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Hey Urban Acolyte Family, my name is Prince, and I am an Urban Acolyte.

So, in this video, Im going to lay all of my thoughts on the table regarding Donnie

Yens character from Rogue One, Chirrut Imwe.

So theres been a number of YouTube videos and blog articles talking about this character.

Ive seen everything from how hes based on the same character archetype as Kanan Jarrus

on Star Wars Rebels and terms tossed around describing him as being a low-level force


Now Im not going to critique anyone elses workIm just going to share what Ive

learned from canon sources, give my thoughts on the character, and then Im going to

tell you why Chirrut Imwes character is an example of an Urban Acolyte in the real


So this is what the Rogue One Visual Guide has to say on Chirrut Imwe:

Deeply spiritual Chirrut Imwe believes that all living things are connected through the


His sightless eyes do not prevent him from being a highly skilled warrior.

Though he seemingly lacks Force abilities, this warrior monk has rigorously honed his

body through intense physical and mental discipline.

Chirrut is from a near-extinct order, the Guardians of the Whills, which is devoted

to protecting the Temple of the Kyber in the Holy City of Jedha.

An ancient order, its origins are lost to time and inextricably woven into the legends

of the Jedi Knights.

Some believers insist the Jedi drew inspiration from the followers of Jedha, while historians

surmise it is likely the opposite.

Whatever the truth, it is all a matter of deepest faith to Chirrut.

Though Chirrut deeply believes in the reality of the Force and respects the Jedi Order,

he knows no one could ever hold a monopoly on understanding the cosmic energy field.

Unlike the late departed Jedi, the teachings of the Guardians of the Whills do not emphasize

the discord between lightness and darkness.

The Guardians believe their approach allows mortal minds to encompass the totality of

the Force.

Chirrut is a practioner of Zama-Shiwo, a Jedha martial art also known as "the inward eye

of the outward hand."

The central pillar involves perfection of physical prowess-- conscious accounting of

a body's placement, contact, and internal functions.

It is said that a master of these techniques can alter his heart rate, oxygen intake, and

vital processes to produce seemingly supernatural effects.

This is similar to Jedi physical exercises that emphasize bodily control-- some believe

due to a cultural connection with the ancient past.

Also, Star Wars Galactic Maps offers the following description:

A blind warrior monk and disciplined fighter, Chirrut is attuned to the mystical energy

of the Force.

So I thought that phrase attuned to the mystical energy of the Force was rather

interesting because its not something weve heard previously.

Now because the Force is responsible for Life, everything has the Force.

Dave Filoni, in an interview that I discussed in a video last summer, talked about how anyone

who taps into their talents is tapping into the Force.

So does Chirrut Imwe use the Force?

Most definitely.

Is he a Jedi?

No hes also not gifted in the same way the Jedi are because Jedi can manipulate the

physical world through the Force, but knowing the Force is all about being in the moment,

and this is at the heart of Chirrut Imwes training.

So recall a year ago when there were questions regarding whether or not Chirrut was going

to be a Jedi.

I posted a video stating that Chirrut could be General Rahm Kota from The Force Unleashed

video games, or a character with some similarities.

Since both Rahm Kota and Kanan Jarrus both appear to be based on the Zatoichi, blind

swordsman, character the connection to Zatoichi has also been mentioned for Chirrut


Now I actually disagree with this connection.

The choice to make Chirrut Imwe blind was actually Donnie Yens decision.

It appears that he had a lot of input, and I think that Chirrut is actually more closely

related to an actual warrior monk featured in the Netflix series, Marco Poloand that

character would be 100 Eyes.

If youve not seen the series, 100 Eyes, is a Taoist Monk who was captured and made

to serve as martial arts trainer to Kublai Khans generals.

100 Eyes attempted to escape, and after killing several Mongolian soldiers, was blinded.

100 Eyes was a master of several styles of kungfu, skilled with melee weapons, horse

riding, and archery.

The similarities are also present in their philosophical outlook as a Taoist, 100

Eyes would simply seek to go with the flow, or go with the Tao, even though he was removed

from his Temple in China, made to serve the Khan, and blinded think about Chirruts

line,I fear nothing;All is as the Force wills it. This sounds exactly like something

a Taoist would say.

Now regarding Chirruts training Ive said several times that he exemplifies a true

Urban Acolyte.

His art, Zama-Shiwo, means the inward eye of the outward hand, which basically means

that the hand is guided by looking inward.

Another way of saying this would be that the hands are guided by ones intentionand

ones intention must be based on them focused on the present moment.

This is why Chirrut is constantly chanting,Im one with the Force; The Force is with me

because it is a way of centering himself.

Through his practice, hes able to sense the Force, and be guided by the Force remember,

the Force is all about being presentso Chirruts actions are all based on being

present, by looking inward.

So even though his physical eyes may not be able to see, his awareness is what guides

himand there are no limits to awareness.

Now this isnt me waxing on poeticthis is a real thing that exists in the real world.

See, I happen to practice an internal martial art style called I Liq Chuan.

I Liq Chuan literally means Mental-Physical Martial Art., and it is an art of cultivating

consciousness based on the Tai Chi principles and Zen philosophy of non-assertion, nonresistance,

harmony of yin and yang, oneness, and the present moment.

As a system of martial arts, I-Liq Chuan emphasizes the development of internal power through

mental attitude and awareness.

The highest goal of the art is the integration of the minds complete awareness in the

present momentin not just self defense situations, but in all of lifes events.

The art teaches one to break away from the unconscious.

A person learns to activate the mind to be conscious at all times, and if one can always

be conscious, they can be mindful and observe to recognize and break away from attaching

to habits and emotions that affect ones peace of mind.

Peace of mind is important because relaxation is an essential component of the art.

Relaxation doesnt just mean the body is relaxed, but the mind as well.

Relaxation contains harmony of yin and yang and the process of looseness, softness, elasticity,

and fa jin.

Fa Jin means issuing power.

As soon as an I-Liq Chuan person touches an opponents hands or body, they can feel

instantly where the opponents weight and center of gravity is and what strike or technique

an opponent is going to use.

Ultimately, the I-Liq Chuan person is able to sense the opponents intention without contact,

through awareness.

They can redirect the force and use it against the opponent or incorporate the use of fa

jin depending on the threat level.

So I dont know about you, but I-Liq Chuan sounds like a real world equivalent of Chirrut

Imwes martial art, Zama Shiwo.

Additionally, his ability to control his autonomic nervous system, as a result of his training,

can be accomplished through pranayama training in yoga or any breath retention exercises

taught in Sufi, Taoist, or esoteric Buddhist traditions.

Im sure there may be others, but those are the ones I have experienced.

An easy entry into these practices is the Wim Hof method, which has actually been scientifically

proven to boost the immune system.

So Chirrut Imwe a warrior monk devoted to understanding the Force, but not a Jedi.

The crazy thing is that through his training, he was able to sense the Force, arguably as

well as some Jedi.

So what do you think?

Do you think that through training internal martial arts and breath retention training

that you can come close to being able to sense the Force, in the real world, the way Chirrut

Imwe did in Rogue One?

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section down below.

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Well, that's all I've got for this one, thanks for watching.

Y'all keep on breathing, and May the Force of Others Be With You...Always.

The Description of Chirrut Imwe and the Guardians of the Whills Training EXPLAINED