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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 1 Hour of Sci-Fi Short Films | Movie Night on DUST

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How long is this gonna take

The rest of the day

Longer if it was my life in danger David, I'd be gladly assurance. Yes. I get it. I

screwed up, but having in a face hanging there in it's not exactly helping I

expect not

Do you get last name?

Just Holly then

And you brought her here to what?

show off I

Didn't know that she was going this will go a lot quicker if you just answer my questions straight David

Well, you know exactly why I brought her to the office and it's not like it ended the way that I expected

What did she tell you?

Her name's Holly

She's like my tie

No alarm bells at that

And you mentioned your work affection

She asked about

Affection and you said you were the head technical honcho and you could hook her up with a tour of the office

Show her the multi-million pound research facilities and let her have a play with a commercially sensitive computer equipment

Something like that

Something like that. Is that how you usually pick up woman but offering them a free makeover?

I'm not perfect, but with my help

the right girl can be I

am simply trying to ascertain where she got

My perfection to upset about this particular loss


The world is augmented

in our brain nanobots

I'm aware of this David


The nanobots but have you any idea what they actually do see to most people they just take it for granted

but look

prefrontal cortex temporal lobe

optic nerve

Visual data comes in from the eye the retina

with nanobots

We can hijack that flow

before that data

reaches the brain

These screens

they're a delusion a

shared hallucination

My brain chokes an image here a screen and shares it with other BOTS in the vicinity in this case

with the Box in your brain

Essentially the visual data that you're receiving has been


now as you can imagine

the applications for the cosmetics industry

are revolutionary

the nanobots can be made to

augment anything

improvement to your face

Change your color

Absolutely, no physical makeup necessary

Well, the effect is somewhat limited

What is that

that is

the future how we

Lose the limits. That's what she took that's what she stole

It's a prototype it puts out a signal the crates an utterly lifelike augmentation tricking the brain of anyone nearby

Into believing but effectively the wearer is someone else

It's light is ahead of its time

That little beauty allows the wearer to become whomever they want

You know to anyone to everyone

and appear

even feel

utterly real

But of course

There are floors


It borrows a bit of the users brain to process the illusion it puts a kind of strain on

Anyone who's wearing? It can be


We haven't found anyone who can wear it for more than quarter of an hour

Any longer than that

Brain turns to soup

This conversation is to remain within the walls of perfection, of course

They are saying it's impossible for someone to use it no I'm saying that we haven't yet found the subject who can

What are the chances Holly could handle it a small?

Very small

She did get into that perfection by lying about your tie. I mean, she wouldn't understand it. Anyway what it is

So who else knows about this apart from me?

Just my team

Doctor file gasps, dr. Marquez and Terry Cryer

But that's all

Only to speak with them double your home. I might be a problem. I must say I'm quite impressed

The things you can do with technology

What was her name? Oh

But I can look it up for you you don't know what

About her name

But it's not oh yes, I'm sorry, I don't know why not


It's both haven't quite gotten used to it yet, but still

Thinks do you understand a little better what this thing actually is

Keep your hell of a headache

But you know if it'll help them put a stop to all of this work. I'm getting half of it

Polly please put this thing on for three hours the impressed

It's been fun playing with you again

I've got three more appointments to get to

You're not thinking straight

Listen to me. Look at what you can do. It's

It's incredible

it does matter what you've done, you know, we can work that out, but you are actually wearing it and

using it

All that matters is the end result. Yeah

It's difficult

Yeah, yeah two wrongs don't make a right blah blah get it

even in the beauty industry killing is an ugly business, but

Then again, I don't have to be one to do it

Someone else can

This is incredible the event horizon

Where she been for the last seven years

Has been beyond the boundaries of our universe

Knows where it's been

What it's brought back knows my secrets

My fears

She won't let you

You need a

preserved day the immediate person or not

the million informationally a

Salon Wow

To serve argument

Both Tillman to cheat

An interconnection


I thought Anita their thermos Mima

Disko Louisville purpose

In particular season the

esthetician suffer even thousand a

Memoir to be empathic and ultimately massive Ataman always been liberating affinity socially

I'll go over there. Most of the salary was not a democracy

With its aluminum, I don't know yet

Okay, so it wasn't us on our way nothing

Is that this was easily called inimitable

Tell she listens on abortion when I don't deliver Academy come if you Nissan is objective

Of the achieved initial kill the demon theory series now some composition

It was all that was missing

Devante stone t-shirt although

Yes, you really not see

Result already, you know me not he said nothing a check and if you Disney

What a psycho new we're any figure

We put it on fish on niggas

Level that won't last on his head the details each these evening

It won't be any

One day

You're kidding

Whether you stick with just our street chupa midi

- awesome

Nirvana toketee

Chorizo for jo-jo

The Kiska country our exam yo, lo hizo J tovahleh methodologies chain kou Zhong pictures


Generally Polly don't you bet minion into a two-generation team on velocity close Oh

Okichi bus listen, did you bus tell me that geez when you polish good gesture clock bar?

Dude, I'm not hopeful just prevent that I guess you didn't he

I just got just a magician. She did you guys did on that comes up for roadie. I loved her moment you

Don't fix him, isn't it neat Dippold a Osmo better on the meaty?

First I produced a moist

Vaz de Mer de marche. Did you ever see more do you best have a schedule in architect?

Yesterday connect adjustable hip restores my total

Phenomenon for Kayla this guy comes at you on a

Disk supporting

Public UPS mm ah he completed her on

It you can't possibly come on

Genomic you pay other I thought she'd do Lewis

She took wavy

JLo Likud she wasted on itself. Well

First it's crystal urban person. I keep reporting on veggie more Yoshi. Try cube. A leader named innuendo

It's a liquid only comes as a gap. We do something he could see okay cue birthday

My mom you are completely Lucy Luc to commissary fizzy

social premier nationally Paul transmitted per sample contact

Universe system Oblast. Hi Lewis. Shy camp respond. You can't hold us anymore

then battlefield


Hectic condition Renault Subin via Nike does contain to Masha he okay

Miss Geist iqg spread through Sugano a congenial

I'm also just give up a pareo

An addicted are you know, who are you?

Jenny bottom, dude

Yep could be back.this. I mean bad news

We'll a copy don't you for Euler

Deccan Plateau promote open positions usual

C'est toujours evident areas vanity

Humor my fairy ordinator Vireo some dodgy nominee progam a

Calm day, Roberto, Jean CA

C'est toujours la única disabilities

You know say only be read no travel Ivanova Tonio you marry that net you

To serve anybody machine be availed?



Mr. Nino

Computer school bus

Who says Mattias see you see recently Clara Ramos misurkin

Esto me mando hablar con usted es ahora

no, precisamente pero trabajo para la FEMA

Me so Tiago no God

Primero habla con MIGO say yo encuentro una solución me Hagen lado y entre los abogados pero primero hablar conmigo


who you are muchos

We almost see tengo esta Clairol doce de noviembre of celibacy toilet ms

Aquino Interlochen respect own a serie de reclamation para por su grasses

También podría tener intra cornea, no tiene una tarea

Meeting Lester knew Miriam and ADO's, he sukhasana fuera Rio Rita. Yo Tommy otro travel over a Porsche

Se que son. Amigos desde hace unos SE debe mucho fedoras

Recuerdo de ver aria bueno este es otro a quedar darienne dozy

Pero no puedo levantar made a esta es a scene over encontrado una solución para

ESO me contrato de creer lo mismo VA a necesitar que en esta primer sassy immeuble como si fuera most obvious amigos

No, se muchas horas Thema solo que se todo a Maria miscreant Assyrians were you totally totally micronus which is why advising

integra una Linea swingers

Sigh I

Want was it a traffic? No traffic no conversion to a parameter hilarious

Let's stallion want to ask no se como Cinco seis meses

desde hace para maana Callea

Yo, Pongo, KD n8, La Rue loca D slowly hacer que este tema sobre todo. Lo que tiene que ver como

Menos de de carro que lo tengo Claro

entonces que paso, Connolly Nia

Aadya some catalyst to do

Kailas the term special

Visa I justwhen the appellant

Estamos hablando de samsara and okay pornography ax

Los Petofi

lo siempre gana el acto concetrate approach hace una nueva tecnología lo que se les Sakura or a few

Grab our los premios sueños a locos Kate en un Nino mal para ser para estos pervert Eidos new a como estas Primera's fantasy espero

evident a vente NOS my caso porque lo hacen

Simcha visto so I hear

solo Rose music agent muda muda

Uso de mando statue her me para esto aqui pero sigue tenemos. Tiempo que tiene de especial de los sueños de otra persona

Buenos LOL Spreaker desta manera

Desde que las posadas a se pueden grab are now he won't be on senior irenna película at the roar. I

See this

Here if I'm in today for anything his length in see that it's not precise location. Sorry Enzo. No intervention is consensus

Community Stein Mahina, no say una pintura una PSA musical una historia

El tiempo el proceso case a to Menken sudhir Lana bad egg Redondo la baie des lieux

Jiendo, lava convert image or dicho en cualquier caso el resultado. No. Se parece al Okemah G

No, por primera vez los sueños pours contrario son in consciente. Puro es la moneda boondi round evidences in mascaras less

Mujeres que las cosas san cambiado mucho pero no todos negativo por ejemplo. Cuando usted Suakin familia que esta muerto

Imagine si

Lo que es poder archivo era see fisica meant a new Ava's memorial

Meadows mementos con alguien que ya no está de hecho con los que el caso de un tipo que se penguin tiro por la depression

De ese soy, yo que no puedo dejar

Yo hasta become Roberto. DoCoMo's implants Delma

Cornejo es que era Viera reallys Moya aureus so a camera is a good unit a teaspoon see analysis whether we example a study

In heart rate and two parameter D

sueño sputters contrary o los buenos

So nice toria's so make a for a Sun symbol oohs. Yes. Okay. Well below can a hint II

Know me hotels que es muy facil. They're in there come. You know, where asuka-dono box our

Volvo most a La Nina

Koalas vintorez. Dénia, no pero quiero saber Caetano fficer esta declaración. Ya se lo dije. Yo, no soy su abogado

So most way knows amigos

Bueno desde que empezar comércio knows de la gente en Pizarro aparecer estos maneuvers que básicamente innocent diferentes Technica's para maana pure a los

Sueños como Chando Lee Grady Arizona's oppa tienen alguien que les habla mientras. Están durmiendo scale assassin sonidos less pone en

musica otra vez el Des Moines fotografías de polka era

Mejor dicho todo lo que estés in Mohini contolled eggy darl energy loss pensamientos

Yo resultados por muchos un mixtos

Particular se está una kospi row pero el rey de todos in canoes

Literal recibido algún entrenamiento. No nunca es sólo más

fácil on Tito destiny Indian SS Akana soi-yah soi-yah artista a

stand in

nevada d'ottavio

Dns, a son knows no surveil al me. Escribir s case with Loomis a homo

So me revoir los sueños los artistas. Ya know say ooh top rock lemon or assess Koren como Tesoro center ADO's

incautious de su propio talento

Es que si usted pudiera voluminous tandem in tent area. So you scholars destiny know Barack across artists and a school

So where does a local radio?

Or Kieran's polities

El padre, you know say just one of answer is that

Kosuke sentimiento de ken

De la misma una de Torres possible casino

passes que encontrar a alguien hace verdad es un Milagro

Yas a fortune a Dementor no existen a manuel de puerto cruz que seguir para hacer este tipo de investigación

Tito de sentido común less wayna necesitas Manuel pues

No, say no solamente se lo necesario para obtener resultados ESPs poder con probe RSO resultados que mas

dinero Angela raucous

okay, and each woman I mean

Okay, si por las de newzeas que un padre de semana say una investigación solo operation


comedians iranian ancien

See you stay

esta en este momento aqui hablando con

MIGO es simplemente porque si la mierda Yaga's a Picard este lado de la mesa nosotros vamos a cobra instead

You know Peru no todos los viboras

Quechua Zameen Par extrememly, lo que ser que tienen la cabeza me importa que nunca

Token la puerta de este lado fragment on dope or area

Do me

Cuantas veces au revoir hasta Mia


Yo puedo secular usted que como parte de sitios

Martinez resultados

Como para. Ser Marcus Welby nod


Pueden hacer una dos tenemos un Sol en alguna vez en la vida. Yo necesito seguir haciendo Prabhas

You Stelio algo de material encima SI la policia entrar en este lugar. Yo rotisserie encontrar de algo

no, no car gonna

Porque lo d say me llamo de haar es una hora es bueno ya celosia

Yo, no puedo levantar made esta mesa hasta encontrar una solución

Doing what we like

Oyakata-sama ceases to impress

But the aspect

Jonathan insert yell autonomous better on his tour que le pasa come up in circuit, Oh que la policía

You said sorry. Pardon. No, se written duro. Yo si

Estoy aqui para world no matter I mean I do the run in Jaipur for learning está bien

Está un lugar que so Lumia meet with yo consoles

no entiendo Lex flick

Nesto MS. Minoes Kerala in yank our native state

Yoki Celeron tsk instead is tomar. Una decisión Kariya's a ver que tomba Yasuo lo que estaba transport on stage

America ramu cha's gracias dicho esto le propone go see de trabajando con nosotros

NOS otro nose hacemos cargo den esto y usted puede seguir experiment and O'Connell illa, sad Creek a La Nina vez

Una rig when lejos de sus Papa's sake Westra

tardes when you may or las mejores Posada, y'know leprosy

Rota no

Oh, oh, it was obscene this no cuenta con MIGO para ESO piensan esto la policia janitor ago

mañana Renea des Aparecida

Pasta, yeah, no ii al-ahmad on anima

Yeah, yeah all one who can see the heroes of state algunos days when you spoil it Malcolm pocketed a ratio


My name is John Dixon the 14th of August 2015 now

Earlier today a bunch. I mean, I mean a fleet of alien spacecraft appeared above the sky and Edinborough take a look

I'm here. I'm here. I spy now flap me Michael

What this way I don't know something's happening card

Me no



Yeah, hi they wave back

Although world it is 9:30 a.m. When the 28th of August, so yeah, the tunes have been with us for two weeks now

oh, we call them tunes now and

Yeah, the spaceships left pretty much as the tunes lands. It's so I guess that means I here to stay and

Turns out to make pretty awesome flatmates

morning, guys

So we called this one David and that one's Stephen

Yeah, so they moved in with us and the day they arrived and we can just leave him outside

Still need to sort out ragnar

Morning Michael

That's mine

You know for history sake

That's not a waste of time I could be the next Attenborough

Here we have the tune in its natural habitat

Left in it. He probably helped me clean this up now. Alright didn't mean it

So is the first time I've had the camera in a while is attunes first ever Christmas and as you can see they're helping

Michael's up the Christmas tree. Hey, hey guys

Yeah, yeah looks pretty good we need something for the top though

Look at Christmas bringing you all together

Okay, so today is the 1st year anniversary of the toons arrival here on earth now

I managed to persuade Michael to tear the toons up to carlton hill while I organized a surprise party

we're in the black and thing is they should be here any second now, so

No this party didn't sting

But it's going on here, alright, alright, let's see what favor

Oh shut up, man, let's see vegan donor

Who is not toy you can't just make it do something because you think it's funny Wow, well, you've changed your tune

Fine fine pies over




No, you see me tunes


Steve Wow, hey

Hey, no, hey

What's going on over there, no can't see much

What is it

The direction from here to carlton hill isn't that way to go tunes over there. Yeah, they loved it


We'd be safe here

What were you doing outside no, we were looking for our teams

Hey, have you seen them? No idea there were hundreds of them running around tonight

Forget about the twins for one second. What the hell was that things?

Scheduled to bring you this breaking news reports have been coming in from all over the country of large

Aggressive creatures attacking humans police are urging the public to stay

That's just Bruce don't worry Bruce pull yourself together. Oh

My name is Charles Oh

Documenting that's good

I'm a zoology student at the University. I've been

Conducting some experiments on Bruce for the last year, uh, sir. Well, that's disgusting

Worry too much about him. He the tunes are virtually indestructible. They they feel no pain. Bruce has been happy to help


That it is in fact the tunes that are turning into these larger creatures

However reports suggest that only some of the tunes are being affected

It must be the females

In nature the female is often that the larger the

more aggressive of the species

When they're coming into season there can be some

physical change

The tunes are getting ready to reproduce

But why are they attacking us whispers Bruce Bruce

Oh my god your face, what is it?

It's selling reproduced attending oxen to the next generation of tunes

Where are we going? I'll taste my steel grab Carson Hill. We're gonna go get them what no chance

Did you see what Bruce did - Charles?


Yeah was it doesn't change right

Just leave him here. Just

Wanna show you something source, we can leave him here. These are responsibilities. Yep

He doesn't even pay rent

Is it


Wait, wait friend, right Oh God

Steven this means Michael


The Description of 1 Hour of Sci-Fi Short Films | Movie Night on DUST