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Google are doing something in KSA better than in the USA.

A group of companies against the world governments.

Samsung could implement a notch on their phones, and finally, Huawei could totally withdraw from the US market.

Peace be upon you all. This is your host, Faisal Alsaif with a new Science and Technology episode from Tech Pills studio.

By the name of Allah, let's start. SAFCSP in KSA signed an agreement with Google to open innovation centers in KSA.

Just like innovation centers in the USA. It will be one of the biggest innovation centers in the world.

This center will train about 40,000 person every year.

What are these centers for? Google centers focus on people with ideas, ability to build apps and AI.

These people will be trained in these centers to improve their skills to the highest.

SAFCSP in KSA already signed the agreement. Congratulations for them. Youth should take the most out of these centers.

100,000 students will be trained in Misk society in cooperation with Google. Google innovation will be in KSA.

I will post a link down below of Google Skills. You will find topics and trainings that you can study to gain a skill or a profession.

There are many topics and skills you can learn. Participate in it. May Allah empower Misk society. The initiative is great.

The initiative will be in schools and online. You can participate in it online or in school classes.

Let's now talk about a great science news.

Disease scientists will have a new method to discover cancer cells using microscopes equipped with parts from Google.

Google have AI that can analyze 10 frames per second. There will be an arm that can be installed on any microscope.

Can you imagine that these scientists using traditional microscopes to discover cells and study their behavior in an attempt to discover cancer cells?

Google invented this arm that can be fixed on any microscope. This arm can take pictures and analyze it using AI to find cancer cells.

Google cooperated with scientists to make AI discover cancer cells in a better and more precise way.

This is only the start, yet it is a window for great ambition. We are very hopeful, God's willing.

An arm to add to any microscope that can speed up the discovery of cancer cells. May Allah give us health and keeps us away from diseases.

We have an old typewriter in Tech Pills archive.

There is also a modern typewriter that can be used with iPads. This typewriter will make you appreciate typing, like in the past. Imagine that!

Questionnaires in the last episode! We asked if you want an episode about internet from electricity, 94% said yes. We will gladly make it, god's willing.

VW Group said that in the year 2020, autoparking will be implemented in their cars.

It will be implemented on VW cars, Audi cars and Porsche cars.

Aren't you a little late?

Other companies have implemented it long time ago.

Congratulations to VW. We hope it will be implemented quickly.

Toyota and Lexus have made a unity between them. They are one company already. This unity allows them to launch communication program that lets cars connect to the infrastructure.

Let's explain it; it is similar to the V2X technology. This technology makes cars communicate with other cars using WiFi

This communication will help cars know the speed limit, surrounding buildings, avoid accidents and so on.

There are 7 channels in this technology. It will use the 5.29 channel. This frequency will help cars communicate with each others.

It is supposed to work in the American cars in 2021.

It will make cars smarter, can be located easier and God's willing, they will avoid making accidents.

Captions is now available on Tech Pills news. You can activate it on your phone or browser if you want.

We hope our voice will be heard by more people so that they can benefit from it.

We asked you if you update your device frequently, 66% of you said yes, always.

Great. By the way, the S9 received a new update.

25% said sometimes I update it. I hope you will update it frequently.

It is not about the software updates. You should update the security ones. They are important. God's willing, these updates will make your phone more secure.

A drug dealer in Wales was caught redhanded.


He deals with drug using WhatsApp. He sent a photo in WhatsApp.

He sent a photo of himself with drug pills.

Authorities were able to analyze fingerprints and were able to catch him.

What's strange is that the authorities announced this news.

All drug dealers in Wales and the rest of the world will wear gloves.

What is the benefit from publishing this news?

34 big tech companies in the world like Facebook, Cisco, Microsoft and other big companies have united with each other against governments.

They agreed that they won't help governments in making cyber attacks on people or associations.

This union has basic principles and values and is called Cyber Tech Accord.

It has an official website. I will post it down below. 34 companies have agreed to join this accord.

coincidentally, all the companies are in USA. American companies.

coincidentally too, all companies agreed not to make cyber attacks, and they want to wait for the global attitude.

They want to see if China will do something similar or not. We don't know!

There are great news about China, and by the way, have you heard of the upcoming Nokia 9 device?

The new upcoming Nokia 9 device will be called Nokia X or Nokia 10? I will tell you the answer shortly.

We have Google Glasses with its accessories in Tech Pills archive.

It has a special headset.

It also has a special piece that turns it into a sunglasses.

And if you want to make it a regular sight glasses, it has special parts to make it so.

This projects is still ongoing but it is directed to organizations and companies. Let's hope Google Glasses will be again for individuals.

In a very terrible news, in the last episode I asked you that if you want us to make a HomePod review, Likes should reach 15,000.

I said it metaphorically. I wasn't expecting anything.

The episode got 11,000 likes even though the votes were 80% not asking for a HomePod review.

Thank you so much. The episode link will be posted down below.

If you like the episode to make it reach 15,000, I will lose my money.

The next news about Huawei who could officially withdraw from the Chinese market. Why is that?

A group of 9 employees were fired. One of them is in USA and is responsible for helping them enter the US market.

He had been in this position for the last 8 years. They recently fired him. Huawei could change their strategies. American market could out of their interest.

There also could be official laws that prevent companies in the US from selling Huawei devices.

There are lots of stories behind this. You asked about an episode to discuss why Snapdragon is available in the US market and not Kirin or Exynos.

We are working on it. This confirms the news about the war about Kirin processors and Huawei's telecommunication and connections.

Huawei routers could be prohibited in the American market.

Let's hope and see. May Allah help them.

The upcoming Nokia phone could be called Nokia X. They won't issue a Nokia 9 or Nokia 10. This has been conformed by a leak from HMD.

The leak show that the event which will take place in 27th of April in China will unveil Nokia X.

The new approach to tech companies is following Apple's. There also could be a Samsung X. I will tell you about it later.

This Nokia X could have high specs. It is supposed that this phone will offer great features. I was waiting for Nokia 10 to offer these features.

Let's wait for 27th of April. We haven't received an invitation to cover the event.

My upcoming trip in few days will be to China to visit Shun Jen's development and research offices.

Shen Un

I will learn how to pronounce it there and tell you about it in Snapchat.

Some people call it Shan Jan. It is not pronounced like this.

It is a Chinese car company who have a research and development center. I will visit it, God's willing.

Don't forget about Google's I/O in San Francisco. I will be there to cover it.

There are two designs from Samsung expected to come later.

These designs were taken from patents by Samsung.

One of these designs is great, but it doesn't have a headphone port.

The design of it has developed from the S9 and Note 8. Great thing.

This could be their next phone.

The second one is the problem. It has a headphone port and it also has a notch!

It has a notch at the top of it.

It consists of two cameras and an earpiece.

Will this see the light from Samsung? Vote if you like this design or not.

It is a sad thing that Samsung will take this step.

We should confirm that a notch design was patented by Samsung in the past.

Before Apple used it. There were also companies before Apple that used the notch in their phones like the Essential phone.

There were phones that made a nice notch. The Essential phone only had a camera notch.

The notch already existed. Apple used it and made it the standard, and now other companies are trying to imitate it.

It is an indication of Apple's ability to market their phones.

Let's wait and see which choice Samsung will go with.

Let's go now to Samsung S10 and S10 Plus.

We that it is early.

There is a possibility that S10 and S10 Plus won't be Samsung's flagships next year!

There is a possibility that Samsung could release Galaxy X with curves.

They want to start a new category. I personally think that S9 and S9 Plus have matured now.

We don't need any improvements, but let's wait and see what happens next.

The last news is about statistics of 4th quarter of 2017. iPhone X has made great profit for Apple.

Let's discuss something. Keep with me to understand how marketing works. Those who studied marketing will know what I am talking about.

Sometimes your profit is considered by how many products you sell, and other times is considered by the amount of profit of each product.

For instance, I sell a products for 100 SR. My profit is 1 SR.

I sell 1000 products, my profit is 1000 SR.

I sell a product for 2000 SR. I also sell a product that profits me 90 SR.

But I only sold 2 products, how much is my profit?

I profited 180 SR from two products.

And there I profited 100 SR from 1000 purchases.

Let's discuss this news. If you look at the menu, iPhone X was first in profit.

Most of the menu is full of Apple's iPhones.

This menu is a particular market. We should consider the amount of profit any company get from a particular device.

It happened that a company issue a product that doesn't have great specs, yet the company know that it will sell greatly.

They raise the amount of profit for each device.

The margin of profit of each device sold is raised. They won't sell greatly, but they will profit more.

Let's consider when buying a new device, are we buying a brand ( Apple, Samsung, Huawei, HTC or Sony) or are we buying device with great technologies from other companies?

This is the end of the video. Glory and praise be to Allah. I witness there is no God but Allah. I ask Allah for forgiveness and I repent to Him.

If you reached this point without liking, we can't say anything! Thank you.

In God's hands. Peace be upon you all.

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