Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Óscar Díez - El Mixólogo | Cardenal Mendoza Ángelus Cocktail Club

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Why do you think that in Spain we are currently...

so hesitant to use wine in cocktails?

Tradition, which makes us behave like purists,

reates hesitation to try cocktails with wine, but,

we are getting there.

Óscar Diéz is a bartender who was born in Toro,

making it inevitable that he would one day try to mix...

the wine from his homeland with distilled alcohol...

from around the world.

What was the first cocktail that you tried?

Althought it might seem crazy,

I was about five or six years old.

I was on top of a wine barrel in a bull fighting ring.

My father was in charge of making lemonade.

I climbed on top, put in the ice,

the the sugar, I loved it.

I always had to take a sip when no one was looking.

What mixes best with Toro wines?

Red wines mix well with tequila,

with brandy above all.

I am a diehard fan of brandy.

We have got to fight for this spanish product.

With rum. It all depends on...

the tasting notes that we have.

And what about sherry wines?

In relation to the sherries,

I am mixing a lot of white wines.

What do you thing Cardenal Mendoza Angelus would mix best with?

Up until now,

I haven´t found a wine that doesn´t go well with it.

You told me that you liked tequila mixed with sherry wine.

A Margarita with chilled Verdejo wine,

Cardenal Mendoza Angelus, tequila and red wine salt on the rim.

You have got to try it.

Oscar has created the concept of "Wine Mixology",

combining a sommelier´s expertise with cocktail making.

You know that when there is a conclave and the cardinals meet,

there is a white smoke.

We are going to make it with cardamom and clove with Angelus.

In addition, we are going to scent it with...

Verdejo notes,

a red wine reduction,

Angelus and Cardenal Mendoza...

with a perfume and...

a cardamon.

You´re like an alchemist.

an a brandy snifter,

without ice,

in line with the rules of brandy. Proud.

Very tasty!

Thank you very much for your cocktail and...

welcome to the Cardenal Mendoza Angelus Club.

It´s always a pleasure to be with Natalia García.

Thank you very much.

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