: That is sh-t I sent.

T: You did send that to him? I: Oh, no.

I honestly have no recollectionof it and I don't even, like, I don't even specifically know who RedditMoments is.

T: So, you're saying you have no idea who this person is.

Let's see how new is their account. I: Like, no.

T: April 2017.

Their account-- I: [inaudible] T: --so you're saying you don't know whothey are,

okay. And this is very similar-- I: I'm saying, like, I don't--

T: This is very similar. I: I don't remember, I probably--

T: Yeah. You're not saying you don't know them but, off the top of your head,let's be clear.

I: Yeah, off the top of my head, I don't remember-- T: So, is he mistaken?

Was he mistaken or were you telling people you're 18 back in 2017?

I: Yeah, he was-- oh, I was not saying I was 18. Ive never, like, Ive never lied about my ageon, like, I've never lied about my age becausethat's--"

So, he says he's never lied about his age. Let me-- let me go to RedditMoments,the tweet-- Twitter account right now.

Let me-- let's see what they've said recently.


What the-- you don't tweet anything? You don't tweet any f-cking update, bro?

I wish this personmade, like, a public tweet clearing the record.

So, once again, RedditMoments is the same personthat apologized to Ivory.

Ivory's response is very limited, all he has said in response toPyrocynical is that that person apologized, there's no public statement on the RedditMomentsTwitter, so-- so, what's the deal?

Wait, wait, but they deleted that tweet, didn't they? They deleted that tweet, I just realized.

So, Pyro is once again citing the person thatapologized to Ivory because they insist that, "whoops, never mind, you didn't lie about yourage, I was wrong"

and this tweet that you guys see on screen that Pyro is citing has now been deleted by RedditMoments so maybe that's why Pyro's not citing the actual tweet, because itdoesn't exist anymore.

There-- there's-- I think that's enough detective, I don't think we haveto tweet him because he deleted the tweet.

So, I think-- I think he switched sides, I guess, Idon't know.

Pyro says, "Im not here to personally attack anyone, I just want to clear my name.

Beingfalsely accused has been extremely stressful andit is such a serious issue, I feel it has to nowbe addressed.

All this being said, I will kindly ask my fans to not call out Ivory nor direct anynegativity his way. I don't want to play any part in feeling or perpetuating hate.

I just want toshare the truth, close this chapter, move forward and return to doing what I love: making unfunnyvideos."

Now, obviously, Pyro's response was very well crafted in that he put a lot of, like,accusations towards Ivory,

most of them unproven like the whole "he lies about his age but hedoesn't," you know?

There's nothing solidifying so he's making his own false accusations but, atthe end of the day, he still talked to a minor inappropriately and his girlfriend victim shamedthe hell out of him, huh?

It's crazy but, like, here's the thing - Ivory screwed up royally bysaying he got groomed,

he could have just said that he was taken advantage of by a popularYouTuber because there is exactly--

like, that's what he says in the beginning, you guys gotta remember - Ivory - in his initialtweet -

Ivory said that he did he would do thingsfor Pyro because it's freaking Pyro and he was just talking-- he was happy to be talking to Pyro

and Pyro's own girlfriend corroborated that claim by saying "you were-- you told me yourself that you were happy to be talking to Pyro,"

uh, duh, he was a fan of Pyro, he was a 15-year-old fan of this 19-year-old YouTuber, so, of course.

I just think it's weird that, like, they're overshadowingall the inappropriate conversations

with the fact that he mislabeled what happened with "grooming," yeah, I think he mislabeled it, to be honest, like, I think that's where--

where Ivory messed upand that's the big issue with people that, like, try to come out about allegations, they alwayswill screw up and once people that-- that--

that will defend the other party get on thatscrew up, oh, man, they will capitalize the f-ck out of that, dude, it's insane.

"It's goodhe's addressing this. I myself believe Pyro's a good man and he would never do anything ofwhat Ivory accused him of."

I mean, I guess, yeah, he didn't groom anybody but he definitely,like, fantasy roleplay with some 15-year-old kid,

Im glad you're happy with that.

See, it's beingoverlooked. [laughs] It's classic.

All right, I think we're done though but, like, yeah, it'sclassic, you know?

Addressing the allegations without addressing the hard-hitting stuff which,you know, makes sense.

At the end of the day, Pyrocynical be-- remains untouched, you know?

You look at his Social Blade, he's lost nothing, this is not even getting to his-- his demographic,you know, most of his demographic doesn't evencare about this,

I don't really see what kindof clout Ivory gained but, yeah, Im curiousto see if anybody stands on another side.

Did weforget about the prolapsed butthole?!

Seriously, how do we forget about the--!

Yo, so you'retelling me that if I draw a prolapsed butthole and I send it to a 15-year-old it's okay as long as Inever asked for the age before sending that?

Are you guys okay?! Are you guys okay? [laughs]

Don'task, you know? Just don't ask me you're good. Oh, oh, oh, he didn't know the age, guys? Oh, okay,okay, that's fine then.

You know the drama is good when you forget about the prolapse -sshole--God, no, see, that's the thing though - like, Pyro did so much distracting, like,

Pyro is justfreaking distracting, "everyone, look over there, look up, someone said this about Ivory, someonesaid something else about Ivory."

"He didn't draw, he commissioned it"?

What? That's even worse.

He commissioned a prolapsed -sshole and gave it to fans? Are you kidding me, punky? No, don'ttell me this! [laughs]

That's worse!

I think that's worse, to be honest, I think that'sway worse.

Im gonna go pee, hold on.


So, obviously, right now, I don't have anybodyopposing what Im thinking so--

but I did have somebody reply to one of my tweets that I madeabout the situation so let me put it on thescreen.

I said to Tommy-- Tommy C, "I don't likethat Pyro tried to prove-- prove 'inconsistency' from Ivory when he showed a screenshot of anotherolder person apologizing to Ivory

and Ivory's shown saying, 'I don't care.' Why crop out the part where Ivory also said he wanted space? And why not apologize?"

Im confused why Pyro doesn'tcare to apologize or really acknowledge the fact that he was inappropriate with an underageperson.

In my opinion, like, that is power ab-se, you know?

And I-- I guess people don't care aboutpower ab-se but I think it's a huge deal if a 1.5 million subscriber YouTube talks to one of theirfans and starts talking about fetishes

and doesn't even bother to ask for their age, that's extremely dangerous and, like, if people want to disagreethen we'll just have to f-cking butt heads

but,yeah, so I said that and I quoted the part of the tweet.

"Thoughts on the undisputed assertionthat his-- that this individual had at least one conversation regarding what occurred with Ivory ayear ago and the matters was considered complete?"

Wait, what is-- what?

"On an undisputed assertionthat this individual had at least one conversation regarding what happened with Ivory a year ago,"

okay, yeah, he's talking about the other person.

"What is the rational behind blacking out this person's name as opposed to calling him/her out too?"

So, basically, because in my tweet, Ivoryobviously censors this other person's name, right?

So, he's asking me "why-- why did Ivory censorthat person's name?" and I said "Well, for one, the individual reached out to Ivory to apologize,something Pyro never cared to do.

I assume there is also no major power dynamic which was themajor point behind Ivory coming out about Pyro.

Perhaps Ivory didn't feel taken advantageof in the same ways,"

not only that, the two main points that Ivory stated for comingout was that he knew that-- that Pyro spoke to other young people in the same way and, of course,he was flattered because it was Pyro.

Now, Im only assuming that Ivory blurred out this person's name because this person, you know, isn't a publicfigure or--

or doesn't have a history of doingit to other people so what's the point of, like, warning others, right?

At least that Ivory knowsof, right? So, I-- I guess what Im saying is that maybe Ivory believes that, for this person, it'san honest mistake and that's why he's apologizing,

you know, and he's not a famous person but,for Pyro, he's a famous person, doesn't evencare to apologize

and then, instead of, like,reaching out to Ivory personally, he, you know, shames the f-ck out of Ivory.

Look, at the endof the day, as far as accusations go, we need to remain objective - there is definitely no sign ofgrooming that I can see, Im sorry, that-- there just isn't.

There is definitely a a power ab-se--power dynamic and, like, he's ab-sing his e-fame to exploit his-- his fetish with a 15-year-old fan- that is incorrect, okay?

That is-- that is what Pyro wants you to forget because he's saying, "look at Ivory doing this and this and this and this and this"

but what about what he did?

Whatabout Pyro messaging 15-year-olds without even bothering to ask for their age?

Even if Ivorydid lie about his age to other people, which has not been proven, he didn't lie to Pyro aboutit, that was never even a claim.

Why should it be on the responsibility of a 15-year-old to tella 19-year-old what their age is if they're gonna engage in inappropriate conduct at all?

Why--does that-- how does that make sense to anybody?

You're telling me that you're a grown ass adult- a 19-year-old dude - and you're going to talk to a 15-year-old dude and it's their job to tellyou their age? Are you serious?

Whatever happened to "a/s/l"?

There is a plus side that this is avery strange, you know, fetish stuff so, you know, there isn't any actual exchanges, okay?

There'sno, like, pictures or anything so that's good, that's good,

it's not the worst accusation,it's not gonna ruin Pyrocynical's career at all, Im pretty sure it hasn't done anythingto him, okay?

Hopefully he has stopped, like, hopefully, it is actually a-- a few times occurrence, so maybe only one, hopefully only one but if--

if it happened a couple other times,hopefully that's where it ended, okay, hopefully he's not, like, a perpetual seeker of people.

I just think we can't forget his girlfriend's behavior was very strange and wrong and I hopeshe gets a wake-up call too because that wascompletely inappropriate.

I don't know, we'll see.

So, after I did my stream, I reposted a thread on Twitter and Im gonna read it to you guys because I think it's a good way to wrap this whole thing up and balance it all out.

"This situation is a perfect representation of why victims don't come out about their experiences.

I have ample proof and all of my friends who knew Pyro know what happened. I don't need to provethis sh-t to random strangers."

Right off the bat, I can't help but refute this and say this is not a perfect representation of why victims don't comeout about their stories.

The way Pyro spoke to youwas not okay but you never even tried to prove the whole grooming accusation to anybody, as far as Isaw.

There were plenty of tweets trying to prove the conversations were real and, you know, Ibelieve you on that and I think everybody does

but nothing really trying to back up your claimthat he groomed you.

There's nothing wrong with acknowledging that you made a mistake; I feellike that would have made you come out stronger

because, you know, Pyro himself made some mistakesin his own response towards you.

Ivory continued, "but my hope with talking about this on apublic platform was that I could progressthe conversation about weeding out exploitationof minors

because it's a thing that runs rampant in all online communities and it has potential toruin people's lives before they even start."

Now, while this does back up how he had said earlier that he knew of at least one other person that

Pyro was talking to inappropriately, I don't like that part of this kind of makes him seem like a martyr

which was the kind of sentiment that I gotin his original tweet.

Alright, let's keep going.

"On top of that, it's also a matter of alerting potential victims to past pr-datory behavior.

Im confirmed correct when saying that Pyro sentNSFW to a child and you'd be blind to disregard his majority child fan base being extremely easyprey for him if he decided to repeat that."

Now, you see right here he's being cleverbecause he's capitalizing on the truth of his accusation - the fact that Pyro did send a lotof disgusting stuff and role played with a minor,that is weird and inappropriate.

But how come wedon't see anything about the grooming part, right?

I wish that Ivory had acknowledged that,you know, he used the wrong language, maybe deleted the tweet, apologized for itand re--redid it all over again, I don't know,

but I am curious if there's an example of Pyrodoing this kind of behavior recently or-- or what exactly led Ivory to come out,

especiallyknowing that he was in contact with Pyro as recent as September of this year.

"This sh-t goes so muchdeeper than me clout chasing and I struggle to see how people can't grasp this.

The environmentthat's been made and upheld is more inclined to defend pr-dators than the children that theyprey on and the choice of who to protect isstrictly enforced.

Examples that come to mind areme being apologized to for being role played with by an adult and then having my reply taken out ofcontext and used against me in Niall's response--"

Right here, he once again attaches that screenshotwe went over earlier.

Now, I-- right here, I am a little bit confused as to why he censors this person's name considering he's saying thathe's offended that that person's turned around andsent,

you know, a screenshot of that to Pyro and this was a screenshot of Niall using it againsthim.

Then he says, "--me being gaslit by Niall's girlfriend and her mentioning incriminating sh-tto get me to back down on speaking out,"

and the last screenshot was of the conversation thathe had with Pyro's girlfriend who, yes, I think all these points are actually good, you know?

This-- this is-- this is all weird [laughs] that the person that also role played with--with a minor decided to send it to Pyro,that's weird.

And also his girlfriend - allthat was really bizarre.

"All the people from those circles telling me I could 'deal with itprivately,' which would make it insanely easy to sweep under the rug,

along with people telling meI was egging it on when the entire point is that, no matter how I was responding, NIALL WAS TALKINGTO A CHILD.

It's all part of a social dynamic that allows influential people and online communitiesto prey on their friend groups and/our audiencewith as little consequence as possible

and it'sreinforced via people doing the same star struck clout chasing sh-t Im being accused of doing."

So, he started out rough but he does end with a good point, you know? This is what I was sayingwas his biggest point, the fact that it was ahuge power ab-se on Pyro's part and extremelyinappropriate.

I just wish he would have stuck with this in the first place, you know? Why isthere no mention of grooming in this entire thing?

You know, part of me is, like, dude, you can't get too mad, you have to understand why people--

where they're coming from, you can't just belike, "yo, this is why people don't believesurvivors of grooming"?

Or what, you know whatI mean? It's, like, I wish he had clarified that but, other than that, I don't think that Pyrois going to suffer, I still don't think that,

however, I do think that there is, hopefully, some sort of stain to his reputation and I hope that

he has stopped, I don't know when the last timehe role played with an underage person was or if it was actually a lot of people, hopefully,this is a wake-up call.

I-- I guess we'll see.

I don't know, what do you think, Keemstar?

"-You know what? Pyro really isn't that bad...

except for he's a furry

that goes to furryconventions

that gets f-cked in the -ss by 40-year-old men in f-cking giraffe costumes!"

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The Description of The Pyrocynical Allegations, His Girlfriend's Involvement and His Response