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(Kit vocalizing)

- Ben flirts with me a lot.

(Kit laughs)

- Hi, I'm Jessie Mei Li.

- I'm Archie Renaux.

- Hi, I'm Amita.

- I'm Kit Young.

- I'm Freddie Carter.

- Hi, I'm Ben Barnes,

and we're the cast of Shadow and Bone,

and we're at home with Seventeen,

and we're going to play Superlatives.

(upbeat music)

- Amita!

- Oh, this one's funny. - Yeah.

- That's funny!

- Amita has the best comedy value.

- Yeah!

For sure, for sure.

- I mean, is the question who is the sharpest comedian,

or who makes us laugh?

- Or, or! Who do you laugh at the most?

(Jessie laughs)

- [Kit] Amita! - That's me!

(Amita laughs)

- Yeah, but that's all right!

- With admiration and love.

(all laughing)

- As long as you don't mind.

- No, it's nice!

I'm glad you guys are laughing at something.

- I would say Amita brings the most smiles to our faces.

- I laugh more at Amita than I do myself,

so I'm gonna say Amita.

(Amita laughs)

(upbeat music)

- Amita.

- Oh, yeah, Amita does have some long locks.

- Amita's hair is pretty impressive.

- Amita keeps weapons in hers.

- I have a hidden dart in my hair

and I use that to my advantage.

(upbeat music)

- Kit!

- Kit. - Kit, yeah.

- I'm pointing at Kit. - Kit definitely did.

- Yeah.

- I read them all. All of them.

We all read them,

but I had a very short period of time before we started,

and I read them all very quickly.

- Yeah, same!

And once I read, my gosh, I was hard in love.

(upbeat music)

- Ben.

(Archie laughs)

- Ben and Kit!

(all laughing)

- I'm joking. Kit, I think!

- I have to go with Kit. - Yeah!

- Yeah, it's Kit.

- Hundred percent charming! - Smooth!

- Smooth. - Smooth!

- I will play Jesper in every role I do

for the rest of my life.

(Amita laughs)

(upbeat music)

- Freddie or Ben. - Yeah.

- Yeah.

- Freddie. - Yeah.

- I think Ben's got the kind of charm that Kirigan has,

but I think Freddie is so

smiley in comparison to what Kaz is like.

(Amita laughs)

- And as far as I know,

I mean-

I mean, it's easier to make Freddie smile

than it is to make Kaz smile.

(Jessie laughs) - For sure!

- Very true.

(upbeat music)

- Hm. That's tricky actually.

- How'd you- 'Cause you don't like, just become one.

You're just born as one, aren't you?

Okay, who would be the most likely to be born with that?

- I've yet to find something that Kit

isn't capable of doing, so- - Yeah, that is true!

- If it was something you could learn,

he would have it in twenty minutes.

(Jessie laughs)

- Yeah!

- And I feel like he wouldn't be bad.

- We'd all be fumbling around trying to figure it out.

(all laughing)

- The instruction manual!

- But Kit's a very special human,

and that's what Grisha have, isn't it?


- Aw, well that's very kind.

- And I feel like we could've got to this point

with you having special powers,

and just not knowing yet.

You're just keeping it in your back pocket

for just, you know, a night out or something.

(Amita laughs)

- Maybe you're right! I don't know.

(all laughing)

(upbeat music)

- I'd say Archie, he loves a map.

- Yeah! Archie loves maps!

- I do love maps.

- I'd say Archie, yeah.

- I like having my bearings and knowing where things are.

- Yeah, you're a good navigator.

- I would be the worst cartographer.

I never know where anything-

- Ben, Ben.

You can't walk in a straight line.

- No sense of direction.

(Jessie and Amita laugh)

- Ben, you will never-

- I remember walking around with the rest of you guys

going, "I'm sorry, I have no geography."

(all laughing)

- I mean, the amount of times that Ben would be like,

"Where do I live?"

And I'm like, "Mate, we've just come from there!"

(all laughing)

(upbeat music)

- [All] Freddie.

- Freddie. Freddie.

- Sneakiest.

- Freddie. For sure.

(Jessie laughs) - Sneakiest.

- Yeah. Secretly, who's the sneakiest?

- I'd be shouting about it.

"Hey! Look at this! Oi!"

(all chattering)

- [Ben] Least likely to hide they were a Grisha!

(all laughing)

(upbeat music)

- [Jessie and Kit] Oh!

- That one's hard. - Archie.

- I think Archie!

- I'd call myself.

(all chattering)

- I'm pretty optimistic about things.

I'd do it, and I just don't think.

I'd just do it, and that's it.

- You'd do it for the sake of doing it,

to like, to prove it can be done.

Because I'm pretty sure if you told me,

I'd be like, "Mate, you know when you come back,

you can't actually spend that million Kruge.

It doesn't exist."

And you'd be like, "Doesn't matter!"

"I've still gotta go do it!"

- Watch me.

Watch me!

(Jessie laughs) - Okay.

(upbeat music)

(Archie laughs)

- [Freddie] For all the same reasons, Archie.

- Archie again. - Yeah!

- Yeah, we're sending him out to get our million Kruge,

with his map.

- Cup of tea and he's on his way.

- Yeah, cup of tea!

A nice cup of chai, and I'm on my way.

(all laughing)

(upbeat music)

- Oh!

- Ben loves leaving events earlier.

- Yeah, I was gonna say Ben or Freddie.

(Archie laughs)

- Yeah, Ben or Freddie. I think-

I think it's both.

- I think that probably the answer is Ben and Freddie,

where are they?

- They left together.

- They're gone!

- They just ran away holding hands into the sunset.

Just like, "Where'd they go?"

(upbeat music)

- Jessie!

- Oh, Jessie.

- Yeah! All day long!

- I mean, it hurts my heart.

- Aw!

See, that's why you're so sweet!

(Jessie laughs)

- Jessie is perfect casting for literal sunshine.

- [Archie] Yeah.

(upbeat music)

- Ooh!

- Ben flirts with me a lot. - [Amita] Ben!

- Yeah, Ben's a flirt.

- Ben!

- You know, I would go with Ben, I think.

(all laughing)

- There we go!

- That's a wonderful quality about you.

- I don't know if it's good or not.

- That's a great thing!

(upbeat music)

- Amita!

(Jessie and Amita laugh)

- Amita's done that! Today!

- Literally today!

- Have you?

- Ah, second outfit of the day, yeah.

- Come on!

- No, it's the third outfit. - It's the third one actually!

- It's the third outfit!

You didn't like that outfit, so you went and changed,

and now you're in this one!

- Wow. - That's great.

- Actually is.

What a great question.

(upbeat music)

- Ooh! - Kit.

- Kit! Yeah. - Kit.

- Without a doubt.

Kit whipped out some flamenco dancing one night.

- Yeah, I think I probably did.

- [Jessie] Never been more impressed.

(Amita laughs)

- There's all of that,

and there's all of that stuff going on.

(all laughing)

- You know?

We were together for six months,

you get through the genres, I think.

(Archie vocalizing)

(Amita laughs)

(Kit laughs)

(upbeat music)

- Freddie.

- Oh! Freddie Carter!

- I think you all- Yeah!

Archie, you've also got great eyebrows!

- You've got some good brows on you, Fred.

- I've never noticed any of your eyebrows.

- I bet you can do some cool things with them.

Look at you! - Archie-

Archie's got the best dancing eyebrows.

- Of all of the categories,

I didn't think this would be the one

where people start competing.

Like, "Uh-uh! Look at mine!"

- Yeah!

- Hang on, hang on.

- [Archie] Yeah, yeah!

(upbeat music)

- Amita! Hundred percent!

- [All] Amita. - Yeah.

- In whatever setting, it's Amita.

(all chattering)

- I know, I'm terrible to stay in contact with!

It's awful!

- Yeah, I go, "Hi, how are you?"

And then like, three weeks later,

you go, "I'm good, thanks. How are you?"

(upbeat music)

- [Kit] Ooh! - I don't know!

- Don't really have a-

- Everyone's pretty punctual.

- Yeah.

- Unless Ben has lost his way,

because his geography is terrible,

then you have to go out and find him.

- Send out the search party.

- Ben.

- Thanks so much for watching us play Superlatives,

now go and watch Shadow and Bone, streaming on Netflix.

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(upbeat music)

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