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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Legends: How They Are Made - Joe Namath | The University of Alabama

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- It was a learning experience for sure.

And you had to learn fast,

otherwise you didn't stay here.

You had to want to be here badly.

You had to want to play football really bad.

The practices were tough.

And if you couldn't cut it, you didn't last.

Coach Bryant demanded respect,

not just for him but for everybody.

He helped so many of us.

Not just with football, but with life.

Starting in '61, when I got here,

it was kinda cozy.

You know I mean, we wanted to have a car on campus,

but you could walk everywhere on campus, you see.

I mean it wasn't that far to get over to Woods Hall,

or to get back Friedman Hall,

or get over to the practice field.

You walked most of the time.

As the campus continued to grow,

I just continued to marvel at it.

It's so beautiful, it's a treasure.

It's a treasure for the state of Alabama,

and we're all thrilled to be a part of it.

When I left the university to go play football,

I lacked 15 hours.

And I said, "Oh yeah I'm gonna go back and get it."

Well things kept happening, man, you know.

And then my daughter, Jessica,

the older of my two girls,

she's getting ready to go to college in a year or two.

She says, "Gee, daddy, you know what,

"I'm gonna be the first one

"to finish college in the family."

I said, "You want to bet?"

That was it.

That inspired me to get finished.

Hearing that from my daughter,

I needed that push, I guess.

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