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Then I saw the glass pipe as clear as crystal.

It was an enormous orange room. It sounds woolly now I'm talking about it.

Welcome to our brand new series: the Trip Phone.

We want to break the taboo on drugs. That's why we want to hear your story.

If you've had a good trip or a bad one, send your story via WhatsApp...

to this number, and you might get me on the line.

We have a caller. This is Bastiaan. Welcome to the Trip Phone.

Hi, this is Jurre. -Hi, Jurre. How are you?

Great. How about you? -I'm fine too.

You have a story to tell, so go ahead.

I tried DMT about two months ago. It was a very extraordinary experience.

Can you tell us what you experienced? How did it start? With whom? Where?

I was with a trip sitter, called Mick. He guided my entire DMT journey.

They consider it as a journey. He cleansed me with incense.

He had a particular sculpture that warded off all the evil spirits.

We were in a very beautiful setting with bright colours and comfy cushions.

Were you mentally well prepared? Were you ready? Did you feel good?

I wanted to have some experience with trips, so I tried truffles and LSD.

And because I knew it was going to be an intense journey...

I wanted to feel perfectly well. At work everything was good.

At home everything was fine. I was pleased with my cat.

I was completely at ease with myself. I was well rested.

I think that's why I was able to deal with such an intense journey.

Feeling good is absolutely paramount. What happened when you tried it?

I had a pipe for the DMT which I had to smoke.

I thought it would hurt my throat but that wasn't the case.

After three drags I noticed that I couldn't hold the pipe anymore.

I took one more drag and then I saw the glass pipe as clear as crystal.

When I felt that he took over my pipe, all I had to do was close my eyes.

It was very strange. I felt that I saw my core.

But how do you know? It just felt that way.

It was an enormous orange room covered in a fishbone pattern.

In the centre was a huge white core.

It contained my norms and values. It sounds woolly now I'm talking about it.

It contained my friendships, my relationships, my opinions of things.

It felt like such an important source.

I slowly moved towards it. That took three minutes.

I was allowed to witness it and then I left and went away.

It sounds really cool. You had a cool trip.

My previous trips were more external, with things happening outside.

But this was like a look into my soul.

It was very Zen with a complete sense of peace.

Since you felt so calm during the trip, did you feel chill and calm afterwards?

I've done LSD before and that took me two days to recover from.

But this time with DMT, I felt very clear-minded and calm.

A few minutes after it was over I already felt like my old self again.

Have you ever tried DMT? -I haven't, but I might try it someday.

Nellie has tried it. I thought it was quite intense when I saw her do it.

Your story has made me curious. I want to try it someday.

What can be considered scary and what almost scared me...

is that within three seconds you reach the core of your mind.

That happened really fast. You go very deep, very fast.

I was well prepared for that, but I still thought: holy fuck, man.

You really go deep, deep, deep. -If you experience that, stay calm.

If you resist it and become anxious, you'll have a really bad trip.

You have to stay chill and calm and just let it happen.

I want to thank you for calling. I have to say that I've learned a lot.

After hearing about your trip, I need to process it all.

It sounded like a great trip. I wish you luck.

Be sure to do it safely again next time. -I surely will. Thanks.

Bye, pal. -Bye, man.

As you heard, Jurre had a great trip. If you also have such a story...

send it via WhatsApp to this number, and you might get me on the line.

If you want to know more about DMT, click on one of these videos.

I'll see you again next time. Bye, bye.

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