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The medium-wall heat shrink tubing that WKK offers has a wall thickness of 1.4 up to 4.2 mm after recovery

and is less flexible than thin-wall heat shrink tubing. It supports a voltage rating of up to 24 kV.

Our different types of medium-wall heat shrink tubing have an operating temperature

between -55C up to +110C and a shrink ratio of 3 to 1.

The medium-wall heat shrink tubing that WKK offers is available with 3 different types of adhesive technology.

adhesive by co-extrusion technology. adhesive by mastic coating. and regular adhesive.

All adhesive technologies are suitable for protection against moisture and water.

In addition to medium-wall types with adhesive, WKK supplies, of course, also a medium-wall type without adhesive.

To get an overview of the different types of heat shrink tubing that WKK offer, you can view our flow chart, so you can

easily determine which type of heat shrink tubing will be the most suitable one for your intended application.

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The Description of Medium-wall heat shrink tubing